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What does Devin like about Minerva? I mean she looks strong and kind, so how did these two start? :D

“We met when Devin was trying to get stronger. He signed up for a one year membership with a personal trainer at the gym I worked in… He was a bit of a pain to deal with at first–”

“But you love me!”

“Yes, I do!”

“She trained me to become strong and stuff but I sucked at all the workouts! She even had to help me out of a machine once! And she helped me when I broke my arm at the gym!”

“It… was a sight to behold. Those machines are meant to be very safe, but… Devin managed.”

“Yeah I did! I did GREAT!”

i would trade my heart and my soul for someone to draw me as wonder girl or wonder woman or just a themysciran princess in general ⚔️🌿

your girl needs a new icon picture

as always, only love will truly save the world,

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End of the dream  by Lichon


I’ve always loved this picture. Makes me laugh. Thinking about jumping into the lake during a forest fire and trying to take a self-portrait. All after my ACL knee surgery. It wasn’t the best idea to take a self-portrait in the water with a recovering knee. Nevertheless, the results are stunning.

My Mum travelled to her motherland Kenya in 2014 for the first time in 5 years. The sun was setting, the rest of the family were in the living room playing and talking, I caught this candid moment of her in reflection sitting on the balcony overlooking the street near her childhood home.

By Imran Suleiman

In 2016, KM were obsessed with arm wrestling. More specifically, Jimin constantly “challenged” Jungkook even though he clearly knew he would lose every time. And JK just went with it because of course he would.

By late 2016 into 2017, Jimin retired the arm wrestling shtick and started looking for other excuses to hold JK’s hand.

And as you’ve already mentioned, if you look very closely, you can see Jimin’s small hands kind of..lingering sometimes. I’m not gonna say outright that they’re doing this intentionally just to hold hands but.. I mean, come on.

“because even forever doesn’t seem long enough with you”

“i love you for all that you are, all that you have been, and all you’re yet to be.”

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