Engagement Night

Pairing: Al x May
Rating: M
Prompt: After Al asks May to marry him, the two of them return to their hotel room in Rush Valley for a private celebration. This is my first FMA/FMA:B fanfic, so if anyone seems ooc, I’m really really sorry. Also, this is a bit long, but that’s okay. enjoy!

Al is crazy nervous to ask May to marry him. However, with some persuasion from Edward, Al pops the question, and is ecstatically received with yeses and kisses. The newly engaged couple leave Edward and Winry’s home to spend the night at a hotel.  

“I don’t know if I can do this.”
“Shut up, yes you can.”
Alphonse was wringing his hands tightly, leaning against the kitchen counter. He avoided looking at his brother’s intense expression and watched May playing with Edward’s baby daughter in the living room. His nerves were bundling up. “What if she says no?”
“Al, look at me! Alphonse!” Edward shook Al’s shoulders, making sure his attention was on him. “Do you love her? Do you really love her?”

Al nodded eagerly, eyes wide. “More than anything!”

“Then you can do this!” Edward’s grip was tight. “I’ve seen the way she looks at you, and the way she acts. It’s been the same way for the last five years. It hasn’t changed at all. She’s loved you since the beginning. And she knows you love her. She won’t say no. Okay?”

Once more, Al turned his eyes towards May. The princess was smiling broadly now as she bounced the baby, Elena, on her lap. He felt his insides melt a little; May looked so beautiful when she smiled. Taking a deep breath, Al stuffed his hand in his pocket, feeling the sapphire engagement ring Edward helped him choose. “Okay. I’ll ask now.”

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30 Days of Writing: Day 26

I feel like I want to stop doing this but I feel like if I stop now then it’ll all be for naught. *sigh* and so I press on.

Prompt 26: Diamond

He picked up the perfectly formed ring from the ground. She stared in shock, wondering how long it had taken him to master that. Even though he was usually eloquent, he was stuttering as he talked, holding out the ring to her.

“Y-You’re my ever-everything. I love you. W-Will you…" 

People begun to watch. Some even took pictures. 

After all, it wasn’t every day that a man makes a wedding ring appear out of the ground.


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