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RFA: Walks In To Zen’s Shower

[Warning: May contain spoilers, read at own risk]

I elaborated all the point-form scribbles from random scribbles that I typed in my notepad awhile back. Here’s RFA members + V + Saeran’s reaction with MC as Zen’s S/O. It’s my first attempt, hope you guys like it! - Mod Yoo.

The RFA is having a post-celebration for yet another successful fundraiser party from the night before. This time it’s Jumin’s turn to be the host. As expected of the corporate heir, he had already hired some of the country’s top culinary professionals as the occasion’s personal chefs, to collaborate with his private chef to serve up a special luncheon. Halfway through the luncheon, Saeyoung “accidentally” spilled not 1 but 2 cans of Dr. Pepper (he brought a carton over, very surprising) that he furiously shook in an attempt to prank Yoosung, who somehow manage to pull off a quick dodge since boy plays sports, and the drinks unloads ALL onto Zen’s back, he didn’t anticipate it cos he’s busy feeding MC. Saeyoung let out a quick yelp and took off running after Yoosung while Saeran ponders about having such a dorky twin. Groaning with frustration, Zen is left with no choice but a bath to get rid of the sticky, sugary mess he’s in. “Feel free to utilize one of my guest bathroom, it’s all yours.” Jumin said sniggering but continued: “I’ll have Driver Kim get a new set of clothes, it shall be ready by the time you’re done cleaning up.” Barely able to keep himself from yelling at Saeyoung and Jumin, Zen mutters quiet thanks and excuses himself from MC to go in for a shower. *Personally, I feel like Zen would be the type of guy that takes long bath, to ensure every inch of his perfect skin is taken care of; plus, he’d totally make full use of those luxurious products simply laid out in Jumin’s guest bathroom.*

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You Comfort Him When He Gets Hate

Ethan // Ethan and I had been planning on hanging out today for the past week. Slowly but surely today arrived and I was excited. As I was slipping my shoes on getting ready for my ________ (mom/dad/guardian/sibling) to drive me over to his house, he called me.

“hello?” I answered my phone.

“hey babe, I’m not really feeling to good I think we ought to reschedule today.” he said his voice cracking.

“Ethan what’s wrong?”

“I just…” I heard sniffles coming from the other line.

“I’m leaving right now, I’ll take care of you.”

I got dropped off at Ethan’s house and knocked on the door. Grayson answered and let me in.

“he’s in his room, pretty upset. he wouldn’t let me comfort him.”

“okay, thanks Gray.”

I walked up the stairs and knocked on the door to Ethan’s bedroom.

“go away Grayson. I said leave me alone.”

I opened the door.

“I’m not Grayson and I’m not going to leave you alone while your upset.”


“what’s wrong?” I asked sitting down. He later down and rested his head in my lap and I began stroking his hair.

“everyone hates me.”

“why would you think that?”

“on my last vine everyone keeps saying how I’m such a douchebag and I’m different now.”

“Ethan you’re growing up, you’re going to be different but I can’t stress enough how many people love you, how much I love you. You’re a sweetheart and certainly not a douchebag. ”

“you think?”

“I know baby.” he tears now stopped.

“your amazing Y/N. you always know what to say.”

“no your the amazing one.” I said placing a sweet kiss on his lips.


Grayson// I was sitting at home on my couch when I got a text from Grayson.

‘I need you.’

I immediately got up and slipped my shoes on. I began walking to his house which was two neighborhoods over from mine. I got on his front porch and knocked. Cameron answered.

“Hey Y/N, you’re here to see Grayson I’m assuming.”

“yeah.” I said giving her a small smile.

She let me in and I went to Grayson’s room. I opened the door to see him laying down on the bed crying.

“Grayson?” I questioned, my voice suddenly small.

He didn’t answer instead more tears fell from his eyes. I walked over and laid down next to him and pulled him into me. he nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck and I ran my hand up and down the length of his back to help calm him down. After a while he stopped crying.

“you wanna talk about it?”


“I’m sorry Grayson.”

“it’s fine.”

“no it’s not but I want you to know that your parents love you, Ethan and Cameron love you, you have amazing fans that love you, and I love you to bits and pieces and those awful people saying stuff about you don’t know a thing because you’re a gift Grayson, and you’re funny, and smart, and handsome don’t even let me get started on how handsome you are—”

I felt his soft lips on mine.

“I’m good, thank you so much princess. you always make me feel better.”


#those Tokio Hotel things: Judgments

Gay: This is such a common judgment when you see a guy wearing makeup and caring about fashion style. I can understand that if you look at people like that for the very first time and wonder: “Is he gay?” I have same moments sometimes. But I’m not like, “You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys”, making fun of them without caring about if it hurts them.

Emo: It’s a right judgment, the only right one here, people. Tokio Hotel does make emo music. Not all the song. Not in a certain one. But their music has a few emo in some parts, you can easily feel it in Don’t Jump, By Your Side. In Your Shadow, etc.

When I saw someone said they were emo and a fan said they were not, I was a little bit confused. I mean, emo is not so bad. I love emo. I understand it so I love it.

And if you google “Emo bands”, you might see your favourite bands over there. I see My Chemical Romance and Bullet For My Valentine, well, they make emo songs too.

Just a lucky band with good look: I don’t know about other fans but I fell for their music when I heard Monsoon playing and when I checked what song was that, it was a lyrics video. And the way I feel a song isn’t looking at the performer and checking out if their look is worth fangirl-ing about, I care more about how good it sounds. 

And Tokio Hotel had the hard times just like the other bands too. They had a huge start with the debut song “Durch den monsun” and when you ask a German about them, they probably can sing the chorus of the song but it’s not the only spark in their career, it’s not one hit wonder. Years to years, they have won a lot of awards, being one of Germany’s icon, being the reason why a lot of people want to go to Germany and live there instead of America or England, though learning German should be listed in the most hardest things to do in the world T___T

Cute drummer cannot kick ass: I kind of want to know what if Gustav worked in a metal band or played a drum solo in a concert to show you he can kick you in the ass. This adorable man started playing drum when he was 4 or 5 years old, you people. But you can’t hear strong drums in Tokio Hotel’s songs because if you could, it would be a drum track with the rest as background music -_-. Well, the fact is Bill Kaulitz can’t do metal music, deal with it.

On the wane: this is funny because one again, they’ve just won the Fan Army Award on OMA 2013 and MTV EMA 2013’s Biggest Fan Award. If there is any fan army race, Alien is always one of the strongest competitors. It’s almost 5 year since the last album “Humanoid” released but the flame is still burning hard and I can’t define this kind of thing. Love? Hope? Loyalism? Come on, in 5 years, the fans must have known a lot of great bands, had someone cooler to fan girl on, even got married and kind of “over”, “move on”, but why are they still here? Why?

The twins are too outstanding so the G will soon leave the band: I’m pretty sure that the G doesn’t have more fan than the Kaulitz twins, they seem not to be the one who always hold the mic and talk. But a band can’t be a band without drummer and bassist, you have to admit that. And if 13 years ago they ignored the twins performing in a small stage as a soulmate call, they couldn’t go this far.

This one is for other people, Aliens definitely know how much fun having the G around.

Still so gay: I used to cry over Bill when I saw his recent photos acting like …gay, wearing this kind of clothes and then I thought, he’s been living like that for his whole life, it’s his style, it’s a part of him, it’s him the whole time. Things change but he found himself in the very first time and he lives it. Now I’m like, okay, whatever, I still love him even if he’s gay, bisexual or… impotent. My love for him is a pure love, come on.

Nothing but the look: don’t you think Georg is no one in the band. I heard this rock fan said “basically bassist is always flat”, and the first time she actually noticed Georg was when she saw him playing… piano in “World behind my wall” music video. I think Georg is the most handsome member, but it doesn’t mean he’s the most boring one. Aliens know how important he is. It’s a proved fact, we don’t have to say more. Keep wasting your time judging him, we will spend our time loving him \m/.

Changed: What changed about Tokio Hotel are, attention everyone, the Kaulitz twins’ hair style, and the way Bill have a lot of fashion styles instead of T-shirt, black jacket and jean like the old days. Otherwise, their music doesn’t change at all. Just a little bit hip hop tune in some new tracks, to make them catchy, that’s normal thing. They still write songs about the old topics with the new sound, that’s called “creative”, not “changed”.

I know some Aliens left the band for other fan girl life, that’s their decision, I can’t change them. But I hope you won’t turn out like, “loving them was a waste”, “now they suck”, “my life was nothing before (the new idols)”. I don’t ask you to be loyal in a fandom, I ask you to respect what you felt and feel.

Well, in the end, the true fans will stay :).