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My “Boys” by Charli XCX video
  • Oscar Isaac playing peekaboo with his baby. He has his Poe Dameron hairstyle and just the right stubble.
  • John Boyega playing with TOO MANY KITTENS at once. TOO MANY. He laughs, delighted and overwhelmed, at the tickle of their tiny toebeans.
  • Diego Luna with sweaterpaws in a big cableknit cowl-neck, peeking out at me with sparkling eyes.
    • Alternately: Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal lovingly fixing each other’s hair and collars and glasses.
  • Harry Styles bashfully holding out a bunch of heart-shaped balloons. He’s wearing a floral suit.
  • Riz Ahmed floating past in a crystal-blue pool, laying atop a swan-shaped floatie. He tilts his sunglasses down to wink.
  • Harrison Ford looking vaguely maybe-disapproving but being a good sport about it.
  • George Shelley building a blanket fort for two. He wears a blanket cape.
  • Mahershala Ali having a tea party with gilded bone china teacups covered in fuchsia roses. The other guests are mostly teddy bears.
  • Andy Samberg making a giant banana split; he’s wearing a cardigan and his glasses, and he had to roll up the sleeves to his elbows.
  • Aziz Ansari playing with a Dog That Looks Like Tom Haverford, rip the cutest blog concept.
  • Tom Holland doing breathtaking fouettes and probably a pas de basque combo.
    • Harry Shum Jr. can come, too.
  • Richard Ayoade cleaning his glasses. He’s in a beautiful library. He shushes the camera.
  • Adam Scott eating a calzone, the cheese stretching entirely too long to be realistic. He laughs at himself.
  • John Cho riding a white horse like in Selfie, but in less of a shirt.  Maybe in a light rain.
  • Ben Schwartz and Joe Keery brushing their teeth side-by-side.
  • Alfie Enoch frosting a giant pink cake with a smudge of flour on his perfect cheekbone.
  • Terry Crews painting a still life of flowers and various fruits.
  • Dev Patel and Andrew Garfield having a pillow fight in ridiculously-patterned flannel pajama pants and white undershirts. They lightly pluck stray feathers from each other’s shoulders.
  • Armie Hammer walking a moderately sized army of dachsunds in raincoats. He has a magenta umbrella.
  • Louis Tomlinson, clean-shaven, wearing suspenders. Freddie is dressed to match.
  • Donnie Yen polishing an apple on his shirt and taking a cheery bite. Or maybe a peach, and then then he wipes his mouth on his wrist.
  • Luke Pasqualino carving an terrible, terrible, but very cute jack-o’lantern. He’s too proud of it.
  • Tamal Ray eating a huge sandwich. Probably the number two best sandwich of his life, when they fried the pork with rosemary. I want to see his joy.
  • Nick Offerman reading “Make Way for Ducklings.” TO DUCKLINGS.
    • Alternately: Madeline. He’s probably wearing a tool belt.
  • Andre Braugher jumping on a trampoline.
comedians of color everyone should know about

- Aziz Ansari: pretty famous actor, appears on Parks and Rec and other comedies, and has a few specials on Netflix
- Ali Wong: amazing lady, has her own special in Netflix (a lot of physical humor she did while SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT she is badass and so funny)
- Eric Andre: hilarious dude, has his own mock talk show on adult swim with Hannibal Buress. Also was on Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23, one of the only people to make that show bearable.
- Donald Glover: also known as Childish Gambino (yeah, THAT Childish Gambino), has a special on Netflix
- Hannibal Buress: former writer for both 30 Rock and SNL, was on Broad City, and of course, the Eric Andre Show.
- Retta: this lady KILLS with her humor. you probably know her as Donna Meagle from Parks and Rec.
- Kumail Nanjiani: This guy has been everywhere, most notably to me, Portlandia. He’s insanely funny.
- Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele: Y'all know about Key and Peele don’t even lie
- Sasheer Zamata: SNL’s first black female cast member since Maya Rudolph, also OH MY GOD she is one of the only people who can make me laugh out loud.
- Richard Ayoade: You probably know him from The IT Crowd (all of which is on Netflix), but this guy is so talented you must check out his other stuff.
- Leslie Jones: She recently starred as Patty in Ghostbusters, but y'all know she’s a writer on SNL? Yeah, and killing it every day. (also apparently she had a basketball scholarship lord help me)

these are mostly mainstream comedians that I adore, please add on some other ones if you know any!

RIP ❤️
  • Alan Rickman
  • Anton Yelchin
  • Carrie Fisher
  • Gene Wilder
  • Christina Grimmie 
  • David Bowie
  • Florence Henderson
  • Arnold Palmer
  • Ricky Harris
  • George Michael
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor
  • Prince
  • Alan Thicke
  • Leonard Cohen 
  • Jose Fernandez
  • Alexis Arquette 
  • Kenny Baker
  • Elie Wisel
  • Harper Lee
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Doris Roberts
  • Richard Adams
  • Nancy Regan
  • Patty Duke
  • Glenn Frey
  • Frank Sinatra Jr.
  • Sir George Martin
  • Keith Emerson
  • Greg Lake 
  • Dave Mirra
  • Dylan Rieder
  • Matt Roberts 
  • Debbie Reynolds aka my fav grandma witch ❤️ 

2016 needs to be over and done with already 


Actors [x]

Cast list + synopsis for Aliens Among Us part 2 (highlighting scream-worthy bits for emphasis)

5.5 Love Rat by Christopher Cooper

Captain Jack Harkness is dead, and that’s the simplest thing that’s happened to him in the last few days. Even the manner of his death is surprisingly complex, especially when it turns out that he hasn’t come back alone.

While Torchwood try and cope with a new mayor and a terrorist cell, they also have to deal with what, at first, looks to be a plague, and then turns out to be something far, far worse.

5.6 A Kill to a View by Mac Rogers

Ritz Towers is a luxury tower block so exclusive not even aliens can get a place there. Mr Colchester has somehow secured a flat at the Ritz. With the streets increasingly troubled, his husband feels safe there. The problem is that Ritz Towers is anything but safe.

For a start, the building has more tenants than it has flats. Then there are the endless dinner parties. The whole new definition of upwardly mobile. And finally, there is the very mysterious caretaker.

5.7 Zero Hour by Janine H Jones

Welcome to Deliverables. Thanks to us, Cardiff is enjoying an economic miracle. We have created thousands of jobs. We have wiped out homelessness.

More importantly, there are so many benefits to you. Deliverables will deliver your post, your packages, your meals. We are Deliverables, and we never stop.

Deliverables – we always know where to find you. Deliverables – put your life in our hands.

5.8 The Empty Hand by Tim Foley

An innocent refugee has been shot point-blank on the streets of Cardiff. It causes an upsurge in terrorist attacks.

An innocent refugee has been shot point-blank on the streets of Cardiff by a policeman. It’s a catalyst for protests in the streets.

An innocent refugee has been shot point-blank on the streets of Cardiff by Sergeant Andy Davidson. It’s the end of Torchwood as we know it.

Written By: Christopher Cooper, Mac Rogers, Janine H Jones, Tim Foley
Directed By: Scott Handcock


John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness), Alexandria Riley (Ng), Paul Clayton(Mr Colchester), Sam Béart (Orr), Jonny Green (Tyler Steele), Kai Owen (Rhys Williams), Tom Price (Sgt. Andy Davidson), Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper), Murray Melvin (Bilis Manger), Rachel Atkins (Ro-Jedda), Ramon Tikeram (Colin Colchester-Price), Ewan Bailey (Duncan), Kerry Joy Stewart (Maddy), Diveen Henry (Sandra), Ellie Heydon (Andrea), Marilyn Le Conte (Patricia), Luke Rhodri (Rowan), Charlotte O'Leary (Poppy), Sacha Dhawan (Hasan), Sarah Annis (P.C. Nicki Owen), Rick Yale (Lorry Driver), Laura Dalgleish (Newsreader), Kristy Philipps(Stacey), Aly Cruickshank (Student), Richard Elfyn (Takeaway Man), Sanee Raval(Xander)

and bonus (so you don’t have to google by yourself - you’re welcome ;)


The 100 | S03E01 | Wanheda : Part 1

My people believe that when you kill someone, you get their power. Kill Wanheda, and you command death.


Queens consort of England - Berengaria of Navarre

Berengaria of Navarre was born circa 1165 the eldest daughter of Sancho VI ‘the Wise’ King of Navarre and Sancha of Castile. She had 3 brothers, Sancho (the future King Sancho VII of Navarre), Ferdinand and Ramiro, Bishop of Pamplona and two sisters Constance and Blanche of Navarre, who married Count Theobald III of Champagne.

Berengaria was described as having dark hair and eyes, “petite, and a fine musician… in all things, a suitable consort for a king”. Ambroise, a contemporary Norman minstrel, described her as “elegant and prudent”.

Richard I of England 'the Lionheart’ had been betrothed since infancy to Alys of France, the sister of King Phillip Augustus. However, Richard’s father, King Henry II, had made Alys his mistress, and Richard was therefore reluctant to marry her. Gossip claimed Alys to have even borne the late King’s child.

Richard’s mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, the Dowager Queen of England selected Berengaria as a future wife for her son. A marriage with Berengaria was desirable as it would bring a dowry that would aid Richard finance in the Third Crusade and would provide protection for the southern borders of Aquitaine. Richard was a great friend of her brother, Sancho, Berengaria had met Richard only once prior to their espousal, at a tournament at Pamplona held by her father.

The indomitable Eleanor of Aquitaine, then aged 70, traveled over the Pyrenees to collect Berengaria and escort her to Sicily where they were due to rendezvous with Richard. On reaching Sicily they were joined by Richard’s sister, Joanna, the Dowager Queen of Sicily. They were expecting to meet up with Richard in Messina, but he had already continued on his journey for the Holy Land. Berengaria and Eleanor had arrived at Sicily during Lent, and so the marriage could not take place until after Easter.

The voyage to the Holy Land continued, but the ship carrying Berengaria and Joanna was shipwrecked on the coast of Cyprus in the course of a violent storm. The Cyprians besieged the English survivors of the wreck at Limasoll. A large ammount of treasure, intended for use on the crusade, was appropriated by Isaac Comnenus, the Emperor of Cyprus. Richard dispatched a letter to Isaac, which was arrogantly ignored. Outraged, he unleashed the full force of the famed Plantagenet fury on the unfortunate Isaac. The Cyprian Emperor was overthrown and English governors were set up over the island which was used as a garrison for the crusade.

Berengaria and Richard were married on May 12, 1191, at the Chapel of St George at Limassol on Cyprus, she was crowned Queen of England the same day by the Archbishop of Bordeaux and Bishops of Évreux and Bayonne. She travelled on to Acre in Palestine with Richard and accompanied him for the first part of the crusade. When Richard finally agreed a truce with his enemy, Saladin, Berengaria left the Holy Land for Poitou in France, Richard was taken prisoner on his way back to Europe in 1192 by Duke Leopold of Austria, whom Richard had insulted gravely in the early stages of the crusade and was held prisoner in Germany until 1194, when his mother Eleanor arranged for his ransom.

The marriage of Berengaria and Richard produced no children, Richard proved to be an indifferent husband, more interested in his warfare than his wife. He was rumoured to have been homosexual, and though he did have at least one illegitimate child, Philip of Cognac. On his release he made no effort to send for Berengaria, and a priest is said to have ordered him to reconcile with his wife. Richard was ordered by Pope Celestine III to reunite with Berengaria and to show fidelity to her in the future.

When he fell ill and thought death was near, Richard vowed that if he recovered he would never leave his wife again. He did recover, and true to his vow, he went to Poitou and became reconciled with Berengaria. An entry in the Polychronicon records- “The King took to him his Queen Berengaria, whose society he had for a long time neglected, though she were a royal, eloquent, and beauteous lady, and for his love had ventured with him through the world.” He granted her the revenues arising from mines in Cornwall and Devonshire as her dower. The couple’s reconciliation was short lived however and Richard, despairing of heirs by his queen, eventually named his younger brother John as heir to England.

Richard the Lionheart died on 6th April, 1199 at Chalus in Limoges, from a crossbow bolt wound infected by gangrene. His mother was by his bedside at the end. His neglected wife was not even summoned, but she was reported to be greatly distressed at his death.

Berengaria although Dowager Queen had never seen England, she never remarried and lived on at Le Mans in Maine, one of her dower properties. Richard’s succesor, his younger brother King John, seized much of her property and failed to pay her pension. She sent envoys to complain and Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Pope, Innocent III, both intervened. The Pope threatened John with an interdict if he did not pay, but he never paid most of what was owed to her, at his death he still owed Berengaria more than £4000. John’s son, King Henry III, finally did pay much of what she was owed.

She founded the abbey of L'Épau on the outskirts of Le Mans in 1229 and entered the convent there. Berengaria died on 23 December 1230, before the Abbey was finished and was buried there according to her wishes. Her tomb monument has been moved many times over the proceeding centuries and doubt remains over the exact location of her burial. A skeleton of a woman who died in her sixties, which thought to be hers, was uncovered by Pierre Térouanne in 1960 during the restoration of the abbey. These remains are preserved beneath the stone effigy of the queen, which is now in the chapter house of the abbey