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Some more of my uneducated gymnastics ramblings

I have a tendency to become really fixated upon one specific thing be it a celebrity, a book series, or a movie and lately I have become obsessed with Shawn Johnson.

I think it’s funny to watch the Olympics and then afterwards watch which athletes become popular to the mainstream public.

The 2008 gymnastics were funny because in a technical sense Nastia was more successful. Not to say she’s a more talented gymnast than Shawn because in my opinion when you become one of the top two in the world at your sport the outcome of 1:2 is entirely dependent on the day.

It’s just funny because essentially Shawn and Nastia received the same launching pad after Beijing and Shawn just capitalized on it. According to google (which isn’t always reliable in these types of things) Shawn’s worth about $7,000,000 more than Nastia and I think it just comes down to likability. 

Nastia is a perfectly likable person she’s beautiful, she does well in interviews, and she has good sportsmanship, but Shawn is just so endearing. Something about her just makes everyone root for her. She’s just cute and bubbly, and charming and she took all of that and she made a lot of money off of it.

I think it will be interesting to watch the ‘fab five’ after London and see who is the most successful. I don’t think Jordyn and Kyla made enough of an impact to do anything major; Mckayla’s fate seems kind of up in the air, though she seems to be willing to laugh at herself.

It’ll probably come down to Gabby and Aly. Aly’s probably the more likable of the two what with her putting her medal around her coaches neck and she started out as kind of an underdog. The funny thing is though that all five of these girls lack what Shawn and Nastia have naturally, none of them are very good at talking (interview, commercials, etc.) so I;m curious as to how this will play out.

Congrats to anyone who reads all this