New posture, new pain

Getting deeper into your postures or new ones means dealing with new sensations, aka pain.
You will always be a student. There will never be a goal to reach but finding ease and peace in the moment of pain, suffering and even in steady poses.
Your practice helps you to release your blockades in your body. The following healingphase is often pain or some sort of sickness. It is all good.
Keep practicing.
There are more people like us waiting at the other side.


just had the worst, i have so say it again, WORST practice ever. my body is a mess atm, my wrist is injured, i can’t move my neck caused by some strange tensions, i am weak and my breath is unsteady. 

still i managed to finish my practice. though i had to stop in the middle and  think ‘why oh why am i doing this. i could stop right now. nobody will know. and it is ok. just stop.’

i didn’t. i probably looked like a donkey doing weird bretzel stuff for the first time but i didn’t stop. 

i guess those practices are as important as the good ones. we need these experiences. in the darkest moments you have the choice to choose what kind of person you want to be or become. and it will define your life. it will define your relationships. to you and others. it is hard and painful. no need to deny that. but in the long run, you will be something more than you have ever imagined. 

so i wish you all a bad practice. i want you to keep on going. never stop. never lose yourself in suffer and self-pity. 

be more than a bad practice. 

we are all so valuable in our beings. 


in my yesterday’s class was an elderly man, slightly overweight. it was his first time in my class. on my question if he had done some yoga before he answered sure.

so i started the class. and soon after the first sun salutations he was shaking, sweating and eventually dropped onto his mat. he lied there on his stomach for the entire class. sometimes observing what we are doing, sometimes just resting his forehead on his arms. 

when we finished he sat up, looked at us and said the following:


my name is m.

i am sorry if i disturbed you guys with me lying on the mat. 

i came to this class with my arrogance, believing i know everything about yoga. i didn’t know what to expect from you guys and your teacher. in the end, i want to thank you all for this lecture on humbleness and yoga.

so. thank you all.


there is still hope for humanity….

pain and passion

it seems you have to endure pain (not only physical tho) when exploring a new posture or when you are about to enter a new level of consciousness towards your practice.

why is that?

to test our discipline? to check on our passion for the practice? to see if we really want to evolve?

does change happen with our acceptance of suffering?

or does it happen when you are able to let go of the idea of suffering.

food for thoughts.