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LOL HI GRAY IS SHIT. I jest. I love him. He's so angry, and it's just there bubbling under the surface.. I want us to be the bros who just fight all the time, but then 5 minutes later we're all HUGS AND KISSES NEVER LEAVE ME OKAY I'M SORRY BABY YOU CAN BLAME IT ALL ON ME. Only to fall out again in 10 minutes. He's an interesting character, I love the backstory stuff you do..

-cliiiiiiiings- It’s actually really interesting, I think, because… well, when I say “before” I mean before the RP, which is obviously not there for reference, but in my mind, he used to be a really chill, laid back, easygoing person. So I’m really glad you like the real him as opposed to the likable him that I have depicted in my mind, because I think that with Gray in particular, seeing all that anger he actually carries really portrays his humanity and I am raaaaaambling but hi thank you :D

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LOL Liam is just Mr Weasley. “I thought we already owned this one, yes dear, do what you like, we shall have a zoo of children.”

Essentially, he just lets me do what I like as long as he gets fed and tea and cuddles. He’s a bit like a cat actually. 

Hi welcome to the family.

alyasun replied to your post: So BOO it’s your turn. UGH what can I say about Aimee? Well,your depiction of her I feel is absolutely perfect - the whole ED isn’t the only matter you tackle with her, there’s also the arranged marriage, relationships, family issues UGH so much is tackled and it’s written astoundingly and I never expect Aimee’s reactions - I MEAN ROSIE HAS BEEN TRYING FOR AGES TO GET AIMEE TO ADMIT AND AYLA JUST WALKS RIGHT IN THERE but yeah no, it’s brilliant. Can’t wait for the plotting to all come outtt :3

Plus you know.. Alya is an attacker..

Yes, definitely. Rosie always gives Aimee a little bit of wriggle room to get away from the topic, Alya didn’t give her that choice.

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Aimee annoys the fuck out of me. But in like.. I don't know how to explain it. She annoys me in the same way she annoys Alya. Where I know how much more she could be if she could get past her problem.. But she's an interesting character, and you write her really well.

This is the sort of reaction I’m hoping for in a lot of people.. To kind of be frustrated by how blind she is to her own potential, because she’s too fixated on one thing. My purpose in writing her is to use my experiences and the experiences of people I’ve known to give as accurate a depiction of eating disorders as possible..

Thank you :3