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Do you think w G&B one loves more than the other? It's hard to tell w Blake not being as open as he was w ML & Gwen being more open with her feelings. It creates a contrast. But I suppose everyone reacts differently to what they went through.

I think you’re seeing the relationship that is in front of cameras. Blake proves that he is as much drawn and in love with Gwen as she is with him. Just a year ago people were saying that it was Blake who was more in love because he was more outspoken and she was more reticent, now it’s her who is in love more? If you could have seen them at the Voice I don’t think you would try to guess who was more in love with who, he went up to her every chance he got and would stay there until he absolutely had to go back and she in turn would go to him and sit on his lap. They are always touching each other and laughing and talking. I think it’s safe to say that their love is very mutual and it makes them both very happy people


Yuri’s first kiss was from Otabek.

Yuri had been ranting and raving, going on about Viktor and Yuuri, complaining about how affectionate they were. They should have the decency not to do it right in front of his face, Yuri had thought. Maybe he was sexually frustrated, or jealous of the two, but he tends to get pretty heated when complaining of their PDA.

Otabek listens, nodding and saying, “yeah,” where it fits. When Yuri pauses, Otabek asks, “have you considered that you may envy them?”

Yuri flares again, shouting, “envy them? That level of love is sickening! And they’re always touching each other, why would I envy that?”

Otabek simply shrugs while approaching Yuri, hugging him slowly from behind.

“What’re you d-” Yuri starts.

Otabek murmurs, “you’re telling me you don’t ever get jealous when they hang on each other like this?”

“Well- I mean,” Yuri tenses and his cheeks redden.

Otabek chuckles softly, and moves away, taking a seat on the bed.

“Hey, wait a second,” Yuri argues. “That’s not fair!”

“Why not?”


“Because I was right. You’re jealous of them.”

Yuri crosses his arms. “Why do you get to tell me how I feel?”

Otabek stands again, and approaches Yuri, bodies mere inches apart.

“Because I /know/ how you feel. You want what they have, don’t you?”

Yuri opens his mouth to reject the claim but cannot find words.

“Tell me I’m right,” Otabek breathes out.

“I mean,” Yuri stammers. “Maybe a little bit, but-”

Before he can finish, Otabek places his lips onto Yuri’s, cupping the back of his neck with his hand.

When Otabek pulls away, Yuri stares at him momentarily, dumbfounded. “Okay, you may be slightly more right than I thought.”

Dinner at the night court

Feyre and Rhys: always touching each other somewhere, feeding each other, kisses, not just on the lips, but also forhead, cheeks and hands, tho full make out sessions stay in their bedroom, they have whole conversations telepathically in their minds, a lot of teasing and flirting, they have a constest of who can make the other accidently do something inappropriate/embarassing first, like starting to glow or breaking something (because of too many dirty thoughts ;) )

Cassian and Nesta: they’re basically in each other’s lap, contsantly making out with each other, they don’t care about other people watching, tho they keep the passionate stuff for when they’re in a more intimate location, smirks, dirty words and a loooot of flirting, they are the first to excuse themselves and go back to their bedroom

Mor and Azriel: they stare deeply into each other’s eyes, they’re so lost in each other that they forget to eat and don’t notice it when someone adress them, they don’t need words to communicate, not a fan of PDA, but they still share small kisses, Mor likes to squeeze his hand reassuringly and he does it back, if she needs it, but Mor also likes it to make him squirm by stroking his tights with gentle fingers for example

Lucien and Elain: they are always a tiny bit embarassed by the other three couples, they don’t like PDA at all, but that doesn’t mean that Lucien can’t hold her hand beneath the table or that he doesn’t steal a sweet kiss or two, whispered conversations, a lot of giggles and laughter, a flower always ends up in either Lucien’s or Elain’s hair

Amren: *signs* I can’t believe all my friends are in relationships. I’m perfectly fine on my own! *rolls her eyes and enjoys her blood*

“BATMAN IS NEVER JEALOUS” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

#5. “Who the fuck is this guy!? “My brother….” “Sure! Sure he is!”

Here we go for jealous Bruce Wayne, because that’s what this prompt inspired me to write. Boom, hope you’ll like it I’m a bit unsure about this one, feedbacks are welcome : 

(My masterlist :


Damian was a bit confused. Usually, on patrol, they would like…do things. Catch criminals. Stop bank robberies. Save widows and orphans.

Yes, Damian was utterly confused as to why tonight, his father and him were following…his mom. Not Talia. You. He never considered Talia his mother, he came to that realization the first time you made him hot cocoa and cookies after he had a rough day, and just…talked to him. Asked him how he was feeling. Just genuinely cared for him, something Talia Al’Ghul never did. 

She was his mother, but you were his mommy. 

And so, tonight, as he was jumping from a building to another, following you threw the dark street of Gotham, he wasn’t really sure what was going on. 

Oh my God…Were you a criminal ? Was he going to loose you because his father was going to put you behind bars ? But he loves you ! How could he ? 

If it came to that, Damian decided that he would fight his dad, giving you enough time to escape. Yes. He would save you. There was no way he was letting his mommy go in prison, no matter what she did…

His father was talking to Dick about something happening in North Gotham. He then proceeded to call Tim to ask him to go to the docks join Jason because some big drug deal was going on…And once again, Damian wondered why they were tracking you instead of taking care of the real issues. 

He looked down in the street, you were at a small cafe, ordering a huge cup of coffee, that he knew was probably the blackest beverage ever. You liked it that way. But that’s it. You were getting coffee. Sure it was 10:30 pm but like, you couldn’t always just stay at the Manor right ? You’d be bored ! 

Besides, you were a writer, you often came to get coffee at night with your notebook, you always said it brought you lots of inspiration (he loved your stories, and was your number one beta reader). 

It wasn’t an unusual thing for you to be out, getting coffee (even if Gotham was dangerous at night, you knew how to defend yourself thanks to your Husband’s training, and besides, one of your sons kinda always had an eye on you anyway…just to be sure), so again, why were they here ? Why weren’t they on the docks, with Tim and Jason, to fight some real criminals ? 

Bruce refused to let Damian patrol alone so far, which is why he was with him, but usually, he’d explain what was going on you know ? Not able to contain himself anymore, Damian asked : 

-Father…why are we spying on mom ? 

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Reasons to ship Scott x Malia
  • He calls her Lia
  • He was the one who changed her back into a human
  • He was the first person she saw as a human
  • He teaches her
  • “What if I told you that you’re the only one that I have left?”
  • He saw her naked (a lot!) but it isn’t a thing for them
  • They respect each other
  • “What’s wrong with you?” “Nothing” “Your heart is pounding like crazy. Are you nervous?”
  • She sends him home when he wanted to help her with the desert wolf to protect him
  • ”I’m not asking. I’m offering. I’m just saying its okay if you want to [talk]”
  • They both broke up and are free for new love
  • “I can handle Peter” “You can handle him better with me!”
  • ”Malia. It’s okay. You’re safe.” 
  • “Scott you need your inhaler! Scott use it, use your inhaler!”
  • They saved each other many times

-She turns against her own father to protect him

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Coffee Date

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Request: “Can you go a imagine for JB where he likes you but is really frustrated about it so he just randomly kisses you ? Thank you 😊 xx”

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1027

A/N: Honestly I fee like this was not exactly what the anon asked for so I’m thinking about doing another version of frustrated JB randomly kissing the reader, just tell me if you guys would be interested or not maybe with some other member idk

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some quadrumvirate headcanons:
  • they don’t sleep all on the same bed all the time; when they do it’s usually very crowded and one of them (usually combeferre) wakes up with a very stiff neck
  • which means they take turns sleeping on the same bed
  • but enjolras and combeferre have kind of the same sleeping schedule, so they usually go for enj/ferre and courf/R
  • they are all very cuddly, so they’re always cuddling and touching each other and holding hands
  • they occasionally try walking holding hands all four, but it gets very messy and they don’t really fit on sidewalks, so they tend to take turns in pairs to hold hands
  • before getting together enj and R were dating and courf and ferre were dating, but they did everything together so one day they were cuddling at courferre’s when grantaire was struck by the realisation that he loved them all ??? courfeyrac was the second one to notice he loved the three of them
  • one of their favourite things to do is cooking together because they can make a huge mess and it’ll be easy to clean later because they’re four
  • grantaire cuts everyone’s hairs, courfeyrac plans their dates when they all go out together, combeferre manages their finances and enjolras is responsible for their pets (a dog and a cat)
  • they go out on dates in various combinations because sometimes it’s hard to find dates for the four of them to go out together
Dating Joonie Includes...

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—cuddles like all the time

—little spoon, big spoon

—meeting him at the studio to help him with his music

—right when you step in and greet him, his lips are on yours and he’s sliding his hands down your back to slowly grope your ass

—and then you guys start making out in the soundproof recoding room lol “imma beat that pussy like you never ever felt before” ctfffuu 😛😂👌

—early morning coffee dates 


—"yes daddy?”

—late night fast food runs 🍟🏃💨

—trying to take care of an animal together and ending up failing horribly

—rip RICEBALL 🐰😭💀

—pinky locking instead of holding hands in public 

—lowkey PDA (hugging, quick pecks, cheek kisses)


—the real kinda back hugs where he tucks his head in the crack of your necks and kisses it up and down while he wraps his arms around your waist YEEESSS!!!!!

—always somehow touching each other in public, not even sexually just small little thigh caressing, pinky locking, head on his shoulder, head on your shoulder, etc etc

—one day he’ll take you to an ice rink for a date and you’ll be shooketh at how good he is like ???? did you just do a triple spin on one leg ??? when did you learn to do that, joonie?!!?

—highkey the “horny” couple 👀

—but you guys try to hide it when the members/other people are around (key word: try… it doesn’t work)

—adventurous/kinky sex,,, he’s always willing to try new things as long as he’s able to pleasure you cause that’s his first priority


—flirty teasing ;;))

—lingerie is always a HUGE turn on and instant boner material

—sexting a lot

—all the time

—like even when you guys are right next to each other???

—awks namjoon being a blushing mess when he’s trying to be cute like showing you his aegyo

—awks namjoon wanting to squishy your face whenever you do something relatively cute like pout or when you pull a puppy dog begging face

—random dance battles that probably offend dance line a lot when they happen to witness it

—singing competitions that leave vocal line in awe at how two people could sound so ear-bleedingly bad 

—teasing about height differences cause i feel like nams would go for a smol girl js

—"babygirl… why are you so smol?“

—"fuck you namjoon. suck my dick.”

—"come over here then so I can give you that good succ succ, hon.“

—doesn’t even try to impress you with his cooking “skills” all you two eat is take out with the exception of you making a meal every now and again

—always checking up on him when you hear about trouble bangtan has gotten into and since he’s leader than it’s probably 2573x worst for him

—equally spoiling each other with expensive gifts, foods, clothes, shoes, etc cause that’s what a good couples does 🙌👌

—being able to trust each other completely!

—no secrets and always keeping it real kinda couple

—being such aesthetically pleasing fashion gods

always, always, always ready for a photoshoot wherever and whenever!!! kim daily ft. (y/n) just saying 👀

—shopping is a regular date with you two

—joons being completely head over heels whipped for you and knowing it, but doesn’t bother hiding it cause hs it’s so true he fuckin loves you liKE WOW

The Dating Series: Taehyung | Namjoon | Yoongi | Jeongguk | Hoseok | Seokjin | Jimin

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Dating Tom holland would consist of:

- Having random dance parties - Silly string wars - Cuddles - Watching the empire strikes back - You doing bad accents - Hanging out on set - Always touching each other - I mean ALWAYS - your best friend dating haz - “I swear to god Osterfeild if you hurt her I’ll shove you in a garbage disposal” - More cuddles - Cute morning serenades - Breakfast in bed - Him always hugging to his chest while he sleeps - Cute nicknames - You always watching the video where his chair breaks and dying - “Love please stop watching that video!” - Calling him spidey - Being best friends with Tessa - Taking Tessa for walks together - Visiting the children’s hospital together - Whenever you are fighting you say “Bucky Barnes wouldn’t treat me like this” and him instantly cracking - - Being a honorary avenger - And more A/N- sorry I have been so dead lately. I have no motivation. But feel free to request something bc I lost all my requests so ya know. Knock yourself out

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Jealous Eyes

Words: 1280
Steve Rogers X Reader X Best Friend!Tony Stark
Request: “Hello beautiful! I have a request. Can you make a Steve x reader imagine where they fight because he is jealous of her and Tony’s friendship thanks!” -Anon

You could feel Steve’s eyes on you. He was standing across the room trying to listen to Clint. His attention, at least the majority of it, was diverted to watching you talk to Tony Stark. Your interactions with Tony were always strictly platonic. Everyone on the team knew that. You’d made it especially clear to both Tony and Steve several times. Tony was also your best friend. Not only did he throw the best parties, he never failed to make you laugh or give out incredible advice, and he always had a shoulder ready for you if you needed it.

“Uh, oh.” Tony whispered as he handed you a glass of water. “We’ve been made.” He nodded in Steve’s direction, smirked and raised his own drink in your husband’s direction.

“Don’t do that.” You swatted at his arm. “You’re only going to make him more upset.” You could see that even from across the room, Steve was visibly jealous.

“Oh, c’mon.” Tony smirked, looking back at you. “Think of tonight as a free pass. You can do whatever you want. He wont be mad about anything once you tell him the good news.” Tony gently elbowed your ribcage and you watch Steve clench his first from where he stood.

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Dating Ethan would include...

- cuddles

-lots of cuddles

- you playing with his hair

- hand holding

- always touching each other in some way

- “Y/n do you love me?”

- sending memes to each other

- so many inside jokes

- being close with each others family

- listening to cool music together

- going to concerts

- him being kinda clingy (in a cute way)

- cute pet names

-like dating your best friend

-just being silly and having fun


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sometimes i get the feeling that yoongi doesnt care about jimin as much as jimin cares for yoongi and it makes me sad

my whole blog’s full of receipts that’ll tell you otherwise but he’s pretty open about how close he is with jimin ??? yoongi literally called him his favourite dongsaeng and the member with the prettiest smile, he’s always bringing him up on his own accord in interviews, there’s all of that predebut flirting on twt and ‘jimin is mine’, he’s ALWAYS praising jimin and has Consistently chosen him as the member he wants to collab with, he reacts to jimin in a way he doesn’t react to any other members and is always calling him hot / sexy on stage, he and jimin are always touching and teasing each other, they hang out together off camera All The Time (chicken dates, sushi dates, dubai, bv, daegu(!!)), the way he got all shy and fond when he revealed that ‘i stayed up all night talking with jiminnie’, i mean just because they don’t interact during one (1) of their public appearances doesn’t mean all of this stuff suddenly didn’t happen,,

Dating Hermione Granger would include

-Being a part of the golden trio

-She helps you study for classes you struggle with

-Standing up to people who made fun of her (even Harry and Ron in first year)

-Always being there to comfort her

-Being so proud when she becomes a badass

-Using memories of each other when you conjure a patronus

-She teaches you piano outside of school

-Spending breaks together at her house

-She teaches you all about muggle things

-During these brakes you go out to movies and dinner

-Which is refreshing compared to the usual Hogsmade dates

-Sharing sweet kisses

-Going to the Yule Ball together and being awestruck at how beautiful she is

-Joking with Ron because you know he has a crush on her

-Being super worried whenever someone tries to hurt her and vice versa

-Scheming with the team

-Going to every quidditch game together

-If your from another house and they are playing against each other you start a playful feud

-Cuddling into each other

-No matter how you fall asleep you are constantly touching somehow

-Always complimenting each other

-You can always get her to laugh and be happy

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Thank you for requesting this, as always it was fun to write! I’m sorry if it doesn’t really correspond to your request. Sorry for the wait. I hope you like it loves xx

PS : I had to come up with someone to date Oli in this so I picked Wallis because she seemed like a nice girl (Idk if all of you know her but if you do then that’s great)!

“Are you ready?” Joe called out from the living room, checking his hair one more time as he was waiting for his date for the night. “Yeah, I’m coming.” Y/N yelled back, checking herself out in the mirror before stepping down the stairs and joiner her best friend. As Joe turned around to see Y/N searching something in her purse, he smiled as he took a moment to admire her beauty. He had always found her beautiful and he couldn’t get around the fact that she was with him tonight. 

They weren’t dating by they were friends. Best friends and somehow, as the days went by, they were acting like a couple. Always touching each other not so secretly. Always going out together when they were supposed to have dates. Always calling each other when they could. And for another night, they were going out as mutual dates and were really firm with the fact that they going as friends but deep down, they knew friends did not act that way.

“You look gorgeous.” Joe admitted, stepping closer to her as he stared at her and she smiled, putting her phone in purse. “Thanks, you look quite good yourself.” She replied, before heading for the door followed by her best friend and soon enough, they were both in the Uber, driving to the restaurant. 

As they arrived, Joe opening the door of the restaurant for her, the two friends exchanged that look that said it all. They walked towards their table, greeting the few other couples. Caspar and Maddie, Oli and Wallis. They quickly all started eating until one of them made a comment that actually surprised them. “So when are you two getting married?” Maddie asked, looking between the two of them and Joe almost choked on his food. “What do you mean?” Joe replied, frowning in confusion. “Come on, if you guys aren’t in love then I don’t know what love is.” Maddie affirmed, the words slipping out of her mouth casually. “I mean I think she knows a lot about love so she’s right.” Caspar said, leaning in to kiss his girlfriend’s cheek as she simply rolled her eyes. “We’re just really good friends.” Y/N shrugged, looking down to her plate, trying to avoid the awkwardness of the conversation. “So um, what are we doing later on?” Joe asked, changing the subject as fast as he could so it wouldn’t be awkward for too long.

Later on the night, the group of friends was now at a club, the drunk people dancing all around them. After a few drinks had been consumed by all of them, the boys were at the bar whilst the girls were laughing and dancing together in a corner of the filled club. Somehow, Joe was staring at her again. There were about a hundred of girls around the room who would love to go home with a handsome guy like him but he didn’t care. His eyes were drawled back to her even in crowded room. He broke out of his stare as Caspar nudged his rib with his elbow. 

“Come on, you either go home with her or someone else.” Caspar exclaimed, patting his mate on the shoulder and Joe thought about it for a moment. His South African friend was right. It was either her or someone else but Joe didn’t want it to be someone else. “I can’t, she’s my best friend. It will ruin everything.” Joe admitted, sipping on his drink as his eyes were still locked on her. “Oh for fuck sake, Joe, just grow some balls.” Oli yelled over the loud music, the alcohol clearly running through his veins. And that’s when he met her glance and she smiled at him that he knew he had to. Joe stepped towards the strangers to reach her and she smiled as the other girls waved off through the crowd, leaving them too alone. 

“What’s u-” Y/N started but was surprisingly interrupted by Joe’s lips on hers as he pulled her close to him, his hands gripping on her waist tightly. Y/N’’s eyes shut close as she realized what was happening and her arms automatically snaked around his neck, as if she was home. “I love you. Always have, always will.” Joe said after pulling away to grab some air, their foreheads brushing. “That is really cheeky and unexpected but I love you too, Joseph.” Y/N replied, her eyes meeting his blue orbs. They both smiled before Joe’s hand made its way to her cheek, pulling her into a deep kiss as they felt as if nothing was moving around them anymore. 

It was only the two of them in the filled club, their bodies pressed together as they had realized that they had both been too blind to realize and admit their feelings to each other.

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Can you write about subtle butt touching? I'm sorry just, the butt touches + Phan is just 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 and then one getting angry and pouting and stuff. Idk :P

Phil has a problem; maybe it’s more of an obsession. He really doesn’t give a shit. It’s a known fact that his husband, Dan Lester, has a really nice butt. Which explains why he can’t seem to keep his hands off it.

It’s even worse now, considering they’re newly married, and Phil just can’t seem to control himself.

Every time he gets the chance, he’s using it. In the mornings; sneaking up behind him and making him jump and yelp by squeezing his ass, when they’re cuddling; subtly kneading the flesh in his hands. He knows Dan loves it as well; it’s not exactly a secret. No matter how much he tries whining himself out of it.

Even when they’re in public, Phil is all over him. Squeezing his ass in shops, sometimes even smacking him before smirking and turning quickly before Dan could glare at him.

But Dan loves it. He fucking adores it, he adores Phil, and it’s plain adorable how touchy he is.

He has accepted that when (um, if) they had kids, they would be the annoying dad’s who are always touching each other, in some way or another. And he couldn’t love it more.

Even though whenever he gets the chance to complain about it, he takes it.


Archie Andrews - (Y/N) One Shot/Imagine
Word Count: 968
(A/N): Requests are open!

For years Archie and you had something more than friendship. Never had you two talked about it but both of you always flirted and found excuses to touch each other and be around each other. You slowly started falling more and more for the red headed boy and you thought he was too until Veronica Lodge showed up in the town of pep.

Originally posted by jughead-thethird

Ever since you can remember Jughead has always hated to celebrate his birthday, but tonight would be the first night he had gotten a suprise party - Betty insisted we would throw him one. During all the planning, you still tried to persuade her otherwise but she - as well as Archie, Veronica and Kevin - didn’t change their mind for one second, so you decided to just go with it and see how it turns out.

After a incredibly failed birthday party for someone who didn’t even want to have a birthday party, you slowly started cleaning up the mess that was in the Andrews’ house. Archie had been drinken too much this evening so you decided to help your friend. Since you can remember Archie and you had been friends, Archie, Jughead and you were kind of like the Three Musketiers when you were younger. But around a year ago, you started developing feelings for the red headed boy and everyone around you - including yourself - thought he was starting to feel the same way. You were always around each other since both of you always found excuses to be, you were somehow always touching each other and the sexual tension between you when you were near each other could be felt in the whole room. 

You heard some muffled, soft voices come from the living room while you were cleaning up. Slowly, while picking some trash up, you made your way to the living room.

“Our lives are all messed up,” you heard Veronica say while you were eaves dropping on their conversation. Ever since Veronica showed up in Riverdale, Archie has acted different towards you when she was around. His attention was fully focused on her and it was like you were thin air.

Eventually you decided to stop eaves dropping and walk into the living room, but you could have decided better than to do that.

You saw Veronica and Archie locking lips. Their kiss looked like it was full of lust and longing.

While standing there still, quiet and in complete shock of the scene you were witnessing, you could feel your heart breaking. Even if it wasn’t your right to, you felt anrgy at Archie but you also felt jealous of Veronica. She was kissing the guy you wanted to kiss for approximatly a year.

After what felt like hours but only was thirty seconds, you dropped the trashcan you were gathering all the classis red party cups in. You ran out of the living room, out of Archie’s house and suddenly stopped when you were in the middle of the deserted street.

“(Y/N)!” You heard the so familiar, lovely voice of Archie yell but you just couldn’t convince yourself to walk over to him or even look at his way. Without even maybe fully knowing, he broke your heart into a million pieces and it would have been way too hard to even be around him now. But right now, you needed tob e strong. You couldn’t run away because you couldn’t let him know what a big effect he had on you.
“(Y/N),” Archie now said while you heard him walk in front of you. Standing with you in the middle of the dark street where one streetlight was still flickering.

 “Archie, I don’t even want to know,” I began to say to him while looking up from the ground but still not looking him in his beautiful eyes.
“I wish you and Veronica the very best together, I do even if doesn’t look like it.” Saying those words to the guy I was in love with, was harder than I would have ever imagined. Never did I actually thought I would wish Archie the best with someone else. The only thing I always thought was that people would wish us the best together. People, like for example Kevin, saying we needed to get a room when we were being to lovely dovey in his eyes.

 “No, (Y/N), I don’t want you saying that,” Archie began while he lifted my head up with his fingers under my chin. Now I was looking righ into his eyes, the eyes that had made me fall hard.
“All I want is you. Kissing Veronica was a mistake because the only person I want to kiss is you. Since a while ago, you have been the only thing on my mind and the only one I wanted to kiss and hold. I like you, wait no, I like you a lot, (Y/N),” Archie continued and I could feel my heart starting to beat faster with every word he said. After a while, I finally heard what I wanted to hear from him and it felt better than ever. But still I was a little pissed about him kissing Ronnie. Why did he kiss her if he liked me that much?

 “If you like me so much, Andrews, why did you kiss Ronnie?” I asked him and I could see by his reaction this wasn’t the reaction he was excepting and hoping for.

 “I don’t know why, (Y/N), all I know is that it was a mistake and I didn’t even want it,” Archie answered me honestly. To be honest, I was content that instead of making up a stupid excuse he was honest with me on that he didn’t even knew why he had kissed her.

 A little smile formed itself on my face and again Archie was suprised of my reaction. Latetly I have been suprising him a lot.

”Well, Andrews, are you ever going to kiss me or what?” I said to Archie on who now appeared a smirk.
And then, after months of wanting to kiss him, our lips finally connected and we shared the most sweet, tender kiss.

I'm not. (Draco Malfoy X Reader)

pt. ii of “Then why are you with her?”

Pairing: Draco X Reader
Warnings: fluff?
△ Honestly, I wasn’t supposed to make a part 2 to this fic but I did it anyway for the people who wanted it. ☺︎


It had been at least 3 days since your incident with Draco.

You had been trying to not think about what he had said but it wasn’t working.

No (Y/N) baby, I’m gonna get rid of her. I never loved her. I always loved you.

You couldn’t help but feel that he meant it.

Then again he probably didn’t.

And having Pansy around wasn’t helping either.

They were always touching each other.

From hugging, to full on making out, to cuddling, to holding hands.


Though you would always catch Draco looking at you with kind eyes.

He looked sorry even.

But he wasn’t.

And you knew it.


You were now dusting the fireplace. The same one you’d arrived from.

“I meant it.”

You hear Draco say, but you don’t turn around, continuing your work.

You didn’t care what he had to say.

His actions proved what he meant anyway.

You stay in silence for a couple of minutes before he lashed out.

“(Y/N) if you don’t talk to me, I’m going to talk my dad into kicking you out.”, he pressures, frustration in his voice.

You turn around, finally.

“So much for loving me Malfoy.”, you say and cross your arms over your chest.

“I meant it (Y/N), all of it. It’s just I didn’t think you would ask such a question.”, he says whilst scratching his neck.

“I surprised myself too.”, you say sheepishly.

“Well, do you still want an answer?”,he says, moving a little bit closer.

“Of course I do.”

I’m not.

“What?”, you say in shock.

“I’m not (Y/N).”, he says and takes your hands in his.


“It was my brilliant plan to make you like me. I should’ve known better than to hurt you.”, he says sheepishly.

“You know you could’ve asked me out or something.”, you laugh, pulling him into a hug.

“So you’ll go out with me?”

“You’re supposed to ask me properly! But yes, I will.”