always with the winky face

sf9 in a groupchat
  • youngbin: asks for everyone to send their location when they go out, just in case
  • rowoon: sends lots of wholesome memes and selfies making hearts
  • chani: constantly hungry, sends pictures of food and complains that there’s no chicken
  • hwiyoung: always supportive, gives compliments and listens to everyone
  • inseong: chat is muted, blocked at least half the members without them knowing
  • jaeyoon: accidentally sends private chats here, changed everyone’s pictures to his selfies
  • taeyang: always sending emojis, his recently used ones are always the winky face and flexing arm
  • juho: doesn’t know what he’s doing, once video chatted just to show everyone a cat
  • dawon: lots of voice notes, answers solely with memes, only in the chat at 12am

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Can you hit us with some 2p!America bf headcanons?

  • I feel like allen hates wearing clothes and it’s Not A Problem
  • he is the winky face personified but he always strays away from actually pursuing what he says/implies
  • it’s not uncommon to see him sitting on top of a counter eating greek yogurt or something
  • he likes printed socks and always buys you a pair he think you’d like when he gets new ones
  • he is so comfortable with bodies and wont even bat an eye if he accidentally sees you naked or something
  • like the amount of times he’s carried on a conversation while naked is astonishing
  • sometimes you find keys from a computer keyboard around the house and are like aLLEN STOP PICKING OFF THE KEYS
  • he picks off the ‘S’,’E’,’N’,’D’, and ’U’ keys all the time and sends a snapchat to you
    “what does sendu mean”
    “shut up yoU KNOW WHAT I MEANT”
  • he likes frozen yogurt– actually most yogurts
    “allen youre vegan??”
  • he really likes ugly holiday sweaters and wears them in june
    “allen what the fuck”
Dating Cheryl Blossom Would Include...

anon ask : Could you possibly do a “Dating Cheryl Blossom would include” thank you if you could do it, it’s fine if you cant do it babygirl

A/N : uhh hey, here you go!! i hope you like it nonnie and tbh you calling me babygirl made me mildly uncomfortable but uhh anyways.. theres slight implied beronica if you squint 

i made this like 2 days ago but i forgot to post it

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  • well for starters, she’s super protective 
  • you’re the last good thing in her life, she can’t lose you too 
  • you met her at school bc you were her lab partner 
  • you were pretty good at science so she thinks you’re a smartass 
  • but still she has a thing for sass so she tried to ask you out? 

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Naive: Part 6

A/N: In which Y/N helps Pepper loosen up and Bucky is ever the good guy.

Word Count: 5k

Warnings: More cursing in this chapter because I have the mouth of a sailor. You’ll also probably gag at end, just sayin’

Summary: As the goddaughter of Tony Stark you were no stranger to the Avengers, but when you meet the newest member- you’re a little more then intrigued. Unfortunately for him, Bucky Barnes has caught your eye.

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GOT7 Scenario - Realisations ~ Park Jinyoung

I’m so sorry for not posting, I have just been so busy with revision for exams and school in general, along with other person things that have been stopping me from working on my blogs. I’m so sorry but hopefully soon I’ll be able to catch up with anything missed and start doing some requests. Please stick with me! Saranghae <3

Hey! Thanks for the request and I hope you like it! <3


GOT7 have grown up with you since you were in school together, closer than ever, best of friends, and now their huge idols, slaying hearts of fans with their gorgeous appearance and their irresistible talents and performances. However, Jinyoung, the only one who you hated so much, you two had never gotten along at all, which drove the other’s crazy as they just wished you’d like each other, or at least tolerated each other in a good way. Words couldn’t explain how much Jinyoung felt the same back towards you, it was horrible and he’d always avoid you when you com over to the dorm, you’d also do the same.

After a whole morning of practice, Jackson and Kunpimook run straight to the dorm, racing each other while the others strolled behind. “Come on guys!” Yugyeom shouted as he sped up, taking the chance of being able to beat the two ahead, “Last one there is a rotten egg!”. Jinyoung scoffed, and rolled his eyes before catching up with Mark, who was walking with Youngjae and Jaebum, “Could’ve waited for me.” Jinyoung laughed as he nudged the eldest in the ribs, “Don’t get jealous that I’m walking with someone else.” Mark giggled, clutching his shoulder after Jinyoung playfully slapped it.

The ones behind finally arrived at the dorm, getting through the door to see the three laying on the floor, breathing heavily from exhaustion, “Rotten eggs, all of you are rotten eggs!” Jackson bellowed before getting up, “Mark?” He called as he pointed a finger and directed him into another room, “What’s up?” Mark asked, confused at being picked all of a sudden, and the huge smile that was on Jackson’s face gave him a hint that he’s up to something, again. “Y/N and Jinyoung are getting beyond now, it’s been 17 years already and they still haven’t moved on. So I was wondering, locking them in a room so they’ll have to talk about it.. Or at least fight it out first..”

- Time skip -

Hours later, your phone let out a small ping as you received a message from Mark’s contact number but really, it was off Jackson, ‘Get your ass over here now, no ifs or buts, now. Loves you really, best oppa right here (winky face)’. Everytime. He’s always like this towards you, and it will never stop, even if you get with someone, being the member that you’re closest to, he’s your twin and he will make sure that your future partner will know and will have to deal with it.

Without bothering to do anything else, you put your shoes on, grabbed your jacket and went straight to the dorm, hearing the loud laughs and shouts of the members playing around before inviting yourself in, closing the door after you and made your way into the living room, throwing yourself onto the couch. “I’m home!” You called out, Jackson running straight into the room and jumped on you. “Yah! Get off me you fat lump!” You giggled as you pushed him off, and his facial expression had you in stitches when he landed on his ass. “Took you long enough,” Jackson exclaimed, rubbing his ass as he got himself up off the floor, “Seen your crush on the way is it?” He teased before Youngjae and Jaebum came in, smiling to see you there. “Hello, guys.” You stuck your middle finger up at Jackson and went to hug the two.

Just out of the corner of your eye whilst hugging Jaebum, you saw Jinyoung appear around the door frame, throwing daggers at you with his harsh look before leaving. “Ugh, it’s him.” You scoffed before making yourself at home. Jinyoung wouldn’t come out of his room, no matter how much the others tried luring him out for just a small bit, but he’d rather stay in his room, earphones in, book in hand and a coffee by his side.

“Come on hyung, just ignore her then. No one’s making you talk to her.” Youngjae says in a small, soft voice, giving his fair point but still, Jinyoung resists, “Not being in the same room as her anymore, that’s final.” Jinyoung turned and gives Youngjae a soft smile not to scare the younger member from the hate he has towards you. Youngjae got up sadly and flashed a worried smile before leaving Jinyoung alone, to read his book.


Now was the time for Jackson and Mark to start on their plan, seeing the way Youngjae was after he came out of Jinyoung’s room was enough to prove that even he was getting really affected by this now. The little shake of Youngjae’s head gave the impression that there was no other way to resolve this, apart from tricking you into going into and getting locked in Jinyoung’s room with him. “Y/N?” Mark broke the silence, as you looked up at your phone to see his sweet smile and you hummed in response, “I need to show you something I done the other night, come with me a minute”. Happily, you pushed yourself up and followed Mark on the way to his room, but instead of going in there, Jackson jumps behind you and carefully pushes you into Jinyoung’s room, “Sort this shit out guys! Before I slam your heads together repeatedly!” He playfully but still seriously said, slamming the door shut and locking it before you managed to get out.

Looking around you, you tried finding something to unlock the door with, but you threw your head back in angered frustration after hearing the thud of two people sitting against the door just in case. You didn’t dare to even have a quick glimpse at Jinyoung, who now has his back faced to you, earphones still plugged in his ears. Loudly, your knuckles knocked on the door, begging to be let out, but the two sitting outside the room refused to let you out.

Minutes flew past in the dead silent room, it was dangerous. You had given up on trying to get out but instead sat yourself on Jinyoung’s bed, arms crossed, leaning up against the wall and the ceiling was the only thing you looked at. However, you didn’t notice that Jinyoung had took out his earphones and put his book down, giving you the most dirtiest look ever. He wanted to spark a huge argument, so did you, that’s all you thought about. The mattress moved slightly as Jinyoung copied your pose, and eye contact was made for the first time in years. Both of you tightened your fists and bit on your tongues to keep back the poisonous words that could be said.

Somehow, you both slowly started to feel something else along with your hate… The hate was turning into an angsty sexual tension. This feeling was making you feel way different about it which you really didn’t like. You ran up to the door to see if it was open, but obviously, it wasn’t. However, before you could try anything else to get out, you were pushed up against the wall, Jinyoung’s arms either side of you, before sliding down to your waist, firmly holding onto it as he intensely stared into your eyes. Obviously it got him by the way he bit his lip hard, pressing himself up against you and his hardening member pressed against just above your core. 

It didn’t take long for his lips to crash against yours, instantly going in for the feisty lip biting and his tongue fought against yours for dominance. With one big push, you pushed him onto the bed, climbing over him as his hands roamed up to your hair, and once hand around the back of your neck, pulling you in for another heated kiss. Whilst this was happening the clothes were discarded from both of your bodies and flown to drape over various objects in the room.

This time, your lips locked on his neck, and made a trail of harsh purple bruises from the neck down to just above his boxer band. Delicately, your fingers pulled on the tight band, pulling it away from the skin and down his legs, his member rested erect on his lower abdomen. Your hands wrapped around it, pumping up and down, bringing out the low groans of Jinyoung. You teased the tip, licking it before taking it all into your mouth, swirling your tongue around it whilst making your way back up, and changing your pace just to frustrate him. Once you started picking up your pace, he slowly came to his high, groaning more and his breathing got heavier. 


You decided to leave him there the way he was and before you could get your clothes, he pulled you back, now hovering over you, “You’re definitely not leaving now.” He growled, eyes full of angst still but the sexual tension got stronger. This look had made you fall for him completely, so much that you hated it but you couldn’t stop him now. His soft, plump lips instantly started on your chest, creating marks that he licked over. In his hands, were your breasts, as he caressed them. 

It wasn’t long until your stomach was also covered, after he marked his territory, before swiftly moving dangerously close to your wet heated core. He bit the insides of your thighs, licking over the bite with long, teasing licks. “J-J-Jinyoung” you breathed heavily. His beautiful fingers slid through your slick folds, and his thumb rubbed vigorously against your highly sensitive bud. 

Two fingers were inserted into your heat, starting off with slow movements and gentle flicks up to your g-stop. This was even enough to get you moaning subtly, which wasn’t what Jinyoung craved, your toes curled and you took handfuls of the duvet as he increased the pace, taking full power over your body with his movements. “Jinyoung!” You whined loudly as minutes after teasing and giving no mercy, your high came over you, your juices covered his hands and tongue as he helped clean you up.

A smug smirk appeared on his face, chin glistened with your juices before he wiped it off. Nothing was stopping him now, as you were trying to come down from your high, Jinyoung still gave no mercy, flipping you over onto your front and lifting your ass up into the air. He teased the tip of his member through your folds, covering it in your juices before giving no sign or warning of entering you. With one full thrust, he filled you up completely, a scream of his name left your mouth before you bit down on the pillow to prevent anymore escaping and Jinyoung just continued with his fast pace.

Obviously Jinyoung wasn’t going to let you muffle out of your pleasured moans, as he quickly removed the pillow from you and his his hand wrapped around your neck to pull you up to kiss you whilst he handled your behind, slapping your ass while increasing the pace even more, getting you over the edge and the pit of your stomach burned with the firing sensation of an upcoming orgasm once again. “Scream my name!” He groaned loudly, as he was coming up to his release pretty soon, but insisted that you go over before him. His hips slammed against your ass as he was at the fasted pace that made you weak at the knees, “Jinyoung oppa!” You repeatedly moaned, screamed and whined through big heavy breaths, the powerful sensation of the second built up of the orgasm flew over you as you grabbed onto the bed sheets tightly and screamed in pleasure. His choppy thrusts stopped ass he emptied load over your lower back and ass, “Fuck, Y/N” he moaned.

You fell flat on your stomach, weak from this turn of event, Jinyoung walked over to his desk and grabbed the tissues and helped clean you up before falling next to you. His stare became soft, his eyes showed no more angst. He couldn’t stop thinking of you, and how much he hated himself for not realising that he was being stupid keeping a huge grudge against you. To be fair, you felt the same way now. Lifting your head up slightly out of your crossed arms, your eyes connected with his as he gave a sweet, gentle smile, cupping your face and giving you a gentle kiss on your swollen and bruised lip. “Come on, let’s go back to the others.” He got up and chucked your underwear but his shirt and sweatpants at you, getting himself dressed. Laughter fell from his lips after turning around to see you struggling to walk, “Oh, I’m so sorry” he winked at you before you gave him an evil glare. “I hate you.” You claimed but he just smiled, “Really huh?”.

Before he could even kiss you again, the door opened as Jackson caught him with his hands around your waist. “You two could’ve been so much quieter! Eww!” “And we though you hated each other?” Mark giggled popping his head around the door. Well that confused the members but you two just laughed before going to join them in the living room, feeling no more hatred towards each other.


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Feels Like Home Chapter 4

Thanks for all the support! I left all the details about the bars, restaurants and their signature foods from my actual college; let me know if you can figure it out! Special shout-out to @thebungames for pre-reading for me! You should check out her story Harvest of Tainted Hearts it’s super good :)

Check it out on AO3 here 

Oh shit! What was she thinking? Katniss made her way downstairs to her apartment. What the hell was that? Peeta was hot, I mean really hot, his arms and chest were harder and stronger than she had imagined. And damn was he a good kisser. Had he even had a girlfriend before? He never mentioned one, whatever. He was clearly a natural. All that kissing and feeling of his hard body had flipped a switch inside her turning up her sexual frustration to an all time high. She was wound so tightly. At least now she could now admit to herself that Peeta had been the cause of her heightened SF, but Thresh came home before they had gotten a chance to actually do anything about it. Fuck.

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[silently chants to self] stydia is the sethummer, and staila is the seth x anna. stydia is the sethummer, and staila is the seth x anna. stydia is the sethummer, and staila is the seth x anna. stydia is the sethummer, and staila is the seth x anna. stydia is the sethummer, and staila is the seth x anna. 

stydia is the sethummer, and staila is the seth x anna. 

Dean is the Pizza Man; Cas is the Baby Sitter.

A/N: Dean is the pizza man, Cas is the baby sitter. (I actually DIDN’T EVEN PLAN THAT ON PURPOSE IT JUST HAPPENED.) College!AU. Sorry, no smut. 2800~ words.

“Are you sure you don’t mind?” Anna asks, checking her reflection in the hallway mirror before leading Castiel into Alfie’s room. It’s still light outside, golden beams of late afternoon sun streaming in through the green, gingham curtains, but the room is quiet.

“Of course I don’t mind, I offered, didn’t I?”

Anna shoots Castiel a look as she stops in front of Alfie’s crib. “I know you offered, Castiel, but you don’t exactly have the best track record with kids.” She reaches into the crib and scoops a smiling Alfie out, cooing at him in baby talk, and resting him on her hip.

“I resent that,” Castiel mutters, knowing it’s true. He’d offered to babysit several days prior and Anna had jumped at the chance to get out of the house with her husband without baby Alfie in tow. Castiel wasn’t the best with kids, but he wanted to be the best uncle he could to Alfie and that meant breaking down the awkward barriers that lay between him and the six month old.

Anna smiles at Castiel and kisses him on the cheek. “I take back what I said,” she states, “you’re going to do great.”

Castiel follows her out of the nursery and into the kitchen where Anna secures Alfie into his high chair. She hands Castiel a jar of baby food and a spoon, and ties a bib around Alfie’s neck.

“He loves sweet potatoes,” she explains, “so he should eat without any trouble. His diapers and wipes are in the changing table, in the nursery, and he should be tired around eight. He’ll start to get fussy when he gets sleepy; just give him a bottle, and rock him until he falls asleep. If you need anything you can call me or Michael.”

“Okay,” Castiel says with a nod. 

Anna’s phone chimes, and she glances at the screen. “Michael’s here. Remember; you’ll call if you need anything?”

“I remember,” Castiel assures her, “go.”

“Thanks again Castiel,” Anna says, and then she’s grabbing her purse, kissing Alfie on the head, and hurrying out the door.

As soon as the door clicks shut, nervousness builds in Castiel’s chest and he offers his nephew a weak smile. He’s used to running classrooms full of bright-eyed twenty-somethings who only rely on him for random art history facts, or the nitty gritty details about the lives of artist’s who have long since passed. Never has he had to take care of someone who relied on him for everything.

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So I posted an ask from a girl who joked about how her girlfriend always texts her swb-like things, like lots of winky faces and “what would you do if blah blah”, and then we proceeded to get tons and tons of messages about how that was offensive and lesbophobic. I completely and 100% did not mean to offend, hurt, or alienate anyone with that post. But I’m looking to learn from this–could someone explain to me why, so that I don’t make the same mistake again? I just assumed it was another post showing how not only straight white guys do it and reminding that it’s ok/funny to send the winkies and play 20 questions etc. when you actually know the person and both consent. I in no way meant to compare lesbians to men, which is what a lot of people think. I just want to understand how I hurt people.

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Stiles is the new maths teacher at Beacon Hills high and Derek is the gym teacher.Who suddenly finds maths very interesting and passing notes isn't just for students.

Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: G, Word Count: 1074
Teacher AU, Hurt/Comfort

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(This got sad. I don’t know what happened!)

It starts, on the first day Mr. Stilinski starts teaching at Beacon Hills High, pretty innocent. Hayden sprains her ankle in gym, so Derek gives Liam a note to give Mr. Stilinski, telling the math teacher Derek brought Hayden to the nurse and that she’ll be late for class.

Mr. Stilinski replies by asking Derek if he can make Josh run an extra couple of laps because he kept disrupting class. Derek replies that Mr. Stilinski should use detention, not gym class, when his students misbehave. Mr. Stilinski tells him that spending two extra hours with Josh is more a punishment for whoever is supervising detention than it is for Josh. Derek then tells Stiles—Mr. Stilinski has become Stiles at this point—that he is often the one supervising detention and that he appreciates not having Josh there for once, after which Stiles promptly gives Josh three hours detention.

It keeps going like that. Derek finds a note slid under the door of his office, on a post-it and stuck on top of the paperwork on his desk, shoved in his bag when he gets home, every day. Some are practical, about students and the school. Some are basically nonsense, random facts that have no relation to any of their previous notes (some of these may have scarred Derek for life). Others are cheesy remarks and blatant flirting that always end with a winky face, like “Did you have Lucky Charms for breakfast? Because you look magically delicious ;)” and “If you ran in front of me I would totally take up jogging ;)”.

Derek has replied to every single one of them in kind (except for some those random facts, because there are things nobody should ever know), including the flirting. He’s pretty sure the whole school knows Stiles and Derek are passing notes, or at least all of the staff. Erica, the school librarian, and Isaac, who teaches Chemistry, keep asking him if they can read them and Scott, the Biology teacher and Stiles’ neighbour, became Stiles’ delivery boy when Stiles was sick for a couple days.

Derek has gotten a note every single day, except for today. He’s seen Stiles around school today, but it’s almost time to go home and there isn’t a note in sight. He knows, because he’s searched his entire office and emptied out his bag. He even searched his car. Maybe Stiles forgot? But he hasn’t missed a day since he started working at here. So, maybe something is wrong and Derek should ask Stiles about it. The thing is, though, that Derek hasn’t actually talked to Stiles in the entire month Stiles has worked here. Not once. The first week was accidental, but then, when Derek realized he was developing a serious crush on Stiles, he started avoiding him on purpose, afraid that after all those notes they might not connect like that face-to-face.

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top 5 domestic destiel headcanons? <3

*happy sighhhhhhhhhhs*

  1. Cas can’t cook to save his life but he really likes being in the kitchen when Dean is cooking, so he’s developed a habit of running in a hot sink of bubbly water and washing up the pots and pans and dishes Dean uses as he finishes with them, all the while chatting with Dean and occasionally flicking soap suds towards him when they argue
  2. Dean wonders where all his t-shirts have gone until one day he notices Cas’ pillow isn’t sitting right so he lifts it up and yes, there they are, Cas has been hoarding his t-shirts again and wearing them because he prefers them when they smell of Dean to when they smell of washing powder
  3. Dean and Cas have two toothbrushes in two separate cups in the bathroom but they both prefer the red cup to the purple one, and it’s a constant battle of swapping their toothbrushes into their preferred cups with fond little smiles every time they do
  4. when the mirror in the bathroom is all steamed up from the shower steam, Dean always draws a smiley face and Cas always draws a winky face in return
  5. Cas develops a fondness for candles and against his better judgment Dean gets kinda into it too, and once a month or so they’ll find themselves going to the store just to spend half an hour in front of the array of Yankee Candles, smelling each one and holding out any new flavours for each other to try and always always arguing because “we’re getting Angel Wings this time, Cas,” but then “no, Dean, Soft Blanket smells like real blankets” 

imagine passing the gym at your university and you so happen to see this guy running on the treadmill and he is legit running and he’s sweaty and really hot. the next day you see him again, same time, same pace on the treadmill. it goes on for a week until he’s not there one day and you’re a little disappointed not being able to see your daily eye candy but then he comes out of the door in front of you and grins and whispers, “call me”, as he passes. and when you turn around to mention that you don’t have his number, you spot a note on the window you always see him through that says “Liam” and a phone number with a winky face below it.