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bts as dads

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- most likely to educate his kids 24/7
- spends all money on books for bed time stories
- will teach them reading quickly, so they can discuss some novels whilst eating breakfast
- if he has a son, he prolly teach him how to flirt
- if he has a girl, he’ll most definitely tell her that flirty guys suck (except for himself ofc)
- encourages son to do a lot of sports, will always be there at every match and will always give a thumbs up
- polyglot children

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- he’s more mom than the mom
- always reads the kid a bedtime story, A-L-W-A-Y-S
- does the airplane food feeding
- if it’s a girl he’ll always go to the garden to make flower crowns for her because she is his little princess
- on Halloween his daughter is basically Ariel and he dresses up as the crab
- will probably teach his children dancing the moment they can stand on their feet
- carries them on his shoulders so they are big
- paper planes and a lot of them

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- corrupted children
- basically learns cussing before “mom” and “dad”
- will rap them to sleep for the sake of it
- buys his son fancy snap backs for every day of the week
- first one to teach them an instrument tho
- will ruffle the kid’s hair all the time
- always a proud dad
- will watch age restriction movies with the children even tho they are one or two years too young because he knows when his kids are ready
- always talking about his childhood and tells some morals
- let’s the kids walk in his big boy shoes and will always take pictures

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- food, he’d make food all the time
- holds his children like rafiki because his children are king no matter what
- if it’s a girl, he’d always dress her up and buy her nice pink dresses and do her make-up
- a kiss on the cheek for protection because even tho there are like 26382891 bodyguards around, his children wouldn’t be safe if he didn’t give them a kiss
- sings with them all the time

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- a day ain’t a day without a baby selca
- a lot of cuddles
- ambitious to get the best dad award basically
- will always do some activities with his children like going to the forest or the sea
- willing to listen to baby music instead of living his hiphop life because he loves his kids too much
- when the baby cries he’d jump out of bed and calm it down immediately
- loves changing diapers. There’s no need for a mom, he’d be both without blinking
- always sits down with his children after school to help them with their homework
- dresses up as Santa and the Easter bunny every year to keep the spirit alive (they will probably believe in them till high school and maybe beyond)

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- matching t-shirts
- basically loves the baby toys more than the baby
- always am excited bean when going to Toys R Us
- spoils kids with toys on random occasions
- will always play with his kids even when they want to kick his old dad self out
- intense Lego Building Sessions
- Barbie dresses by Gucci
- when he comes home then defs with candy in his pockets
- most likely to teach his kids to make stupid faces with him on photos
- educates them with memes

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- he’s basically still a child and will fight with his kid over food
- more like the big brother
- reluctant when it comes to diapers
- will always walk hand in hand with the tiny kid
- will take his children to Disneyland first things first
- will cry with his children whilst watching Disney movies with them
- singing 24/7
- doesn’t know what he’s doing most of the time
- takes the children to playgrounds often
- gives them a push when they are sitting on a swing and struggle with their tiny baby legs

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My favourite interpretation of '28' is that Louis promised Harry at 18 that in ten years everything would have worked out and they could be a normal couple and then he got it tattooed on this fingers because then it would be visible when he does the thumbs up and that was also part of their sign language and when Harry would see pictures of Louis with the casual thumbs up he would always be reminded that Louis loved him and he just had to hold on a bit until it all works out and now I can't...

WOw was this really necessary 

Taking a break from finals studying! I wrote this one shot where none of the Red Queen characters can get a jar open, and basically, everyone just slowly gets angrier and more annoyed.

Takes place sometime in the second half of King’s Cage at the Scarlet Guard camp. Enjoy!

A loud thud followed by a distraught “UGH” is what brought Mare into the kitchen that morning.

“Here Gis, I’ll do it,” she says, reaching for the jar that was in her sister’s hand.

Gisa shuts the sink off and lets out another huff. “I swear I’ve been trying to open this for twenty minutes.”

“Oh come on, now your just being dramatic,” she says with a smile.

“Mare calling someone else dramatic?” Kilorn says, walking into the room. “The irony…”

She fixes him with a glare and debated punching him for that. Before she could get violent, she gives the jar a twist and unknowingly started what would be an infamous story for years to come in the Scarlet Guard camp.

“Damn, that IS stuck!”

“Let me try,” the fish boy says.

“No just give me- a second- I almost-”

“Yeah, looks like it,” Kilorn says, laughing at her aggravated expression. “Give it to me.”

Mare scowls, but hands it to him with a sigh.

“All that training with Mr. Perfect Prince and- you can’t even- op- shit.” The lid didn’t budge.

“Ha ha,” she teases.

“Told you,” Gisa sighs.

“Give it to me let me try it ag-” Mare starts to say, but gets cut off by Kilorn.

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Can you do something fluffy with Maggie coming home to find Alex sick and being all protective and loving please?

Here you go. I hope you enjoy! x

It had all started with a simple headache. Wincing at almost any noise or amount of light, she had thrown herself out of bed and had padded into the kitchen. She had checked her temperature and seeing that she had no fever, she had taken some Tylenol and had gone to work. But now, as she was lying on the couch, wrapped in two blankets, freezing, coughing and sneezing, she wondered if that had been a smart choice. She heard a groan but it took her a good minute to realize if was her own.

Her throat ached, her chest felt heavy and like someone was stabbing it. She moaned and closed her eyes. Her head felt like it had been run through a blender.

She heard the sound of footsteps and a second later Maggie was looking at her, her eyebrows coming together. She looked worried.


“You’re home early…”, Alex said, warily. “Why?”

Maggie chuckled. “Someone may have told me that you’re sick and too stubborn to admit it.”

“I’m not sick!”, came the protest, and she bit back a sigh.

A wave of nausea passed over Alex and she breathed through her nose, closing her eyes and putting her head in her hands, trying so hard not to be sick. A look of concern showed across Maggie’s face. She hurried to the couch and sat down next to Alex, placing a cold hand on her burning forehead. Alex’s eyes opened and latched on to Maggie’s, causing her to give Alex a softly smile.  

“You’re burning up.”

Maggie brushed Alex’s hair out of her eyes and off of her sweat drenched forehead.

“What are your symptoms?”

“I’m fine. I’m not sick.” Alex ground out through her chattering teeth. Maggie raised an eyebrow at her and Alex felt defeated.  “Oh! Okay! I have this excruciating headache… And my throat and stomach hurt… And God, i have this pain in my back that is just…”

“Let me see”, Maggie said calmly and slid behind Alex on the couch.

She started massaging the back of her neck and then moved to her shoulders. Her hands were strong but tender, and Alex couldn’t help but close her eyes and moan.

“You have magic hands.”

“I’m gonna let that slip because you’re sick”, Maggie said with a chuckle. She stroke her hands down Alex’s face. “Why don’t you lie down and relax? I’ll make you some soup.”

“You don’t have to do this”, it was somewhat slurred, as though she couldn’t quite draw a full breath.

“I want to”, said Maggie simply.

Alex paused before nodding slightly. She lay down and curled into a ball again. She wrapped her arms around herself and she shut her eyes tightly. She wasn’t sure when she had fallen asleep but she was woken up later by Maggie placing butterfly kisses all over her face. She slowly opened her eyes and muttered something under her breath.

“Shhh”, Maggie whispered. “It’s okay.”

Alex stayed silent and slowly sat upright. She looked down at the food and picked up the glass of water, taking a small sip of it. Maggie was looking at her with those soft, loving eyes, and she was sure she had never felt more loved in her entire life. Neither of them said anything. Maggie took a spoonful, blew on it and held it across inches from her mouth. Alex moaned, the warmth felt good sliding down her throat.

“Delicious”, Alex managed to say and Maggie tilted her head and smiled softly.

After a few more bites, Alex wiped her mouth with a napkin and slid down a little, nestling in the pillows again. She couldn’t take another bite.

Seeing the nearly empty bowl, Maggie smiled. “Good girl”.

Alex melted under the weight of Maggie’s gaze. If she was to name the look in those beautiful, dark eyes, only love would do.

“Do you feel like a bath? Or would you rather just rest?”

Alex thought a moment. She coughed, then said: “I’m so tired.”

Maggie nodded and lay down next to her. She said nothing as she pulled the covers of both of them and wrapped Alex close. Alex hummed in her throat. It was so nice, just lying there in the arms of the person she loved.


“Yes, my love?”

“Thank you for taking care of me.”

“Always”, she answered easily and moved her thumb up and down on Alex’s arm in a soothing motion.

Alex curled and rest her head against the brunette’s chest. Maggie’s heartbeat was steady and soothing, it was going to cradle her back to sleep.

“See”, Maggie added to tease her. “Being sick isn’t that bad.”

Alex’s answer didn’t come immediately, and Maggie thought she’d already fallen back asleep. But then she heard a faint whisper coming from her girlfriend: “Mhhh… I’m not sick.”

The Quiet After

For Platonic VLD Week! Prompt 2: Quiet/Chaos @platonicvldweek

Words: 1054
Characters: Ensemble, Lance & Shiro
Summary: Lance can’t stand the quiet, not after all the noise.

Also inspired by an absolutely TERRIFIC Lance-and-Shiro hug that @breezy-cheezy drew for me, middle of the set.

There was a bomb. Lance remembered that part. They were at a diplomatic function, again, some more. But this time the king or the president or whatever of this planet wasn’t popular. And someone set a bomb.

Pidge spotted it, with her clever little scanners and sweepers. They were all in armor without helmets, small earpieces to be as normal-looking as possible, playing security for the Princess as she worked the center of the room. Then suddenly Pidge was screaming in their ears. Bomb, there’s a bomb, get out get out get out.

Hunk, bless him, asked where it was. He wanted to find it, disarm it. Pidge gave a location, side of the ballroom, parallel to the main entrance, but insisted that there was no time. Get out get out get out. Keith was running around the perimeter, herding everyone toward the doors, Hunk was picking up elderly party-goers by the armful and carrying them out. Shiro was a heroic presence as always, guiding everyone in the right direction with a firm, commanding voice that you only had to hear to obey.

Lance fell behind. It wasn’t on purpose. He was listening, honest. But there was a kid, some dignitary’s daughter. She got cut off from her parent, was too young to handle it, stood by the wall beginning to heave and sob, unable to move. And Lance went for her, because what else was he supposed to do? She was too close to where Pidge said the bomb was.

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The Rogue Squad Texting
  • Jyn: Literally 95% emojis. Mainly the knife and the tiny devil. She justifies it by saying that the team has so many native languages they should communicate with the universal thumbs up emoji.
  • Chirrut: Has Baze read the others' texts for him. Wierdly enough always understands exactly what point Jyn is trying to get across with sentence like "space ship, star, fire, cry face, thumbs up."
  • Baze: Full sentences. Always proper grammar and periods. Gets irritated when his kids don't immediately text him back to let him know they're OK.
  • Bodhi: Indecipherable acronyms and pilot jargon. Makes up for it by using a Lot Of CAPITALISATION and !!!! punctuation ????
  • Cassian: One of those people who literally. can't. text. at. all. His fingers always hit the wrong keys, spellcheck hates him, and something about texting really fires up the space!spanish/common disconnect in his brain. Sometimes just uses Google translate and sends crappy translations for his work stuff. Also can't keep track of who he's texting. 90% of the embarrassing things he's every done involve sending texts that should have ONLY EVER BEEN SEEN BY JYN to work colleagues. But it also means that he gets mixed up and sends super villains messages like "can you pick up eggs and milk gracias te amo :):)

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New reylo shipper here! can you recommend me blogs about reylo to follow? I want everything of that in my dash.

Hey there! Welcome to the Reylo ship!!!

@nonibear11 ~ the latest news and updates always seem to come from nonibear, plus they’re awesome :)

@villainouswebsandshadows ~ good friend of mine, an awesome fic writer, and wonderful person to talk to

@gwendy85 ~ superb fanartist, meta writer, and person! I’ve known her for a long time from my first ship, back when I was 12. I’ve always looked up to her for inspiration. She is very kind and wonderful to talk to :)

@ohtze ~ the reylo mvp and writer of epic metas

@holocroning ~ great insight on reylo and equally great person

@shwtlee4reylo ~ always got your back! fic writer and awesome shipper! Seriously, she’s the sweetest!

@coupdefoudrey ~ 10/10 reylo shipper

@reylorobyn2011 ~ fic writer extraordinaire 

@elithien ~ You know the epic reylo art that has that really cool concept-arty painty look? Yeah that’s elithien. Amazing!!!

@renpressrey ~ another shipper I admire

@secret-jedi ~ rad reylo shipper with awesome posts always

@pacificwanderer ~ great insight, awesome person, 5 stars

@reyloeverafter ~ two thumbs up!

and then there’s some other great people that have dedicated blogs to reylo meta, fanart, fics, vids, gifs, interviews, official spoilers, etc. They basically are the reylo library of history :)






Of course there are hundreds more, so if you’re a mostly reylo blog - add your name!!!

WIP Wednesday

Here we go, it’s been a looong time since I posted something from the San Junipero AU. It’s still coming. Slow but sure. Or maybe just slow.

“Yuuko told me that you’re here almost every night,” Viktor says, hands in his coat pockets as he approaches the boards. Yuuri looks down to straighten his glove; Makkachin scales the bleachers again. “Nobody else is ever here?”

“I’m not sure many other people know it’s here,” Yuuri says softly, still looking at his gloves. “I, um, think I might have made this place? Accidentally? And there’s a bigger rink further into town, where I think people play hockey. You’re the first person I’ve ever—ever seen here, aside from me.” He turns and drifts away, skates gliding almost soundlessly along the ice. “It looks just like the rink I skated at in my childhood, you see. Before I moved to America to pursue my career.”

“Is that where you are now?” Viktor asks, skates forming on his feet as he steps onto the ice. “America?”

“No,” Yuuri says, but doesn’t elaborate.

“They must be more lax about their regulations on the system, wherever you are,” Viktor says, desperately trying to get Yuuri to tell him something, anything about himself. “Most visitors are only allowed on once a week, were I’m from. Any more than that and they start worrying about your ability to tell what’s real and what isn’t. Dissociating. That sort of thing.”

“That’s not…really a problem for me,” Yuuri says softly. “I don’t really have anything to confuse it with. When I’m not here, I'm…not anywhere.”

That close to death? Viktor wants to ask, but knows that some people are sensitive about that topic. Viktor is one of them.

Yuuri turns around and skates backwards as Viktor continues forwards. He tilts his head to the side and asks Viktor, “Do you remember any of your old routines?”

Viktor grins. “Darling, I remember every routine I’ve ever choreographed.” He taps his head. “I may not be much to look at nowadays, but my brain—that’s a steel trap.” For figure skating, anyway. He thinks he may have broken every promise he’d ever made to another human, but he’s never forgotten a single step sequence.

“You seem like plenty to look at to me,” Yuuri says softly. There is a blushing tenderness to his expression as he narrows his stride for Viktor to close in, the two of them now moving carefully within each other’s space. Viktor never skated with a partner, and his only experience with tandem skating was teaching students their routines, but he imagines that this is similar to what ice dancers feel. Tuning your body in to the fine frequencies of another person, reading the subtle movements of their muscles to decode how you, yourself, should move. Yuuri settles into a glide, pushes his hair behind his ear and asks, “Would you show me?”

“One of my old routines?” Viktor asks.


Viktor considers this. There are hundreds to choose from; after retiring he’d made his living coaching and choreographing several consecutive generations of figure skaters. He took over Yakov’s roster after his heart attack and then, after the man died and Viktor discovered he had been left everything, moved into Yakov’s house and built on a dormitory-style addition that could house ten students. Young skaters came from the world over to attend his ‘school.’ In the mornings, they got up before dawn and went straight to the rink. In the evenings, Viktor sat at the large dining room table with books, pens, pencils, laptops, tablets and ten students and made sure they were training their minds as surely as their bodies. It was a winning strategy; at one point, he had a National Champion from every continent on his roster.

Of course, he got old. He reached a point where teaching choreography was an impossibility, and like Yakov before him was forced to hand over the reins. But his love for the sport and for his art, the things he could express with his body and a pair of skates, never left him.

“Alright,” Viktor says. “I think I have one.”

Yuuri skates eagerly to the boards, which he lifts himself onto easily, skates thumping and leaving no mark. Viktor used to yell at his students for such a thing; but then, it’s not as if Yuuri can hurt himself if he falls backwards.

Viktor skates out to the middle of the rink. Around him, the lights dim as he breathes deep. The opening strains of a song barely remembered start quiet on the speaker system; Viktor wasn’t sure that there would be enough of it left in his mind for it to play, but it does. When he hears it, it’s like a reflex; his body still remembers this routine after so many years. It was a crowd favorite; his free skate for one of his last seasons and his gala skate from then until the day he retired. He thinks it had something to do with the sweeping, grand sound of the tenor’s voice, singing a song that anyone could understand even with no Italian in their vocabulary.

What he never told anyone was that for some reason, one day, he sat down and choreographed a pairs routine to the duetto reprisal from later in the opera. It was an idle thing, probably something he did just to see if he could. It’s one of those routines that has rattled around in his head, unused, for decades. He’d never coached a pairs team. He’d never had a reason to use it.

For some reason, as he performs this routine in front of a beautiful man in a world that doesn’t exist, it’s the only thing on his mind.

Stammi vicino, non te ne andare…

When he finally comes to a stop, arms folded over his chest and panting at the ceiling, lungs aching from the exertion—and isn’t that odd? That lungs can hurt in a place like this—he realizes that he only has five minutes left.

Yuuri is skating over to him, blades quick on the ice. Viktor looks to him, and sees a still-wet tear stain on both cheeks.

“That was beautiful,” Yuuri says softly, once he’s within earshot. “I’ve never seen anything like it. Now I know why you were so famous.”

Viktor hums out a laugh and reaches out a hand to Yuuri’s cheek, thumbs away the wetness there. Yuuri’s breath stutters and Viktor murmurs, “I’m sorry it made you so sad.”

“Not sad,” Yuuri whispers. “Just…emotional. I cry when I’m emotional, it’s something I’ve always done. I’m not sure why.” He reaches up his own gloved thumb to swipe away the other tear. Viktor feels somehow cheated; he wanted to wipe away that one, too. “What does it say? The song? It’s about love, right?”

“All the best songs are,” Viktor chuckles. Three minutes left. He drops his hand from Yuuri’s face and slides a little closer, until he has to consciously tip his head down to meet Yuuri’s eyes. “Stay close to me, never let me go.”

Yuuri’s eyes go wide, his breath hitching. A delicate and beautiful blush rises onto his cheeks.

“That’s what the song says.”

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243. “Oh, my God! You’re in love with her!” - Josh Dun and if it's at all possible to make the reader a photographer 🙈 and like Tyler is included too. Feel free to ignore this lol

I had known Josh before he was introduced to Tyler, I knew him before he was even in a band. We grew up together but we sort of grew apart once he accepted to be the drummer of Twenty One Pilots. 

It’s not like we needed to talk everyday but when we got together it was like no time had passed, since him joining though there hasn’t been any time for us to even get together.
I understood though, I wasn’t upset but I just missed him and his quirky self.

I’ve gone to a few of his shows in his old band and he always goes full force, you can feel the passion radiate off him.
You could tell this is what he was meant to do.
After those shows he would usually invite me to go hang out with the band and a few others, nothing crazy, just a laid back get together in someone’s backyard.
Nowadays, I get the occasional text from Josh of a funny picture or just a “How are you?” The conversation usually ends within a few short texts and I’ve begin to understand that he is just moving on and while I’m not saying I’m stuck, I’m just not going anywhere far.
It had been a few weeks since our last little conversation, I knew he was going on be leaving for tour in the next week so I sent him a quick text.

“Josh! I can’t believe this is all happening for you! I’m so proud of you! Stay safe, have fun, & don’t do drugs! Kidding, I’ll miss you, send me some cool pictures of places I’ll never go! Lol”

I really didn’t expect a text back, I can only imagine how busy they are getting ready for their first huge tour.
I pack up my camera and three different lenses and hop in my car to meet my first client downtown. Once I get there I scope out the downtown area for different spots to shoot the newlywed couple that would be showing up any minute.
I switch out my lenses and pull my phone out of my back pocket to check the time, surprised by the multiple texts received by Josh I quickly unlock my phone and wonder if everything is ok.

The first text - “Hey! It’s crazy and a little scary if I’m honest! Caffeine isn’t a drug is it? Because I am already having withdrawals from our hometown coffee. I’ll send you some sick pictures! I promise!”

The second text- “Actually I have some weird questions I want to ask you, wanna come over later? We are just having a small get together one final time before we leave.”

Followed by- “Ok, you have to come! It’s going to be sick! And Tyler wants to talk to you too, don’t ask. I’ll see you tonight squishy.”

Why he calls me squishy, I will never know or understand but it’s always been my nickname with him.
I quickly send him a thumbs up emoji, my clients are scurrying over to me as they are running late.
The photoshoot goes smoothly and runs late, which I never mind and people appreciate it.
I finish packing everything up and say goodbye, I pack my car back up and pull my phone back out to plug into the charger in my car and I have more texts from Josh.
This is probably the most he has talked to me in a while I laugh to myself and open the texts.

“It’s cool if you’re busy, I know you’re wanted lol. But maybe we can get lunch or something before we leave. If you want, just let me know when and where.”

“Tyler is insisting you come tonight! I mean I’m cool either way but I don’t think Tyler is.”

“Alright last text till I hear back sorry for bugging!”

I text him back before driving off, “I’m on my way! I had a shoot downtown lol, tell Tyler to give Jenna her panties back. Sheesh.”

I send it and drive over to Josh’s house.
It takes me about 25 minutes to get there, by the time I pull up there is barley any parking, I freshen up my makeup in the car and reapply my lipstick. I step out and lock my car doors behind me.
I get a nervous feeling, there are a lot more people here than our average ‘get togethers’ and more than likely I will only know a small handful of people.
I take a deep breath and open the door.

I’m instantly greeted by unfamiliar faces, I smile and try to squeeze between people and make my way to the backyard.

“Squishy!” Josh’s voice rings out from the kitchen.

I make my way over to him and he pulls me into a tight hug, he keeps his arm draped over my shoulder as he introduces me to the people around.
I hope he doesn’t expect me to remember any of these names though.
Tyler comes over to the other side of Josh and rests his head on his shoulder, one of the people step back and hold their phone up to snap a picture, Josh nudges me and I quickly cover my face with both my hands.
The group of people start throwing compliments to the picture as Josh had made that scrunchy face and Tyler is being Tyler and I simply have my face covered.

“Pretty sick.” Josh laughs as he looks at it.

The night goes on and Josh and Tyler are busy mingling, I found an open spot at a table in the backyard. I sat there and sipped on some water waiting to find a free moment to tell them both bye but it never came.
I was flipping through pictures on my phone when Tyler takes a seat next to me, I jump in my seat and he places his hand on my shoulder.

“Chill, it’s just me.” He laughs.

“Sorry, just a little tired. How are you though? I feel like I haven’t gotten to really talk to you guys.” I slip my phone into my back pocket.

“Honestly, scared. Like what if no one shows up? Or if people hate us live?” He puts his head down on the table.

I pat my hand on his back, “Tyler, you know people love you guys and aren’t all the shows sold out? I promise you guys will do just fine. After the first show of the tour al these feeling subside.”

“Thanks.” He says with his head still down, “I actually wanted to talk to you about something.” He sits up and looks at me.

“What?” I look away, “You are making me nervous, what is it?” I push his shoulder back.

“Ok, really. I’m just going to blurt it out.” He takes a deep breath in, “Will you come with us?”

“What!” I laugh out loud, “For what? Why? Are you serious?” I laugh even more.

“As out photographer! We need one, the one we had ditched us yesterday. You know us, our personalities and you are really good.” His look is serious now.

“Tyler, I can’t just leave for a year what about my clients I have scheduled already!” I’m not sure if I am trying to reason with him or myself.

“We have three people willing to pick them up and they can’t charge a penny more than you.” He places his hand on my shoulder again, “Just, just try the first month and if you hate it then no hard feelings. We will even find a back up for after a month if you call it quits. Come on? Please?”

I roll my eyes at his pleads, “Fine. I’ll give it one month.”

He pulls me in for a hug and then stands on the table, he screams out Josh’s name and he appears from the crowd, “She said yes Josh! She’s down for the first month!”

Josh screams out and runs over to me, I cover my face out of embarrassment and he wraps me in a huge hug, “Squishy is going on tour!”

That night I went home and started packing, they were leaving in three days so i didn’t have much time to get things in order.
I packed almost all of my clothes, blankets, pillows and every kind of toiletries.
The days passed quickly, I made sure every client was taken care of for the next month and I had to join in on the last few meetings to go over rules and boundaries.
They had provided me with another set of camera lenses specific for concerts and shows, which I was grateful for because I mainly did weddings.

The first day of tour arrived, I got introduced to the team probably three times in one day. We all hopped on the bus and the crew put our bags away.
All three of us sat there in silence as the bus started rolling.

“You guys are going to do great, you know that right.” I run my hand up and down Josh’s back in a comforting manner, “We should be celebrating you two!” I stand up and open the fridge and pull out three Red Bulls.

The first week of tour has passed, it’s hectic.
The energy Josh and Tyler throw out is really the only thing that gets me through the shows and then whatever is planned after the shows.
I have to run behind them on the stage for almost the entire concert, laying on the ground, getting too close to the grabby fans at times.
The mornings are usually really early, they have interviews to get to or just a new location to check into. Then the setup process and anything in the meantime.
I am there to capture every moment of this tour and I actually am loving it.
One of the crew members has been incredibly helpful, he always helps carry my film bag around and always has a water for me, sometimes a few waters if its an outside venue.

It was Sunday night, the last show of the first week.
It was an outside venue with a huge tent type covering. I was leaning against the side railing messing around with my lenses for the lighting.
Josh and Tyler were over by the piano and I snapped a few photos of them to test it out.
Kris, my new tour friend came up behind me and offered me a water.
He stayed there and helped me with some things in my bag and carried them behind the thick curtain.
We stayed back there and I was working a few different angles from the slit in the curtain and Kris was helping me find new angles that maybe involved less running.

“I don’t know about that Kris guy. He seemed cool but now he might be shady.” Josh’s tone was annoyed.

“What are you talking about? He is a huge help! Especially to out new born baby deer photographer.” Tyler laughs, “I feel bad sometimes that she has to run miles across the stage.”

Kris and I look at each other in shock at what Josh had just said, I shake my head towards Kris as he was going to get up and leave, he stays and sits with me as we listen.

“She doesn’t need help. I mean, we could help her if she needed it.” I can hear Josh pacing the floor slowly.

“Dude, when do we have time to help her? It’s not like he is clicking the button on the camera, he is just carrying her bags and making sure she doesn’t die of dehydration.” Tyler chuckles again.

“I don’t know, man. I don’t like him hanging on her like that.” Josh groans.

“Wait.” Tyler grabs Josh’s shoulder, “Oh, my God! You’re in love with her!”

Josh doesn’t say a thing, Kris and I have been sitting in silence but all of a sudden it became awkward.
We both stand up quietly and I nod to him to go ahead while I stay and listen.

“Since when dude? I had my thoughts about it but you hid it so well!” Tyler sits back down on his piano bench.

“I don’t know, for a little bit. I figured with tour I could come back and go back to being best friends but then you mentioned her coming with and I have to admit, I was stoked about it.” He lets out a sigh, “I haven’t even hung out with her in so long.”

“Well, if I had no idea I know she has no idea.” Tyler shrugs.

I go to get up and I stand quietly, I take a few small steps and sneeze. My heart drops.

“What the hell!” Tyler laughs as he pulls the curtain back, “Well she knows now.”

I cover my face as I come from behind the curtains.

“What were you doing back there?” Josh questions with his cheeks red.

“I was trying to get new angles from behind the curtain, it would mean less running but you guys started talking and I started listening. Im, I’m really sorry.”

“For once, I’m going to stay out of this.” Tyler walks off the stage with a light laugh.

“Josh, why didn’t you ever say anything? I never even thought..” He cuts me off.

“You never thought of me like that, I know. I understand why. You are worth so much more and for someone so much better.” He takes a seat on Tyler’s piano bench.

I stand in front of him and put my hands on either side of his face, “I was going to say, I never thought you thought of me like that because I always have loved you but i really am in love with you.” I close my eyes and let out a sigh of relief.

He looks up at me, his yellow hair matted and curly, his eyes deep brown. He doesn’t say a word, he pulls my waist close to him as he stands up and he presses his lips to mine.
My hands fall around his neck and our kiss grows passionate.

“Atta boy!” Tyler laughs out from behind the curtain.

I quickly burry my face in Josh’s chest with my hands covering the sides of my face.
Josh laughs and wraps his arms around me, he kisses the top my head, “Tyler will now be jealous the rest of tour and will refuse to leave us alone.”

“Oh my god, I can’t believe him. I’m so mad I could punch something. No, you know what? – I’m going to punch him, he deserves it.”

Callie clenched her right hand into a tight fist, eyes flaring in anger and a scowl settling in deeply along the crease of her brow.

“Right in the nose. He can have his precious plastics posse fix it up for him.”

Making a beeline from the bedroom, still clad only in her pajama shorts and a Johns Hopkins tank top, the brunette made her way across the small apartment with determination in her stride.

“You’re not nothing! You’re everything. You’re my fiancée – you are Sofia’s mother. You.Are.Her.Mother.”

Arizona scrambled from the bed, bare feet hurrying along the hardwood floor as she followed the other woman. She’d finally told her about the heated words that had been exchanged between her and Mark after the car crash and during their daughter’s traumatic birth. Mark had apologized of course, profusely, but she’d always known she would have to tell Callie someday – she had wanted to – but until her fiancée had made a full recovery, Arizona hadn’t been willing to upset her any further than the last four months already had.

It had been a quiet morning, a peaceful morning. Sofia was still miraculously asleep in her bassinet, and the two of them had been cuddled up happily under the covers talking – it had seemed like as good a moment as any. Arizona had anticipated that Callie would be upset, and emotional, but she hadn’t anticipated the outburst of furious anger that had lit up the other woman’s face almost immediately.

“Mark should consider himself lucky to parent a child with you. I can’t believe him, I can’t—oh, he is going to hurt when I’m done with him…”

“Callie, wait.”

“I’m serious, Arizona,” the brunette whipped around, hair messy from sleep, fist raised again at the ready, “it’s not okay. Just one good punch, right in the—“

“Calliope Torres you are not going to punch Mark in the face.”

“Oh yes I am—“

“Well not with that kind of fist at least!”

Callie blinked once at the sudden outburst that interrupted her, looking down as the blonde woman’s smaller hand grasped onto hers. Arizona mimicked her action of making a fist and held it up between them, thumb tucked under the edge of her forefinger, and she tilted her head with an almost exasperated – albeit slightly amused – expression.

“This is how you break bones, Calliope, and you can’t just go around breaking your million dollar surgeon hands. Any wife of mine is going to learn how to punch like she means it.”

Arizona blew some stray hairs from her face and shifted her fingers, stretching them out and slowly curling them back into a proper fist as she held it up for Callie to see. The brunette was simply gazing at her with a dumbfounded look on her face, the anger ebbing slightly from her darkened eyes, and Arizona smiled sweetly, nodding her head affirmatively.

“Always keep your thumb on the outside, like this.“

She picked up Callie’s now slack hand and formed it into a fist for her – nudging her thumb to curl around the outside where it should be.

“This way, when you hit your target, you’re going to hit him right across the proximal phalanges and your metacarpals will take the brunt of the pressure. They’re much stronger than your thumb, which you were about to crack with your first hit.”

The blonde looked perfectly innocent despite the words coming out of her mouth, and Callie looked at her closed fist, eyebrow arching slightly.

“Aren’t I supposed to be the bone doctor here?”

“Well, I thought so,” Arizona’s dimples appeared with a grin, “but clearly your fighting skills aren’t as advanced as mine.”

Arizona shifted her stance and sent a forceful, fast punch out into the air in front of her, and her fiancée’s eyes widened perceptibly at the clear strength behind the fluid motion. She knew Arizona was strong, obviously, having long ago memorized every perfect, toned muscle in the other woman’s body – but this was an entirely new revelation.

“I grew up with the name Arizona surrounded by a bunch of military brats. My dad taught me how to punch hard and fast so I only had to punch once.”

Callie’s hand unclenched from its own fist and she brought her fingers up to trail along the bare, lightly freckled shoulder in front of her – she traced the blonde’s bicep, completely unable to help herself, and bit back a small smile as she looked up to meet blue eyes.

“So…did you go around punching people out often, or?”

“Well…” Arizona paused a moment, considering her answer, “not often.”

Licking her lips almost unconsciously, Callie slid her hands to the smaller woman’s waist, tugging her closer across the small space between them.

“That’s kinda hot.”

“Just make sure you remember – thumb outside. I like your fingers to be in working order…”

Smirking slightly, Arizona slid a hand over one of Callie’s and tangled their fingers together, wrapping around the strong digits as she ran her thumb lightly over warm, soft skin.

“I’m furious at Mark…I still really want to hit him for saying that to you.”

The anger and aggravation flared across brown eyes again, but Callie let out a slight sigh at Arizona’s gentle touch – the hand still on her waist tugging the blonde firmly against her own torso.

“I know, and I love you for that. But how about…”

Glancing backwards in the direction of the bedroom, Arizona lowered her voice a touch and listened for any sounds from the tiny sleeping infant behind them. Hearing nothing but silence, she brought Callie’s hand up to her own and pressed a kiss against her fingertips, slowly and ever so lightly letting her tongue flicker out to trace around them.

“…we make better use of this hand right now?”

Swallowing almost audibly at the look in her fiancée’s eyes and the low, sultry tone of her voice, Callie could only stare for a moment, her body suddenly tingling in anticipation as a warm, wet tongue darted out to trace along her finger again and a pair of soft lips wrapped around it, sucking lightly.


Her eyes fixed on the blue ones in front of her, Callie stuttered slightly, nodding as a slow, satisfied smile tugged at Arizona’s face. Suddenly, her anger from earlier was definitely forgotten for the time being.

Anger could wait. Arizona was always a priority.

“…I can punch him later.”



Little Black Box
@alexfierrno @pjosecretsanta2016

In all of the eight years that Will had been dating Nico, he had never been so nervous to ask Nico a simple question.

What if he says no?

Will walked back and forth through the room, glancing every so often at the small black box on his desk. A voice broke through his thoughts.

“Dinner’s at seven, right?”

Will jumped a little, and quickly hid the box in his coat pocket.

“Yeah. It’s six thirty now, so hurry up.”

“Hurry up? You’re the one who’s been sitting in the bedroom for almost half an hour! What are you doing in there, anyway?”

Will quickly opened the door and walked into the kitchen. He hoped that his nervousness didn’t show through in his voice.

“Uh-nothing. Just… getting ready.”

He could tell that Nico was rolling his eyes.


Will heard the clink of the shower turning on, and sighed in relief. He sat down at the table, and pulled out his phone.

(A/N ~ is texting)

~Percy: Hey man, excited for tonight ;) You guys gonna be there?

~Will: Yeah… don’t spoil the surprise just yet. I’m worried though.

~Percy: Worried? If Nico didn’t love you, you two wouldn’t have been together for six years.

~Will: Eight.

~Percy: Right. Anyway, I’m positive he’ll say yes.

~Will: I hope.

~Percy: Gotta go, Annabeth wants something. :(

~Will: Seeya

    “What are you doing?”

Will jumped, and dropped his phone. Nico leaned in next to him.

“Nothing. Just texting Percy.”

Nico looked up at Will, raising his eyebrows.

“Are you alright? You seem kind of… tense.”

Will looked at Nico, losing himself in those dark brown eyes. He closed his eyes for a second, contemplating telling Nico right now. No. Wait for tonight.

“I’m fine. We should probably go, Annabeth and Percy will be waiting.”

Nico kissed Will on the cheek.

“'Course. I’ll go start the car. I call driving!”

Nico ran off through the dining room, grabbing the car keys on the way. Will got up, grabbed his coat from the hanger, and walked out to the garage.

Nico was sitting in the driver’s seat, as usual, even though Will was a much better driver. He leaned over in the car and pushed open the door.

“Your ride, sir.”

Nico grinned. Will loved it when Nico smiled. He seemed so much more… like himself. Will swung himself into the passenger seat.


Will rolled his eyes.

“You know where we’re going.”

Nico pulled out of the driveway.

“Yeah. Percy and Annabeth are going to be there, right?”


The car went silent. Will sat quietly, spinning his fingers together. Nico glanced at him.

“What’s wrong? You seem… nervous.”

He took a deep breath, and tried to calm down.

“Nah, I’m fine. I just haven’t seen Percy in a while. Pretty sure that last time we met, there was a fight.”

Nico laughed.

“You really think he’s going to remember? He can’t even remember my birthday!”

Will laughed, trying to brush the thought away. “I guess my birthday is hard to remember.” Nico’s eyebrows knit. “You remember my birthday, right?” Will turned in his seat, looking at him incredulously.

“You really think I could forget? It’s December 14th.”

Nico looked satisfied.

“Good. You have officially passed the test.”

“Test? What test?”

“The ‘I’m a good boyfriend’ test. You passed with flying colors.”

Will let out a low whistle.

“Didn’t even study for that one.”

Nico grinned, as the car pulled up next to the restaurant.


Will swung open his door, and raced around to the other side, just in time to pull open the driver’s side door for Nico.

“You get to drive, I get to be chivalrous. Also, pretty damn impressive restaurant, huh?”

Nico just nodded.

—- —- —- —-

After plenty of food, jokes, and lots of catching up, the double date was coming to a close. Will’s stomach churned, and he glanced at Percy, who responded with a quick wink.

The little black box in his pocket seemed get heavier and heavier each second.

“H-hey Neeks?”

Nico, smiling as always, turned away from his conversation with Annabeth, who gave Will a quick thumbs up.

Will stood up, his cheeks flushing, watching the growing confusion on Nico’s face.

“I-I’ve just been wanting to say that the past eight years of my life have been the best, and you’ve made me happier than anyone else, even if we had some rough spots. You’ve always been there for me, and I’ve been there for you, and-”

Will knelt down, pulling the box from his pocket.

Nico’s eyes brimmed with tears, and he brought a hand up to his mouth.


His voice was interrupted by the sudden realization that the entire restaurant, customers and staff, were watching them.

The click of the box opening echoed throughout the room, revealing a gorgeous ebony ring, braided with gold, with a heart shaped diamond mounted on the top.

“Nico di Angelo, will you marry me?”

taylor-tut  asked:

Yo, I'd love to see a Voltron fic where Lance gets a migraine before training but doesn't totally know how bad it's gonna get until it's already too late and people are yelling in his ear through his headset because he's not flying where he's supposed to be flying--because it hurts to open his eyes--and the rest of the team has to get him back to the castle, whispering a plan and shielding his eyes from the sun when they get him out of his lion and plopping him back in bed for the day

a minific for you! <3

[send me a prompt!]

“Lance, your three o’ clock! Your three o’—ON YOUR RIGHT, LANCE!

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They looked like princesses. With pearls in their hair, frills on their dresses, smiles on their faces and paint on their eyelids.

It made me feel sick. 

But no. They weren’t the problem. That was me. 

I had proudly applied mascara to my lashes and glitter to my lips. Sure my hair wouldn’t curl and my shoes wouldn’t fit but I felt pretty in that long black dress my mum had bought me. 

But now I felt sick. Sick when they saw me and said “oh you look pretty!” and reached for me. We all hugged. Since when do we hug? We don’t even talk. 

I nodded and smiled. Don’t cry I told myself. Be happy I told myself.

Be happy be happy be happy. 

I kept thinking it when we walked into the hall and they were all around us clapping. And cheering. And laughing.

Be happy.

When we sat down, they talked. They laughed. I talked and laughed too I guess.

Why. Won’t. You. Be. Happy.

“Are you okay?” a friend asked. 

“Yeah! Of course.” 

I wasn’t going to cry, I was going to be happy. I wouldn’t ruin this night for everyone because I felt stupid in my dress. They deserved better.

Then there was dancing and games and photos and eating. I told myself to be happy. And I was happy for some of it. 

Then we went home and instead of the relief I normally felt at being in my bedroom, I felt the night clinging to me. 

My feet were bare. My dress was off. I looked at myself in the mirror. 

And I didn’t feel happy. I felt like crying. And maybe I would because I could now. 

So I did. 

I cried away the feeling of being ugly and sad and uncomfortable. 

I was left with just myself. Standing in front of the mirror. 

And I told myself that it’s okay. That I shouldn’t feel forced to have a good time just because everyone else is. 

Some people like parties and make up. 

And, some people -

like me - 


That’s okay. 

So for the last time that night I told myself to be happy. 

And I was. 

Falling Apart (Barry Allen x Reader)

Request (by anon):  Hey can u please do a Barry Allen x reader writing where she and Barry are dating and Iris is dating someone (maybe Eddie when he was still alive Idk) at the same time. And then Iris breaks up with her boyfriend and then the reader just gets scared that bc of that Barry now wants to be with Iris but he convinces her that she is the one he loves just super fluffy pleaseee xx

Fandom: The Flash TV Series (season 1)
Pairing: Barry Allen x fem!reader

Warnings: fluff and a little angst
Word Count: 913

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God-Pharaoh Bolas Progress 05/15/17

The skeleton of the wings was actually finished last month, only I didn’t start making the armor for it until several days ago. The black layered parts should be green by tomorrow. This is gonna be big, like four-meters-wide-when spread big.

I had a difficult time coming up with the design for the wing armor. It’s easier to fit armor on avian wings (see: Akroma). Besides, I can’t just put armor on the forearm segments because of that extra membrane Bolas has. That’s why I decided on that layered scale/leather motif I’ve been using for the front of forearm segments while the rest get armor.  I’m also not sure whether to make the thumb hooked (as always) or pointing up and outward (as in the HOU art). I’m gonna decide on that during the next few days as I make them.