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*looks around* Imagine Yuu walking up behind Mika while he's sitting down reading a book. Then Yuu leans close & blows into Mika's ear, Mika gets startled & slightly flustered. Before he can say/do anything Yuu just hugs him from behind & says "Just when I thought it wasn't possible to love you any more than I already do, I end up finding out more cute things about you". Mika just sighs & says "Baka Yuu-chan", a faint smile on his face. The Squad+Narumi are shocked by this display of affection.

You have no idea how many cute headcanons I have about Yuu complimenting Mika’s ears. You just added another one to my list and I hope, like I seriously hope, the manga addresses it. I want Mika’s ears to be shown, by like the wind moving his hair or something, and he gets all embarrassed and ashamed cause it makes him feel like more of a monster but Yuu, being the sweetie he is, compliments him and tells him how he looks cool as fuck and how they can be awesome monsters together. Mika would be pissed that Yuu would joke about being a demon of course, but he would also be relieved that his favorite person doesn’t see him any differently.

A trip down memory lane.

A/N: You know when people say ‘omg tHis hAs bEeN sAT iN my dRaFTS sInCe foRevEr!!!’ yeah well I think I win this competition with a shocking eight months of this being sat in my drafts. I touched up on it and hopefully you enjoy.

Summary: The Avengers find out your past with HYDRA.

Pairing: Avengers x Reader

Warnings: Beatings (not you, don’t worry) + angst.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Steve had no hint of acceptance in his voice. Maybe this was the end of all things good.

“It never exactly cropped up into conversation,” you were trying to defend yourself but you said it a little to harshly. You were so desperate for them to see you not as the HYDRA agent you were because if they do, then who would even begin to see you as the reformed person you are now? 

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Do you have any fanfic about JxHQ????

I usually would say no bc I don’t read a lot fan fiction, but the always lovely @monroeisabadass reccomended me two one shots, that are just sooo stunning. One of them take place in my forever favourite scene from my forever favourite comic - The “Joker” graphic novel:

Here ya got the links: One Evening || Piety (The one from the novel)


Figured I’d place this here…

tfw HD graphics but lowscale textures

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//composes self, with hands folded over mouth.// BRUH. I actually thought you shot Jack. I THOUGHT YOU KILLED HIM. THE SELFCEST WAS AMAZING THOUGH. AND I LOVED IT. GOD BLESS YOU JARA. <3

pocket spotlight: snuggles

We all need cuddles every once in a while

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♥︎The cat whisperer: You have the unfortunate task of waking Min Yoongi from his slumber, (Yoonjin)

♥︎My little beanie baby: You get a bit sleepy as Yoongi works late into the night (Yoongi)

♥︎Picture perfect: Yoongi is always searching for that perfect shot. (Yoongi)

♥︎Sofa king (in love with you): Yoongi and Namjoon and one cozy couch that just isn’t big enough for the both of them (or is it..?)(Sugamon)

♥︎Catch you whenever you fall: Jimin falls asleep in the car right next to Yoongi (Yoonmin)

♥︎Let us dream of you & me: You were just trying to keep from disturbing Hoseok’s dreams (Hoseok)

♥︎Sweet cheeks: You wake up with your head resting on something strangely mochi-like…(Jimin/Jin)

♥︎잡아줘♥︎: Taehyung misses Jimin even in his dreams (Vmin)

♥︎The baby’s bear: Jungkook didn’t think it’d be a big deal to give you his giant teddy bear (Kookie/Tae)

♥︎Collarbone cuddles: If you thought Jungkook’s collarbones would be uncomfortable, well, you thought wrong. (Jungkook)

Other spotlight compilations:

Cringe // Cheeky Brat // Jealousy // Comfort

I was hanging out with David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser (still fine!) from “Starsky and Hutch.” They were both the age they were in the show. They were both also full-on in “bro-love” with each other as they were in the show. (Talk about gay subtext!) So I had developed a new TV show for them - something like, “Guys who played detectives on TV will now be REAL detectives!” It was absolutely going to be a huge hit. They were going to be paired up with two women detectives as well… I think one of them was Ellen Page. (I was aiming for representation.) I hate it when I’m hanging out with my teenage crush in my dream and he’s so fine and then I wake up and he’s like in his 70s and I’m unlikely to meet him.


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Another promo pic (from the Space Museum) to which I have splurged some colour. I’ve always loved this shot. There is a twinkle in Bill’s eye and the beginnings of a smile. 

It’s shots like this that show the youth and mischief 0f the Doctor despite his apparent old age. 

The quote itself is one of many classic Doctor quotes that goes some way to sum up the show itself. We all join the Doctor’s…

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I know ur a SU blog n all but you seem like someone I could ask for advice. I am a freshman and i have the biggest/only crush of my life on my sectionleader, she's a junior and as far as i know straight, she's so great but i dont know what to do.

i’m always down for giving advice !! 

first of all that’s adorable, second of all it’s entirely possible she could be bi or pan or even gay, so if there’s any way you could bring it up in conversation as respectfully and gently as possible it’d definitely help! if she is straight, i still think it would help u to tell her how u feel. it’ll save you a lot of pining and will show her u trust her! and remember if she turns you down, it won’t be the end of the world, and hopefully you’ll be able to stay friends!! 

honestly tho love is always worth giving a shot, you’ll feel worse if u let her pass by! i’m rootin for ya and i hope things work out ;D 

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Second, I love your blog and it’s so active I’m in awe, I love your posts, you’re always so creative with your one shots I admire that so much I don’t even know how do you do that😱😍 you’re awesome and funny and I love you 😘


This is an appreciation from me to all the awesome fanfiction writers out there! You are all awesome!

Special appreciations:

@aya-eisen: your fanfics are AWESOME!! they always give me so many feels and with the help of your stories I was inspired enough to draw again, which (finally) got me out of a months long writers-block and your feedbacks to my fanarts always made my day!! So I thank you for writing those great fics and for exciting in general!! Stay awesome and never let anyone make you feel like you’re not! Don’t keep your head hanging! You have to hold it high, so that your crown doesn’t fall off! 😜😘👍🏻👏🏻

@amaranth121: you are a great writer! I always love to read your stories being it one-shots or multi-chapter ones, especially G&I. Never let anyone put pressure on you to finish a story/chapter! Take the time you need! Your real fans and friends will understand! After all … you have to enjoy writing to write great fics ;)

@mangaguitar96: your fanfics always make me laugh xD the chapters may be short some times, but it makes them easier to read ;) keep up your great work! 😁

@caramel-deer: YOU MADE ME WRITE MY FIRST BANLAINE FIC!! xD 😂 your fics inspired me enough to do so 😜 and I love all of your fics! Even if you’re on hiatus with some, but I still love your stories!! One of them even inspired me enough to draw a fanart for it xD you’re a great and awesome writer and one of the first authors I got to know when I first joined the GaLe fandom and 😊 I will always wait for your updates patiently 😜 and I hope that you get through the hardships in life well and never let anything pull you down! STAY AWESOME!! 😘

These are the writers I know on tumblr 😅 for my other special ones like “Miss Mungoe” and “ironandpen” I will write a message on 😊

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pitud replied to your post “Sometimes I feel …”

I think your universe is really thought out, so I like reading & seeing it!

Dang, that means a lot comin from you especially! I’ve always loved the quick one shots you write for them too. 😩

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It’s why I love the ship. You have to go deeper than canon because to me the characters deserve a better ending, and I love au and expanding the universe outside just the canon view. Fandom has a lot of different takes on it and that’s what I love most.

It’s gets even more evident as new canon content keeps coming in (that’s so wtf it even alienates those that used to like the ending). I think we can all agree, no matter what you ship, that we’ve all benefited from fanon in varying degrees. And KS really thrives on that. I think fandoms that are mostly fanon tend to have really chill shippers too that don’t canon-thump on each other. This is why I love the people here so much!

Also, thanks for your comment @lunalocura ! I was gonna quote it on here too but it’s been too far down my notifications that I couldn’t fish it out anymore. :( I’m so flattered you enjoy my version of their story! <3