Hello Ben, 

I’m here to wish you a Happy Birthday and I hope that you have a fantastic day!

I want to thank you for all of your absolutely fantastic work, for someone who thought about giving up multiple times in her live it’s a real inspiration ! I admire your acting and the way you always steal every scene you’re in. I’ve watched so many of your movies and all of your characters are always individuals who seem like real people, with their own thoughts and motives and not like characters with specific traits someone made up for an actor to portray.

And Star Wars in general means so much to me and I really want to thank you for delivering such an amazing performance as Krennic who, thanks to you, quickly became on of my favourite Star Wars characters as well as my favourite Battlefront Villain (or I guess Hero if we’re talking from the empires point of view) by the way I think it’s really cool that you play Dark Souls even though I had some really infuriating hours with all three of them. 

I’m really looking forward to your upcoming projects especially Darkest Hour, Bloodline Season 3 and Robin Hood and well basically all of your upcoming work…


With Love, Pascale Lara.