always be granting

Up In Flames.....

You always took me for granted
And never gave me a reason why
You left me stranded feeling worthless
Now all I see is death in your eyes
All I see is death in your eyes!

If you’re counting all my sins
Hope they all add up so pull the pin
Watch it all go up in flames
Watch it all go up in flames

Don’t drag me through your nightmare
Don’t tear apart what I am
You’ve got your demons, they parallel mine
You’re not the victim, you’re my parasite (you’re my parasite!)

You’re not the only one
How could you be so selfish?
You never lie, you’ll never see the truth
Your body’s rising from ashes

If you want to point the blame
Hope you marked your words, you’re not a saint
Watch it all go up in flames
Watch you all go up in flames

Don’t drag me through your nightmare
Don’t tear apart what I am
You’ve got your demons, they parallel mine
You’re not the victim, you’re my parasite
Don’t drag me through your nightmare
Don’t tear apart what I am
You’ve got your demons, they parallel mine (parallel mine!)
You’re not the victim, you’re my parasite (you’re my parasite!)

If it makes sense
When you can see through clearer eyes (see through clearer eyes!)
If we can’t learn
If we can’t learn to put the past behind
If it makes sense
When you can read between the lines (read between the lines!)
Why can’t you learn
We’ll never find what we lost inside

Don’t drag me through your nightmare
Don’t tear apart what I am
You’ve got your demons, they parallel mine
You’re not the victim, you’re my parasite

You’ve got your demons, they parallel mine (parallel mine!)
You’re not the victim, you’re my parasite (you’re my parasite!)
You’re my parasite!
We’ll never find what we lost inside!

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Will we ever get to see what you look like? You're like my fave tumblrer!

awwww that made my night thank you. 

but i just dont feel comfortable….this is my 4th tumblr and ive been on tumblr since like 2011. Ive dealt with so much drama and my family somehow always finds my tumblr. Granted back then i wasnt as ….progressive with my sexuality and social views as i am  now but it was embarrassing no less.

 And i know for a fact bitches stalk my shit from back home waiting to out me. So …yea but maybe one day who knows….

I Could Only Imagine | #BehindTheBlogger

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There are things we all go through in life, some good and some bad. There are times you may wonder, “How am I going to get through this?” But of course, you do. As bad as any situation might seem you always get through, yes, granted some you get through with great difficulty, but, in those situations you come out stronger than you were before. Life has this way of throwing you a curveball and…

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Can we please talk about the ign interview!the way candice is fangirling over grant is so cute and grant why is he so shy and looking down?i dont get it!its not that hes sitting with a stranger i found it weird looking at his body language!sth is up

She was so adorable. She always is. Grant is generally awkward af, but in this interview it was like 10x worse and 10x weirder. Maybe the setup made him nervous? 


Angel had been sitting alone at a table outside one of the local cafes, watching the other tables to see if someone would end up leaving food behind when they left.

Which is why she almost jumped when someone placed a muffin in front of her. Her blue eyes flickered upward and laid upon a somewhat older man, who was smiling at her.

She wasn’t sure what to say as he sat down across from her, it wasn’t often people were nice to her for no reason, hardly at all in fact.

“Umm… thanks…”

      [DUCKY smiles kindly. He’s no stranger to people in 
      need for he is surrounded by them. The dead ache for 
      understanding, for peace, and he’s always the one to 
      grant them such, even if he only lends them an ear in
      death. It’s better than discarding them as ‘once was’.]

      [Eyes search the girl’s face, trying to fathom why she
      is alone. She’s plenty bright enough, pretty too… it’s a
      wonder she’s alone and unaccompanied, even by pals.]

     “You needn’t be so wary, my dear. I enjoy helping 
     the less fortunate, nothing more. It’s none of my 
     business… however, I’m curious as to why you’re 

I really don’t know what to do anymore I try to make everyone around me happy and it never balances out. I’m tired of trying so hard and getting just shitted on repeatedly if by my parents or him. I’m always taken for granted and soon everyone is going to regret that.

Vulture Culture Tip

Have dogs. And preferably live somewhere rural(ish).

I can’t say I’m very experienced in this hobby, but I can say that my dogs have dragged tons of dead animals/animal parts into my yard over the years. This used to be rather annoying, but now at least I can get use out of it. We live near the woods so they often trek through them at their own devices and bring back all kinds of gross stuff– not always salvageable, granted. 

Just the other day one of them dragged half of a dead baby pig into the driveway. Yes, half of a freshly killed baby pig (possibly hog). I sure hope it was wild because I hate to think he killed someone’s pet. It’s condition was a wee bit disturbing but hey, it was the top half of the little fella so we buried it and will have a pig/hog skull and such before long. A few weeks ago they brought a deer leg into the yard, too; we buried that as well.

So yeah, have dogs. They’re great scavengers, so even if you just bring them along when you’re searching, they can probably help you find stuff. 

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■ - Violent headcanon

Unlike most would assume Reyna doesn’t particularly believe in violence and she does not enjoy being forced to resort to it — nevertheless, she will use it without hesitation if required and gods help whatever unfortunate soul pushes her past those limits. Her justice is swift as it is merciless when she deems it necessary. This stems from her military upbringing in a house where she and Hylla were taught that to survive in the world you had to treat it with a kill or be killed outlook.

In reality she would prefer to take time and contemplate all other options prior, but being a Roman leader doesn’t always grant her that freedom of choice. Rare is it that she’s been put in the position of taking a life by choice but if she passes the judgement she feels it’s only fair that she carries out the sentence herself.


Water is just one of those things that I’ve always taken for granted, but recently I keep thinking to myself “holy shit I can get free water from this metal thing!” Like how amazing is that we have a seemingly endless supply of the greatest thing known to man at our fingertips and no one bats an eye.

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ahhhhh she sounds amazing! ehhhh how did u pass and on challenge mode??? ! i always fail (granted stat raising is my achilles heel) oh! ill scroll through then

While building the character, I tried to make it balanced.
Also, if you can, raise Intelligence a 25% more than 50 and tell Jasper it’s your weakness.
Or really, whicever skill is way over 50% that isn’t Manipulation. That way you don’t loose anything and canconcentrate on raising as many stats to 50 as possible before the second interview.
Oh, and romance Hamin so he saves you.

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"⚝" this literally displayed as empty quotation marks on my dash ww

Your muse being a child, and my muse having to babysit.

“What the fu—”

                     OH, WAIT, HOLD that thought. He’s a child now, it’s best he doesn’t use profanities here. Regardless, the sentiment is still clear.

What happened?

Is everyone completely unaware that the Beast’s name is Adam? He wasn’t born a beast, beast isn’t his name…so why do they always call him “Beast”? Granted, the movie never gave him a name. It was the CD-Rom and the musical that named him. But since the musical is “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast”, it’s still Disney and therefore relevant. 

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husband, best friend, brother: Grant, Dex, Thatch

  • husband: DEXXX -caps for a reason, I mean look at how good he is to Paitence and Nigellus!!!-
  • best friend: GRANT LANCASTER ALWAYS - give me a Grant pep talk. Grant hugs. Grant bestie lunches, yasss-
  • brother: Thatcher! - cause I obviously want to be a Charmaine and well Thatch is a good brother and I can support him when Cam doesn’t act like he does.-

Alam mo nakakaputang ina ka e. kasi alam mong hindi kita maiwan, you always take me for granted. i understand na busy ka pero hindi na ba talaga ako ganun ka halaga sayo na di mo mabigay sakin kahit konting oras mo?