Fleur & Hermione as hair braiding buddies is something very dear to my heart, okay.

Solangelo Headcannon’s:

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  • Nico always wanting to cuddle and/or touch Will in anyway
  • They are always sneaking into each others cabins for sleepovers. Mostly Will into Nico’s
  • The only time Nico doesn’t have nightmares is when Will is sleeping next to him
  • Nico watching Will getting out of the shower and just muttering a silent “holy shit”
  • Will calling Nico ‘death boy’ just to get a rise out of him
  • Nico returning the favour and calling him ‘sun boy’ or ‘sunshine’
  • Will always being the first one up in the morning, and Nico threatening violence if he is woken up before 9am
  • When Nico is sick Will keeps a very close eye on him, knowing how he is with medication
  • When Will is sick Nico is almost worse. Since he has no idea what to do he just kind of shoves everything towards Will and tries his best to be of assistance
  • “Hand me the bottle of medication. The green one”
  • “Here”
  • “No the green one”
  • “Okay”
  • “NO the green one” 
  • “WILL THEY are all green”
  • “Gods I’ll be dead before sundown”
  • Nico shunning all forms of touch while out in public, but when they are alone he never wants Will’s hands off of him
  • Slowly he gets better with public affection
  • Will trying to get Nico to join in on the camp fire sing along’s
  • “Solace you are lucky I am even here, don’t you dare drag me up there’
  • Will getting Nico a pack of Mythomagic cards for his birthday, because nostalgia 
  • After Will confessed the places he had always wanted to visit, Nico shadow traveled them to one of those places every night. (Much to Will’s constant scorn for wearing himself out with his powers)
  • Little kisses on cheeks
Being married to Derek...

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  • honestly no one believes it at first when they find out Derek has a wife
  • meeting the pack after coming back from spending a long time in a different country because of some family troubles
  • everyone being even more shocked when they meet you in person
  • the pack loving you – seriously, you’re like a second mom to them
  • everyone in the pack being protective of you because they know Derek would rip them to shreds if they would let anything happen to you and they obviously see you as their alpha female
  • Derek covering you in his scent whenever he leaves the loft – it may seem weird to others, but it’s a ritual for the both of you and you know how important it is to Derek
  • fighting with Derek when he’s a stubborn ass
  • Derek wearing his ring around his neck on a chain because else he would lose it when changing into a wolf
  • having the same tattoo as Derek in smaller on your ankle
  • Derek always touching you in some way
  • teasing each other a lot
  • not being allowed to fight – really, you’ve fought about it so often, but it’s the one subject Derek just doesn’t budge
  • despite that always ending up in trouble nonetheless
  • Derek being even more protective than he was when you were dating
  • watching Derek train – it’s always a great show
  • Derek walking around shirtless
  • Derek denying it, but he’s the biggest cuddler when you are alone
  • making Derek give you piggy-back rides around the loft
  • Derek carrying you to bed when you fall asleep on the couch
  • complaining about sleeping in the same bed as Derek during summer because he’s like a space heater
  • pressing your cold feet against Derek during winter and sleeping on top of him because he’s just so warm
  • loving and sweet Derek when you feel down
  • Derek seriously freaking out whenever you get hurt – you just have to fall down and he’s not going to leave your side for the next 3 days
  • soft kisses before you fall asleep
  • Derek insisting on training you himself – you tried training with other members of the pack, but they don’t even get close to you before Derek flings them against the opposite wall, he just can’t stand the sight of you getting attacked since it goes against all of his instincts
  • knowing a different side of Derek that no one else knows
  • grumpy Derek trying to act like he isn’t a total softy around you, but everyone knows the truth
  • driving the Camaro
  • convincing Derek to get a kitten – honestly, you have him wrapped around you finger and he would probably do anything for you
  • Derek loving to shower together
  • having to calm down Derek when he’s angry
  • taking naps on Derek’s lap with him stroking your hair the whole time
  • surprisingly Derek never forgets your wedding anniversary
  • kisses on top of your head
  • taking walks in the wood
  • Derek having a secret soup recipe he always makes you when you’re sick
  • barely having time for dates, but whenever you do Derek tries to make them special
  • Derek first not telling you often that he loves you, but after a close call during a fight against something supernatural he makes sure to tell you more often
  • Derek often playfully calling your Mrs. Hale
  • making Derek laugh
  • make out sessions on every surface in the loft
  • Stiles still being in awe about your relationship
  • Stiles asking you for tips on how to tame Derek
  • always feeling safe and loved in Derek’s arms
  • having a second wedding with the pack present in the woods
  • fights because Derek never puts away his socks
  • jealous Derek
  • wearing Derek’s shirts
  • Derek loving to carry you around and you taking advantage of it
  • Derek making sure to always introduce you as his wife

NHK Trophy 2016: Scott giving Tessa a supportive pat 

Dating Carl Grimes Would Include:

- you and carl being absolute best friends

- always touching each other. he always had his arm around you or was holding your hand

- him being extremely overprotective

- your first time was rushed yet still very enjoyable. “ holy shit y/n, we definitely need to do that again…soon” 

- oh my god this boy would love to slap your ass, especially in front of Ron


- “babe, should I grow my hair out like Jesus?” “nope, his will always look better”

- constantly being teased by Daryl

- him being very insecure about his eye but you thinking he looks sexy and badass

- hickeys

- always telling each other that you love each other before going on runs

- long hugs when one of you returns from being gone

- sweet kisses, good morning kisses, goodnight kisses, passionate kisses, neck kisses, just so many damn kisses


VaneEleanor + referring to each other when in public vs. when they’re alone. 
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sometimes i get the feeling that yoongi doesnt care about jimin as much as jimin cares for yoongi and it makes me sad

my whole blog’s full of receipts that’ll tell you otherwise but he’s pretty open about how close he is with jimin ??? yoongi literally called him his favourite dongsaeng and the member with the prettiest smile, he’s always bringing him up on his own accord in interviews, there’s all of that predebut flirting on twt and ‘jimin is mine’, he’s ALWAYS praising jimin and has Consistently chosen him as the member he wants to collab with, he reacts to jimin in a way he doesn’t react to any other members and is always calling him hot / sexy on stage, he and jimin are always touching and teasing each other, they hang out together off camera All The Time (chicken dates, sushi dates, dubai, bv, daegu(!!)), the way he got all shy and fond when he revealed that ‘i stayed up all night talking with jiminnie’, i mean just because they don’t interact during one (1) of their public appearances doesn’t mean all of this stuff suddenly didn’t happen,,

Time for a story - Through the eyes of a child

When a low noise pulled Felicity from her already light sleep, she turned her face into the pillow. With a sleeping baby in the room next-door, she never really slept soundly. She was hyperaware that Millie could wake up and she would be forced to get out of bed and breastfeed her daughter. She took in a deep breath and listened into the darkness, waiting for the baby monitor to transmit Millie’s dissatisfied cries once more, but everything stayed silent.

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… just tired of losing people.

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- shameless toucher. takes every opportunity. fixing baze’s hair or clothes or whatever else to get his hands on him, all the better if they’re in public and it gets Baze all embarrassed

- NOT above playing the blind guy card as an excuse for handholding

- it’s not that he’s that into PDA he just does not care who’s looking and if he feels like flirting (and he does) he’s just gonna go for it no matter where they are

- escapes all retribution with that SMILE (because how can you be mad at that??)


^^^YES to all of this!

Please also consider:

-deliberately drops things, then bends down and pretends to fumble for them just to give Baze an extended view of his butt

-initiates a game of footsie whenever he and Baze are across from each other at a table (and always manages to touch Baze’s feet even if he tries to hold them out of reach)

-bumps shoulders with Baze on purpose (“Sorry. Can’t see where I’m going. I’m blind, you know.”)

-does the casual yawn-and-stretch thing every time they’re seated side by side

imagine bellarke in a relationship and not capable of keeping their hands to each others but in a non-sexual way… like…

  • bellamy resting his arm on clarke’s shoulders when they sit next to each other
  • clarke always playing with bellamy’s hand when they hang out with friends
  • bellamy delicately letting his hand on her lower back when they walk together
  • clarke always running her fingers in bellamy’s hair and making a mess of it
  • bellamy caressing clarke’s hair when she sleeps her head on his lap
  • their feet always meeting under the table when they eat
  • their hands always linked when they fall asleep next to each other
  • basically bellarke incapable of standing apart for a few minutes and always having to touch each other just because they can azsdfgjkl