so I said I had a screencap where it looked like Ariach was going to marry him which Zeph thought ridiculous because Ariach is a sorcerer, not a priest, and thus not qualified. welp.

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apparently they’re married now I guess

I don’t think thats a legal marriage yet Ariach they didn’t even get it registered in Velika or Castanica or anything are you sure you’re not drunk

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maybe that’s why he looks like he wants to punch you in the face actually he is probably wanting to punch you in the face for all of the short jokes and hurting Alween’s feelings. …I did say he gave him a dirty look ahaha this was it

The Unhappy Trico Queen

gets inspirated from nothing lmao 
really tho, someone get this kid some waterproof mascara or something
and not gonna bother with fullview tbh because imgur is a dick