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I still can't believe ALIE didnt bring up Lexa to Clarke before she pulled the lever

I can. Jason wrote the episode. He doesn’t understand the characters or his story for that matter. He missed the perfect chance to have a shot where he could tie his entire story together and give Clarke ‘true’ closure. He could have had Becca morph into Lexa in these final moments. Lexa would not be in her Commander gear with warpaint, but instead she looked exactly like she did before she was shot. She does not have the commander mark on her head; just like how Clarke drew her face without the mark. ALIE would mention Lexa and then we would see Clarke be TRULY tempted to not pull the switch. Then Lexa would manifest because the Flame knows who is needed in this moment for Clarke…it is Lexa not Becca. ALIE knows about Lexa because Clarke has taken the chip. Now, i don’t think Lexa could help ‘pull’ the lever with Clarke bc “only mind in control can operate the kill switch”, however, she can mentally be there to show her support. Also, i would not want that cheesy parallel to the Blarke scene at 2x16. 

This would have been the perfect place for Lexa to reassure Clarke as Clarke looks, with panic, into Lexa’s eyes. Clarke is TRULY tempted to not pull the lever. Lexa and her friends are her weakness. Lexa gives Clarke a gentle smile and nod. Then says, “You have to go back to your people, that is why I love you.” THAT would have been Lexa completing what she said in 307 and her returning the ‘I love you’ that Clarke said to her. I could also see Lexa saying ‘our people’ to bring back to the moment in 3.03 and possibly 2x15 betrayal as well. Maybe Clarke looks at Lexa and shakes her head mouthing “i can’t”, but the words not escaping. Tears are in her eyes. I can’t lose you again…i just can’t. This is when Lexa touches Clarkes hand and says something along the lines of, “What WE would have done. Save OUR people. They need you, the living are hungry.” That is when Clarke nods with a saddened smile on her face, but also a sense that this is who Lexa and her are, and why they love each other so much. They will sacrifice their own happiness for others to have happiness. They are true leaders at their core. This would have been heartbreaking, but it would be true to who Lexa and Clarke were to each other. They were each other’s support and ultimate loves. ALSO, we could see ALIE trying to use Clarke’s love for Lexa as a weapon and a weakness; however, ALIE was wrong…love is strength. Lexa helps Clarke make the /right/ decision and save their people. SO MUCH LOST POTENTIAL IT MAKES ME SO PISSED!!

idk, i just think something like this would have been more compelling to the audience then Clarke being like, “Yolo, we will figure it out.” And 9/10 people will not even realize the ‘together’ line that ALIE said made Clarke think back to pulling the Mount Weather lever with Bellamy to save her people. Like…that is actually something that would make me think she would not pull the lever. She is reminded of the pain and suffering her people endured after pulling the lever as well as her own pain. “you overcome it”…ummm…. her people have shown that they don’t ‘overcome it’ but instead take the easy way out…i.e. the reason why they are in this mess in the first place. This will come into light this season when she sees people ‘giving up’ and partying. Also, Clarke pulling the lever in 3x16 really had no personal consequences like it did pulling the lever in 2x16. The only ‘consequence’ that was brought to the forefront in this scene was that if Clarke pulls the lever she will get rid of the ‘database’ that would allow the human race to live digitally. But, that isn’t surviving. The human race would not be able to procreate in the City of Light. Idk, there was just such a lack of ‘personal repercussions’ for Clarke pulling the lever. Plus, she couldn’t see the people fighting in the throne room while she was in the City of Light; while in 2x16 she saw her mother and others being killed. Gosh, idk if this made sense, but there was such a lack of ‘believeable’ contemplation of Clarke in pulling or not pulling the lever. 

tl;dr: Jason sucks at storytelling and writing now. (i say ‘now’ bc s2 and s1b were sooo good, but he just sucks now. How do you have 10 months to write and produce a story and fuck up so royally??? s2 they legit had like <5 months before they started airing episodes or something like that and it was amazing.)

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