aly does art

I felt like drawing Alistair and my Warden’s baby with his mabari that his mom is obviously going to give him because what Prince of Ferelden doesn’t have a mabari?

Bryce Duncan Theirin and Midnight everyone

“Caleb, what are you doing?  Caleb, the little jedi cut off before his date with destiny, his career as a galaxy-saving superhero stunted.  He couldn’t believe now that he’d ever been that person.”  -excerpt from A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller

I have too many Kanan/Caleb feels and I needed to put them somewhere.


I hit 150 followers!  So, as a thank you, have some Spacefamily icons!  More to come in the future :)  I will also take requests if there is a specific panel you want icon-ed.

Edited, with love and appreciation, for my followers and fellow SWR nerds <3  May the Force be with you.

Art by Ingo Römling, taken from the comics in Star Wars Rebels Magazine.