Sagittarius - A Life of Joy

Sagittarius is the sign of multiple fire, this gives them a quick temper, but they cool down just as quickly. This sign wants life to be filled constantly with new experiences. They are always changing, never settling fully into one lifestyle, as variety keeps them feeling alive. Confinement is what Sagittarius fears most, as they do not want to be pinned down to anything. Keeping from become attached to people and places is a signature trait of this sign. This is because they want to the right to pick up and leave whenever feel the time feels right. Sagittarius is the sign of travel, needing to explore and go to new places in order to feel that they are living their lives to the fullest. The motto “the grass is always greener on the other side,” was invented for them, as they always believe they would be happier someplace else, never feeling as if they have found the place that is meant to be home. Sagittarius is the sign of higher learning. This gives them a philosophical mind and approach to life. They decide their own beliefs through constant expansion of their mind through new life experiences. Life is supposed to be filled with happiness and Sagittarius understands that joy is what makes life worth living.


When I look at the pictures in this book I feel zero nostalgia for this world. The photos are beautiful but I think you manage to show almost nude young women in a way that’s not sexy and punk bands in a way that’s not romantic. 
Nostalgia is a byproduct of action and memory. It doesn’t have to exist but culture tends to impose a “longing for times gone by” and “the other side is always greener” mentality on perception. It’s very marketable and does a great job of spinning history into easily digestible hot dogmas and popsicle politics. It’s why America has such a fascination with the Wild West and a “rugged individualism” that maybe never existed. We’ve all pined for living in a time we were never part of. I once wished I had lived in the 1920s with the flappers, gangsters, speakeasies, and jazz joints. Sure, why not? Haunted house? I don’t know about that but I have seen ghosts.

We spoke to Spot about his gorgeous, grim photos of the punk and skate scenes in 70s LA.