always with the scissors dean


You can’t help but smirk to yourself as you lean back against the counter. Sam and Dean stand facing each other, completely stone-faced as they hold one fist above a flat palm. “Are you guys seriously going to do this?" 

”‘Course we are.“ Dean readjusts his stance, still not looking away from his brother. "This is how we solve almost everything." 

"Not the best way, but fine,” you respond under your breath. Dean glares at you. 

“Alright,” Sam interjects. “Let’s go.” He raises his fist a couple of inches above his hand, and you watch as the two grown men bring their fists down three times before choosing a hand position. Sam chooses rock, and Dean chooses scissors. 

“Bitch!” Dean yells, spinning around on his heels angrily. 

Sam smirks and looks over at you. “Always with the scissors.”


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Pairing: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader x Sam Winchester.

Prompt: “I loved you like you were my own brother!”

Warnings: None. Just an idea that popped into my head. :)

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Shake it Off

Jared x Reader

Word Count: 1,207

Warnings: Language, things getting heated, pretty sure that’s it :) 

Requested by farewelldean (I hope you like it sweetie) - Ok can I request one where is reader is from the case of SPN and she’s at one of the cons with J2. They start playing shake it off and the part where is says ‘My ex man brought his new girlfriend’ she starts acting it out with Jensen, Felicia, and Jared. Jensen is the ex-man, Felicia is his girlfriend and Jared is the fella with the hella good hair. Jared gets turned on and they have a moment behind the stage?

A/N: This was definitely something different for me and it’s my first ever Jared one-shot. So of course for this fic, Jared is going to be single. Now I just want to say a big thank you to deans-colette for helping me out on this :) Honestly I don’t know what I would've done without you! :*

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Rock, Paper, Scissor, Lizard, Spock

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader (Y/N)

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: Sick whiny Sammy, geeky games, language (again if you aren’t Cap you won’t notice ;))

Word count: 1400ish (short I know sorry!)

A/N: So this idea grew out of the boys recent rock, paper, scissor games. I am really just having a little fun at the boys expense - mostly Sammy’s but I love them both to death so bare with me here. 

The fav show I mention is Big Bang Theory and if you are not familiar with the game watch this video

Never in your life would have imagined Sam Winchester would be so whiny when he was sick. I mean you had seen the guy be beaten, stabbed, shot… and barely a groan came over his lips but now he was down with the flu he had turned into the biggest baby you had ever seen. He was rolled up in about ten blankets in his bed and he was miserable. It was nothing more than the flu which he had more than likely caught from you so you knew for a fact he couldn’t be feeling half as bad as he was acting.

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Domestic Destiel thoughts

Some of my favorite domestic destiel thoughts:

-Cas and Dean arguing over who does the dishes. Playing rock paper scissors for it, Dean always loses because he always chooses scissors.

-Cas threatening Dean with all the rage of heaven if he doesn’t start picking up his beer bottles

-Cas waking up before Dean every morning and planting a gentle kiss on Dean’s lips causing Dean’s mouth to twitch into a sleepy smile

-Cas and Dean fighting over the remote

-Dean cooking his special hamburgers anytime Cas wants because he knows how much his angel loves them

-taking bubble baths together and making bubble beards

-Cas rubbing Dean’s sore back after a hard hunt

-Cas unable to keep his eyes off a grease covered Dean after he comes back in from working in the Impala.

-Going grocery shopping and arguing over who gets to push the shopping cart and who gets to carry the heavy items into the bunker.

-Cas kissing every one of Dean’s wounds and scars to let him know he loves every part of him

-Dean failing miserably at a romantic dinner because he’s so distracted by how beautiful Cas is that he burns dinner.

-Cas saying he doesn’t need the dinner, all he needs is Dean before placing a gentle kiss on Dean’s lips.

Winchester brothers-Rock, Paper,Scissors


Pairings: Winchester brothers x reader

Word count:1077

Request:Hi :D May you please do a sister oneshot where Dean and Sam have this thing with reader where they take turns spending time with her but it gets out of order and it ends up with the boys arguing and trying to get to hang out with reader cuz they love her lots and it ends in humor and family fluff c:

‘’Hey, Dean it’s my turn tonight’’Sam said as he picked up the large white pillow and hit it twice with his hand to plump it more. Dean shoved his toothbrush in the holder in the bathroom as he frowned with furrowed brows. 

‘’No, it’s my turn’’Dean scoffed as he padded out of the bathroom and straightened out his coat. Sam looked over towards his brother as they both looked each other down at the fact that they were both wearing coats. 

Sam sighed as he rolled his eyes as they both placed their palms out and held the other hand on top in a fist. Sam counted to three as Dean formed his hand into Scissors and Sam’s into a rock. 

‘’Dean, always with the scissors’’Sam mocked as he patted Dean’s shoulder.

‘’hey guys’’You grinned as you stepped into the kitchen and tugged on your coat. ‘’Who’s turn is it today?’’You asked. 

Sam flashed Dean a smirk before walking over and patting your shoulder much more gently than he did with Dean. ‘’Mine, C’mon bug’’Sam chuckled as he gently pushed you towards the front door. 

You, Sam and Dean always took turns going out to a cafe at night on Saturdays. It was just a family tradition and it was nice to have some alone time with each brother. 


‘’Hey, finish your chips’’Sam chuckled as he crossed his arm, elbows leaning on the table. 

‘’Sorry Sammy’’You pouted as you tried to finish your chips. You groaned and pushed your plate away with a shake of the head. Sam gave you a look as he raised his brow at you. 

‘’C’mon, bug. Just at least eat five more’’Sam reasoned. You sighed but ate what he said and finally pushed away. You braced your hands on your stomach where you could feel you were now bloated. 

Sam chuckled as he shuffled out of the booth, throwing down the money he grabbed your hand and walked out the cafe with you. 

‘’Ughh Sammy! I’m too tired to walk’’You whined as you looked up at him with the same puppy dog eyes. Sam grinned as he shook his head, brown locks sprawling about as he ducked down so you could hop on his back. 

‘’I swear all you’ve done is complain today’’Sam joked as he teasingly squeezed your knee. You giggled but buried your face on his shoulder as you felt your eyelids trying to pry themselves closed. 

You felt that familiar feeling of fear well inside you as you fought to keep your eyes open. Sam knew exactly what you were doing. It happened all the time. 

‘’Just go to sleep (y/n). I’ve got you, I promise’’Sam soothed. You were always to frightened to sleep in situations like this because you wasn’t safe and anything could take you and jump Sam. 

Sam was about to tell you to go to sleep when there was sound of footsteps padding off the floor. Sam turned around, hand twitching near his gun but sighed in relief and annoyance when he saw it was only Dean. 

Dean grinned a shit eating grin and Sam as he mimicked his earlier smirk before patting your leg. 

‘’Dean!’’You grinned, bouncing slightly. Sam grunted in annoyance as he flashed Dean a pissed look when you climbed off his back and hugged Dean. You know felt a little safer that Dean was there which meant it was both of your brothers to fight off monsters if they came. You couldn’t exactly fight off supernatural monsters when you were half asleep. 

‘’What are you doing here, Dean?’’Sam grunted as he forcefully smiled so you wouldn’t see anything between them. Dean grinned at Sam, humour and amusement in his eyes as he patted your shoulder. 

‘’Oh I was out for pie and saw you’’Dean lied and he and Sam both knew it. You remained oblivious to your brothers fighting and grinned up at Dean who smiled back down at you. 

‘’Oh, you just happened to head to the shop? That’s funny because there aren’t any shops near the cafe me and (y/n) went to’’Sam smirked, knowing he caught Dean out. 

Dean stumbled for words but as soon as you yawned both brothers snapped out of their arguments. 

‘’You wanna piggy back?’’Dean asked about to crouch down before Sam braced his hand on Dean’s forearm. 

‘’I got it’’Sam said but Dean scoffed loudly causing Sam to raise his brow. 

‘’No, I got it’’Dean said through gritted teeth. You began to noticed since they were both smiling like weirdo’s as if they had been sleeping with a upside coat-hanger in their mouths. 

You looked back and fourth as you ended up being squished between their chests as they stepped closer and closer to each other. 

Neither of them notice that they were pinning you between them as you gasped for air and tried to point out that they were giants and you were only small. 

‘’C-can’t..b-breathe’’You sputtered. They both looked down at the same time before backing away. Instantly they both bent down at the same time and crashed head. 

‘’OWH!’’They yelped before glaring at each other.



‘’SHE’S MY SISTE-(Y/n)?….’’Both brothers panicked when they noticed you were no where to be seen. 


They both began frantically calling your name as they spun in circles and raced everywhere to find you. 

‘’My phone!’’Dean yelped as he clicked his fingers together. Sam gave Dean a annoyed look. 

‘’It’s back at the motel, let’s get it then we call (y/n)’’Dean added as Sam nodded in understanding. 


Dean rushed in about to pick up his phone when he froze on the spot. Sam rushed in too but didn’t see Dean stopping until it was too late and bumped right into Dean. 

Dean fell forward with a grunt, Sam falling straight on top of him as he looked up. 

‘’(Y/n)!’’They cried in relief, both pushing each other to get to you first. 

‘’Stop! stop!’’Dean yelled making Sam freeze. Sam turned around to face Dean with a confused expression. 

‘’We can’t argue over her like this, tonight who know’s what could have happened to her.’’Dean nodded, proud of his responsibility. 

Sam nodded as he turned to your sleeping figure. ‘’Alright, I’ll stay with her tonight then’’

‘’I don’t think so’’Dean scoffed. 

‘’But Dean you just sai-’’

‘’Yeah, but I didn’t say you were staying with her!’’


‘’Rock, Paper, Scissors!’’

In Sickness (Winchestersxreader)

You were in the middle of watching Home Alone when Dean stumbled into the room in a fit of sneezes and coughs. He plopped down next to you and continued to cough, making it impossible to hear the movie.

“You mind keeping it down over there?” you said turning to him.

“Hey it’s not my fault it’s these allergies,” he said.

“Dean you don’t have allergies. You’ve never had allergies.”  

“That’s not true. Remember that diner in Illinois? I was allergic to that sandwich I got. I was sick for days,” he explained.

“By ‘diner’ do you mean the skeevy stand that was run by that guy that was obviously a hobo?”Dean began shifting uncomfortably in his seat. “And by sandwich do you mean that gooey lump he handed you that me and Sam explicitly warned you not to eat to which you responded “Don’t worry he’s legit he’s got a name tag”? Because if that’s the one you’re talking about I’m pretty sure it was food poisoning which is most definitely not allergies.”

“Well to be fair he was wearing a nametag,” Dean argued.

“Yeah, and it said Unicorn Enthusiast,” you replied.

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Heart - Part 2

Word Count: 2704

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“I’ll call 911.” You said as you stood back up and walked away. Dean bent down and took your place next to the mauled officer.

“I’d say Kurt’s looking more and more like our Cujo.” Dean grimaced.

“Dean, if he’s out here, we better check on Madison.” Sam said and quickly made his way to the Impala, brushing right past you.

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Something New

Originally posted by thewinchesterdaily

Summary: Dean Winchester stands in front of house in the small town of Smith Center, Kansas.  He recalls the day he met the home’s unusual resident.
Word Count:
almost 2,900
Pairing: Dean x OFC
Warnings: None that I can think of….
A/N: This is the first time I’ve ever really published anything I’ve written.  It’s the very first fanfic I’ve ever written, so please be gentle.  Let me know if you want more.
Also, a very special thanks to @iwantthedean and @kazchester-fanfiction for all their encouragement. 


Fall 2017

Dean had always come back to her.  Maybe he hadn’t always come back whole, but he consistently found himself in this place, in front of this house.  This was where he was best able to work at being complete.  Normal even.  She made him feel unexceptional, in the best of possible ways.  In her arms, in the bed they shared, and in what he thought of as home, he wasn’t the Righteous Man. No.  Here, in this most sacred of places, he got to be the man he could have been…if only.

He had never expected her, having long given up on the possibility of anything more than the occasional frantic, desperate tumble.  Dean was well acquainted with the hollow passion of these encounters.  Then there was her.  Everything about her was blinding, a lightning bolt, illuminating his constant darkness.  She came into his world, knocked him on his ass, and changed everything he was certain of. 

Two years earlier…

“Oh Dean, always with the scissors,” Dean says in his most mocking version of Sam’s voice.  "And, how exactly does paper beat a rock? It’s stupid,“ he muttered to himself under his breath.  His latest Rock-Paper-Scissors losses to Sam have done nothing but further sour his already terrible mood.  "Like I want to do these stupid errands at the crack of fucking dawn,” he complained while kicking a stone on the pavement.  He stops to look at the list of items Sam gave him to pick up from town.  "Yeah, sure Sammy, like Smith Center is going to have all your stupid, healthy, rabbit-food, crap.“

Dean looked up from the list to survey his surroundings.  His temper and the early hour had distracted him enough that he had wandered into an unfamiliar part of town.  None of shops on this street were ones that the Winchester boys frequented.  He was ready to turn around and head back when the most incredible, delectable scent washed over him.  He took a deep breath, and sighed, "Fresh baked bread. Oh God, warm sugar, vanilla, apples, and cinnamon. Pie?”  His head quickly swiveled from side to side, seeking out the source of the aroma that has set off a deep rumble in his belly. 

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