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where is your commitment?


this past fall, i landed a cool design job within a couple miles from my house. with a beautiful route along the river and through great neighborhoods, how could i pass up the ability / pleasure to commute in everyday?

as things got colder and colder and snowier, i continued to ride in, switching from my trusty steamroller to an old mongoose i had inherited and modified for the mpls winter rides. the rides have been brisk, beautiful, chilly and awe-some.

my goal is a renewed ‘ndjr’ pledge [not doing well for the year thus far with - 50° and a mystery sickness leaving me winded just walking up stairs] of more miles / days on the bike than not. its a new year, a new chance to not drive and just ride.

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#Stonersunday Soundtrack
Get Lifted 2 The Most Dank Tunes From The 3rd Week Of February

Tracks by:

Devon Baldwin & Skizzy Mars - Whispawave - Wiz Khalifa - Collie Buddz - Angxl Hxze - Sia - Jackson b - Stwo & ELHAE - Alxndr London - Snoh - Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment - Dirty Chocolate - Protoje - Madonna & Nicki Minaj

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Getting to know you

(I was tagged by magidthomasina​ (thank you!))

  1. why did you choose your url?
    I wanted a Muse/Madness related url and this was the only one I could think of that wasn’t already taken.
  2. middle name
    Kay - which was also my middle name pre-transition, but I kept it because (a) I don’t think it’s particularly gendered, (b) it makes me feel like an Arthurian knight, and (c) it has sentimental value for my mum and she wouldn’t have wanted me to change it.
  3. what fairytale pet would I choose
    Probably a pegasus, because who wouldn’t want a flying horse? 
  4. favourite colour
    I like dark colours - blues, greens, reds. I was always adamant my favourite colour was blue as a kid.
  5. favourite song
    I’ll do what I always do for these, and go for the song that’s most-played on my iTunes: Til Kingdom Come, by Coldplay.
  6. top 3 fandoms
    Hannibal, House, aaaand I’m not sure if it counts, but the universe the RP board I used to use was set in - Penny Dreadfuls (not to be confused with the TV show of the same name, which I STILL have not seen….)
  7. what I enjoy about tumblr
    I think the people. I feel I can forge much more varied and meaningful relationships here than on any other social media platform - I mostly use the others for keeping up with people I already know IRL and would lose contact with otherwise. I mean, tumblr frustrates me to no end sometimes, and I worry that I’ll look back in five years and kick myself for spending so much time on here, but I’ve made new friends and learnt a lot about myself along the way, so I don’t think my time has been wasted.
  8. tagging people
    I’m reliably informed I’m supposed to tag my tumblr crushes (I presume as listed on the /following page). I’ll tag the ones I’m in mutuals with, but please feel free to ignore if you don’t fancy doing it! Alternatively, if I haven’t tagged you but you’ve got ten minutes to kill and a hankering to answer some questions, feel free to have at it and say I tagged you.

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この人、キテます!話題沸騰のシンガー/プロデューサー Alxndr Londonが新曲'Gunshot'を公開

この人、キテます!話題沸騰のシンガー/プロデューサー Alxndr Londonが新曲’Gunshot’を公開


UKロンドン出身のシンガー/プロデューサー Alxndr Londonが、新曲’Gunshot’を公開!

先月公開された’Cold Sun’もかなりクールです。

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Brand new British singer/songwriter Alxndr London is a name we’re looking forward to hearing a lot more from in 2015. The East Londoner sounds like he’s spent equal time in Philly and Plaistow, with his nu-soul soaked electronica evoking echoes of Bilal and Musiq Soulchild crossed with Jamie xx and James Blake. Cold Sun, premiered exclusively on i-D and produced by Loxe, is a vivid journey through trippy soundscapes; its dominating basslines and ethereal, shimmering effects suggest thoughts of lust, deceit and submission. London’s high octane vocals progress into a hammering chorus coupled with soaring synths with this offering reflecting a mishmash of London’s experimental mid-tempo blues and soul influences.

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#MemoirsMonday The official YouTube release of the music video for #IWantYou. Thank you to all those involved in it’s creation. Fans, #ENJOY