Do you know what I want in a fic?

Established/everyone knows/actually married Sid and Geno. I want 100k of domestic bliss where Sid can’t really sleep anymore unless he gets his nightly goodnight kiss from Geno, not just a habit, but an integral part of their day.

I want them to have been married for so long that Geno’s jumbled mix of Russian and English is a language only Sid can interpret, having picked up a little Russian himself over the years. I want Geno to live in perpetual fear that he’ll one day come home to find that all his denim jackets are mysteriously gone, because Sid has strong feelings about them and none of them good.

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okay, I really need more super chill larries to follow, those who post larry but don’t post the theories that come along with larry, because I can’t deal with any of that anymore, it’s such an anxiety trigger, so I want to sway from that.

so you know the drill as always

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