alyanna angeles

RF: Malapit talaga puso ko sa mga babies.

Ang type ko talaga sa bata e yung cute na maputi tapos medyo may pagkabrown yung buhok lalo na kapag babae. Grabe nacucutean talaga ako. :’>

Yan si Alyanna Angeles/Fate ng Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo.

Grabe cute na cute talaga ako sa kanya sobra. :’>

Naging fan rin ako nila Mutya at Momay dati hanggang ngayon nga e kasi ang cute talaga nila para sakin. Sa school rin marami akong mga babies <3

Minsan nga kapag mey nagtatanong sasabihin ko kapatid ko tapos maniniwala naman yung mga tao kasi brown rin yung buhok nila hahaha.

Basta ang cute talaga :’“”“”“”“>

MLDB memories:D

since today is the last day of my favorite show, Maria La Del Barrio….i decided to come up w/ a i feel about it,my experiences and all.. just to somehow look back..

and by that i meant,i tried not to miss a single episode and if ever i did,..i tried to catch up on it in any way mom,my bro knows how i can’t be bothered when it’s mldb time..and yep,it’s the first time this kind of thing ever happened to me.. maybe it’s because of the actors?or the characters played by them?or the story?or just the whole package.. i just find it really interesting..except for the fact that.. there are way more commercials than the mldb itself.. . i know, i know.. the show’s just crazy..there were like 30 something each cut. start of..i think mldb is a great show.. it wouldn’t last that long if it isn’t right? and it wouldn’t have not 1 but 2 extensions..and it wouldn’t have that much advertisements..those ads loved the’s high rating! i know it’s just a remake..but i adored the show.. there’s a lot of twist and turns that was sort of unexpected.. i commend the writers for that and all the people responsible.. though it’s a remake. i see how they exerted effort to put a unique touch to it.. each episode indeed is not something you wanna miss.. and you always look forward to seeing what the next episode would bring.. it just keeps getting thrilling,exciting,better…and affecting.. like.. AFFECTING..

and as it ends.. i’m kinda sad of course.. because my weekday routine would be different from now on..i wouldn't need to rush home just to catch it.. i now have all the ‘used to be mldb time’ for myself or for schoolwork.. but despite of all those.. i’m happy for the show and the cast.. MLDB was a success.. and i’m excited for all the new things to come for each casts and staff.the whole mldb crew..

and i’m happy for myself 'coz i’ve had a chance to visit the set a couple of times.. to meet some of the casts and adore them.. also to meet some of the hardworking crew/ was an experience to witness how they do it all..all that we see on tv..what it takes to capture a beautiful scene.. witness how directors be directors and actors be actors..and how they are off-cam.. and somehow experience how tiring it can all be..just by watching 'em.. waiting long hours.. 

but as i’ve said.. it was such an experience.. and i’m happy with all that lies in it.. and i’m happy to share some photos i have from this whole experience:D my MLDB memories..

w/ Luis himself..the main reason i loved the show!!(chos) halalala

msunurin nman ako:D


w/ friends + are racquel&ate francia:)

si LUIS na gutom na at gustong-gusto ng kumain:D while taking his scene.

he initiated for this pose:)natuwa lng ako..halalala


eto lng pla may picture ako ni mabait at ngeentertain na si ate ten…. haha

bilang busy si pinuno sa likod..

w/ matatandain at makulit na si arron:) 

wacky dawwww..hala!

Luis,Sab and Andi=)

arron..always all-smiles..


my last taping visit…saaaad:( but this was a fun night though=)

jane is really mtangkad..i felt awkward na ngpo pa sya sakin.. magalang na bata.ahaha

this is one of the very few photos i’ve had with this lil girl.. i just used to call her bagets:)) c potskie daw=)she’s such a sweetheart.. i adore her so much!ewan ko ba,…she’s so charming.. 

little miss pretty jewel:)she’s really nice and concern:) laging ngtatanong if we’re ok and if we have eaten.. magaganda tlga bulakenya!!!ayyyy..bahahaha

this is ate johanna.. alyanna/andi’s very proud mom:)she’s ever nice..and very prettyyyyyyyyyy

just wanna thanks enchong for taking alyanna to us for a pic..since un lng un chance ko mgpapic w/ her..kasi if she’s not around she’s taking her thanks enchong for bringing her to us for a bit kht ngtatake sya:)) bagay cla magdaddy tlga..and they’re both so sweet:)

and that’s all for my MLDB memories… i’m gonna miss all these.. 

the last episode was a nice ending nman!basta favorite part ko un kay andi.. ang galing ni bagets..nkakaiyak un pg-iyak heart-breaking.. she’s really cute:)) hindi tlga ako mkmove-on kay bagets!!haha

a goodbye mldb=)