Listening to Mirror Mirror Part II made me really want to draw the Schnee sisters side-by-side for some reason.

I was curious mostly to know if I’d draw them in a way that they actually looked related :’D I’ve only sketched Winter like, once before after she was announced, so I’m pretty proud of this!

This is all literally the product of so much erasing, it’s not even funny. I struggled with Winter’s legs for a thousand years before deciding to not even do an undersketch and just bullshit the dress [it’s how they ended up wearing gowns tbh]
I do like how it turns out though, Makes all that work worth it in the end :)
Might need to buy some refills for my little eraser if I’m gonna keep doing it tho…

With this done tho, tomorrow I’ll continue the other stuff I gotta work on [suggestions included]! :)

He was my teacher in high school. Without him, I wouldn’t be alive anymore. He saved me in so many ways. And I know, he thinks it was nothing and he doesn’t understand how much this all means to me, but what he did for me meant everything. He was the one who gave me back hope, he was the one who told me I could do whatever I wanted and make my dreams come true. And even though nothing ever happened between us, I couldn’t help but fall in love with him. Through him, I learned what love really means and that you can love someone so much, but still not act on it. That sometimes it means that you just let them go and let them be happy. But even if I’ll never see him again, if he’ll never talk to me again, he will always mean the world to me and I’ll always remember his smile and his eyes and the way the time stopped when he looked at me. I just wish he would know.
B.A.P As Fathers


  • protective af (especially if he had daughters holy)
  • would be unable to resist the wishes of his kids
  • he’d love playing with his children
  • his children would bring out the inner child in him
  • he’d always be smiling when they were around
  • never push his children to pursue a career or profession that they didn’t want
  • would always encourage the dreams of his children
  • he’d correct his children when they did wrong
  • if he was away on tour, he’d facetime his wife and the children whenever he could
  • whenever he had a stressful or tiring day, his kids would be able to effortlessly cheer him up (like just the mere sight of them would bring a smile to his face)

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  • he’d turn his smols into little fashionistas omg
  • he’d buy them clothes from differrent countries he visited while on tour
  • teach his smols the way of the Janggu
  • he’d be very accepting of his children’s flaws and would teach them to see the good in them
  • sing lullabies to them every night
  • he’d love playing dress up for them
  • he’d pretend to be their knight and would join in on any of the games they were playing
  • i feel as if himchan had daughters, he would love to do their hair for them 
  • would love taking them to play dates
  • would always ask for a kiss before they went to school

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  • very understanding of mistakes his children make
  • the type to read bedtime stories to his children
  • he would love playing with them
  • sing to them whenever they had nightmares
  • the type that goes along with the whole “monsters under the bed thing” and turns into their childrens hero
  • would find his children’s antics very amusing
  • would love to play with them (like if his daughter(s) was playing with dolls he’d ask if he could join in)
  • would constantly call his daughter “his princess” and his son “his little warrior”
  • whenever his children got even the littlest bit injured from playing he’d be so worried 
  • he would let his children put makeup on him and play with his hair

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  • very nurturing
  • take a lot of pictures of them
  • the type to literally film anything and everything they do and ask you to do it for him if he had to go away on tour
  • he’s be proud af of his kids
  • he’d love to tickle them omg
  • he would kiss his kids head and tuck them in every night
  • he would hang his kids drawing on the walls and even frame some of his favorite ones
  • he’d feed them a lot so they’d be strong and healthy
  • he’s the type to cry on his kid(s) first day of shcool bc he’d be attached
  • he’d always encourage them to do and tryt heir best in everything they do

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  • he’d be the quiet protective type of dad while at the same time being very laidback
  • he’d express his love for his children a lot through actions rather than words
  • he’d save the “I love you”s and the “I’m proud of you”s for special occasions so that they carried more meaning to them
  • introduce his children to the world of manga
  • i can see him buying his children pokemon costumes for halloween lol
  • teach them how to dance if that’s something they wanted
  • he’d be so supportive of everything they did
  • he’d make sure to show up to every school play/performance his child was in and would continue clapping even after all the other parents had stopped
  • he wouldn’t show much physcial affection but he’d lowkey love it when his children hugged him or clung to him
  • His kids would think he was so cool bc of how he let them do stuff as long as they stayed safe

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  • very playful (he’d be the most playful out of all the members)
  • push for his children to learn other languages
  • he’d tease his children a lot
  • bring his children souvenirs from the different countries he’s visited while on tour
  • make funny faces to get them to laugh
  • take a lot of pictures of them
  • would always dance with his kids and try to teach them to rap and skateboard
  • i can also see him being a very active dad and taking his children on a lot of adventures
  • always lift them on to his shoulders and give them piggy back rides
  • he’d always lift them up and marvel at them in awe, amazed that they were his

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Thank you to the anon who suggested this! THIS NEARLY KILLED US WITH FEELS!! We wilI most likely also make one of these for BIGBANG and BTS some time in the future!!!

~Admin K-(hope) + Coffee

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do u have any jimon headcanons !!!


  • simon talks. a LOT. he talks when he’s anxious, happy, scared, etc. he also talks really fast which annoys some people (like alec lmao), but jace just finds it very endearing and he thinks people can’t tell but his lil fond smile always gives him away

    • jace is a very touchy person. he likes physical contact with the people he’s close to, and from day 1 he takes literally every opportunity to touch simon, like it’s not necessarily deliberate but he does it a Lot. like a Lot

    • ((and later when they start dating that leads to simon figuring out that jace fucking adores being the little spoon, and that he’s kind of embarrassed about it at first bc Masculinity but then he totally owns his little spooning ways and allows himself to let go of that harmful way of thinking. he also makes this soft little sigh whenever simon curls up behind him and drapes his arms around jace and that’s simon’s favorite sound in the world))

    • simon asks out jace. he does it in a traditionally simon-y way, aka he rambles through a semi-prepared monologue about Feelings and social contracts and “i know you had a crush on clary but she’s dating izzy now right and idk you’re really handsome like, really handsome!! and i talked to clary and she’s fine with it so that’s, you know, not a problem? and you’re really handsome, did i mention that? ‘cause that’s important. not that you’re only a pretty face, you’re really smart too of course. … .. ……what was i saying?” and jace has this dopey smile on his face during the entire thing that sort of looks out of place on his usually grumpy face but it’s also the prettiest thing simon has ever seen??? and then he realizes he’s still talking and apologizes and jace tells him to never apologize for himself and then simon is the human quivalent of !!!!!!!!!!!

    • and  then they kiss and it’s great and spectacular and sort of awkward but still really good, and simon is amazed at how gentle jace can be, like he cups simon’s face like he’s the most precious thing he’s ever held (which he is)

    • they still banter and argue all the time but now they make up much quicker because neither can stand being without the other for too long

    • also they have sooooooo much makeup sex like goddamn with the rate they get on each other’s nerves they’re probably having angry sex and then makeup sex like once a week

    • simon has sorta always known he’s not straight? it started when he was like 7 and thought a boy in his class was cute, and since then he’s dated maybe one or two boys but nothing serious. after all he’s been hung up on clary for years

    • it takes jace a lot longer, and it’s simon who first makes him question just how straight he really is. spoiler: not very. once he starts questioning his straightness, all these other instances come back to him and he’s like ?? damn i should’ve known. he talks about the whole thing with izzy who kindly guides him to the realization that yeah he’s bi af and kinda totally smitten with simon. he also slowly starts to realize his over the top masculinity has been a way to protect himself from realizing just how not straight he is and izzy helps him talk through that too

    • that doesn’t mean he immediately runs off to tell simon he loves him, or that he radically changes his personality. he’s still jace; still sort of an ass, he still teases and messes with simon probably more than he should, etc. but he works harder on showing kindness to those he loves and to not be so angry all the time, especially at his loved ones

    • he also doesn’t tell anyone other than izzy at first bc it’s so fresh and he needs to take it at his own pace

    • the second person he tells is alec, who hugs him tight and tells him it was kinda obvious but that he’s really happy for him and that jace can talk to him whenever he needs to. it brings them even closer as brothers

    • jace, izzy and alec joke a lot about how ironic it is that their homophobic parents ended up with 3 non-straight kids out of 4. they tend to joke about it a lot because it’s easier to handle that way, but they also help each other and love each other where their parents won’t. luke joked one time that he could be their adoptive dad and they all (not so) secretly loved the idea

    • jace has always secretly loved pink. like he adores it. but growing up with valentine and then with maryse and robert within the judgmental society of shadowhunters that values traditional masculinity, he’s always denied that part of himself. he only got blue clothes and toys when he was a kid, as much as he even got toys at all, and he didn’t have words for it back then but it always made him sad. he also always secretly wished that at least once he could get a pink cake for his birthday like izzy always did. one night when he and simon are having a romantic picnic under the stars (that jace planned and executed with only minimal help from izzy, thank you very much), he confides in simon and simon thinks it’s the sweetest thing he’s ever heard, and for jace’s next birthday he buys him a pink cake with pink candles topped with pink sprinkles, and he says “i know this doesn’t make up for all those birthdays when you were a kid but it’s a start” and jace gets tears in his eyes which he should be embarrassed about but he just isn’t, and he kisses simon and says “it’s everything"

    • after that, jace makes a point out of almost always ordering pink cocktails when he’s out, whether it’s with simon, his siblings or even other shadowhunters. one time another male shadowhunter mocked him for it and jace punched him square in the face and then calmly proceeded to sip his hot pink beverage. simon dragged him off to make out in a bathroom stall approximately 1 minute later

    • simon is suuuuuper into watching jace work out. like, it’s his favorite pastime, it’s so great. often he, clary and magnus will bring snacks and just watch as their significant others train together, whispering between themselves about how hot they are

    • jace is also a huge fan of watching simon in meetings with the clave or the shadowhunters from the institute where simon is representing the vampires, because he’s so authorative and really not taking anyone’s shit, and it really gets jace going

    idk i’ve got so many headcanons these are just a few that came to mind??? i’m also like very highkey invested in the headcanon of jace as a trans boy and this is my favorite piece on that
It’s okay.

Hey! I was wondering if you could do a fredxreader please? :) could it be that the reader’s parents are going through a messy divorce and she calls Fred (like every night from the phone Ron got for Harry) and tell him everything, but refuses to cry/ laughs it off (“cause crying is for the ‘weak’”). So he floo powder to her and takes her to spend the rest of the summer with the Weasley’s. Thanks a million! I love your blog but realized I hadn’t followed your till now 🙊🙈

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A/N I know it’s hard, living with parents who are going to divorce/ are divorced, so if you need help, I’m here for you! Also I’m back writing, and if you like this please let me know, it’ll always make me smile, even if it’s just “I liked your imagine/one-shot, …, or just a little heart () it makes my day. I’ll try to post as much as I can and I’ll try to do every request.So if there ever might be a problem, send me, I’ll try to help/ cheer you up/ …, I love you all, we’re family! Family doesn’t end in blood

It was hard, living with parents that were close to divorce. Y/N’s mom refused to sign the papers, while her dad didn’t want this life anymore. Every night, every day, every second, the house was filled with screams, cries and things shattering. But Y/N didn’t cry, cause ever since she was young she was taught that crying was for the weak only. And today wasn’t any difference. “I can’t live like this anymore”, Her dad said as he sat down at the table. “am I that bad?”, Her mom snapped back. “I never said that! Stop putting words in my mouth!”, Her dad said, raising his voice. “Y/N did I ever say that?”, Her dad said, looking at her. Y/N””s E/C eyes scanned both the two parent figures standing in front of her. “Don’t use her against me!”, Her mother said when Y/N was about to answer. “I’m not! I’m just asking her a question!”

And with that Y/N walked towards her room, soon hearing both her parents scream. She sighed as she closed the door, looking around the room. The light of her phone brightened up the room as somebody called her. Slowly walking towards it, she stretched out her hand to grab it. The cold material felt familiar in her hands. “Hello?”, She answered, without looking who was calling her. “I Think I have her Ron! What now?”, Fred’s voice screamed through the speaker of Y/N’s phone. “Just talk? Do I have to scream? How do I hold it?”, Fred yelled again. “just like you’re doing now”, Y/N laughed as she heard Fred go silent. A little smile formed on her lips, feeling already better after hearing Fred’s voice. “oh, Like this?”, Fred asked. Y/N hummed a yes and sat down on her bed. “everything okay?”, Fred asked after he heard her respond. She would normally laugh at how stupid he was and how clumsy he is with Muggle stuff. “what? Oh yeah, everything is okay”, Y/N said quickly “Are you sure? You don’t sound okay, Do I need to come over?” Fred asked “No! please, don’t, it’s not a great time now”, She answered. A million thoughts went through her head, how would Fred come here first of all? He couldn’t fly here, what if somebody saw him? And what would Y/N’s parents say? They don’t know about her and Fred! Mostly because she never had the time to tell them, since they are always fighting and bickering over each other. And because her mom wouldn’t accept a wizard boyfriend, she wanted Y/N to meet a ‘decent guy’ and with that she mend a Muggle.

“then at least tell me about it”, Fred said, his voice sounded so calm. Like he knew that she needed somebody to talk to, somebody who wouldn’t judge her. “My parents … oh Merlin they are fighting … again, my dad found out about my mom seeing other men and my mom thinks my dad is stealing money from her and they want me to choose a side and I can’t do that Freddie, they are both my parents. And besides that my mom doesn’t want to sign the divorce papers, which doesn’t make sense if she thinks my dad is stealing money and if she sees other men beside him, why doesn’t she just sign then?”, Y/N sighed. Fred stayed silent for a while. He was listening to Y/n’s breath finding out if she’s crying. But no, nothing. “are you crying?”, Fred asked. Y/N scoffed, “Of course not!” “why not? I would if my parents went through all of this and I would be alone there”, Fred said. “do you want me to cry?”, Y/N chuckled. “NO, of course not, I just mean that uh, you know what, never mind.”, Fred answered. It was silent for a while, until Y/N’s mom screamed that dinner was ready. “Listen I’ve got to go, I’ll call you soon okay?”, Y/N said to Fred. “okay, be safe, yeah, I lo-“, but Y/N had already ended the call before he could finish his sentence.


“Y/N”, Her dad stopped her from walking back to her room. “I know this isn’t easy now, but listen I’m still your dad, so if you want to talk-“ “I know dad, it’s cool”, She said as she ran up the stairs. The door of her room closed once again, shutting out all the outside noise. Y/N took her phone, looking at the screen and noticing all the messages she got from Fred. “Pack your bags, Mom wants us to pick you up, we’re coming with Floo powder, we’ll be there in 10”, The last said. Noticing he only send this message 5 minutes ago, Y/N called him. No use, Fred didn’t answer. “Listen Fred, don’t come, it’ll make everything worse, please, listen to me, don’t come!”, Y/N said to the voicemail. Another 5 minutes passed, Fred didn’t call back, no messages, nothing. The house was completely silent, even her mom and her dad didn’t say anything, like they felt something was coming. 

After another 5 minutes there was a scream. Her mom’s. Y/N ran downstairs, seeing Arthur Weasley standing in their lounge. “Mister Weasley”, she said as she saw Arthur trying to calm Y/N’s mom down. “Oh, Y/N dear, lovely to see that you’re okay”, He said, the flames behind him turned green and Fred walked out the fireplace. “Hey love”, Fred said, wrapping his arms around Y/N, who quickly reacted by walking backwards. Both mister Weasley as Fred gave her a confused look. “we’ll take care of Y/N for a while, until things here are okay again”, Mister Weasley said as Fred tried to get Y/N into the green flames. “You’re not taking her anywhere! Who do you think you are!”, Y/N’s mom finally said. “Amy, I think it’s better they take her along for a while, it’s not healthy for her to stay here-“ “so you’re letting some random freaks take my daughter along?!” “They are not freaks! She’s one of them and she’s not your daughter, she’s our daughter! So I can agree or disagree on this!”, Her dad said, raising his voice again.

Mister Weasley signed Fred to leave already, but that was easier said than done. “let me go Fred, I don’t want to! No”, Y/N said as Fred flipped her over and unto his shoulder. “Fred no”, She said as he walked in the Green flames. In seconds she stood in the Burrow. Fred dropped Y/N on the ground. Immediately she straightened herself up and hit Fred’s chest. “why did you do that?!”, She said angrily. “Y/N calm down”, Fred said. He took her wrist before she could slap his chest again. He pulled her into his chest, holding her tightly. A lump formed into Y/N’s throat. Tears blurred her vision. “you’re stressed, it’s hard, I know, you’re safe here, nothing will happen. You’ll see them again, but first they need to sort their situation out and then you can go back, not now, it’s not a good environment for you now”, Fred said as he ran his hands through her hair, slowly down her back and back up again. A sob left her mouth as he held her tighter. Fred sat down on the couch, pulling Y/N with him. 

“great, you made me cry”, Y/N murmured as she rubbed the tears of her cheeks. ”why is that so bad?” “cause crying is for the weak”, Y/N whispered, “and I don’t want to be weak” “you’re not, Crying is an emotion, it’s just the same as laughing except that they are at opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. There is nothing wrong with crying. It means that there is new hope after the bad things, it’s good, it’s okay to cry, it’s okay”, Fred said as he hugged Y/N tighter. “Thank you”, She said as she sniffled a bit. “want me to make some hot chocolate and watch a movie or so?”, Fred said, trying to make her smile again. She nod and pushed herself of Fred’s lap. “I love you”, Fred said, kissing her forehead. “I love you too”, She said, grabbing the collar of his shirt and pushing his lips against her own. “I love you so fucking much”, she said with a smile.

From Bournemouth with Love

Mo - Made me smile as always! Wish she trusted Ollie a bit more but I can understand why she doubted him (Guy is very persuasive…). Also love that she’s turning into a mini-Elliot with her sugar cravings!
Ollie - Got the feeling that I’ve had since Penny died which is that he’s been a bit lost and without a destination ever since. Wish he’d be more decisive and stop letting people walk all over him, but he stood up for himself at the end in surgery (and proved Guy wrong which is always a plus…) so that’s something. I can feel his womaniser charms already working on Jas tho…
Zosia - Damn, she looked really beautiful all episode. A bun and her hair down? THANKYOU HOLBY GODS!!! Also the fact that Zollie still exists is undeniable (as shown clearly between the looks between her and Ollie)! Still can’t figure out how she feels about Jas, at the moment I think she likes her but perhaps feels threatened by her connection and banter with Ollie??
Henrik - As always, a kind and lovely person with wise Norse myths to spread throughout the hospital. Loved his scenes with Morven (and who knew a he’d be so rubbish at yoga?)
Morven - Such a heartbreaking storyline. She really is so precious and I know she has the strength to get through this, but seeing her open Arthur’s locker (and their karaoke duet!) made me so upset :(
Jasmine - AHHH every episode I fall a little more in love with her! She is so amazing and smiley aw what a cutie. Also, it made me chuckle watching her run after Ollie every two seconds 😂
Dominic - such a precious and fragile sweetheart. Very happy he’s found love with Issac; they really are perfect for eachother and I really think that Arthur would tell him to go for it, especially after all the turmoil with Lee.
Issac - I trust him and love him a lot. He brings out Dom’s more fun and cheeky side which is nice. I don’t think he’ll hurt Dom which is pleasing; at first I thought he was a bit self-absorbed but now I’m really starting to like him. Also he’s very mischievous which I love!
Serena - BABES she was so amazing in this episode. The way she cares for Morven is so beautiful & seeing her do yoga (she looked like she knew exactly what she was doing!) put a huge smile on my face! Still wish we could’ve seen a demonstration in Albie’s tho…
Raf - Aw I love how whenever he’s in an episode it’s to perform brilliant surgery or give someone great advice. I really do love him and hope he gets a great storyline soon!
Essie - Very cute ponytail today. Also, love that she urged Dom to open up to Issac; girl knows love when she sees it!
Bernie - As always, a very precious cinnamon roll. Caring for Morven literally made my heart melt; she is so beautiful and warm towards everyone and I love her so much. The gesture of remembering Arthur’s favourite cake even though she hadn’t known him for a relatively long time was heartwarming. Also, her face watching the karaoke was SO ADORABLE AHHH I’m in love omg. ‘Dusty Springfield’ lmao I almost pissed myself laughing! & Albie’s at the end with Serena was so lovely #berena
Sacha - LMAO him doing yoga made me laugh so much omfg. He is so adorably clumsy…reminds me of Dom teaching him to dance.. 😂
Ric - Looked very calm doing the yoga; even when he’s doing something he’s not good at he’s calm and collected. What an icon 😂 & the sticky notes at the end I LOVED HIS FACE 😂
Guy - Interfering narcissist as always. But I kinda rate his ‘persuasive skills’….

Imagine the reader is the child of Vandal Savage and no one believes it because they’re known to be innocent and downright lovable.

  • The first time you meet the team is when a city is being attacked.
  • Kaldur saves you.
  • You thank him even thought you could handle it.
  • The next time you meet them is at a Wayne fundraiser.
  • “Ah, Miss Savage good to see you made it.” Dick greets you.
  • You smile. “I always enjoy Wayne fundraiser. He is always helping out his city.”
  • “That he is. Would you care to dance?”
  • “I would love to.”
  • Dick tries to see if you have any information on Vandal.
  • The other keep asking if he has the right girl.
  • “Dude she way to sweet to be Vandal’s daughter,” Wally says through the mental link.
  • “I agree with Wally,” Conner said.
  • “Will you shut up. It’s her but it doesn’t seem like she knows anything.”
  • The third time is when you join the team secretly.
  • “Guys this is Y/N Savage.” Nightwing introduces you.
  • “There is no way she is Savage’s daughter!” La’gaan yells.
  • You help about the cave.
  • You cook, clean, organize, and so on.
  • One day the Team comes in hurt pretty badly.
  • “What happened?” You ask rushing over to Kaldur.
  • “The Light.”
  • Once everyone is helped and asleep you zeta.
  • The night morning you show up with a flash drive and cut up to hell and back.
  • “What did yo-” Nightwing is shocked
  • “I got the information you needed.”
  • “But Vandal had it.”
  • “I know. I fought him and got it. Now can you help me to the med bay I think my right arm is broke.”
  • In the med bay the other are in awe as you tell them what you did.
  • “You’re not so sweet after all.” Jamie says.
  • “You guys are the ones that came up with that not me.”

Begin With A Goodbye - Part IV of I

“My dear”, said the Empress. “Remember the things that I’ve taught you. Be courteous no matter how unhappy you are. Be kind no matter whom of what rank they are in and remember to smile, always”. “Yes, mother”, Marie forced a smile and nod. There’s no place where you could find the warmth and comfort of a mother. Marie is deeply worried that she might not find such comforts in her new home.

“Your highness”, the Ambassador interrupted. “It’s time. The carriage is ready”. She leaned forward and hugged her mother as hard as she could. Only to realise her mother did too.

P.S: I will reply all of you soon. Hang in there :-* Let me know what you think. I love getting feedbacks.

I will link all CCs used here later. :) xoxo

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ceux qui se finissent par 9 ! <3

Merci toi!

9:Do you always smile for pictures?

Nooon des fois j’fais une tête trop sérieuse c’est horrible ou alors je tord ma bouche d’une manière bizarre !

19:Is it okay for guys to wear pink?

Les gens portent ce qu’ils veulent. C’est ok pour les filles de porter des costard-cravate ? #aquestionidiotereponseidiote

29:Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?

Je crois pas non. Déjà faut être jolie pour faire ce genre de choses. 

39:What is your Chinese astrological sign?

Chien ! Comme je disais à @thib-ia l’autre jour, je pense avoir été un labrador dans une ancienne vie.

49:Do you dance in the car?

Si la chanson me fait bouger, carrément. Je remue dans tous les sens (tout en restant prudente si c’est moi au volant, prudence avant tout les enfants). Mais généralement je chante plus dans ces cas-là.

59:Take a vitamin daily?

J’me fais une cure de smoothies fruités en ce moment, ça compte?

69:Ever take dance lessons?

Jamais, mais ça aurait pu être cool (à l’exception de la danse classique).

79:What was the last concert you saw?

Un concert de jazz, en plein air en centre-ville, mais je me souviens plus le nom de l’artiste, c’était un américain..

89:Which are better black or green olives?

Argh, les deux sont trop bonnes ! Mais je vais dire olives vertes, parce que j’peux m’en enfiler un bocal sans y faire gaffe.

99:Do you miss anyone right now?

Mon chat. Et une piscine.

Happy, ecstatic, somber or lonely
You’ll always be the smile behind my corny
On days where clouds
Are are good, bad or surly
I want you
Totally, tragically, infinitely
You are the only sense of calm
In my topsy-turvy
You’re more than worth my time
You inspire every single one of my rhymes
This much, I can promise
Engrave it in stones
Let it settle in your bones
Amid insane work days and stressful nights
I’m by your side
Clinging tightly to your light
Look straight ahead
I’ve saved a place for you in my bed

I may know very little about the future
But baby, let me be your human suture
I’ll tear silly parts of me to shreds
Unceasing, to no end
Your feelings, I’ll patiently comprehend
Wrap you in my arms forever
Like an angel’s
Delicate feather

My dearest, baby
Regardless of how long my to-do list grows
I hope you know
With you, is where my mind goes

I’m tethered to your lips like it’s my own –
In my heart
You’ll always have a home

—  You’re my favorite everything

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I just wanted to say that I really love hearing about you and your wife. Like just hearing about little updates, small things that go on, how she reacts to you writing fic, just always makes me kinda happy?? Like you can obviously see how much you two love each other and that's such a great thing and it's so nice to just see those offhand mentions, and every time I see something I always smile and feel a bit of hope that one day I can be happy like that with someone too. Sorry if that's weird 😅

Aww, thank you! Bet is really the greatest reason for happiness in my life, so I’m very glad you don’t mind hearing so much about her. I know I have a tendency to ramble where she’s concerned. :)

I hope everyone in the world can find someone to make them as joyful as Bet makes me. We’ve had our problems, but she really is my best friend, and I love her so much I sometimes just - can’t believe it’s real. 


happy birthday @milliekou

i didnt get to finish my deathship doodles i wanted to do, but heres a small preview, and a crusty ryou sketch to tide you over until i can finish haha uvu

you are a super sweet person, and youre a honestly a big art inspiration to me. thank you for being a part of the reason i love deathishipping so much, and thank you for always making me smile with your art. i look forward to maybe getting to know you better some day, but until then, happy birthday :)