kingofbingo alyciajasmin may strangle me for posting this gem of our backstage antics but I will risk it. She is an incredible singer and I need someone to cast her in a movie musical RIGHT THIS MINUTE. LaLa Land Again anyone? Each of our cast mates have incredible talents that “you’ll never know” until I share it with the entire world because I am so proud of them. 😊 There is nothing this woman can’t do! #feartwd
  • Octavia: I’m cold.
  • Lincoln: Here, take my jacket.
  • Clarke: I’m cold.
  • Lexa: What? [taking off jacket] I told you to bring more layers but of course you didn’t listen and now [piling scarves on her] now look, I’ve got to make sure you don’t FREEZE to death and [taking somebody else’s hat] how long have you been cold you should’ve said something sooner.

Clarke doing her best

Abby: Their blood is on your hands

Raven:You’re the only murder here

Octavia: Yeah, well it’s not good enough

Bellamy: People die when you’re in charge

Jasper: How could you let this happen?

Lexa: You left a hero to your people and you return one. You bring them justice.

You were born for this Clarke, same as me.

You have to go back to you’re people, that’s why you’re you.

Her actions show us a promise for a new future.

Clarke elevates herself, she is special.

There are 2 types of Lexa...

Lexa when she kicks a man to his death from her balcony and dares anyone to say something about it…

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Lexa when she accidentally knocks over Clarke’s art supplies and knows the wifey’s not gonna be happy…

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Some of my favourite Kick-*** Women part 2

ShadowHunters ~ Emeraude Toubia

Thor: Ragnarok~ Cate Blanchett

Thor ~ Jaimie Alexander

Wonder Woman ~ Robin Wright

Tomb Raider ~ Alicia Vikander

Arrow ~ Katrina Law

Legends of Tomorrow ~ Caity Lots & Maisie Richardson-Sellers

Merlin ~ Katie McGrath

The 100 ~ Alicia Jasmin Debnam-Carey

Hunger Games ~ Jena Malone

Black Widow ~ Scarlett Johansson

Wynonna Earp ~ Kat Barrell 

Resident evil~ Milla Jovovich

Fight like a girl 

guess the lesbian

let’s play a game: guess which lesbian i’m talking about: a powerful brunette with a tragic backstory raised to be heartless (who is also secretly a sweetheart)is in love with a bisexual blonde from space who tries her best. also she’s from a show who won’t stop breaking up gay ships and her name is le_a

  • Clarke: Come on Raven. I wasn't that drunk last night.
  • Raven: You were flirting with Lexa.
  • Clarke: So what? She's my girlfriend.
  • Raven: You asked her if she was single.
  • Clarke:
  • Raven: And then you cried when she said she wasn't.