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Bless Steve Rogers, who, in the midst of everyone throwing down over the very idea of the Accords, actually tries to read through them. Keep reading, buddy! You’re almost to the section on the secret supermax prison hidden underneath the ocean!

Does anybody know anything about t-shirt prints?

I’ve always wanted some cool Ghibli t-shirts, but I’ve never been happy with the thousands and thousands of designs that are out there, hehe. So about a year ago I figured I would simply draw my own vector graphic and get my own design printed. So, I got one printed via Shirtinator, and although the result isn’t absolutely awful, it’s definitely not the quality I am after. The design looks dull and just not the quality of t-shirts you would get from retailers.

So does anybody know what method is best for printing designs onto t-shirts? Or do you know of any good websites? Maybe I need to adjust my design/colours for t-shirt prints?

I can’t use screen printing because my design has about 20 colours and also is used for large batches, and I will only be ordering 2 for myself.

That’s what the design looked like on the site, nice and bright and professional looking. But obviously the reality/result wasn’t as such.

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Au where Aleron and Theomedes (I know I spelled that wrong probably shh) are embarrassing Dad™ friends who play golf together, drink beer, and dance horribly. They chaperone school dances and wear matching ugly button up shirts. The only disagreement they ever have is who gets to pay for the Lamen wedding.

oh. my. GOD.

THIS ^^^^

theomedes and aleron are presidents of rival companies but they’re absolute besties. they’re always wearin awful barbecue dad shirts. probably hawaiian print. both damen and laurent before the wedding are begging “god please dad just for one day just for one fucking day wear something respectable”. theo and aleron turn up in identical suits, literally the exact same suit, with absolutely horrendous ties. i’m talking psychedelic floral print. donald duck. probably have those annoying shock gum practical joke things and at the reception they get absolutely plastered. 

meanwhile their wives are fashionable as fuck. egeria owns 50% of the business and is a highly sought after architect. hennike has her own business. it’s a fashion label. they collaborate once and it’s glorious. it’s probably sportswear. inundated with calls for them to do it again. outfits always so on point that high society wonders how the fuck aleron and theo managed to land them because these two gorgeous women, hairs only out of place if they’re meant to be, lookin fierce, artisan coffees worth more than ur mortgage, roll up besides two nerds in old man shorts and crocs who make shitty jokes all the time and won’t stop embarrassing their sons. auguste lives n is in a constant state of mildly amused by everything. gets calls from laurent at least twice a week “oh my god you won’t believe what they’ve done now it involves two circus horses, three litres of paint and public indecency.”

These are my Pokémon next generation OCs Ritchie/Hiroshi and Sakura. They are Ash/Satoshi and Misty/Kasumis children ~
The outfits aren’t final yet. Ritchie always have Pokémon prints on he’s t-shirt and Sakura always have a swimsuit on. I still can’t decide if they should have black hair like Ash or have this brownish color to be like a mix of Misty and Ashs hair… x,3

Can you guys guess who they are named after?

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Any fashion hcs?

i assume this is for trc & honestly i have some but not enough tbqh. they all basically boil down to “these kids are Not classy or fashionable”

blue probably identified as a goth in middle school but never really wore enough black to make the label stick. she still wears a decent # of muted dusty pastels but she embraced color again in high school. everything she owns is thrifted or modified or customized and she is a terrible, terrible dresser. her shirt with the baby-blue feathers sewn into the collar

also her hair isn’t a sleek bob it genuinely is a 90s horror of butterfly clips. 

and while i really like her being into pin/patch culture i feel like she’s more interested in clothes and their construction. that said she’s got a hand-me-down jacket of maura’s (or calla’s?) from the 80s with some embarrassing second-wave patches on them that blue is not educated enough to fully disavow or understand the context abt. (she wears it for like three months before maura gets so embarrassed she has to carefully cut the W*MYN POWER patch with the big uterus on it off the back. it predated maura meeting persephone & growing up a little and also that’s why she retired the jacket. persephone doesn’t act like she notices but it maura can tell she does.) blue’s got a ton of pins but they’re all like secondhand and not purchased new and they’re mostly slogans for bands and movements she doesn’t know enough to endorse or not endorse. 

ronan has never heard of matching blacks in his life. also he’s disgusting and all his clothes are heavily bloodspotted from a combination of scab-picking & failure to do laundry, and also ripped (shoulders from chainsaw, various other places from dream events and recklessness) and he picks at the rips and seams. he also wears fashion overalls and lots of douchey muscle tanks with slogans on them. a lot of his clothes are Really fancy fabrics or whatever like… he wears a lot of silk or weird dream fabrics just bc that’s what he’s used to. (when he wears a silk shirt chainsaw pulls half the threads with her claws in the first half hour and he ends up having to give the fabric to blue as “intentionally distressed). he probably buys t-shirts and socks and underwear in bulk instead of doing laundry.

henry also wears fashion overalls but he paid $600 for his and he refuses to get them dirty. he’s never bought anything in bulk in his life. (this is an exaggeration but he’s definitely the best dresser out of anyone here.)

adam’s clothes come from bulk bags at goodwill & his coca cola shirt was not a fashion statement. the boy wears camo cargo pants with rips in the knees bc he wears his clothes out until they fall apart. he’s probably the most careful with his clothes of anyone here. carefully doesn’t pick at worn seams or mothholes. 

i don’t know exactly how he’s going to feel about clothes when he’s got more money and more time but i Do know that clothing swaps are going to be Good for him in college. henry is also going to take this kid thrifting when they go to college together. for nice clothes that are flattering and not intended for destruction. because adam is the only person in this bar who actually enjoys looking and feeling put together. 

opal keeps her hair short and wears a skullcap because she like ronan is a picker/peeler and she pulls at her hair so it’s patchy. she wears a lot of skirts and ronan lets her pick out whatever shirts she wants from like, walmart so she’s always wearing like neon stiff-printed UNICORNS KILL DINOS shirts under her old fashioned pinafore. 

gansey is canonically a clothes ruiner who seems to ride right on the line between “throws clothes out when they become stained” and “doesn’t notice clothes are stained and keep wearing them long past when they should have been retired” and also he probably wears clothes off the floor long after they should ahve been put in the wash. he likes colors he loves colors he should always be eyesearing and embarrassing. he also probably put on a bunch of muscle over the course of the series like his weight settled so all his clothes are too tight and none of his friends will ever tell him because… arms. 

at some point in college gansey has a Philosophical Crisis and starts carrying a journal again & gets heavy round tortoiseshell hipster glasses and dyes his hair black in the dorm sink - he may not be CONSTANTLY FEARING FOR HIS LIFE anymore but the boy stays an anxious wreck imo - and his friends call him harry potter for like 2 years. @ that point he tries to dress serious in drab colors but he hates it and it makes him feel like his dad and he lasts like 2 months before he’s back to pink polo shirts and pastel shorts and trying to wash the dye out of his hair lmao. 

i don’t have a lot to say about noah that i haven’t already mentioned in my post abt his jacket full of ghost weed. OH!! he’s has frosted tips, the boy has got the worst case of 2006 in the whole world probably. that’s all i have to say about him.

The Most Puntastic Best Man Speech Ever

It’s finally here! Words cannot describe how proud I am of this. Have fun reading!

Nervousness washed over Matteo when Gastón asked for everyone’s attention. He felt apprehensive and queasy at the thought of what was about to happen.

Matteo eyed the vodka shot glasses warily. Not only was there a bet making the rounds for how many puns - space related or not - Gastón had put into this speech, there was also a drinking game going on in which all participants had to take a shot every time his best friend would make pun.

Ramiro and his cousin Vinny had more or less robbed the open bar as everyone that had agreed to be part of the drinking game had ten small glasses placed before them. Matteo couldn’t help but think about the bill. They would be indebted forever!

Still, he doubted that this was the exact amount of puns. That would be wishful thinking.

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calum is my bbq father who constantly wears floral print shirts and always puts a lil vodka in his lemonade and luke is my great uncle bob who does matthew mcconaughey impressions and is never wearing shoes so his feet smell like a turtle tank and ashton is my grandpa who yells about youths and reads the newspaper while he eats toast and can’t spell the word interchangeable and michael is my second cousin who once farted so forcefully in a target that he shit his pants in the middle of the aisle

Oath [a caulscott fanfiction] (part two)

yo! here’s part two of oath! (part one is over here) sorry this took a while! school took a toll on me, but hey, im alive! i loved writing max here, ahh. hope i got their personalities in check. also, concerning the first bit, the Max’s choice is a mix of the stay out of it and stop warren option. nathan isn’t as badly bruised as he in in the stay out of it option. like the other one, there’s an extended ending! thank you for everyone’s support and i hope to write more soon! <3

pairing: caulscott [max caulfield / nathan prescott]

type: fluff (?); angst (?) 

point of view: third person/ max [nathan for the last bits, including the extended ending]

summary: [contains some spoilers for episode 4] max realizes she might actually like nathan and finally acts softer towards him. nathan slowly gets confused with her actions and realizes that maybe she isn’t so bad after all.

word count: 3740


Alone Together by Fall Out Boy

Fix You by Coldplay

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I really loved //TODO: today and it led me here. I think your art is really great! I hope you keep drawing, your style is amazingly cute :D As a side note, would you ever consider selling art prints or something similar?

AH~~ Thank you for having played //TODO: today! ヽ(´∀` )ノ And thank you for the compliment! This got me so motivated! To be honest, it has always been a dream of mine to sell art prints and shirts. I’ll consider doing it when I’m sure people would like to buy them. (ʃƪ˘・ᴗ・˘)

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what are some light summer outfit combinations you reccomend that covers a lot of my skin? i live in a place where it's always sunny and 100+ degrees (F) everyday. i don't want to tan, but i tan easily :(

sheer jackets

fashion kimonos

button up shirts (can also wear unbuttoned like a coat)

embroidered jackets (the ones i have are made of v light and silky material so shouldn’t be too cumbersome in summer!)

long skirts

wide leg pants

my fave combos would be kimono + tee + midi skirt and sheer jacket + tee + wide pants! 

in all honesty tho, it’s not hard to invest in some sunscreen! it’ll open up your wardrobe options a lot and it’s so easy to apply and usually cheap. plus if your area is getting up to 100 degrees, any kind of covering clothing will probs be more uncomfortable than wearing sunscreen :<

Maybe, Someday.

I might’ve just binged ftwd, and as much as I kind of like Chris, I couldn’t stop wondering how much better the looting scene with Alicia would’ve been had Elyza Lex been there instead.

The guarded fence was annoying, you didn’t like to be caged in. Not that you really were caged in. Someone had conveniently snipped the fence on the far side, the means of how you got in. You could’ve left at any point in time, escaped the so painfully obvious facade of safety that was the military. But you found yourself sticking around, residing in some abandoned home with perfectly good beds and food. The downside to staying was the constant incessant tug of boredom. Books were hardly enough to escape anymore, and maybe if they’d find some way to get the cable working, you could finally catch up on those reruns of Friends.

You were laying on top of some car, arms spread out, legs dangling off the hood, allowing the sun to bathe over you. If you were going to force yourself to stick around, the least you could do was work on your tan.

The gentle rhythm of bike tires soothed you, a smirk coming to your lips, the misplaced ring of the bike’s bell breaking through the calm.

“Have you no respect for private property?”

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I don’t use Mr. Game & Watch, but I always make sure his bucket is full.

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The signs as Lads
  • Aries: hooks the piffest birds
  • Taurus: can always smash a cheeky nandos
  • Gemini: the archbishop of banterbury
  • Cancer: got #ladsontour shirts specially printed for your gap year in Barcelona
  • Leo: has the spiciest beef
  • Virgo: can neck the most pints down in 'spoons
  • Libra: absolute ledge
  • Scorpio: will shank u if the banter gets too high
  • Sagittarius: bantersaurus rex
  • Capricorn: has wanted to shag ur mum for the past 4 years
  • Aquarius: has a sick tv for all the squadron to come play fifa on
  • Pisces: runs down to the chippy when you're all hungry after some late night banter