Homestuck Theme Songs: ReReDone!!

John: White and Nerdy

Dave: Cooler Than Me

Rose: No Light, No Light

Jade: Hey There Delilah

Jane: Jane Doe

Dirk: War of Change

Roxy: Last Friday Night

Jake: You’re Gonna go Far, Kid

Dad: Carryon my Wayward Son

Nanna: We’re All Mad Here

Mom: When She Loved Me

Bro: Fix You

Grandpa: Thomas O'Malley

Poppop: Cooking by the Book

Alpha!Mom: Blame it on the Alcohol

Alpha!Bro: Second to None

Grandma: The Voice

Davesprite: Don’t You Ever Forget About Me

Karkat: Welcome to the Black Parade

Terezi: Apologize

Gamzee: Caught Like a Fly

Kanaya: Hello

Vriska: Bubblegum Bitch

Aradia: Dead Hearts

Nepeta: My Name is Love

Equius: Blue Lips

Tavros: Pushover

Eridan: Viva La Vida

Feferi: Mermaid

Sollux: Gemini

Kankri: Hear Me

Damara: Super Psycho Love

Rufio: Bangarang

Mituna: Bumblebee

Meulin: PONPONPON - English

Porrim: For Your Entertainment

Horuss: Stronger

Meenah: All to Myself

Kurloz: Dirty Night Clowns

Latula: Do it Like a Dude

Aranea: Everything at Once

Cronus: Everybody Talks

Handmaid: Dance With the Devil

Helmsman: Demons

Signless: Centuries

Disciple: The Light Behind Your Eyes

Dolorosa: Pain

Redglare: Beautiful Enemy

Mindfang: Obsession

Darkleer: Ready Aim Fire

Grand Highblood: Indestructible

Dualscar: Devil’s Backbone

Summoner: I Will Not Bow

Condesce: Poor Unfortunate Souls

Lord English: Phoenix

Snowman: Light ‘em Up

The Felt: One for the Money

Midnight Crew: Get Your Gun


Eridan❤️Feferi: Almost Lover

John❤️Dave: Rhythm of Love

Dirk❤️Jake: Angel With a Shotgun

Gamzee❤️Karkat: Better Than I Know Myself

Rose❤️Kanaya: Songbird - Glee version

Roxy❤️Jane: Hot Mess

Sollux❤️Aradia: Safe and Sound

Nepeta❤️Equius: A Thousand Years

Tavros❤️Vriska: She’s the Blade

Mituna❤️Latula: Darlin’

Meulin❤️Kurloz: Always

Bro❤️Alpha!Bro: Bad Boy

Cronus❤️Kankri: You & I

DaveKarkat: I Hate Everything About You

Karkat🔶Kanaya: My Immortal

Feferi🔶Sollux: Right Here

EridanSollux: Bruises and Bitemarks

Kanayariska: Fuck You

(My OTP) Dirk❤️Dave❤️John❤️Jake: Love Like War

Dave🔶Jade: Get Out Alive

Nepeta🔶Terezi: Boats and Birds

TereziGamzee: Breath

Aradia🔶Equius: Still Alive

Tavros🔶Gamzee: Someone, Somewhere

Jade❤️Davesprite: Stereo Hearts

LatulaDamara: Lying is the Most Fun

Kurloz🔶Mituna: Count on Me

Jake🔶Jane: You Are my Sunshine

Dirk🔶Roxy: 1, 2, 3, 4