Almost finished with this project from hell! Here’s uploads of some previews, this is 8 out of 10 images, they’ll all be done by next week.

(For those of you who don’t know my project:)

My project deals with the simple yet somehow society-complicated concept of the value of life. Are smaller animals worth less than larger animals or even other people? Why is it that commonly we see case after case of people treating these smaller animals differently from our pet dogs and cats? Is value to humans created by the structure that anything is worth anything so long as it fulfills our needs by reactions? My project challenges these questions, and I hope to challenge every single person that has flushed their fish down the toilet and said, “Oh well, it was just a fish,” or anyone that has said “I mean it’s just a hamster,” or “Snakes and lizards are stupid animals.” I want everyone to think about their past “little” pets and re-evaluate how they treated them, and hopefully spread awareness of the animal cruelty that occurs in the pet trades (bettas, for example being one of the most common) and raise consciousness to the idea that ALL life is equal in value, even the smallest ones.


My Final Project for Digital I. The series is called “Chakras.” I chose the Chakras as a way to make commentary on the obstruction on happiness due to man-made objects and the beauty of struggle conveyed through dance poses. When they are presented, under each image is a phrase depicting a struggle an animal goes through each day, to tie in the theory of creation [challenging religion and its reason to happiness,] as well as the natural/human world separation.