Totally addicted to Chicago

Because I live in Belgium, it was so easy for me to hop on the Eurostar and go to London to see the fabulous West End casts (my all-time favorites are Sarah Soetaert as Roxie, Rachel McDowall as Velma, Raza Jaffrey as Billy, Tony Timberlake as Amos, Jasna Ivir as Mama, R. Whithead as Miss Sunshine, and Jamie Hughes-Ward as the hottest Fred ever). Saw the show a dozen times in 2012. What broke my heart was to learn how they were closing the show six months early, on September 1, 2012. I learned that heart-breaking news when I was on vacation in Hawaii, in July 2012. As luck would have it, I would be home on August 30, which would give me the opportunity to go back to London for three days and see the show four more times. I went on line and booked my premium tickets, only to realize that the very final performance was already sold out, or so the website advertised. I immediately contacted a friend who lives in London to ask him to leave no stone unturned to find me a seat for that 8PM show on September 1, no matter what the cost. I have no idea how he did it, but he did! So, I could not wait to see the end of my Hawaiian vacation to fly home and travel back to London. I must admit that I cried during the last show, which was so emotional, with several of the past actors in the audience, like Ruthie Henshall, etc. So emotional. The next day, when I walked past The Garrick and saw that scaffoldings had already been erected to take down the billboard signs, I cried again. So now, I have to fly across the Atlantic to see the best show in the universe again, which I will be doing August 20 - 25, eight times in one week. You are the only reason I am going to NYC!