always wear heels


I used to always wear heels on stage but I just realized how much better I move in trainers. I feel so confident in heels and now I am wearing a lot of baggy trousers and boxers with crop tops! So many times I have chosen to wear something just because it’s cute and I have spent the entire time pulling it down to make sure my ass isn’t coming out.


Being a model and meeting Eija Skarsgård at one of your first shows. Ever since then, you both have been good friends. When you’re both booked for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, you meet one of her brother’s, Bill, who is there to support her. Unbeknownst to you, Bill cannot stop staring at you as you strut down the runway and he plans to speak with you at the after party.


betrayed by the heels.



I’m So In Love With You

Summary:  ( Ceo!Bucky) You and Bucky spending some quality time together after him being at work nonstop.

Paring: Bucky x Reader


Warnings: Very fluffy and flashbacks in italic

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You wake up with the sunlight coming from the window; you turn around to see your boyfriend sleeping peacefully next to you. It’s being a while since you woke up next to him, Bucky was working nonstop on his company for the last couple of months, waking up earlier every day and getting home late every night.

You start to trace your fingers on his jaw, he looks so peaceful and happy that you can’t help but smile as you look at him. You get off the bed, putting his red sweater that was on the floor going to the balcony to his penthouse.

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A Century of Glamour Ghouls: 1940s

Irena Dubrovna in Cat People (1942)

The Movie

If the 1930s witnessed the birth of the horror film as a genre, the 1940s was the genre’s coming of age. Under producer Val Lewton, many of the most notable and enduring horror films of the 40s refreshed and advanced the motifs already finding firmament in the genre. At the same time, Lewton, Jacques Tourneur and other filmmakers established new conventions still used today.

Cat People (1942) was Val Lewton’s first big hit and it’s no wonder why. The characters feel fully modern and there is greater focus on how characters cope psychologically with the horrors that beset them. The costuming and visual design is tight and makes the most of a small budget. The cinematography was done by Nicholas Murasca, who also shot the stellar Out of the Past (1947) and was nominated for an Oscar for his work on I Remember Mama (1948). Simone Simon’s performance as Irena is convincingly lonely, brooding, and neurotic without ever going over the top.

The film begins when Irena Dubrovna, a sketch artist, runs into Oliver “Ollie” Reed, a marine engineer, while working on sketches of a black panther at the Central Park Zoo. They hit it off and she invites him to tea. Irena lives alone in a beautiful brownstone apartment in Manhattan. She admits that her only friends are her coworkers, who we never see in the film. Irena relates a legend about her village in Serbia. When her people were enslaved, they turned to witchcraft and satan worship. King John freed them from slavery and killed the satan worshippers, but it’s rumored that the most wicked survived. Irena and Ollie quickly fall in love, though, oddly, they never even kiss. They marry and still Irena maintains a distance. Ollie worries that Irena is obsessed with old-country folklore and it’s keeping her from committing fully to their marriage. Irena becomes increasingly upset that she isn’t able to be like other women. Her jealousy and neuroses are gradually building up. Ollie’s co-worker, Alice, suggests she go to see a psychologist Dr. Judd. Dr. Judd’s therapy seems to help but it’s too late for Irena and Ollie’s marriage. Ollie has fallen in love with Alice and Irena’s paranoia has been borne out. Can Irena cope? Are her fears about ancestral legends rational after all?

Like with Dracula’s Daughter (1936), which I covered for the 1930s, Cat People deals with similar conflicts of identity. However, unlike the Countess Zaleska, Irena isn’t sure who she really is and we follow her through the film on her journey - and get lost with her between the lines of reality and the imagined. It’s a fascinating and a modern feeling movie.

The Look

The costuming and styling in Cat People is incredibly consistent. The costumes were done by Renie, a very prolific costume designer primarily for RKO. Irena is a professional woman and her wardrobe reflects that. She’s always in suits and stylish dresses that keep a to the menswear-inspired silhouette popular in the 1940s that reflected the increasing commonality of women working outside the home. 

Irena’s stylish suits set her clearly as a modern working woman living in a very fashionable city but she’s always fitted with a few elements that put her just a touch out of step. Irena’s trademarks are large decorative brooches or corsages on her lapel, never wearing hats, and always wearing sling-back heels, even if there are inches of snow on the ground.

Cat People also uses one of my favorite conventions in horror movies, altering makeup, hair, and costuming as a character descends into whatever curse, thrall, or old evil is encroaching on their identity. It’s done quite subtly in this film. They take advantage of the season changing to have her whip out a winter coat of a dark fur-like material to evoke the black panther she has an increasingly morbid connection to. Following Ollie breaking up with her, her eye makeup gets just a bit darker. As Irena’s curse overtakes her, her hair gets a little less well-kempt and she’s seen less often with her previously ever-present head scarf.

The Clothes

The key elements of Irena’s costuming are her headscarf, tailored skirt suits with long-sleeved blouses and jackets, low slingback heels, and an ostentatious piece of jewelry on her lapel. And, of course, the black overcoat.

Since the costuming is pretty conservative, there shouldn’t be much difference between a closet and full cosplay. So this will just be one look with suggestions on how to ramp it up or down.

The Makeup

Makeup in the 1940s was relatively natural. One the US was involved in WWII, many products were unavailable so minimalist looks were in. However, wearing red lipstick was a must and considered a patriotic gesture.

First I laid down a base with foundation and powder for a matte look. Powder alone would be more accurate for the character IRL because foundation was still not a product most women would have worn in the 1940s. Do what you’re most comfortable with!

Irena’s eye makeup is minimal, focused primarily on lashes. I covered my eyelids with a neutral shade not too different from my skin tone. Then I took a taupe grey and ran it across my mobile lid, blending it very lightly above the crease. I took what was left on the brush and ran it along my lower lashline. I mixed a little bit of green in with the taupe and brought that only over the mobile lid to deepen the shadow. Green was one of the eyeshadow colors available on the market in the 40s and it was trendy to use shadows that matched your eye color. 

The lashes are one of Irena’s most striking features, so I went into the upper waterline with black liner to make my lashes look thicker.

I then applied a few generous coats of black mascara. If you don’t want to use false lashes, I’d recommend a good fiber mascara. I thought the falsies were a little too dramatic for Irena so I went without. Either way it should look reasonably natural.

Brows should be lightly filled with powder just slightly darker than your hair and not too blocky at the head. Irena’s are sharply tapered at the ends, so I used brow pencil for that.

Irena’s lips are small and pouty with a well defined cupid’s bow. I blended concealer into the sides of my lips and reduced the size of my lower lip just slightly to make them look more even. It’s the 1940s so of course I went for red lips starting with a lip brush to carve out the shape and filled it in with lipstick from the bullet.

To get matte lips that will stay for ages using a traditional lipstick, this is my great aunt’s method: Apply a full coat of the lipstick, use tissue to blot, then hold a piece of tissue to your lips and take a transparent setting powder on a fluffy brush and blend across the lips, lastly, apply another light coat of the lipstick to bring the color back up. 

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5′6″ is normal height?? Geezus, you sure know how to make me feel like a dwarf X3    -Ad Bloo



  • He noticed that you were almost the same size as him
  • Not that he was disappointed, but he always hoped that his girlfriend would be a tiny bit shorter than him.
  • Your first date had consisted of walking around a park; it had to be cut a bit short because you were wearing those killer heels.
  • You insisted that since you wear heels all the time, they don’t hurt.
  • But he was determined to get you some rest, since he does care for you a lot and would blame himself if you were inconvenienced in any way.
  • After many dates, he complimented your seemingly extensive collection of heels.
  • One day, you had surprised him at his house when he was cramming for an exam.
  • He saw you milling around the kitchen and hugged you from behind to thank you for your efforts.
  • It took him a minute to realize he was resting his head on yours. 
  • He pointed this out, “Have you always been this height?”
  • Without turning, you answer “Yeah, why?”
  • Had he been imagining things? “I could’ve sworn you were taller though” he mumbled. 
  • You had to laugh at him at that. “It’s because I’m always wearing heels on our dates. ”
  • Lightbulb moment.
  • Excited, Yoosung hugged you tighter. “Does that mean you’ve always been shorter than me?”
  • “Wow, way to rub in my height problems.”
  • You both laugh.


  • You had moved in with him soon after the RFA party.
  • And with you came dozens of pairs of heels, all packed in two boxes.
  • Zen was actually worried about where to place all of them.
  • After dates, he would offer to massage your feet often. To which you happily agreed to.
  • You were a decent height when you wore your heels; without them you felt like a dwarf around him. Zen couldn’t care less though.
  • Once he had asked if you wore heels because he was too tall or something.
  • One withering look from you silenced him.
  • “I wear heels because I WANT to.”
  • Once you decided to surprise him at his rehearsal.
  • You had worm a miniskirt and a cute top to match your heels.
  • When he first saw, his mouth ran dry and he almost forgot his lines.
  • “Your legs look like they can go on for miles!” He had said when you pair them with a miniskirt once.
  • You twirled around and winked “Is that a bad thing?”
  • The look that grew on his face made you laugh.
  • “Oh my god Zen control the beast.” You teased further. “Look at where we are…”
  • You know where this is going girl, don’t do it.


  • When you first came to the party hall, her breath was stolen by just how fabulous you looked.
  • The black dress with those mile high stilettos gave you so much CLASS, it was so hard to believe such an elegant person was the one who was cheering for her throughout those tiresome days.
  • Honestly, she was suddenly afraid of the proposition she had prepared in her mind.
  • “Would such a person even want to work at a place like a coffee shop?”
  • But one conversation was enough for her to realize that yes, you were the same friendly and supportive person you had been in the chat rooms.
  • Around the coffee shop, you INSISTED to serve the customers in your heels.
  • She wouldn’t allow it at first, since it was just inviting extra trouble.
  • When you wore your heels with the uniform, she changed her mind
  • But during shifts, she kept watch over you in case you tripped or something. But you handled it like a boss.
  • She still kept an eye on you though; the customers, both male and female, were looking a little TOO interested for their own good.
  • TBH you noticed too, but it was so much fun to see a jealous Jaehee at work.


  • When you moved in, he got an entire shoe closet built for you, along with a bunch of new pairs.
  • There was once this high class party where he took you as his date for the night.
  • And you wore your favorite royal purple pencil heels to go with the dress Jumin got you.
  • It turns out the party lasted longer than either of you would have liked. 
  • Jumin was actually worried how you were holding up, but you just smiled through everything.
  • When he noticed you shifting your weight from one leg to another from time to time, he knew it was time to get you out of there.
  • You were very confused when Jumin suddenly declared that you two were returning from the night. 
  • When you sat in the car, you couldn’t stop your relieved sigh as your poor feet finally got some rest.
  • Jumin was looking at you very pointedly. 
  • “Lift your feet.” “W-What??”
  • He brought your feet up and unhooked your heels. The edges of your feet were an angry red and you were very surprised at the blister.
  • “It’s been years since I got a blister.” You mumble in awe.
  • Jumin then proceeded to press and rub your feet, carefully avoiding the blister.
  • Your heart was pounding at the sight in front of you.
  • Jumin Han, Director and Heir of C&R industries, was massaging your feet on the way back home.
  • It was so relaxing that you couldn’t tell him to stop.
  • When you finally reached, you thanked him and reached out for your heels.
  • Only for you to gasp in surprise when he kissed your ankles.
  • “Don’t think you’re getting off the car by yourself, young lady.” He smirked.


  • He will 100% borrow your heels to match any female disguise for whenever he needs to go undercover…
  • Or whenever he feels like it lol
  • It was actually getting annoying that pairs seemed to go missing from time to time.
  • Eventually you just decided to co-own the collection; now anyone can wear any pair.
  • Girl, when you first saw HIS collection….
  • “Why do you steal mine when you have so many of your own?!”
  • He puts on his best pouty face “cause I’m bored of them”
  • Sometimes you both wear heels on your dates, even when 707 is in regular clothes.
  • Poor Saeran is embarrassed to be seen out with you guys.
  • If your feet are ever sore, he WILL carry you piggyback style.
  • You can’t stop him from yelling out “707’s TAXI SERVICES” as he zooms to wherever he’s parked his car.
  • Once he offered to massage them, but that turned into a disaster when he would tickle you instead.
  • “The taxi service has expanded into a spa as well” he had cheekily said.
  • You legit kicked the entire bucket of warm lemon water all over him.
  • Never again.


  • How do you…walk in them all the time??
  • When he had first seen you, literally the only things that caught his attention was the sheer enormity of your heels.
  • And when you danced in them and sometimes even broke out into a light jog sometimes…
  • He had some serious respect for you.
  • Almost always worries that one day you are going to misstep so bad that your ankle would get badly twisted.
  • Whenever there was any outing planned, he always made sure to specify when you could or couldn’t wear heels.
  • obviously you went against him multiple times.
  • He always had warm wet towels ready for you whenever you came back from your outings.
  • Once, Saeyoung was bothering him so much he literally grabbed the pointiest thing in the room… and it happened to be your blue stilettos.
  • Saeyoung literally backed away with his metaphorical tail between his legs.
  • Look like he has found his new weapon

Being 5 months pregnant was really starting to piss me off. I could barely fit any of my maternity clothes anymore. Justin and I were already late for a night out with all of our friends, but I just couldn’t find something to wear.

“Baby, are you going to be ready soon?” Justin asked as he came into our walk-in closet. I rested my right hand on my baby bump and gently caressed it.

“I don’t know what to wear!” I complained. Justin lightly chuckled and came over to me.

“Go put on your makeup, then I’ll find you something,” Justin told me. I happily sighed and pecked his lips.

“Thank you, baby!” I told him, then I went into our bathroom and did my makeup and hair. I decided to just wear my hair in a low ponytail, and then a kind of casual makeup. I finished and went out of the bathroom, where I saw the most beautiful dress laying on the bed. I had never seen the dress before, but it was my size!

“Justin, where did you get this dress from?” I asked Justin as I put it on.

“I bought it a few days ago, do you like it?” he asked me as he helped me zip the dress.

“Like it? I love it!” I told him, then I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Thank you,” I told him, then I pecked his lips and afterward I went into our walk-in closet to find a pair of shoes to wear.

I had always been able to wear heels, so I found a pair of turquoise heels to match the dress.

“Okay, I’m ready now,” I told Justin as I grabbed my things.    

We met the others at the restaurant we had made reservations at. We greeted everyone and then we all sat down.

“Y/N I love your dress, where did you get it from?” Gigi asked me as she sat down beside me.

“I actually don’t know, Justin picked it out for me,” I told her, “If it hadn’t been for him we wouldn’t have been here yet,” I told her, which made her chuckle.

“Whoa, your boyfriend has a really nice taste for clothes, to you, not so much for himself,” Kendall said, which made me chuckle.

“You’re right,” I told her, which made Justin gasp.

“Hey! I have feelings too, remember?” he asked us as he pouted. I bit down on my lip and winked at him. Justin sat down beside me and placed his hand on my baby bump.

“Is she kicking?” he asked me. I shook my head and looked at him.

“But she’s laying kinda awkward because I can feel her laying mostly on my right side,” I told him. I grabbed Justin’s hand and moved it over what I believed was her head.

“This is so unbelievable!” Justin said, then everyone felt the need to feel my belly. They eventually stopped as I told them my princess was pressing my bladder, and it didn’t really help that they were pressing my belly, too.    

About 4 months later I was ready to give birth, but I and Justin’s princess apparently wasn’t ready to come out, so I went a whole 13 days over my due date, which was pissing me off, and clearly Justin could feel that because he spent most of his hours in his studio leaving me at home, completely alone! I could barely get out of bed because of my swollen feet and my really big belly so I spent most of my hours laying in bed watching TV and reading my “What to expect when you’re expecting”-book. But one day I decided not to stay in bed. I was actually feeling really great, which Justin noticed, so he decided to stay home.

We spent the whole day figuring out what clothes we would bring out little princess home in until I suddenly felt a really uncomfortable stabbing pain in my lower belly. I groaned and started making faces. Justin was quick to react. He grabbed me and helped me downstairs, where he made me sit on the couch.

A few minutes later the stabbing pains came back, which made me scream, it was really hurting.

“I’m going to take you to the hospital, maybe our princess is on her way,” Justin said, then he helped me up and got me out to our car.

We arrived at the hospital 20 minutes later. Justin was actually taking this like a real man, which made me smile widely.

Justin got me inside, where he called out someone to bring me to a private room. A nurse came over to us and brought us to the room Justin apparently had reserved in case I went into labor before my due date, or in this case 13 days after my due date.

“The doctor will be here to check on you really soon, in the meantime, I suggest you get changed into something else because jeans will be really hard to give birth in,” the nurse said, which made me smile.

The nurse left, then Justin helped me undress and then get dressed in one of the hospital’s shirts. I then a few seconds later got a contraction. Justin grabbed my hand and helped my breathe to make me focus on something else.

The contraction soon went away and the doctor came into our room.

“Hello, Mrs. Bieber,” Doctor James said as she came into the room.

“I’m just going to check how open you are,” she told me, then she made me open my legs.

“Looks like I don’t even need to check, you are definitely 10 centimeters open,” she told me. “I’m just gonna get your midwife, then hopefully at the next contraction you’ll be able to push,” she told me, then she went to get a midwife.

I looked up at Justin and smiled at him.

“How come you take this so calmly?” I asked him as I grabbed his hand.

“I think I’ve read your book about pregnancy like 3 times,” he told me with a chuckle.

“When?” I asked him.

“When you were asleep, I could never sleep, so to make time pass I just read your book,” he told me, which made me smile at him.

“I’m sorry I’ve been so pissed the last few weeks,” I told him, then I started crying.

“Aww baby, it’s totally okay!” Justin told me, then he pecked my forehead.

Not even an hour later I was able to hold me little princess in my arms.

Justin and I had decided to call her Alba Victoria Bieber. Justin had chosen Victoria, I had chosen Alba.    

Today it was Christmas Eve, which meant Alba would be celebrating her first Christmas. I had been so excited for this day, so had Justin. Alba was only 7 months old, but it was like she understood something way going on, even though I know it’s kind of impossible.

For Justin and I, Alba had been the easiest baby in the whole world. She slept a lot, and she barely ever cried, which had made us want to try and have another child. I was planning on telling Justin and our families that I was pregnant again at dinner.

At dinner, we all sat down at the table. Justin was feeding Alba and everyone else was talking to each other. I decided this would be the perfect time to tell them. So I cleared my throat and gently used my knife and my glass to get their attention. Everyone looked at me. I stood up and cleared my throat once again.

“I know you were all caught up in your own conversations, but I have something important to say,” I told everyone. Pattie smiled at me, so did my mom, I think they already knew what I was about to say.

“First of all, thank you to all of you for making Alba’s first Christmas amazing,” I said. I looked down at Justin and grabbed his hand, I squeezed it lightly, then I looked around.

“Because Alba has been so easy Justin and I decided to try to have another child, which has finally happened, and we are expecting another child in about 7 or 8 months,” I told everyone. Justin gasped and stood up, then he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight.

“Is this really true? Are we having another child?” he asked me. I nodded my head and wrapped my arms around his neck, then I placed my lips on his. Everyone else was completely quiet until Alba decided to start laughing. She most had thought everything was too quiet. We all looked at her and started laughing with her, this was truly perfect!  

Please tell me what you think of this imagine 😊 I hope you liked it? This imagine was written a few months ago, so bare with me 🙈

BTS REACTION: see how short their gf is due to her always wearing heels

Jin: he would think you very very feminine and sexy with your heels. When you came home and slipped off your heels, he was so shocked at how short you got! He thought you were adorable and cooed at you. The rest of the night he would treat you like his baby.

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Suga: this guy is not every tall, so he would love when you just wore regular sneakers or flats. He would get used to you always wearing heels but one day when you both went out and you opted for sneakers, he loved being able to stand behind you and rest his chin on your head and getting to be all cuddly with you since he is now taller.

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J-Hope: this guy is about average height, so you wearing heels wouldn’t affect him very much. He loved your sleek, sexy look with heels, but he also thought you were adorable when you would wear your flat adidas all-stars. He loved having you feel comfortable with him and comfortable with your height.

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Rap monster: He loves a sexy woman, so he would LOVE you always wearing heels, BUT he enjoys when he sees your dressed down with some red converse on and all naturally beautiful. He would love your height since he is pretty tall. He would pick on you but only because he loves you!

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V: this cutie is so sweet and so accepting, he would feel hurt that you would never let him see your natural height by always wearing heels! One day he secretly hid all your heels, so you only could wear flats and when you were ready to leave for a date, he jumped in awe at how adorably small you are!!!

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Jimin: JIMIN WOULD LOVE THAT YOU ARE SHORT! He loves to feel like a man, a protector, a hero for his S/O, so with you being shorter than him will increase his manliness ego A LOT. He would become overprotective and would always smile whenever he saw his shorty walking his way!

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Jungkook: he would tease you non-stop! This boy is really growing and is getting super tall which has me shook and probably would shock his S/O! Since he started to get bored with teasing Jimin, he decided to change things about and make fun of you and your height. The first few times it was funny, but when he started to hurt your feelings, he would immediately stop and pull you into a hug while saying he loves you.

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Sparks Chapter 9

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Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 2.2K

Summary: Bucky volunteers to be y/n’s date at a prestigious scientific gala y/n is invited to speak at. Bucky’s feelings for y/n grow and he catches himself gaping at her. After the gala they go back to y/n’s apartment for take out, a movie, and a sleepover. They share a bed once again but this time y/n feels different. After a violent attack with an intruder Bucky saves y/n’s life and realizes he would do anything for her: including kill.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 80 pages. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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High heels - Colton Parayko (smut)

Requested by anon: Hi could you do a parayko smut where the girl is way shorter and smaller than him please (also I love your writing)

A/N: Okay, I completely did not follow my list but i wanted to write this. Whoever requested this, @carey-pricemas loves you.

Word count: 1839

Warnings: smutty. dirty. swearing. all the bad stuff.

Master list

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“Do you want me to give you a piggy ride?” Colton asks, looking at the frown on your face.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do more taller Kori and shorter Dick?

  • When Dick and Kori go to concerts together, Dick is almost always on Kori’s shoulders so that he can get a better view
  • Kori is always self conscious about wearing heels because she doesn’t want Dick to think she is “too tall” but anytime Kori does put on heels Dick responds the same way, with a two syllable “daaaaaaMMMMNNNN”
  • Mar’i likes the fact that her dad is shorter then her mom because it makes her feel special. All the couples she sees on TV show a taller man and shorter woman but the fact that her mom and dad are the opposite makes her happy.
  • If they are standing still for a long amount of time, Kori will rest her arm on Dick’s shoulder. She is the only person that Dick would willing be an arm rest for
  • When they sit on the couch together, Kori is the one who pulls Dick closer and he rests his head on her chest while she holds him. When they tried to do it the other way it wasn’t comfortable and they prefer this way anyway.
  • When they walk, they can’t walk holding hands for the most part so instead Dick grabs her arm and holds onto it. Kori not only prefers this to hand holding but loves when Dick does this and usually holds onto his arm as a response.

Listen, really tall/small rival otps are great, but imagine: SAME HEIGHT OTPS. Them being pissed af once they figure it out???? and trying to one-up each other ALWAYS????? One wearing heels to be taller then the other wears taller heels than they both keep going until they can’t even stand. So, seriously, same height otps.