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I have surpassed 1,500 followers! Thank you all for your support. It means so much to me that I have such a lovely group of people that are also interested in learning and succeeding. To celebrate, I’d like to share with all of you a list of the wonderful people that have made my studyblr experience so wonderful, and that have added lovely material onto my dashboard.

Everything is in alphabetical order~

First, the large group of dear friends I must give personal shout-outs.

@cjm-otstudies - I love what we started with ASL! If we have time, I’d love to continue it. We’ve had great convos and you know you’re free to text, message, or Skype me anytime. Hearing about what you’re achieving in college is so great, and I’m very much interested in hearing more.

@dainwinterstudies - a RL friend that I hope grows to love the community here and profit from its support!

@hellostudykatie - You’re such a sweetie pie, please try to keep in touch with me about IB! You know I’m always here. You’re such a talented English speaker and I would love to study with you this year.

@if-bts-studied - You’re such a cutie pie, I see you as a younger sister. Your English is great and I love to talk to you! We should definitely learn languages together sometime. Please keep messaging me!!

@katytriestolearn - I have loved practicing Spanish with you! You are such a kind person and I really want to renew correspondence with you. Please, keep me up to date on all things going on with your studies!

@kawaii-notes - Talking to you is amazing, in both languages! You’re so helpful and kind, I really appreciate everything we chat about together. Please never be afraid to message me, I love talking to you!

@language-amante - I’m so fond of our conversations! We think quite similarly in regards to language, but I always seem to be sending you tidbits of how crazy we Americans are as compared to you Brits. I hope we can have many more nerdy cultural convos.

@lavietudier - Hen, you’re the best. I love talking to you and I love the random things you send me. I am proud to be Mama Rivkah, and I see you as family. It’d be amazing to meet you some day, you’re so wise.

@lazuli-studies - I love everything about you just from Steven Universe, tbh. But we’ve had a couple of great convos and I hope our friendship grows!

@meg-is-studying - You, sweetie, have been here since the beginning with me. I value you as one of my best and closest friends here in the studyblr community. You’re always full of sweet, wise words, and you’re so fun to talk to. I appreciate everything, from your advice to your comments on my work. Thank you for supporting me, ever since I was a newbie!

@nerdyravioli - You are so much fun to talk to! Please continue to message and study with me, I love talking with you about everything from literature to language. Levi, you’re such a cutie pie.

@noodledesk - Jesssss baby, you’re such a good friend. I love to talk to you and our conversations are always wacky and great. You always make me smile and I’m glad we can suffer as IB seniors together. You can always come to me for anything you need!

@premedspanblr - Our Spanish and college convos are the best. We’re still getting to know each other, but I consider you and all your resources to be so amazing, I want to get to know you better!

@salvadorbonaparte - We have the best times, I can’t wait to receive your postcards from Israel and talk more with you about religion. You have a different mindset but we still agree on a lot of topics, I love our conversations.

Additionally, some acquaintances I’d love to grow closer with.

@a-saltedfish-studies@adoringstudies - @agatha-studies - @athenus - @aureatestudy@bellaandherbujo@bonesofthepast - @california-study@chibystudies - @cinderemily - @dedaycation - @fashionnstudies - @glorystudiespsych - @historyandlanguages@hunny-studies - @idcstudies@ieaunstudying@ill-try-a-studyblr@jennystudy - @kankenstudies@lechocho - @loving-appblr@marsnotebooks@planetstudying - @polyglot-oneday@procrastudiin - @readando - @sapphiccstudies@saru-studies - @smartstudies@sprouht-studies@sortastudying - @stevenstudies@studyruels - @sumastudies - @thecakestudyblr@thestudyfox - @undergradadventures@universi-tea - @untilicomehome

Now, general studyblrs that I will follow to the ends of the earth


@acaedmic - @adhdacademia@aestudier - @alwaysreadingg@ambitiously-studying - @amiliastudies@amsterdamstudies@anthrostudies@anti-social-sciences - @astralwritings - @athxnasdaughtxr@blackgirlmagicstudyblr - @bujostudyblog - @bunnies-study@calligr4phy - @cayliestudies - @clarinium@collegerefs - @cometkorean - @copperscholar@des-study@designstudy - @e-tudie - @eduardajavaddstudies@educational-queen@einstetic@emmastudies - @espressosandexams - @estudlante@etudiegogh - @equaticns @evanstudiesib - @evelynstudying


@fridastudies - @fuckstudy - @genjistudies@hamdystudies@headfluteling - @hellofrommydesk - @hkstudies@hufflepuffwannabe - @hunny-studies -  @ib-studenthelp - @ib-stvdies@ibstudiblr@ibstudentsstruggles - @ibstudyingrn - @ii-humss-life-ii - @intellectys - @intelligentefille - @iodinea@jackistudies - @janetstudies - @jeststudying@jiyeonstudies - @julesandpens @juliarosedott - @juliasacads - @julstudies@kate-and-her-studies - @katsdesk - @kayla-studies@khloestudies - @kuroristudies


@lavalampstudy@lesbianib@leticia-studies - @liaiblitystudies - @lrhstudies@lunasstudies@lycheestudy - @mango-studies - @midsummer-nights-studying - @moonshinestudies - @mumblestudy@myibdiary - @nebuladisquisitions@nerdinaomi@nicoles-studyblr - @ohlookimstudying@organizign@paola-studies - @peescablr@pennyfynotes - @perfectnoteist - @phlegelthon - @pianostudying@pinetreestudies@political-studyblr@procrastinatorsunitenow - @prostudy - @psyduckstudies - @queen-zazzles-ofthe-studies@quipsterlotte-studies - @rad-studies@raindrop-studies - @ravencllaw-studies@rhubarbstudies


@sarah-tea-studies@scholarly@schoolandcoffee@shady-grades @singinghistorian - @slytherin-psych-studies@smallstudyblring - @snazzystudying@softlystudying@solsticestudies - @sophia-studies-science - @sophiestudyfreak@sophocused@space-sads@spooky-studies@stardeeying -@stressedestudiante - @sttudy@studentign@studi-bee@studie-s - @studiees - @studiesandscribbles - @studiversal - @studyart@studyblr - @studyblrarg - @studyidiom - @studying-for-nasa - @studying-hard@studyingbythesea - @studyingncoffee - @studymydragons@studynerds@studypetals - @studyshar@studystress - @studyttarius - @studytune - @studywithollie - @succulentsandstationery - @superfluouslystudying - @surfxstudy@sushi-studies 


  @tasteastudies@thecoffeedesk@themedtimes - @theprevet@theraspberrymilkshake - @thesmolstudent@upnorthwithinspiration - @wannabewoolf@wendystudies - @wildflower-studyblr - @xbglstudies

Finally, amazing langblrs that have changed the way I look at language

@aspoonfuloflanguage - @atranslationstudent@cajustudies - @daily-spanish - @elnas-studies - @goblissthings@holaspanishwords@howtopolyglot - @in-love-with-language  - @innerlogomachy @langsandlit - @languuuuee - @langwishes@lemonadeandlanguages - @mostly-monolingual@my-little-langblr - @signinggifs@spanishahora - @spanishskulduggery - @thatwordofmine - @thelanguagesnerd@tiedtonguesandflashcards@unoriginal-language-blog - @voslang

Thank you so much to everyone, follower, mutual, or followed that has made it possible for me to enjoy learning so much more! It is so amazing to be surrounded by people with the same passion for learning and the same struggles. As always, I’m your resident Mom Friend, and if you need anything, never hesitate to message me!

Love, Rivkah

Oops, My Bad

@umpeters hope you enjoy love. x

A/N: i don’t do smut, so don’t ask || enjoy ♥

Fandom: Disney Descendants

Boy: Carlos De Vil

Word Count: 1,807

Warning(s): Fluff

‘‘You’re lucky you’re a dog, because if you were a human.. Man, I’d take you down.’’

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I thought manic pixie dream girl was a term for a really pretty bisexual girl with a pixie haircut who wear crop tops and high waisted shorts and flower crowns and has a fun and bubbly personality and always makes you smile not some dumb stupid character insert just cause a man wants some eye candy in his sick narrative

You’re going to remember. You’re going to remember his birthday and what he takes in his coffee and that he loves to sing Christmas music in July because it always made him smile. That damn smile, you won’t be able to get the thought of it out of your head. Not for a long time. You’re going to remember the first time he saw you naked and how his eyes glided across your body and the way his hands felt in your hair. You’re going to remember the curl toes and the I love you’s at 4 am when you both don’t want to sleep because it meant leaving each other for a small period of time. You’re going to remember the first time he said I love you and you’re going to remember the first time he broke your heart and how you could actually feel it breaking in your body and falling through your rib cage. You’re going to remember who his best friends name and that he hated shaving but still did for you. You’re going to remember the first time he sent you to bed feeling unloved and it’s going to leave a hole in your chest that you won’t be able to fill for a while. You’re going to remember what it’s like to be alone and that you hate it. You’re going to remember and ask much as you want to bury those memories know this.. He was to foolish to love you. To young to know beauty and to dumb to know worth. His absence of love for you has nothing to do with your hair, your weight, your uneven boobs or your sadness. No boy is ever worth seconding guessing yourself or trying to change yourself just so he’ll take a second look at you. He is not the sun and stars, you are. You are.

So…we need to talk…

I don’t really know how to start this because it’s been awhile for me, but please bear with me.

I guess I should start by saying, I’m back.

For those of you that didn’t know, I took a very long break due to personal reasons (I’ll explain further down if anyone is interested) and haven’t actually been on Tumblr for the past few weeks.

Everything that was being posted from my account was part of my queue.

I’m sorry to anyone who messaged me or reached out to me in my time of absence (I’ve been gone almost 3 weeks I think) but, rest assured, I’m back now and will be replying to every single message I received while I was gone.

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more Adventures of Space Boy and his Flower Prince!! @ childhood anon

I honestly considered splitting this into another two parts but I think @jakganim and @binsmoon might actually kill me

  • Bin telling Jinjin and MJ and later Rocky, on video chat, about the very first time he fell in love 
    • He tells them about Eunwoo, all soft and gentle, with eyes that sparkled and told you a million things at once 
    • How Eunwoo’s eyes are always kind and smiling, even when he’s whining at Bin to stop hogging toys 
    • How Eunwoo always picked up flowers from the roadside on their way to school and back and how he carefully pressed them in between pages of his textbook 
    • How Bin always wanted to go exploring and how Eunwoo grabbed his small, foam sword and went along with Bin to protect his adventurer 
    • How Bin still keeps a small star charm on a chain around his neck because once they made a promise on it and even if he never sees Eunwoo again, he’s still holding onto that promise
  • Sanha’s asked Eunwoo about that once, why Eunwoo always keeps that silver star around his neck 
    • Eunwoo telling Sanha that someone special gave it it to him and promised to always be there for him 
    • “And is he? Always there for you?" 
    • "I left before I could find out." 
    • Sanha tilting his head and asking what Eunwoo’s best friend was like 
  • Eunwoo laughs and tells Sanha about the time Bin and he got stuck in the rain walking home from school when Bin was 7.8 and he was 8.6 
    • Eunwoo dragging Bin into shelter under the awning of a convenience store 
    • And for some reason, Bin taking one look at Eunwoo, sopping wet and shrieking at the feeling of cold water running down his back,
    • And then laughing and dragging Eunwoo back out into the rain to play
    • They got into trouble, of course, and suffered cold symptoms together 
    • (Cue baby Binnie and Eunwoo surrounded by big boxes of tissue with Rudolph-red noses, sniffling at each other with wads of snot-covered tissue in their hands) 
    • But Eunwoo remembering the moment he decided to trust Bin and run out from under the awning because screw what they’ve been told to do Eunwoo would do anything Bin asked him to 
  • Bin laughing and telling MJ and Jinjin that he didn’t know what overcame him, he just wanted Eunwoo to laugh instead of worry about the rain
  • He tells them about the time he was 4.6 and Eunwoo was 5.4 and they got into a fight about a dumb toy 
    • How Eunwoo and Bin didn’t speak for a whole day until 
    • Eunwoo slowly walking over to Bin’s house and knocking a quiet, shy ba ba ba ba-ba ba ba on the door only to have Bin open the door, eyes red and fingers scrubbing hard at the tears on his cheeks 
    • Bin’s mum sighing and patting both their heads and getting them chocolate milk 
  • Eunwoo telling Sanha that really, that was the best chocolate milk he’s ever had in his life 
  • He tells Sanha about the time Bin was 8.1 and he was 8.9 and someone made fun of Eunwoo’s Pororo raincoat 
    • How Bin stood up to the person in the rain and yelled at him to apologise 
    • How the bully snickered at Eunwoo for needing friends to stand up for him and tried pushing Eunwoo 
    • Eunwoo tugging his raincoat tighter about him and trying to wipe his wet glasses with a wet hand 
    • Bin snorting and replying that hey, at least he has his best friend while the bully has no-one 
    • And how that, for all his bravado, the moment the bully spat on the ground and left Eunwoo & Bin alone, Bin broke down into tears and worriedly asked if Eunwoo was alright
    • Eunwoo running his hand through Bin’s wet hair and thanking him quietly for standing up for him 
    • Eunwoo feeling guilty as hell and Bin noticing
    • Bin sniffling and peeking up at Eunwoo and prodding Eunwoo’s glasses 
    • Bin: "hey, see all these raindrops? I swear on all the raindrops on your glasses, I’ll protect you as many times." 
    • Eunwoo laughing shakily and telling Bin that "we’ll be smelly old grandpas by then" 
    • Bin, snorting: "hey, if it means we get to stay together until then, then why not?" 
  • Sanha casually wiping away a single manly tear 
  • Bin picking at a napkin as MJ quietly finishes, "you didn’t end up staying together until then, though?" 
  • Bin smiling sadly into his coffee
  • He tells them about the time he was 8.5 and Eunwoo was 9.3 and Eunwoo left, Eunwoo moved across the country to god-knows-where 
    • How Bin and Eunwoo emailed back and forth about their days and how the emails gradually became less and less frequent with the onslaught of homework and dance practice and student council meetings, how not-meeting faded into a not-talking that still leaves a bitter taste on Bin’s tongue 
    • How Bin used to cry himself to sleep sometimes remembering Eunwoo’s gentle hands and bright smile and the way his hands framed Bin’s face softly that very last day before he kissed him 
    • He tells them about how the ache faded over time, how he’s slowly forgotten the ice-clear sound of Eunwoo’s voice and the way Eunwoo’s eyes sparkled with intelligence and mischief 
    • He tells them about how Space Boy gradually stopped turning to his right, exciting story on the tip of his tongue, when he remembered that his Flower Prince wasn’t there to listen anymore 
  • Jinjin’s eyes shining bright with tears and MJ reaching across the table to rub Bin’s arm 
    • Bin laughing shakily and telling them that the reason why he’s planning to do criminal psychology is Eunwoo, because Eunwoo wanted to protect the people he loves from getting hurt and damn if Bin isn’t going to try his best to do the same 
    • Bin’s voice fading almost to a whisper as he tells them of the face he glimpsed outside the window, of long eyelashes and bright eyes and soft lips 
    • MJ whipping around to look outside, almost as if Bin’s Flower Prince would still be there, hands in pockets, waiting for his Space Boy the same way Bin’s been waiting for him all this while 
  • When Bin is 20.3 and walking back alone from class: 
    • Bin walking by someone in a starry hoodie and jeans, with dark lashes and soft eyes 
    • Bin whirling around because he can swear it’s him, he looks exactly the way Bin imagined him growing up to be 
    • But the moment he turns around, the man is swallowed up by the crowd and Bin is pushed along, pushed along with the flow of people until he arrives at his dorm with a knot of ache and longing in his heart 
  • When Bin is 20.4 and Taeyang is 21.4:
    • Taeyang sprawled out on a library table, with his books scattered around and his cheek smooshed onto an open book 
    • Taeyang drooling slightly and Bin snorting and reaching over to take a picture 
    • And it’s almost contagious, this sleepiness, because Bin finds himself dozing off less than ten minutes later 
    • And it’s out of the corner of his eye so he’s not sure, not entirely, 
    • But he thinks he catches a glimpse of long eyelashes and kind, intelligent eyes and long fingers reaching for an encyclopaedia, right before he slips into sleep 
    • Bin finds himself smiling when he wakes up, silver star charm warm against his heart 
  • When Bin is 20.5 and Taeyang is 21.5 and Jinjin is 22.3: 
    • Taeyang panicking because he knows they have to film their cover of I Need U today and he needs a white shirt but he spilled coffee down the front of his only one this morning
    • Bin stretching and rolling his shoulders and going through Jungkook’s part one last time 
    • Jinjin bouncing up and down in time to the music blasting through his ear buds, body flowing smoothly to Hobi’s part 
    • The rest of the dance cover group scattered around the room, stretching and fixing their hair and make up in the mirrors 
    • MJ rushing everyone out of the dance room and down to the nearby park fountain and calling for everyone to take their positions before getting behind the camera 
    • A crowd gathering and watching these 7 fine young men dance 
    • And it’s halfway through the second filming that Bin catches sight of him, out of the corner of his eye 
    • He’s standing in the crowd, silver chain around his neck and in a simple white shirt and jeans, lashes longer than Bin’s life span and eyes sparkling 
    • And Bin nearly toppling over from where he’s doing a body wave, but Hoshi’s hand flies out and steadies him 
    • MJ making a mental note to edit this out from the final cover
    • Bin, thinking in that moment that I Need U has never been so long before
    • And when Jinjin claps and calls for a break before the third filming Bin flies out of formation and into the crowd to look for him
    • He can’t find him, there are too many people in white shirts, there are too many people in general 
    • Bin slipping in and out of groups of people because he knows that face, he’s seen it so many times in his dreams and he’s been catching short, almost unreal glimpses of it over the past few months after he’s moved to university 
    • Bin whirling around, eyes panicked and flicking through different faces to find the one he wants, the one he needs, 
    • And he’s there
    • He’s there, standing and grinning at Bin like he can’t believe his eyes 
    • And when Bin makes eye contact with him it’s like everything snaps into place 
    • Bin skidding to a stop in front of him, breathless and eyes shining 
    • "Eunwoo?" 
    • Eunwoo, smiling harder than he has in the past twelve years because he really can’t believe it, this is the boy he left behind 
      • The small, pudgy boy with voice like a cat 
      • The one who tried fighting a bully when he made fun of Eunwoo’s raincoat 
      • The one who stuck all of Eunwoo’s glow-in-the-dark stickers on his wall and made Eunwoo cry when he had to take them down 
      • The one who pressed a small, silver star into the palm of Eunwoo’s hand the day before Eunwoo had to leave and told him that if he ever needed someone to talk to he could whisper it to the star and Bin would hear it, in his heart 
      • The one Eunwoo kissed, like it was the most natural thing in the world to do, the day he left and never saw Bin again 
      • Eunwoo: "it’s you." 
    • Tears slipping from Bin’s eyes because he’s forgotten, he’s completely forgotten how Eunwoo’s voice rings like a clear bell across frozen lakes and how Eunwoo’s gaze is as soft as moonlight
    • Bin not noticing that he’s crying until he feels Eunwoo wrapping his arms around him and pressing his lips against Bin’s forehead and telling him that it’s alright and not to cry because really he doesn’t want this first memory of meeting Bin again to be the same as his very first one
    • Bin looking up and wanting to tell Eunwoo that no, it won’t, it’ll be different and it’ll be better because Eunwoo, with his adoring eyes and amused smile, is finally by his side again 
    • But he sees Eunwoo’s smile nearly cracking his face into half and he sees Eunwoo’s eyes brimming with tears and he sees Eunwoo’s small star charm resting against his heart 
    • And he laughs, he finally laughs and wipes his tears because if he never knew that he’s always been in love with Eunwoo all these years, he sure as hell knows it now 
  • When Bin is 20.6 and Eunwoo is 21.4: 
    • Bin sitting on his bed, back against his headboard and Jungkook poster and arm around a sleepy Eunwoo 
    • Eunwoo in Bin’s hoodie, tucked into the warmth of Bin’s arm and looking at the dulled glow-in-the-dark stars lining Bin’s half of the room 
    • Bin pressing soft kisses into Eunwoo’s hair as Eunwoo describes Sanha and how he met the small boy wailing by himself in the playground and how he essentially adopted him as a younger brother 
    • Bin showing Eunwoo photos of his best friends Rocko and Jinjin, and Eunwoo chuckling when Bin tells him how he met them 
    • Eunwoo tilting his head up and tracing Bin’s jaw with his hand because look at him, look at his baby Binnie, the small round-faced boy who burst into tears upon seeing Eunwoo 
      • It’s Binnie with sharper features, a voice of gold and dance-honed reflexes now, but he’s still the same Binnie that slept for 16 hours straight and woke up complaining that he needed a nap 
      • It’s the same Binnie that ate two bowls of rice each meal and tried to bargain with his mum for one more 
      • It’s the Binnie that clings to Eunwoo when he wakes up, nose pressed into the crook of Eunwoo’s neck and arms wound around Eunwoo’s middle
      • It’s the same Binnie that steals food from Eunwoo’s plate and feels guilty two seconds later and tries to pile double the amount he stole back into Eunwoo’s plate 
    • He’s grown up so much, so fast, Eunwoo thinks, but Bin’s eyes are still the same, his eyes are still full of the stars that they had when Eunwoo fell in love with his Space Boy 
    • Bin catching Eunwoo’s hand with his own and kissing Eunwoo’s palm because wow he may have put Eunwoo at the back of his mind for ten years growing up but he’s never stopped loving his Flower Prince 
      • And he knows MJ’s warned him to be careful, that Eunwoo mightn’t be the same boy he grew up imagining and he knows that MJ’s right and he shouldn’t romanticise Eunwoo 
      • But Eunwoo’s more than what he’s imagined
      • His voice no longer echoes of dulled wind chimes but is real and smooth as glass 
      • He still laughs at every single one of Binnie’s bad jokes even when Jinjin and MJ groan 
      • His eyes are sparkling and kind and amused and still able to tell Bin a thousand things with a look 
      • He still walks around the room with fluffy socks on and he still slips and slides in them 
      • His laugh rumbles deep from his chest and bubbles up like champagne 
      • His fingers intertwined with Bin’s are still fitting as perfectly as they did all those years back when Eunwoo held him close then let him go
    • And when Bin kisses Eunwoo right there and then, it’s sweet and soft and long and Bin feels every missing minute poured into that one moment 
  • Because it’s no longer a goodbye kiss; it’s the beginning of Space Boy and his Flower Prince, off to face the world.

Hi Binu’s finally done with ripping my heart to shreds and kissing it back together

iamdibandmothman  asked:

Khonjin's work always gives me a great feeling of joy. I've actually quoted a few episodes at work & my coworkers absolutely loved it. I just wanted to say, Connor, thanks for always making me smile, even when I'm having trouble with my life. Keep up the good work, buddy!

lexy-chama  asked:

How would the allies react to an s/o who is always happy and smiling but when they're asleep they always look super grumpy or even angry? (sorry if my english is Bad)

Alfred (America)- He’d be shocked the first time he saw them asleep, and would automatically assume something upset them before they went to bed. Once they got up, he’d ask and when he realizes that’s just how they look, he’d find it pretty funny considering how they look completley different during the day. Every so often he might take silly pictures of their face to tease them with later.

Arthur (England)- Finds it sort of endearing, and would think it’s kind of cute in a way. He usually never gets to see his s/o looking like that regularly, so it’s kind of interesting to him that their facial expression changes so drastically. He might get a little spooked when he wakes up in the morning if the first thing he sees is his s/o looking upset. 

Francis (France)- Thinks it’s a little nerve-wracking, because he’d always be afraid he did something to irritate his s/o right before they went to sleep, no matter how many times they told them that’s not what’s causing it. Might try and sleep with his face away from theirs for a while before getting used to it. 

Yao (China)- He’s heard that he always looks grumpy when he’s asleep too, so he’d find it nice that someone else does the same thing. Finds it to be a way of bonding with his s/o. 

Ivan (Russia)- Thinks it’s super cute because literally any expression his s/o makes he finds adorable. He’d tease them a little about it from time to time, but he really wouldn’t mean it. 

Dating Sasha Banks would include

Originally posted by sashabanksgifs

• You met her during a house show in your town

• You took a picture with her

• And she hugged you

• At the end of the show she was waiting outside to talk to you

• She gave you her number before leaving

• You talked for a few weeks

• Every time Sasha sent you a text you’re always smiling

• She invited to the next pay per view

• You were wearing her merch to support her

• She won her match and while leaving she hugged you because you were in front row

• You met most of the Raw roster this night

• The next day you and sasha went outside all the day

• And ate at a restaurant

• Like it was a date

• Having a few more dates like this

• She would tell you her feelings first

• But you kiss her first

• You won’t really go outside together at first because you want to keep your relationship secret

• But you were caught with Sasha kissing after a show

• Following her around the world

• Wearing each other clothes a lot

• You have all of her merch

• Watching anime together

• Sasha officialized her relationship with you on social medias with a pic of you two kissing

• Holding hands 24/7

• Nose kisses

• Sweet and loving kisses

• Hugs

• Being close friend with Bayley

• She ships you two so much

• Sometimes you’re on Up Up Down Down with Sasha

• Wrestling together for fun

• Being there when she won the Raw Women’s Championship

• You cried because you were so happy and proud of your girlfriend

Each Lullaby
a failed attempt to chase fears away
More crisscrossed fate
than the plaits mom made
Barbies always smiled. Why?
when played by some who never even half-smiled
Paper boats
a wicked example of How easy it is to sail away
Halloween was the only day
I dressed in my favorite way, without being caviled
Sole supplier of sweetness
were candies and fruit gums
Colors on my hands
soul was still color blind
School corridor
was a walk through known strangers
and pattern followed noises

When reading out of their wafer-thin pages, creative writing didn’t play cool to hide the fact that some of the brightest faces mastered to write the darkest poetries and some couldn’t stop brooding over uncertainty.
Theatrical strengths seemed to take a back seat and
eyes spoke the very emotion as… ‘ You too?’.
There we were more than five forming a ‘Breakfast Club’ for a short while.
Wouldn’t it be safe to say that Mr. Cornell’s students that day, walked out of his class with unexpected yet calming warmth.

Walk from school to home felt less lonely that day and ever after.

—  From the journal of a quirky kid.

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When I was 14 I lived next door to this Southern guy, who kind of looked and sounded like Michael Rooker, which was an insane turn on for me. I've always been a little slut. I flirted with him a lot and he alway smiled, but he never acted on it. Then one night he came home really late and fell asleep on his couch. I snuck in and sucked his cock, then started fucking him. He woke up and instead of pushing me off, he fucked my little pussy until we both collapsed. It felt amazing.

Damn, you were determined! DM me, if you were like that then I’m curious as to how you are now!

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Don't take this the wrong way but I wish u we're my dad. Not sexual. Like legit, father figure thing. U Kno? My father is cruel always angry never smiles never comes to my shows manipulates my mom spends all our money and you are the opposite. Youre smart. You smile. You're funny. You care about complete strangers. You get shit and you take it and you don't put up with bullshit . Can I have a hug so I can just fucking cry please

((((Big squishy hugz sweetie)))) it’s ok to cry