always wearing it right now


I could see all the stuff that was special to me. All the stuff that matters. I love you, Shelly. And I wanna spend my time with that. I mean, you know, if that’s okay with you.

My Princess

My Princess (m)

Word count: 3.8k

Genre: smut

I probably went a little too far with this, oh well. Although, this was probably one of my favorites i’ve written so far. Anyway, his was a request from an anon, hope you enjoy :)

Your boyfriend of one year, Jimin, decided for your anniversary he was going to take you to your favorite place, Disneyland. You two loved watching Disney movies together. You especially loved Beauty and the Beast and pretty much any princess movie. Jimin decide to even called you his princess. For your anniversary he made sure to get some time off so you two could spend a long weekend together.

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bts as boyfriends (namjoon)

♡  tumblr! boy

♡  makes you take his pictures for #KimDaily

over sized sweaters 

♡  “babe do you think we’d look cute with matching hair colors?”

“i don’t think i can pull it off like you do tho” 

♡  late night coffee dates 

♡  philosophical conversations

♡  “i mean yes, existentialism was defined, but i think there’s more, you know, a different side of it.”

♡ tickle fights that always lead to make out sessions

“are U really wearing heels right now?”


♡ “waiT BABE STAY RIGHT THERE” *camera clicks* “ahhhhh so aesthetic

♡ always brighten up your day with cheesy good morning texts

♡ possessive and overprotective af!!!


♡ says he’s on his way but he actually just leaving the house yet

♡  H I C K E Y S

♡ breaks the ring box while asking you to marry him

did i mentioned how he loves nICKNAMES

 “Y/N why are you looking like that???”


♡ he ends up tutoring you, giving u a kiss every time u solve the problem correct

a loving and caring boyfriend all in all

05/17 Esquire Duo-Interview, Part II

Link to Part I here.


Shin: Just like their namesake, idols are idealized beings. Beautiful beings that have been created in the most ideal form so that it’s impossible not to be loved by everyone. And since it’s hard to achieve that kind of existence, once you do get created in such a way, it’s only natural to be afraid to shed the skin of an idol. Of course you’d want to settle with what you’ve got. So the more Jonghyun reveals of himself, and the more he reveals his desire to go out and meet the rest of the world, it could actually make the people around him more anxious.

Kim: To be honest, it’s madness (to try to reveal my true self).

Shin: So why (are you doing it)?

Kim: The reason I had no choice but to do it was because I had (emotional) scars. I’m not just talking about the scars that have been inflicted on me as an entertainer. I’m talking about scars I’ve received as I’ve lived my life. The scars I collect as I continue to live my life. In the words I often use — growing pains. You know how people get stretch marks when they suddenly have a growth spurt? I have stretch marks on my waist, too. When I was young, I once wondered why it was that people had to grow. It was because I didn’t like seeing these stretch marks on myself. ‘If only I could have just stayed the same as I was when I was little, I wouldn’t have gotten these unsightly stretch marks. I wouldn’t have had to go through these growing pains. Why is it that we’re forced to grow?

Jung: You were already a philosopher at that age.

Kim: Ever since I was young, like a dreamer I would imagine things that made absolutely no sense. I found myself engrossed in philosophical questions that had no answer. I think the reason people continue growing even in the midst of pain and suffering is simply to survive. In order to survive, we inflict wounds on ourselves and persevere through the pain. I, too, got scars from trying to grow and I felt a need to bare those scars.

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Candice Patton: What’s in My Bag?

“I’m not fancy with my bags,” says Candice Patton. “I like a practical, putting-all-my-stuff-in-there kind of bag.” Currently, the 28-year-old star of CW’s The Flash (Tuesdays, 8 p.m.) favors a simple canvas backpack: “I like muted colors, brown or black.” She unzips for Us.


“I don’t carry a lot of makeup day-to-day, but I have to have my Clé de Peau Beauté concealer in Honey. I like a stick foundation because you can just smear them on your face and rub it in.”


“I’m reading In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. It’s about these British girls who go into the woods for a party. I’m only halfway through, but I think someone’s going to die. It’s being made into a movie by Reese Witherspoon.”


“I keep MAC blotting sheets. If I’m in L.A., the sun can start to melt your makeup, and I naturally get a little oily, so blotting sheets are perfect for that.”


Jesse L. Martin, one of my costars on the show, gave me a cashmere shawl by Kit and Ace. It’s really beautiful. I stick it in my bag — if I’m on a plane, usually I’m freezing.”


“I always have a hat. Right now, I’m wearing a NASA baseball cap, which is my favorite.”

Patton also carries Bobbi Brown stick foundation in Golden Honey, Dr. Hauschka lip balm, NARS lip color in Bahama, Gold perfume by Commodity, Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF, a Moleskine pocket calendar, a S'well water bottle, a Cool Enough Studio lip mirror, a banana clip, keys on a carabiner and her passport.

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Connor you're always wearing the same outfit and you're in a closet right now so like.. Maybe you should update your wardrobe.. Put something new on.. Or maybe something of Evans.. It would smell like him ;3

Connor: Also? None of his stuff would get even close to fitting me


all i know how to draw is cute girlss ;_;

(srry for no mags, didn’t have an idea for him yet)

You Don’t Have to Hide


Joe never really noticed these things when they hadn’t lived together. He would only seen Y/N after she had finished work or on the weekends where they had dedicated time to spend together.

 He had never really thought about it, her wearing makeup, because it made sense, she got ready in the morning for work and thats what she would look like when he saw her later that night. Or on the weekend, they would usually have plans to get out into London so of course she got ready for the day. 

But it wasn’t until they moved in together a few months ago that Joe began noticing things that Y/N did. That thing being that she always wore makeup. And although it wasn’t always her everyday or going out look, she always had to put a bit of concealer and mascara on even if they were just running to the shops late at night. 

Joe understood that she wanted to look nice but she would do it when they were suppose to have a nice chilled day at home. After she’d finish breakfast, or sometimes even before she even ate, she would put on her makeup. That part didn’t really make sense to Joe. 

Joe had told her on many occasions, particularly in the mornings, that she was beautiful and that he loved her so he didn’t quite understood why she felt the need to wear makeup when it was just the two of them.

Joe rolled over in bed to find the spot next to him empty. He sat himself up and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, the unmistakable smell of bacon hitting his nose. He rolled out of bed, picking up his boxers from the floor and pulling them on before heading downstairs. 

“Good morning” Joe smiled when he saw Y/N standing over the stove wearing his t-shirt from the night before. 

“Morning love” she smiled back. 

Her face was bare, like it usually was in the morning. This was really the only time he was able to see her like this and he loved it. She was gorgeous to him in every way and he wished she saw that too. 

Joe made his way into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around Y/N’s waist, placing kisses on her neck and shoulder. She leaned back in his embrace, letting out a content sigh as she continued to stir their eggs. 

The two sat together ate while they discussed their plans for the day. There were no meetings or events that needed to be planned so the couple decided to have a relaxing day at home after they popped into London for a few things. 

“Hey Y/N?” Joe asked as she made her way to the sink where she dropped her and Joe’s dishes.

“Hey Joe”

“Are you wearing makeup today?” Joe asked cautiously, watching as her actions stopped.

“Ah yeah. Why do you ask?” She said turning to face him, her back leaning against the counter top. 

“I dunno I just don’t think you need to, we aren’t doing anything today. I just feel like it would be a waste.”

“We’re going into London Joe.”


“So…” She paused, searching for the words to help her finish her sentence. When she realized she couldn’t, she hung her head low, avoiding eye contact with Joe.

“Love,” Joe said walking over to her, taking her in his arms. “you know you’re beautiful right?” She nodded her head into Joe shoulder. 

“You are. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met and you’re especially beautiful without makeup.”

“Its just…” Y/N pulled away and tried to make sense of her reasoning but she was lost for words because she knew he was right. 

“Its just what love? A pain to have to put on makeup before you even think about going out, or even staying in? You don’t have to hide from me, or anyone because I love you and I hope you don’t wear makeup to get other people’s attention.”

“No Joe I don’t.” She said with a small laugh. “Its just that I want to look good, for you or for your fans who we see in the streets.”

“Y/N you always look good to me. Right now, wearing my t-shirt and your pants with nothing on your face, I think you look so beautiful. And I know the subscribers we occasionally see think so too. And if they don’t, who cares? Honestly, because I don’t and you shouldn’t either.” Joe said pulling her back into him, wrapping his arms tightly around her. 

She let herself relax into Joe, bringing her own arms up to embrace him. The couple pulls back after a while and Joe leans in for a kiss before pulling away again. 

“So can we have a care free day and go out into London just like this?” 

“No not like this” Y/N said letting her arms fall from Joe. 


“Joe, we aren’t wearing clothes and you kind of stink. We can go out after we shower and change” She said making her way towards the stairs. 

“Are you coming or what?” A smirk etches across Joe’s lips at her words as he takes the stairs two at a time.  

autistic culture is wearing sunglasses when it’s overcast outside or it’s night because it’s too bright

autistic culture is wearing sunglasses indoors despite the fact that it’s not generally considered socially acceptable

autistic culture is always being asked ‘why are you wearing sunglasses right now?? it’s not even bright!’

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I have a headcanon/theory for why female characters in Sonic media are almost always depicted wearing clothing (Sally is the only one I can recall right now), while most males only have gloves and shoes. The reason is that mobian clothing is mostly for fashion, and no one would bat an eye if Rouge was walking around with only her boots and gloves on. There probably are quite a few fashionista males, just that we haven't seen them in the games.

I like your thinking, Nona!

I honestly have a similar in-universe explanation: clothing (or lack thereof) is a stylistic choice based on a Mobian’s personal values and needs. Athletic types like Sonic, Sally, Tails and Knuckles are less likely to wear clothing because it can catch and tear during activity. Meanwhile characters like Amy and Rouge want to portray femininity, albeit Amy an innocent kind whereas Rouge’s aims are more alluring.

I also suspect Mobians may opt to wear clothing to hide things about their bodies, like scars or a body shape that they’re self-conscious of. (It was canonically mentioned that Blaze is flat-chested and rather embarrassed about it I believe in the Sonic 06 manual? Someone can double check that if they like!)

I personally have a boy mobian clothed all the way up to the neck, myself. I see no reason canonical characters can’t be the same!

💌 Bucket List



Love the coat and the guy wearing it


Firefly Online: The Cast Returns - Sean Maher as Simon Tam

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I saw something about a blind Karamatsu AU over here? Could you tell me more about that?


It started off with me thinking, what if Karamatsu always wear his sunglasses because he’s blind? Then my mind went off and it got out of hand.

Imagine one day, Karamatsu doesn’t come home and the other brothers just brush it off as no big deal. He’s an adult, he can take care of himself. It’s probably another Chibita incident, whatever, and no one bothers to check up on him (call, text, w/e). So they all just go to sleep and then it’s 3AM and their house gets a phone call. Mama Matsuno goes to pick it up while the brothers are slightly disgruntled bc who calls at this time. Next thing they know, their mom is shouting at their dad to get the car bc they need to get to the hospital ASAP, which definitely got their attention. They tried to ask their parents what was going on, but they were too busy rushing. Ofc they find out next day that Karamatsu was in an accident and he was coming home soon today, and their mom warns them to be mindful of their brother. Karamatsu comes home, being lead by his parents and they reveal the news. Karamatsu probably had his distraught moment in the hospital, so he is trying to be strong for the sake of his family. Everyone is shocked and feeling a little guilty, but Karamatsu assures them it’s okay bc he’s the amazing Karamatsu, he’ll be fine. Besides, now he can always wear his sunglasses, right? Haha, no. I feel like Todomatsu and Choromatsu would get really upset at that comment and scold him for it bc they’re upset at what had happen, and it’s not something to joke about.

So afterwards, the brothers would be nicer to Karamatsu, but sometimes they would slip up, you know? Like if Karamatsu bumps into them or breaks something, sometimes one of them would yell at him to watch where he’s going or watch what he’s doing, and then they realize what they said and start apologizing. And it’s rough on Karamatsu bc he feels frustrated at himself, and he feels like he’s a bother. It sort of hurts when you have to get into an accident and become blind before your brothers really pays attention, you know? Sometimes he has a break down when he thinks that none of them are around, but I also like the idea of maybe one ir all of them catching him in the act of one.

That’s all I got so far, but def some more coping and helping Karamatsu get used to things.

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8, 34, 61, 74, 77, 94 💕

8. girls… (finish the sentence); boys… (finish the sentence).
girls love girls and boys.
boys are allowed to be emotional.

34. most attractive singer of your opposite gender?
that’s always gonna be pete wentz

61. are you wearing socks right now?
i always wear socks, so yes, and they’re pink with dinosaurs on them and they’re so cute.

74. what’s a song that always makes you happy when you hear it?
riptide - vance joy.

77. how can i win your heart?
bring me cherries or take me to the beach or take me to a theme park or take me to an abandoned building or let me take photos of you or take me somewhere where i can stroke cats.

94. you have the opportunity to sleep with the music-celebrity of your choice. who would it be?
josh dun.