all pretty dead boys come back angry

i didn’t start out a Damian fan.  Morrison has a bad habit of sacrificing characterization for story and turning his characters into caricatures, and basically, Damian started life as a little ball of arrogance with few redeeming qualities.  if left to Morrison’s devices, he’d probably have stayed that way, but thankfully, the rest of the Bat writers picked up where he dropped the ball.

i learned to like Damian not because of his actions, but because of his interactions.  with the rest of the Bats, with Alfred, with Colin, even with the Teen Titans.  and, most especially, with Steph.  Steph made Damian human, even more than Dick did.  Damian still had to front for Dick, who was Batman, and basically his emotional support system, but Steph… he could just… be.  you could actually see him figuring out what he liked and what he wanted to do, just from being around her.  even when it was the opposite of what she wanted him to do.  and she accepted that, and him.  because if anyone knows anything about the necessity of unconditional acceptance, it’s Steph.

Damian needed that; he needed her and Alfred and Dick (and yes, even Tim) to become a real boy in my eyes.  and what do you know, he did it.  or should i say, the good Bat writers did it, hallelujah.

he’ll never be my favorite Robin or even my favorite Bat (that would be Jay either way, every time), but I love Damian Wayne, every snarky, prickly inch of him, and y'know, if Morrison doesn’t pull another timestream incontinuty, i’m gonna miss the hell out of the little jerk.  otoh, Morrison is good for that, if nothing else.  if Damian doesn’t dig himself out of his grave and go looking for Joker with a crowbar, i’ll be more shocked than otherwise.

thing is, though, even if Morrison carries through and the little D is gone in the new 52 continuity, in *real* comics continuity, he’s still alive and kicking.  that is my story and i am sticking to it like crazy glue.