always watch this to make the day better

I’ve been watching Jack for a LOOOOONNG while, and I can happily say that he has made me a better person, with a better attitude towards things in life. He has always made me happier during the day and even when I’m not feeling well. He makes me so immersed in his videos and the games he play, not only for the mood, but for the way he acts, and I love it! ❤️ (I put a LOOOOONG while because “awhile” sounds like a short amount of time and I’ve been watching him since.. FOREVER.. So that’s why it’s different :D) 

if you’re having a bad day: 

1. exercise - sweat it all out, you’ll feel really good about it. 

2. have a warm bathe - sing your lungs out in the shower or just stay in there till you feel really relaxed. 

3. blast out your favourite songs - not those sad ones, but those that get you singing or dancing along with it. 

4. watch a sad movie - you can’t always be smiling pretending nothing is wrong am i right? cry it out, it will feel ten times better. 

5. do things that makes you happy - spend some time alone and let your body recharge by doing things that you love (e.g. reading, walking in the park, cooking) 

i’m not sure if these will help you but there’s no harm giving them a go. they never fail on me whenever i feel really gross and moody!! 

Oihina friendship!


- Oikawa teaching Hinata how to do a power serve (something that Hinata still lords over Kageyama to this day) and cheering when he finally gets it

- (still not as good as his though, something he’s always pointing out)

- Oikawa and Hinata watching Star Wars and Star Trek respectfully, and debating which is better.

- Them trying on skirts together!! Natsu also gets in on the action and tries to put make up on them, and Oikawa laughing and teaching her how to do it properly.

- Practicing Volleyball together- by that we mean Oikawa serving at Hinata and yelling at him to receive. Sometimes he’s scarier than Kageyama mainly because of how relentless he is. 

- or “practicing volleyball together”- basically Oikawa and Hinata talking about Kageyama and Iwa. 

- (”Tobio Chan?” Oikawa wrinkles his nose, “are you sure?”

“You like someone who looks like a turnip, Oikawa- senpai”)

- Iwaizumi and Kageyama shocked when they see them together, Kageyama more than Iwa, of course, and try to separate them but in the end, they cant because they are so damn cute together.

Bangtan Boys as toddlers
  • Jin: potty trained since birth because 'wearing diapers is fashion suicide', that one kid who buys the girls Lego sets
  • Taehyung: cutest kid but will creep you out eventually, always getting sent to the naughty corner for laughing too loud
  • Jimin: becomes obsessed with something different every day, doesnt wear sandals because theyre 'not cool', makes up lies to look better 24/7
  • Yoongi: brings every latest trend into his kindergarten and becomes the coolest kid, thinks its funny to pretend his parents are randoms kidnapping him in public
  • Jungkook: "I'm 5 i know things i need to know", binge watches Arthur every day, plays with a ball in the house and breaks stuff
  • Namjoon: Falls over 24/7, gives relationship advice to his parents from the age of 4, learns to talk really early
  • Hobi: scares other toddlers, loudest scream on the planet, his favourite thing is pop top juices, screams, screams louder, cries, screams
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Fannibals always want to say Happy Birthday to each other, but sometimes it can be hard to know when everyone’s birthday is!!!! TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR FANNIBAL WISHES TO FLOW - join this spreadsheet!!! 

Leave as much of your info as you’re comfortable with under your month!!!! The sheet is editable so you can type right into it, just watch out that you aren’t accidentally deleting anyone else’s info!!!

Ex: October 16th - Ro, Tumblr: The-winnowing-wind, Twitter: Moondancer1626

Edit - I made a tumblr to post Bday reminders - will try to keep up :) SO FOLLOW IT!!!! 

when will I find someone who brags about me to their friends and family and sends me cute messages at night when I’m sleeping and will share awesome music with me and let me wear their shirts and go on adventures with and watch all our favorite movies with. someone who’ll know how to calm me down when I feel anxious and always know how to make me smile when I’m sad. someone who’ll gladly carry me on my bad days and rub my back to make me feel better. when will I find my home. I know relationships aren’t the end all be all of life, but I’m getting pretty tired of being single.

anonymous asked:

Smol s/o who had a dreary day and goes back to their habsuit with mtmte megatron and they just cuddle or smthing sweet,, I really love your writing it always manages to make me feel better- keep up the great work!

Thank you sweetie! This was a really cute prompt ^.^

You were exhausted. That morning you’d woken up on the wrong side of the bed, and from there it’d just gotten worse. It seemed nobody was watching where they were going and you nearly got stepped on several times. Whirl had been especially temperamental, Tailgate constantly complained to you about “relationship issues”- though those two things may have been connected- and to top it all off you hadn’t been able to see Megatron all day. He was too busy, probably with cleaning up one of Rodimus’ messes. You huffed and pushed away the thought; that wasn’t fair to Roddy- this whole day had just made you tired and grumpy. Groaning, you dragged your feet through the hall.

Finally you made it to your habsuite. Good thing too, because you felt ready to keel over.  You trudged halfway to the berth before you were gathered up in strong, gentle servos.

“Megatron!” you gasped. “I didn’t see you when I came in!”

Megatron smiled at you- the smile reserved especially for you, the one that lit up his optics. He pulled your favorite blanket from his subspace and lounged back on the berth, wrapping you up and settling you on his chest. The blanket smelled freshly washed.

“I’m not surprised,” he said, petting your head. “You look drained. Was it a rough day?”

“Mmm-hmmm.” You nuzzled against the warmth of his chest to hear the whirr of his spark. Megatron’s servo came up to rest lightly on your back. A contended sigh left your lips as he caressed you. The fatigue melted into soft sleepiness as your muscles unwound and your spine relaxed; you couldn’t have been more comfortable if you were lying on a cloud. You mumbled a barely-there goodnight as you drifted off.

“Goodnight, My Love.”

Always Watching

So, you guys know how I draw little Bill Cipher doodles in my students’ notebooks and on their papers sometimes, right?

I was mainly doing it to make grading more interesting for myself.

…And maybe fun and educational for my kids.

Well, I was grading notebooks a few days ago when I started noticing something…




I am so proud. Terrified, and proud. 

anonymous asked:

I absolutely ADORE your art style. I've been following you for several years now on twitter and tumblr and I have loved watching you grow as a person and artist. I'm incredibly jealous of the simplicity of your style that still manages a detailed look and your painterly coloring skills. You've been a huge inspiration to me and if you have any tips on simplifying a style to make drawing comics easier I would love to hear them. Thank you so much. Your work always brightens my day!!

this message made me tear up anon. you’re so sweet im tearing up again. thank you so much

ANYWAYS WEEPY STUFF ASIDE what i usually do, both to simplify a certain character design AND nail it better, is just simply to draw it over and over again! as i draw that over and over i usually find that their design gets more stuck in my mind, and also lines simplify themselves as i go! it’s usually “why make that hair 30 different shapes when i could just do it in 5?”

also, shapes are MAD IMPORTANT. thinking in terms of shapes instead of lines helps me a lot! like, this head isnt this line and this line and this line, it’s just a circle with a bigger circle under it. BAM! simplified.

hope that helps!

31 Days of Self-Care: Day 13

Cheer someone up today. What are some things you can do to make a friend in need feel better?

1. Spend time with them, whether you watch a movie or YouTube videos, or play a game, or do something creative, or just lay around with them all day. Be with them.

2. Bring them something. It could be food or a pair of cool new socks or even a drawing or poem you made for them. Everyone likes receiving a gift from someone who cares about them.

3. Listen to them. Let them know that you will always be there to listen. No matter what. This can also get your friend to trust and open up to you more.

4. If you can’t be physically with them, text them, call them, FB them. Something. Let them know that you are thinking of them, and that you are just a click (or a few clicks) away. Even if they do not answer back, they will still get the message that you love them, and that they have someone to go to.

“Ten? Try Thirteen Million bitch, get on mah level.” -Jack *cool patrol kid* (Doodle to Jack) 

Congratulations Jack on 13 Million! Grew so fast! I remember watching you vids years ago, man those were the days, and you got even better through the years! You always had a place in my heart, and everyone around me could probably tell because.. well I kept screaming “top of the morning to ya ladies” and I got a trash detention from that, but who cares, you stay in my heart anyways :) *can’t blame you for my stupid actions*

Keep making the amazing vids, and I just want to tell you, that without you, my art wouldn’t have gotten as much recognition, so I really need to make you a bigger thanks 

I know that you won’t see this apart from other pieces of artwork and posts that tagged you, but the fans you’ve made always bring each other up, so that is already you viewing it to me :)


003. Quirks

Summary: The little things he loves about you.

Ch: Tommy, Arthur, John, Michael and Finn

Warnings: none

Tommy: Tommy would never admit it being a man of total honor and respect but he loved the way you stick up for yourself, especially against him. No matter what the case would be, you’d always find a side to argue and agree on. Just watching you get all flustered, red chest, pushing chest and deep breathing, it just turned him on.

Arthur: Unlike himself he loves how calm you are, content with just staying home, reading books and sometimes visiting the theater. He enjoys the simple view of watching you, sipping his gin, noticing how much you really are into the book you haven’t left in hours. And admitting how beautiful you truly are.

John: No matter of how much of a shit day he’s had, you always make it better. As soon as you see that look on his face you know the day was rough. You usually make him his favorite dinner, followed with tons of kissing on the lips, cheeks and forehead, lastly giving a back rub before bed, not asking him about what happened because you already knew he didn’t want to talk.

Finn: Finn loves how sweet you are, no matter where someone is from you greet them with open arms and heart. You will help anyone you see, homeless, tired, hungry, thirsty, etc. This also include animals due to you bringing them home from the cold and him not being able to say no to that beautiful face.

Michael: There is something so sexy to Michael about how independent you are. No matter man or woman you will state your opinion and give them hell. Even though it annoys him when you constantly fight him on almost everything he secretly loves it but will never admit it.

Preferece #13-Christmas Traditions


Every Christmas Eve you and Dean make a gingerbread house. Some years it comes out better than others, but there is always, laughter, good times, Christmas music- classic rock Christmas music, of course- and a whole ginger bread house to eat! 


You and Sam watch a Christmas movie every day leading up to Christmas. You put the names of all the Christmas movies you have in an old Christmas Tin and pick out a movie out of it every night. With popcorn, hot chocolate and other sweets you cuddle up in bed and watch the movie before getting ready to sleep. 


You and Castiel liked to keep an Elf on the Shelf around the house, and it was a personally competition to see who could scare the other by putting it in the strangest spots. It lead to finding the elf in some very interesting places, and lots of laughed and screaming when you found the creepy little guy unexpectedly. 


The tradition you and Crowley made on Christmas Eve was to give each other one present to open before you went to bed. Usually it was something like a new blanket or a coffee mug for the morning, but it could be anything really, and it made both of you all the more excited for the morning, when you could open up the rest of your presents!


So after watching @therealjacksepticeye play “it’s always Monday.”
What he said was so meaningful and when he said
“ go message a friend or a complete stranger and tell them you care.”

I did .
For the past few days, I’ve been messaging random strangers and I love making a difference, Jack has inspired me to help others and I want to make a better difference of this generation.

So go out there and make someone’s day worthy and make them smile, tell them you care.

Dating Terry McGinnis would involve:

1. Terry giving you his jacket when you are cold because he would rather he suffered the cold than you. 

2. Him buying you flowers every so often to make up for missing or turning up late to dates. 

3. Staying over at his whenever he has the time (being batman means he is very busy). 

4. Wearing his t-shirts to bed because they all smell so damn good. 

5. Taking long hot showers together. 

6. Passing notes to you in class so that he can make your day just a little bit better. 

7. Him telling you not to worry whenever something bad is happening in the city that he has to deal with, you believe and support him but that doesn’t stop you from worrying. 

8. No matter how crazy things get, he always finds the time to call you every night to tell you how much he loves and needs you. 

9. Eating junk food together is one of your favourite things to do whilst watching scary movies/tv shows. 

10. Terry being a total dork (everyone thinks he’s this cool, mysterious guy when really he is the biggest dork you could ever meet). 

Guys, gals and nonbinary pals!!! @thatsthat24 i know you probably won’t see or read this but if you do, i want you to know that you’ve been a huge inspiration in my life and i love watching your videos, they always make me smile and feel a little better even on the worst days! (Ik, it sounds cliché, but i’m gonna say it anyways!) Thank you for existing ❤️☺️🌷

I had a completely awful day. Wretched, even. It had nothing to do with One Direction or this fandom at all. It was “real life” stuff.  I just watched the clip of Niall finally getting the “chonce” joke in Sheffield and it made me feel so much better. 

This band is messy. I’m messy. But as long as they make me happy when I’m sad or happier when I’m happy already, I’ll keep doing this. No matter what happens, I’ll always have this part of them. 

I just think that’s important to remember in these hard times. 

BTS reaction to you still being in school:

(A/N: Turns out I didn’t do this reaction yet BUT after I told someone who had requested it that I already posted it thinking I actually did… I’m sorry for the misunderstanding and here is the post to make up for it! Enjoy ^^)

Rap Monster:

“If you need any help just ask.. I’m always here to help.”

He’d wink playfully. Every now and then he’d look over your shoulder while you’re working on stuff to see how you’re doing or try to help you with a problem that he knows really well.


“There’s no problem with having an education.”

After a stressful day, his smile would always make you feel somewhat better.He’d be super understanding that you’re still in school. In fact, he’d be proud of you at times.


“You actually want school? Hm.. Whatever makes you happy!”

He wasn’t the kind who prefers learning but he wants you to be happy with whatever you do. Sometimes he’d just watch you in awe as he enjoyed your focus.


“Aww! Look at you! Learning and being a smarty. You’ll have a great future that’s for sure.”

No matter what you did he made sure to support you one hundred percent. He’d fix you snacks to help your mind focus better.. Or so he believed.


“I have a feeling you’re going to be smarter than me..”

He’d pinch your cheeks whenever you studied because of how proud he is of you. He would make sure you get the perfect balance of eat, sleep, study, and repeat.


“Education is not for everyone but clearly it’s for you.”

He’s not really the kind of guy who cares what you do but he surely is proud and happy with what you’re doing. He’d check on you every now and then to make sure you’re not over working yourself.


“I can help you with that. I think we just got done that section..”

With him having plenty experience in school, he wasn’t afraid to help you especially when he saw you struggling. He’d do his best to encourage you. He’d like to think of himself as your teacher ;)

Vikings - Short Sentence Starters
  • “Why did you not tell us earlier? Did you not trust us?”
  • “There will come a time when you will be responsible for our people.”
  • “I have something I only trust you to do for me.”
  • “Now that I see them up close, they seem so much less frightening than I supposed.”
  • “Harsh are the gods!”
  • “I always believed that death is a fate far better than life, for you will be reunited with lost loved ones.”
  • “I see you are making yourself comfortable here as well.”
  • “Forgive me, but it seems to me that our destinies are already locked together.”
  • “This adventure was doomed from the start.”
  • “Well, there is never much use in arguing with you.”
  • “The gods are mistaken.”
  • “We’re all fated to die on a certain day, yes?”
  • “But do not think I offer nothing in return; I tell stories.”
  • “Power is always dangerous. It attracts the worst and corrupts the best.”
  • “What if I ordered you to stay here?”
  • “Tell me, why should I ever trust you again?”
  • “Who needs a reason for betrayal?”
  • “You two are very different, yet both strong.”
  • “Our whole lives are just stories.”
  • “I have a duty; I am a responsible person.”
  • “You betrayed my trust, but most importantly my love for you.”
  • “We’re all free to do as we please.”
  • “Wherever you go, I will follow.”
  • “Why do the gods give with one hand and take with the other?”
  • “You cannot warm up a dead man.”
  • “I always knew in my heart that I would see you again.”
  • “I want to know what is essential to life. What is really important.”
  • “We women bear heavy burdens.”
  • “I have no answers, only truths.”
  • “I will make something truly astonishing.”
  • “You don’t think of anybody but yourself.”
  • “I feel trapped in all this happiness.”
Periods and Littles

Hi guys!
I know it’s pretty hard to feel little on your period, with all the pain and pads and tampons you have to deal with, so I just wanted to make you a list of ways to feel little even when you have to deal with a big girl thing like your period

-fun colors!! pads and tampons both can be found in a variety of colors! get some cool colors to have fun with. I always choose my fave color for the day when I go out and have to take tampons with me

-heating pad!! when you’re feeling all crampy and gross, use a heating pad! you can make your own if you don’t have one, I’m sure Google has some easy tutorials, or just get a cheap one from the drug store! cover your heating pad in stickers and glitter to make it a little toy to make you feel better

-if you’re feeling crampy, watch some cartoons! cuddle up with alllll your stuffies and turn on some cartoons with your heating pad. taking a couple Advil or Tylenol will help with cramps too.

-tell your mommy or daddy if you have one!! I’m sure they’ll know some creative things to do. or they could always just rub your back or tummy for you if you don’t feel well

that’s all I can think of right now, maybe I’ll add more later, but for now, I hope you feel better!!! the cramps will pass, the blood will stop, and you can go back to being little!!!
I love you all ❤️