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Probably my greatest joy in life comes from Acker & Blacker’s Beyond Belief. I showed my amorous adoration previously on this tumblah with the fanart I did last summer (which, waggles eyebrows, might actually become a print featured at their shows) but my latest labor of nerd love has been to legofy my favoritest of sousy supernatural sleuths. I’m probably a little TOO proud of this considering I’m a 32 year old adult male, but as Will Ferrell said, that age 14 label on the Lego box is just a suggestion. Now, who the devil at Lego do I need to petition to get a penthouse playset build for these two and their friends and foes?

It’d be a cool headcanon if during the Descent DLC (I’ve never played it so excuse me if it doesn’t match with anything) the Inquisitor came across some really old dwarven schematics and gave them to Dagna because why not. 

Come Trespasser DLC and maybe we have to cut off the Quizzie’s hand and they’re all like, “OH NO I’VE LOST A HAND WHATEVER SHALL I DO”

Dagna: “Heeeey it’s all good I found some schematics for artificial limbs from that stuff you found in the Deep Roads I GOTCHU QUIZZIE!!” 


Bonus points if the limb can actually move somehow. 

“for all the incredible advancements in science we’ve all been party to, the mystery that brings two people together through love is still the province of magic” - the flash

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Okay, let’s be real. everyone has those days where they’re just not feeling up to doing anything. So Michael would clear his schedule of everything, and would lay with you in bed all day. You’d probably binge watch a tv show on Netflix. He’d probably watch skins and would talk about how the first generation was so much better than “the rest of the garbage that they call seasons sucks.” You guys would get hungry and have the legendary “chinese or pizza” war. you’d always want Chinese and he’d always want pizza. granted you would end up getting both so everyone’s happy. he’d order it as much as he hates talking on the phone, he does it because he wants his princess to have everything she wants. So the food would show up and you’d go back to bed and watch a movie on Netflix, and eat. you’d play rock, paper, scissors over who gets to pick. he’d win and pick some “stupid movie” as you would huff about it. then after you both got done eating you’d cuddle up next to him, thanking him for canceling all his plans to be with you, and for ordering food. he’d always reply the same way. he’d kiss your forehead, pull you closer, saying “you’re welcome princess. I know what it’s like to not feel up to doing anything, and I don’t want you to feel alone when you are the most precious thing to me.”

The more I think about it, the more it really grosses me out how many ships exist that are solely contextualized by a man’s desires…if only the woman would see his value:

  • Korra+Mako post B2, where she gave NO indication of any lingering feelings ever at any point (and like even if he still “holds a torch” for her…tough titties. She moved on)
  • Pearl+Dewey (I at first didn’t think it was possible for people to ship this seriously. And then I got the asks)
  • Sansa+Tyrion or LF (HOW THE FUCK)
  • Max+Warren (I don’t play but from what I can tell he’s the walking talking Good Guy™ who may be slightly stalkerish)

And the issue is, these are far from unpopular. I don’t care how “nice” the guy is; it’s kind of chilling.

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So who would be in Wishes & who would be in Punishments? ;D

“I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

*Assistants explain Star Crossed Myth to the team*

“I see. Then, punishments.”

“Whichever one Kaoru is in.” #KaoruKirishimaisthebest

“Punishments, obviously.”

“I’m always granting the wishes of the lovely ladies anyway, so I would definitely be in the wishes department!”

“Wishes sounds interesting…” 

“Someone needs to get the punishment jobs done.”

I am always fascinated by how the Grant Ward fandom are sooooo interested in discussing the finer points of political theory and about comicbook canon and about definitions and about calling us out on logical fallacies and what not but they have never been able to answer the simple question about why are they so dedicated to making a dinstinction between an evil organization which was created to be seen as worse than Nazis and the historical Nazis. They say it’s absolutely not to exonerate a murderer and a rapist who works for that worse-than-Nazis organization. But then why? Why would they go to such lengths to make sure people don’t call Hydra Nazis? Who are they offended on behalf of?

I haven’t been feeling my best today and staying in bed for too many hours had my mind thinking about a billion different things. So I figured I’d share a thought with you.
We often underestimate the value of the people who surround us. Most of us do. We always take our family for granted… because it is easy. I’m pretty sure sharing I love yous and affection between relatives happens from time to time in most families, which is a great thing to do, but it’s just not enough. Having a family means having someone to share your life with - not just day to day happenings and successes, but disappointments and failures too, opinions, thoughts, everything. Though we’re too often so caught up in our little worlds of ours that it’s hard to open up and letting our family in. It’s something that most of my relatives and I have in common. Dialogue is the KEY to healthy relationships, yet there’s lack of it in my family especially. This means there’s not much room for improvement and self-development, and arguments start in a blink of an eye in case of disagreement. I’d love to be able to shake things up, and make us all realise how lucky we are. Being grateful, open-minded and willing to SPEAK is the basis if a healthy and happy family in my opinion. For the whole of my years as a student, I’ve very much neglected my relationship with my family, although I was incredibly sorry about it. But I don’t want to keep it that way. I’m planning on moving from Italy in the near future, which might make it a even harder task, but no matter what I’ll end up doing in my life I want to show my gratitude and my infinite love for them, for as long as I live. The past week I’ve truly felt so much love for the whole of my family while grieving my grandma’s loss. We’ve started our healing process all together and I felt a great connection, which is something I don’t want to lose. Grandma by the way was a great speaker, she didn’t filter her words and always spoke her mind, which made her the most incredible human being, from whom I’ll always seek inspiration. I can only hope for my family and I to always aspire to be as honest and talkative as her.
What do you think?

art school Au where Carolina is Very Serious about her studies. It’s performance art. It’s how she breaks up with York.

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You wrote: "#i also have many thoughts about alien communication don't even get me started" — sorry, i can't resist. Please do share your thoughts, will you?

Alright, alright. I think it’s an extremely interesting thing to think about, I literally muse about this every once in a while.

So, the possibilities are literally endless. Because we’re not only exploring how many different ways to construct a human language there are (such as what conlangers do, and even then, they tend to work mostly with spoken language). We’re not playing with human physical limitations, and we can hypothesise pretty much any physical capability outside of the human ones, but we must also come to grips with evolutionary likeliness to understand if a certain feature is likely to survive with time. We also always give for granted that, one way or another, we’ll be able to communicate, but that’s also not a given. ALSO we’re working on the assumption that we share similar degrees of intelligence and possibly that they have not enhanced their bodies through technology. What if they were way “smarter” than us, and trying to communicate with us seemed as hard to them as explaining cause-effect to pets can be to us. In most cases, it can be done with some difficulty and in limited one-step kind of reasoning. What if you were trying to ask a dog “where do you come from?”, though? - Good luck with that. And good luck aliens, with that.

Say they communicate through sounds. We do not know what the structure of their speech organs is, and they may be able to produce sounds at frequencies that are not audible, or even damaging, to the human ear. And even if the sounds they produce are audible to us, they may have multiple articulators that create very complex sounds that humans could only unpack using instruments, and that would slow down communication incredibly. Or something akin to polyphonic singing, to make it even more familiar. Here I’m imagining a good-willed alien repeating some unit of meaning in its language with all the accents he can possibly think of, and the human just blankly staring at it because all he ears is a clusterfuck of noise that sounds the same every single time. On a side note, it’s also not given that they use the same set of organs for speaking and eating as we do, and in this same line of reasoning, their auditory organs might be somewhere awkward, I don’t know. Maybe because they have very high frequencies of speech sounds, their hearing is relatively poor and they need to engulf the person in shield-like ears to hear our weak-ass sounds and don’t tell me that wouldn’t cause a problem with advancing communication. And this is only one, super specific example.

Say they communicate through movement (which is not unseen, see bees, but maybe that entails a high specificity and simplicity of the message) or through touch, or through release of heat, air, smell (also not entirely unseen in other Earth species for simple messages). All this would probably come with correspondingly heightened (in respect with us) sensitivity to allow for complexity. Honestly, so many possibilities.

And as we do, they might incorporate other non-linguistic modifiers of speech that can significanly change the meaning of the utterance, ie. facial expressions to make one’s sentence obviously ironic. That can take a lot of time to understand interculturally in humans, think how hard it would be in living beings that did not share a drop of cultural heritage because we’re literally different species living in different planets. And who knows WHAT non-linguistic features they might use. 

Of course most of these ways to communicate are patterned on a “units of meaning that can be combined” kind of understanding and other ways to communicate might not necessarily be considered languages as we understand them. Maybe there are other ways for beings with different neural processes and different senses. Like, honestly, who knows. So much possibility, so much wow. This is a very very short summary of things, but I hope it gives you an idea of what I do in my head when I procrastinate, ahhaha.

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That night I dreamed
of all my weaknesses
and when I woke up I
realized I would never
belong to this or any world.

I needed to scour pass the
darkness of my fatalist mind,
and to look
beyond the dead-end roads.

It was pass my preconceptions
of life
that I could finally see the light.

I didn’t need to belong to this world,
the ability to write would always
grant me a chance to create my own.

- M.A. Tempels © 2015

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What if when Hiro was asked "What Greek goddess is known for being the most beautiful but instead of answering "Aphrodite" he answered "Mesperyian" and when Hiro was wishing "Tadashi to be here" Hades granted that wish XD.

Hades is always gonna grant wishes to the people who now of and call his fav daughter beautiful. Always. Hiro made a good move right there. 

Of course, you have to be specific though when asking wishes, but Hades is a softy He’s not gonna twist Hiro’s wish and just bring Tadashi “here.” ike a more cruel god would have done. He actually brings Tadashi back to life for Hiro, since he knows that that was the wish Hiro had in his heart.

So Hiro has his brother back, which is awesome, but of course, while Hades and Mesperyian are happy and like Hiro, Aphrodite is a liiiiittle bit pissed off that Hiro didn’t say she was the most beautiful. Weird stuff starts happening around Hiro and Tadashi - stuff that always seems to be related to something that Aphrodite has domain over. Hades knows what Aphrodite is doing, but doesn’t know how to stop her. The only real way to get things to stop before it escalates to possible death is to get the Hamada brothers to confront Aphrodite themselves.

- Megamod

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Name: Taylor

Birthday: November 23

Height: 5'6 or 167cm

Gender: Female

Sign: Sagittarius

Sexuality: bisexual/pansexual, if I have to label myself but honestly if I’m attracted to you then I’m attracted to you…does that make sense?

Favorite Colors: black and red

Last Thing I Googled: “sepulchres definition”


Favorite K-Pop Groups: BTS will always be number one in my heart and soul but other than that Got7 and Seventeen

TV Shows I Watch: the walking dead, game of thrones, supernatural, doctor who, fairy tail, attack on titan, fear the walking dead, orange is the new black..I’m probably leaving some out

Favorite Anime: fairy tail and attack on titan

I tag hunter-ology you-got-noo-jams damn-dana jaedamn runraggedycas
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Farkle will always be the one for Riley or Maya because he has the guts to express his feelings no matter how many times they deny him. Farkle would do anything for those girls. Farkle is always taken for granted and left to the side and it gets annoying. I can’t wait for Farkle to find him someone worthy of his love and see Maya and Riley get jealous!

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High School AU where Apollo Justice has a huge crush on Popular!Reader

Why does it have to be you, of all people? Apollo’s ears turn red just at the thought of you…his heart fluttering loudly against his will without warning. He doesn’t even want to have a crush, yet he fell for you so easily. 

It’s all very cheesy. You were apt to forgetting your pencil, and it just so happens he’d always have them ready. Granted, a lot of them were ones he’d find on the ground. Chewed up, dirtied, stained with questionable sources. But he makes do with them.

The first time he offers you one, he’s extremely embarrassed. But you take it graciously, and tell him that he’s saved your life.

“I don’t think I did that much,” he grins bashfully and rubs the back of his head. He hears a snigger from a boy with jet black hair poking up in odd directions, but he isn’t able to say anything since the teacher just sets a quiz on the desk.

“No talking,” the teacher says, and the Apollo is quiet. Some silence would be good right now.

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