Disney Wonderland. (@alwayshityourtarget)

   It wasn’t the oddest undercover disguise he had ever done, but Clint Barton was a bit confused as to why he was standing next to Natasha Romanoff in the middle of Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California, camera in hand. Well, he wasn’t all that confused; they were tracking down an assassin. Simple.  What hewas  confused about was why the target worked as a face character in Disneyland that seemed to have a thing for fiesty couples.

 Two days ago, Agent Coulson had given Hawkeye and Black Widow a mission that involved posing as a couple to take down an assassin hired to kill random, happy but arguing couples for some weird ritual to open some dimension to release a monster to destroy everything. The killer would select a couple that were obviously in love yet bickering then kidnap them as everyone watched the fireworks, then slice them open to gain access to their hearts and organs. Pretty fucked up if you asked Clint, but that was life. Now he and Natasha were standing in Main Street, looking for either a guy in a huge suit or a young girl playing Alice.

“Got any ideas were to start…sweartheart?”

((sorry it took so long, it wasn’t coming out the way I wanted lol.)) 

What Are Friends For? (@alwayshityourtarget)

Sitting at her desk finishing up a bit of paperwork, Maria thought about her friend Natasha. Word had reached her ears that the new parents were getting into a bit of a fight, and no matter how ‘typical’ that was, she still felt concerned. 

Grabbing her gear, Maria took her usual backpack and slipped it on before she headed towards Stark Tower. It was better to talk to her friend than just sit there twiddling her thumbs and listening to gossip.

Once at the tower, Maria put in her identification specs. “Jarvis, is Natasha in? I’d like to talk to her if I can. Thank you.” She knew there was no real reason to thank the computer system, but it only seemed polite. Even if he was an AI, he was advanced enough to at least kind of feel something.