most important ppl on tumblr

val: im gonna start with her bc before i came in the cockys, i was a loser and i never talked to anyone on tumblr. but then i got in the cockys and she kinda like showed me how it felt to have friends on tumblr. she let me feel loved on tumblr for the first time. i cant thank her enough. oh and she let me feel poor too, i love her.

evelyn: well i’ve known you for such a long time and you’re my best friend and helped me through a LOT!! we can talk about everything. ur jonas and my  one direction obsession. oh and our kind of torres obsession. i love you and pls pls never leave me<3

dom: she is such a sweetheart. and a beauty and omfg i always have fun times with u and ur the first one from tumblr ever who got my phone number lol so be carefull with it. but i lov eyou so much it hurts okay, never leave tumblr<3

mads: you are a sweetiepiepie<3 i love you with all my heart<3 you’ve been in some stupid drama but you didnt do anything and its so unfair and ugh fuck drama, its annoying. i love you and please just stay on tumblr for like forever and just ugh ok i cant. ur too sweet for me.

jay: uh. yeh. idk why ur in here i guess i kinda love you in some way. idk how, but i do. u make me puke tho.

nicole: yeah you are kinda of a friend of me i guess lol idk but i love u and ur so funny and sweet and you’re just perfect. can we switch lives maybe? bc i wanna b u. yes yes.

anna: i love you. you know i got a blogcrush on you since like forever and you’re so nice and ur so cute when u cant handle all the drama lol its so cute. but you are so so so sweet, never leave tumblr<3

sandy: yesyes u are in here. i just wanna say thank you :) thank you for listening to me when i need it and thank you for understanding me u know. just thank you. you are the sweetest. never let anyone bring u down<3 not even stupid cunt anons.

jenn: you are a sweetheart. im so glad i met you and that we talked and shit and i always think you’re funny but also good at giving advice. ur everything in once

meg: meg *sigh* how will i start?? well i love you. im happy we met at this friendsgroup. you give good advice and ur funny as hell. thank you for making tumblr even more likeable.

eva: well i love you. we talk a lot and i got to know you better. you are so sweet and i dont wanna lose contact with you<3

shana: we talked a lot. like about our crushes and shit and i loved it. i know we dont anymore but i hope it will start soon enough again<3

hibba: u are here because i think ur special. we dont talk much but i love you and idk i want you to staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay -quoting rihanna u kno, u should feel special- ok bye

kay: ur my wifeyyyyy and i love u and harry and liam ofcourse. we will be shipped like larry but loved like harry -lol wat- but i love you and u will fly to holland one day to join one of my video’s lol -if im gonna make them. we first need a concept- but i love you<3

im sure i forgot someone im sorry.

idk why i made this, im just bored lol

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healthier-each-day  asked:

I turned out to be 12.5% smaller than I thought! Unbelievable.. I thought I was between the 3rd and the 4th but instead I was the 2nd picture! Really an eye-opener!

I know it really really was. I don’t know how accurate it is but I think it is a great tool for people to see. Personally I went back in the second time and did the same image and then entered my old measurements and I was seeing myself as my old self. CRAYY. 

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