“ In 1976, in Phoenix, Arizona a child was born. He was precocious, full of life, and determined, and grew up to become the singer of one of the biggest rock bands in the history of music. His name was Chester Bennington, and band is Linkin Park. MTV asked me to come here to say a few words about Chester, and the late great, Chris Cornell. Two artists I had the absolute pleasure of touring with. They were close friends with one another. Chester even singing the cover of the classic Hallelujah at Chris’ funeral. Chester said of Chris Your voice was joy and pain and anger and forgiveness, love and heartache, all wrapped up into one. Just weeks later, Chester himself was gone. Chester was my friend as he was to so many. Witnessing his life taught me important things, especially about working relentlessly, pursuing dreams, and being kind and caring while doing it. When I think about him I see his face, which was always smiling, I think about his heart which he wore on his sleeve, I think how kindly he treated me, my brother, Tomo, our band. I think about his wife and his six. Six incredible children. I think about his family, I think about his band, who were really his brothers. And I remember his voice. At once ferocious and delicate. That voice will live forever.

If there is anyone out there who is watching this tonight who feels like there is no hope, hear me now. You are not alone. There is always a way forward. Reach out, share your thoughts. Do not give up and I promise you this, the absolute biggest breakthroughs in life lay just beyond the darkest days. “


If there is anyone out there who is watching this tonight who feels like there is no hope, hear me now. You are not alone. There is always a way forward. Reach out, share your thoughts. Do not give up and I promise you this, the absolute biggest breakthroughs in life lay just beyond the darkest days.

Jared Leto - August 27, 2017

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I kind of honestly want to know how the monster family feels about having killed Frisk at least once or cause them harm. I wanna know how they bounced back from being murdered a lot so easily, Does Sans regret not protecting Frisk during those times they died? I'm not trying to be mean, but its just something that shouldn't be glossed over. Sure they killed the monsters, but they did try or actually succeed in killing them.

Okay, so obviously they Monsters all feel very bad about having hurt Frisk in the past… except Sans who was trying to prevent the literal end of everything so he feels his actions are justified, and Papyrus who never hurt Frisk to begin with. In Toriel’s case she was acting in an attempt to keep Frisk safe and also because of her crushing loneliness. And Undyne was doing what she thought was the right thing for monsters, and after wrestling with her guilty conscience decided that Frisk was now her friend. And in Mettaton’s case, he’d become so fixated on his dream of performing for millions of humans that he’d forgotten the people that made performing worthwhile. And we all know Asgore’s story and how complicated it is. In his case, he was even somewhat aware of the fact that Frisk could reset. So in Asgore’s mind, Frisk would almost certainly win at some point.

Everyone who hurt Frisk was changed by Frisk’s compassion, and yes they regret hurting Frisk and killing them in previous timelines. But I don’t think they regret what ultimately came of those encounters. Every single one of them adores Frisk and will do whatever they can to make up for their past mistakes.

And as for Sans protecting Frisk? …He DID protect them. When they got too close to the power to erase the world he did his damnedest to protect them. He knew they could reset so it didn’t matter if they died. They’d just come back. And in the pacifist run, he made sure in subtle ways that they always had a way forward and never faced an impossible challenge. He kept an eyesocket on them, as he said. But why save them from death when death is just a slap on the wrist? Why would he bother with that?

And to be explicitly clear, during that time, death had little to no consequence to Frisk. Yeah it wasn’t pleasant. Yeah it hurt. But it hurt in the way that a slap in the face hurts. Even less in fact because it’s over really fast and then poof! You’re alive and good as new. Frisk got used to it very quickly.

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AAH! Please,zerolover66! I beg you! Show me something of zeki,anything!Anything that is positive, just please! I feel like someone took my brain and shook it a 1000 times and now it's a slow, thick, milkshake! I,even if it's not recommended for people of the zeki ship,went to the yume tag.I'm happy to declare that I'm alive,but not so well. So please,it could be anything.A theory,a fact,a drawing,anything to hydrate my zeki self... Thank you,for everything and for being in the Zeki fam!

Hi there sweet anon. I would recommend that you stay out of the yu/me tag completely. Trying to figure out some of their logic will just burn your brain cells tbh.

I will share a few things with you that I know for sure;

Yuuki and Zero loved each other while at the academy in the original run of VK. 

Hino clearly had Zero question what would have happened had he held onto Yuuki instead of pushing her away when he found out she was a pureblood. This telling, us, the readers that the outcome would have been much different.

One of the most important statements about zeki that was ever made is below. They always find a way to move forward and in the process do it their way. 

And the most important and telling statement of all is below.

Yuuki has NEVER EVER been afraid of Zero!!!

And though this is not zeki, it is important because Hino has Kaname himself say how softhearted (kind and compassionate) Zero is;

There are so many more I could show you but I hope this at least soothes your soul a bit.

And just so you know she is thinking about Zero and looking up at him even after he is gone.

Like I said there are soooooo many things to show and say about zeki and not enough time in a day.

Thanks for dropping by :)

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39. 💜


(so of course yours is really sad and angsty and has violence involved …)

39. “How can you even look at me?”

It just happens, one minute they’re walking down the high street, Aaron’s all relaxed and settled and he’s holding Robert’s hand as they try to get back to their car before it pours it down and then - there’s a bloke out of nowhere, he says something, something which makes Robert turn around and confront him. 

Of course he turns around, of course because he can’t help but want to protect Aaron from what the bloke said. 

Only he can’t, only he’s not strong enough and he’s on the ground before he can say anything else, feeling rotten and in agony from a blow to his stomach.

 Robert’s eyes are shut and then when they open next he sees Aaron lunging towards the man, he sees him landing a punch, and then another and another and he’s shaking and swearing. 

“You touch him again!” Aaron’s screaming, then he’s being thrown to the floor, there’s another bloke, he’s saying something, slurs, more slurs and then Robert’s looking over at his husband and seeing blood trickling down his face and he just wants to cry but he can’t. Instead he tries to get up, he tries and tries and then he’s on his feet, pushing the men away and then hearing Aaron call for him to stop, he’s saying something about him getting hurt if he keeps going and then - 

Robert’s on the floor again, someone’s over him, a foot raising up and then threatening to stamp down on him but then Aaron’s to his feet, spluttering and panting and pushing the men away, he’s on top of them, just won’t stop, just won’t stop until he’s crying and the men isn’t moving anymore. 

Robert shudders, feels sick and then there’s sirens and Aaron’s shuffling back towards him and crying. 

Aaron stops crying though, he stops and it’s like he’s numb completely as they sit in the hospital ward, neither of them hurt enough to have to stay any longer. 

It’s classed as a homophobic attack on them and it makes Robert feel sick, makes his veins ache with anger because he knew that he’d heard correctly, knew that he was right to turn around and say something about the comment, they were only holding hands.

Robert’s got bruised ribs, pain killers will sort it out but Aaron - Aaron’s got bruises all over his knuckles, a cut lip and a bloody nose and - he doesn’t want to speak at all.

Robert slowly comes through the curtains and watches Aaron on the bed, he’s almost frozen and he doesn’t know what to say.

“I - Aaron,” Robert shudders, tries to kneel and then forgets the ache in his stomach, winces without meaning to draw attention to himself but it’s no use, Aaron’s head is shooting up and he’s looking all concerned. 

“Sit down.” Aaron whispers, guides Robert to the chair and then looks down at his own hands, blood stained just like his nose, just like his shirt. He hates himself, feels like his heart is black and chewed up and no good because of his actions, because he hasn’t learnt a thing has he? Fists. That’s always the way forward, it always will be. 

Robert breathes slowly, finds it hard to and then Aaron’s eyes flicker. “You okay?” He asks and Robert nods. 

“Thanks to you I am.” Robert says, tries to smile but then Aaron looks disgusted, buries his head down and refuses to look up again until Robert frowns and says, “Aaron?“ 

Aaron gulps hard, fights back tears and then he looks at his hands again, they shake uncontrollably and then Robert’s pushing himself, in the chair, straight towards Aaron. “You’re shaking, fuck, Aaron look at me. It’s okay. We’re okay.” He says, fights back his own tears that threaten to fall down his face. 

Aaron shakes his head and then slowly raises his head, frowning. “How can you even look at me?“ 

Robert’s so shocked that he doesn’t actually say anything for a few seconds, then he gulps hard, stammers something out which resembles, “What?" 

Aaron has tears streaming down and he shrugs his shoulders. "I never learn do I? Never, I just - I couldn’t stop myself, I’m sorry.” He says, blows out harsh breathes and sighs. 

“Hey,” Robert lifts a hand up and strokes at Robert’s face, “You were protecting me.” He says, “You were trying to keep us safe, that’s all." 

Aaron ducks his head, "I’m dangerous Rob, I - I could have killed him.” He says, feels his blood turn cold and then Robert’s shaking his head, holding Aaron’s face in his hands. 

“No.” Robert says, “You wouldn’t have, stop saying that.” He adds before kissing Aaron’s forehead, “You saved us." 

Aaron frowns. "You’re not angry?” Robert shakes his head. “You’re not scared?” Robert shakes his head again.

“Of you?” Robert asks and Aaron nods. “Never.” He says, feels a lump forming in his throat. “No ones ever protected me like that, no one has ever even -" 

"I love you.” Aaron whispers. “I do, I love you." 

Robert nods, pulls Aaron into his arms and kissing his forehead. "And I love you, I’m so lucky to have you.” They’re being soppy, tender and sweet and it’s not really normal but they don’t mind. 

After what they’ve just been through, it’s okay to hold onto each other just a little tighter than usual.


“If there is anyone out there who is watching this tonight who feels like there is no hope, hear me now: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There is always a way forward. Reach out, share your thoughts, do not give up. And I promise you this: the absolute biggest breakthroughs in life lay just beyond the darkest days.” - Jared Leto, VMAs 2017.


[ENG] ZTAO in L’officiel Hommes China 2017 special edition


When talking about people in the entertainment industry who are still able to maintain being true to themselves, we believe that the name Huang Zitao pops up immediately. Rather than just attributing it to him being a type AB, why not say that it’s because our “30-year-old! Tao” keeps being a “3-year-old! Tao” at heart. Having so many sides to him allows him to retain more of the potential & possibilities in his character amidst the ever-changing public sentiments

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Aspect Analysis: HOPE

I think I can, I think I can…

  • Pos/Neg: Hope is a Positive Aspect.
  • Nature: Hope adds Possibility to a closed system.
  • Counterpart: Hope’s opposing Aspect is Rage.
  • Symbolism: Hope has no fixed symbol other than the angel wings that it uses in-game. However, any symbol which commands belief, religious or otherwise, can be said to be a symbol of Hope.

It’s a hidden truth of the world that things are only impossible until someone does it. Faith, belief, and a willingness to challenge the impossible can fill the body with an unquenchable fire of determination. With this power, two brothers defied gravity and created airplanes. With this strength, one man can fight like ten. With the power of Hope, you challenge the naysayers and change the definition of “impossible” forever.

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Part Three: In the Spotlight
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 2675
Warnings: Implied control issues.


Your name: submit What is this?

Your nickname: submit What is this?

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Last week on SnapChat you will have seen a filter just like this makeup look I created.
I loved the filter so much I just had to recreate it as a tutorial so you guys can wear it for real if you ever frequent a masquerade ball, a fancy dress party, or you just want to wear it this Halloween to go with a more simple outfit.

I free-handed this using Black liquid eyeliner. All the products used will be shown & listed in the video.

I always remember being told in Art at school ‘Shonagh, you need to adopt quantity over quality’ and my response to that comment was always a swift two-finger ‘V’ sign behind the teachers back. In my eyes quality was always the way forward!
BUT…. In this instance, quantity is definitely the way forward over quality. When creating something so intricate it takes time.
A lot of time.
This is a look whereby you don’t need to be particularly neat, you just need to get as much done as possible and the end result will still be awesome.

The tutorial will be up on my channel this week!

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If it isn't too much trouble could I get a BTS gif reaction of when their girlfriend gets catcalled/harassed in the street but before BTS gets a chance to say anything, their girlfriend sasses out the cat-callers into stunned silence and walks away (because street harassment is not cool and girl power is the best haha). I hope I followed the rules properly :) And I wanted to add that your blog is fantastic darling! Mwah!

Yess! I love this, girl power is always the way forward,Thank you for requesting and I hope I did it justice~~

Yoongi: I think if anything he would have expected nothing less from his girlfriend and would be really satisfied with the way that guy looked so shocked wrapping a casual arm over her shoulder as he says “Thats my girl”

Namjoon: He would be surprised by your outburst but would by no means disapprove, he’s actually be pretty impressed that you could hold your own ground. 

Hoseok: He woudn’t know what kind of reaction to have so he’d just stare at you in awe, internally telling himself not to piss you off as often as he does.

Jin: I think he woudn’t really have any reaction he’d just still be pissed that the guy had the nerve to be so disrespectful to you, wishing that you hand’t of scared him of so he could have had words with him.

Jimin: If anything I think he’d find your assertiveness kind of hot and might ask if you could bring it into the bedroom.

Taehyung: He’d try to calm you down after, knowing that you were probably going to be worked up for the rest of the “Jagi, he means nothing forget about what he said”

Jungkook: Little Kookie would just be completely shocked and woudn’t even know what to do, looking between you and the guy “Wahh, I didn’t know you were like this”

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How would GoM ask to their s/o for a blowjob for the first time?

someone please comfort midorima he’s not ok

Kuroko wasn’t just going to… Ask… Right? He didn’t want to, at least. In fact, he goes the longest time, just holding out, purely because he really, really didn’t want to ask. In the end, however, he found that slight changes in his ways - more passionate kisses, more forceful cuddles… They got him what he needed, and he didn’t even have to say a word.

Aomine had never been the sort to pretend he didn’t want something when he did want it. And he really wanted you to suck him off. So, he figured that the best way to go about it was to make sure that you were ok with it… The best way to do that was to ask outright, of course. Besides, he’d happily return the favour…

Kise wasn’t going to pretend he didn’t want you like that; hell, he was sure you already knew, judging by how vigorous his kisses sometimes got. It was during one of those passionate kisses that he looked at you, beneath him on the sofa, eyes burning with lust, and asked the question. With a look like that on his face, how could you possibly turn him down?

Midorima refused to bring himself to the level of those who begged for such things. Yes, he wanted… That… But he wasn’t just going to ask. Alas, as the weeks went on, his unwitting fantasies grew more and more heated, and more frequent, and he just couldn’t handle it anymore. So, with a lot of stuttering and a flushed face – and much to your amusement – he finally asked, and got what he wanted.

Murasakibara saw absolutely no harm in asking for what he wanted. You were his already, and even if he did ask, the worst you could say was no… So why wouldn’t he just ask outright? Maybe, however, he could have picked a better time to ask. Passing a note to you in the middle of class probably wasn’t the smartest idea…

Akashi figured there wouldn’t be a problem, so long as you consented. Of course, there was no way he’d make you do something that made you uncomfortable, and asking for consent was always the way forwards for him. He respected your boundaries, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t going to emphasise his desires in his confession.

A breakfast of luxury: Overnight oats with Walnuts, Dragonfruit, Apples, Kiwi and Thai Bananas (กล้วยไข่) [More from Love Yourself]

Annenberg, Harvard’s freshman dining hall, is a grand affair of red wood panelled walls and chandeliers dripping from vaulted ceilings. Yet despite the architecture that prides itself in providing a fairytale-like setting to every meal, the beauty of Annenberg is dampened by the undeniable dining hall atmosphere that pervades the space, most notably the enforced social interactions every meal that have become a neccessary part of the life of a Harvard freshman. 

It makes me miss the moments of white tablecloths and quiet breakfasts where food was the medium by which I communicated with myself, the way in which I meditated about the world and how I took a step back from what I was doing to enjoy participating in perhaps the most basic requirement of living. There is a sense of sanctity in performing the ritual of eating breakfast by yourself, as if in some way you’re making time to make an appointment with yourself and to celebrate yourself by eating food that makes your body happy. 

My mother sends me pictures of her food now (this is one of her beautiful breakfasts - I get my fair share of fruit and oatmeal here, but not the tranquility nor the presentation that I so value and ritualized throughout my summer) and amidst the hectic nature of life at Harvard, these pictures are an island of peace to which I can imagine myself retreating. Reading Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity last night, I feel now more than ever that time is indeed relative, and distortions in the fourth dimension due to motion can create the illusion of an accelerating person’s life in slow motion from the perspective of one who is relatively stationary. Paths diverge and I find myself forced forward at 99.5% of the speed of light, caught in the paradox of moving in slow motion as I accelerate away from my stationary position. Perhaps movement is not always the way forward - we need still moments to bring our relative time back to a sense of normalcy, and despite my love for Annenberg, I long for white tablecloths of quiet breakfasts to bring me back to myself. 

Don’t wait until you have a problem which is deadly or can cause pain & suffering. Live accordance to nature as nature is always the good way forward. It is unbalance by illusion which creates disease and confusion. Food grows from trees not bags filled with lab made ingredients. Man is not the supreme and will never replicate nature as best as nature itself. Eat wisely, out intention in your cooking, feed all beings from the animals living here too and even your enemies. All should be fed. This is all that is required. Change the culture and change the world. You can have great ideas but if you do nothing with them in the world then what good are they worth? Share knowledge and spread awakening and the wisdom of real healthcare & healing as food is thy true medicine. You can cure allergies and cancers through nutrition.
#cancer #thirdeye #nutrition #organic #truth #monsanto #gmo #occupy99 #occupy #food #healthcare #doctors #nurse #hospital #america

Reminder that if you don’t pass a certain class, or even don’t pass a whole year of school at any level, you are not an idiot, you are not worthless, and you have not screwed up your entire future. There is always a way forward, even if it takes slightly longer than you anticipated.