alwayssierraboggess asked:

Hi, I'm confused with Aaron's hair color is it brown? Blonde? A mix of both?


One of life’s grand questions.

Shall we look at some examples:


Lighter brown

Oh look, lighter again

BAM blonde (he looks like a puppy omfg)



too summarize: magic. absolute magic. if magic were a colour, it would be Aaron’s hair. Does that make sense? Does anything make sense? His hair certainly does’t. 

alwayssierraboggess asked:

So cool how you saw Aaron live! and I wonder how you forgot about it, Pretty cool playbill! :)

Thanks!  Well, I was eleven at the time, and my Broadway obsession didn’t really start until I was sixteen, so at the time, unfortunately, I wasn’t really interested.  If I could go back in time, though, with what I know about him now…  I would be the first person at the stage door, I guarantee it.

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1. Whats your favorite Holiday?

Probably Christmas…(I’m going off American holidays ie Christmas, thanksgiving etc)
2. Whats you astrological sign?

Pisces (13/03/97)

3. Top 5 ships?

(Oh dearrrr)
ExC (Phantom)
SCULDER(? Pretty sure I made that up…)

4. Favorite thing to do with friends?

Nandos and cinema trip (seriously we went almost every weekend in the summer holidays)

5. Whats your favorite band?

Hmmm I don’t really do bands but I’m going to see mcbusted in May so probably mcbusted (mcfly/ busted) it’s gonna be epic!!

6. What kind of Phone do you have?

iPhone 5

7. Whats the last move you saw in theaters?

The Hunger Games- Catching Fire

8. Whats your favorite season?

Probably autumn when all the leaves fall off the trees and it’s nice and cold and lovely…

9. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

New York or Washington DC

10. What’s the one thing you want most in the world?

Urrrrmmm I don’t really know…to know what I’m doing with the rest if my life?

11. What’s something you couldn’t live without?

My phone. It’s constantly in my possession.

My questions:

Best friend at school?
Favourite colour?
Ninth, Tenth or eleventh doctor?
If you had to have an accent for a day what would you have?
If you could eat anything right now what would it be?
Favourite fanfic?
What’s the time?
Favourite tv show?
Favourite film?

“Hal Prince is one of my greatest mentors. He gave me my start, and I’ll be grateful to him forever. I love his use of the word “swell.” It’s a lost word, and it’s so endearing, that to him, life is just “swell.” I have so many funny stories about him. When we were doing The Phantom of the Opera in Las Vegas, they sold bustiers with little Phantom masks on them in the merchandise booth. I said, ‘Hal, did you know they’re selling corsets in the lobby?’ And he said, 'It’s for the ho in your life.’ Oh, Hal Prince! That was one of the highlights of my life.”

- Sierra on Hal Prince