17 things i learned when i turned 17
  1. your first love is your true love
  2. people don’t care about you unless you have weed or if you’re dead
  3. money controls everything
  4. you are at fault sometimes
  5. your first job is never the best job but you’ll meet some of your best friends there
  6. if someone says “sorry” that doesn’t mean you have to accept the apology
  7. be spontaneous
  8. first impression is the best impression
  9. you don’t have to love your family members
  10. there’s always “me” time
  11. your cat is always there for you
  12. there’s no one you need to dress to impress
  13. stop waiting for others; take charge
  14. a drink a day keeps the shrink away
  15. stop wasting time on your phone
  16. no one has any say over your body except yourself
  17. respect others opinions