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Types of people you deserve in your life:

- kind friends who care deeply about you, love to spend time with you, keep your secrets and don’t talk badly of you behind your back. they make you loved and worthy of love.

- compassionate people who understand your secret problems and flaws. they support you without judgement, don’t abandon you and help you get better. they stay with you until the storm is over.

- patient people who don’t get angry or frustrated easily. they teach you things, whether it’s life lessons or math problems. they aren’t tired of explaining things over and over until you understand. you aren’t afraid of making mistakes anymore.

- fun spontaneous people who are always up for an adventure, whether it’s going to a coffee shop or their house to binge watch movies. there’s less time to lock yourself in bad thoughts, and they give you days to look forward to.

- people that inspire you. you admire their qualities, whether it’s intelligence, dedication, kindness or strength. they make you want to change your life and be a better person.

- people that feel like home. you could be doing nothing and it would still be comfortable. there’s something about them that makes you feel ok again. as long as they’re there, life doesn’t seem so hard anymore.

honestly, deku probably could have gotten into UA even if he didn’t get all might’s powers. like, sure, there’s no way he could have been in a class for future pro heroes, but UA offers support class & marketing too. he could have been great at marketing analyzing heroes is literally his Thing. the fact that no one in his life actually went “okay, i see you’re really interested in this, but we both know the main course isn’t the place for you, so why not do what you can in a different course” just shows how badly public school failed him

My personal experience with the signs

Aries: such a babe, so caring and lovely, we understand each other so well, so passionate about the things and people they love, always up for an adventure, if you hurt them you’re really gonna have to fight to get their respect back

Taurus: cuddly smol thing, loves food and taking pictures of food, can strike up a conversation with anyone, prefers staying in over partying, v stubborn, likes driving around listening to old music

Gemini: soulmate, best friend in the world, so weird and crazy, party animal, often fuckboys/fuckgirls, never runs out of things to talk about, loves attention from the sex they’re attracted to, sometimes it seems like we’re telepathic

Cancer: the cutest, ridiculously funny, very shy but comes off as a bit arrogant at first, once you get to know them they’re the best! them mood swings™ tho, wants to spend time with their s/o 24/7

Leo: so friendly and approachable, often has many talents and interests, always busy with their hobbies, can be savage and heartless when needed, often very dedicated to their s/o

Virgo: comes off as cute and innocent at first but is secretly a freak, so helpful and kind, random humour, often likes talking to many different people instead of having a committed relationship

Libra: LOVES books, very smart humour, so indecisive, always wants your opinion on things, even if you drift apart they will always have your back, falls in love easily, can be very passive-aggressive 

Scorpio: often loves bands, is secretly very sexual and often attracts people easily, so happy and positive on the outside but often secretly sad on the inside, wants to include everyone

Sagittarius: (my sign!) loves parties, dancing and meeting new and old friends, gets crushes easily but doesn’t fall in love easily, optimistic and adventurous, sometimes too spontaneous and impulsive, can be a real bitch sometimes and cares too much about what other people think, dirty mind

Capricorn: great with money, would do anything for their family and friends, very funny even if they don’t always show it, can come across as quite cold and distant but are often quite silly once you get to know them

Aquarius: falls in love easily and doesn’t hide it well, often great at sports and music, weird in a funny and lovable way, often takes care of the overly drunk people at parties/helps the host cleaning up

Pisces: connects with people easily and loves talking to everyone but is secretly very shy, often amazing in school with good grades, teacher’s pet, falls in love VERY easily, so emotional and moody

probably true things about ur sign
  • aries: is like a lil kid and a mother to u at the same time, a perfectionist, has naturally nice eyebrows, appreciates pretty things
  • taurus: can fall asleep anywhere anytime, obsessed with random ass kitchen appliances like cookie cutters and stuff, makes strange but funny noises
  • gemini: rocks anything from tie dye t-shirts to gangster hats, always up for an adventure, down for 3am bike rides, slays at making gingerbread men
  • cancer: doesn't like it when their food touches other kinds of food, will randomly attack you with a cuddle, is the best at keeping secrets, keen for getting outside and actually doing something
  • leo: they're naturally hilarious but won't admit it, thoughtful gift givers, drives with their hand on the steering wheel like they own the world
  • virgo: thinks their socially awkward but can actually make conversation with anyone, facial expressions. so many facial expressions.
  • libra: trusts everyone, does that little innocent smile when they have something to tell you, practically has an endless amount of energy
  • scorpio: they're actually vampires, obsessed with watching movies, always the first to fall asleep at sleepovers, is the one you want on your team when playing just dance on xbox
  • sagittarius: drives to maccas to get mcflurries at midnight, wants everyone to be happy, likes to facetime instead of message, great fashion taste
  • capricorn: can get mad in three seconds but screeches if they see a puppy, their stomachs are bottomless pits that want to be filled with icecream, love going on drives at night with loud music
  • aquarius: chicken nuggets are the center of their world, can lead any conversation into something funny, would trade their sibling for the newest version of sims, have nice nails
  • pisces: big doe eyes, live off cookies and sushi, want to be on everyone's good side, like nights where they have an excuse to dress up fancy,

A bit late now but here’s something for the Mystery Twins’ birthday! It also happens to coincide with my country’s Independence Day hahahaha

This is Stan’s newest sweater:

Maybe it’s the first time the Pines family is reunited back at the Shack since that summer (dodgy video calls on an adventure ship can only do so much).

Friends or more? Sentence Starters

aka “sometimes i feel like i wanna make out with you is that a friend thing to do?” type of things

(send a name and a sentence)

  • “You’ve been pouting ever since I went out on that date, what’s up?”
  • “We always share blankets on the couch, I’m sure sharing the bed for the night is fine too.”
  • “Your lips are getting really close to mine.”
  • “I’m not jealous, but, like, come on, movie night is just for me and you only.”
  • “I dare you to kiss me.”
  • “No, go on the Ferris Wheel with me, not them.”
  • “You can share my jacket with me, since you’re shivering.”
  • “Why is your hand on my ass?”
  • “Cuddle with me.”
  • “I just kissed your forehead, chill.”
  • “Shit, how’d you make me blush like this?”
  • “Are you trying to turn me on?”
  • “Let’s hang out, but I’ll pay for everything, and we can go to this fancy restaurant– No, not a date.”
  • “Okay, I guess this is a date, actually.”
  • “Stop with the tongue thing, it’s strangely attractive.”
  • “I keep telling them we’re not dating, but they keep telling me friends don’t normally make out when drunk.”
  • “I don’t want to be friends with benefits, but I do want something more, I just can’t figure out what.”
  • “When did you get so beautiful?”
  • “If you’re going to dress like that, I’m not going to let you out of my sight.”
  • “Their pick-up line wasn’t as good as any of mine, I’m just saying.”
  • “No, I don’t know how I got a boner, It just kind of happened! It’s because of how you were eating that ice cream, I bet!”
  • “I’m holding your hand because the movie is scary, alright?  It’s a… Terrifying… Rom-com… ….. .”
  • “Why’d you let go of me?”
  • “I accidentally called you my girlfriend/boyfriend today.”
  • “I kissed you because we were drunk.”
  • “I kissed you because I didn’t know what else to do.”
  • “Could you not talk to him/her, please?  I think they’re trying to date you.”
  • “I wish we could stay like this forever…”
  • “I had this dream where we were dating.”
  • “I had this dream where you kissed me, and I kind of want to try it now.”
  • “Why do you always call me when I’m on a date?”
  • “No, I can’t hang out, I’m on a date and you know that.” 
  • “Okay, maybe I am a bit jealous.”
  • “Just remember, he/she’s not the one who taught you how to kiss.”
  • “It’s weird how we’ve been friends for so long, but never went through that ‘crushing’ phase.”
  • “Maybe I want to kiss you because it’s cold and about to be cuddle season.”
  • “I say this a lot, but, look, they’re not good enough for you.”
  • “You’re always wrapping your arms around me in lines.”
  • “I was listening to that love song, and you came to mind.  Weird, right?”
  • “You know this voucher only works for couples, right?”
  • “Are you implying that you want to kiss me?”
  • “Why are you looking at me like that?”
  • “You’re blushing so hard, all I did was say “I love you” in French.”
  • “I could get used to waking up next to you, actually.”
  • “Right… Well… I’m not sure how we ended up kissing like that…”
  • “I’m personally offended that you didn’t get me to be your fake date.”
  • “We would make a pretty good couple.”
  • “The date didn’t go well.  Yeah, she/he didn’t like how I kept mentioning all of our adventures.”
  • “How come I always end up calling you when I can’t fall asleep?”
  • “Sometimes i feel like i wanna make out with you is that a friend thing to do?”

so here’s a little somethin i’ve been chippin away at for a few months :0

ideally i wanted to have this whole scene animated, and i wanted to do it before taz ended, but oops. time gets away from ya. i might finish it someday but this’ll do for now! 


“We’ve all selected the wrong partners, all gotten hurt, and hopefully all moved on wiser for the experience. But there are those who, even in the face of constant disappointment, continue to believe that the intensity of their desire will be rewarded by an eventual jackpot of affection. And if that’s the slot machine you’re playing, friend, you’d better leave the casino ‘cause that one don’t pay out”
-Paul Dini

Art by Bruce Timm & Rick Taylor
Words by Paul Dini

in the very first episode hunk says to lance “your little adventures always end up with me in the principals office” implying that whenever the two end up getting caught hunk takes all the blame because he is secure in his standing at the garrison and would do anything to keep lance out of trouble which might compromise lance’s position as a fighter pilot

I love “A small part of them still remembers” headcanons.

Someone asks Magnus his favorite animal. Julia grins and answers “dogs” for him. He laughs and says he likes jellyfish. “Have you ever even seen a jellyfish before?” “That is irrelevant.”

When Barry is in his body and can’t remember, he finds a piano and sits down to play. He plays a song his fingers know instantly, but he can’t remember where he learned it. It sounds incomplete too. It would probably be best with some type of string accompaniment.

Davenport loved to stargaze, and Lucretia often joined him. Once he spoke, and sounded like himself for the first time in a while.
“I would like to go up there. It looks like home.”

Taako woke up to prepare for his show and Sazed instantly started giving him shit about talking in his sleep.
“You imagined it my dude. I didn’t even dream.”
“You kept talking about loops. I heard it. Flaming loops. What food secrets are you hiding from me?”

Merle would “make up” crazy stories to tell his kids about a group of brave adventurers. He never went into detail on who the adventurers were, but he always “came up” with the most amazing settings. It was one part if being a dad that he was always good at.

When the boys meet Barry Bluejeans the first time, they all felt a weird feeling at once. A combination of when you find an old toy you forgot about and seeing someone you aren’t sure you know.
But it vanishes quickly, leaving the boys (Barry included) mildly confused.

“If family had a color, what would that color be?”

Okay, but consider Murder on the Rockport Limited, but instead:

“Uh…Angus? Pumpkin? Imma need you to put the monocle down.

the signs as character personalities in a book

Aries: The important person in the authority. You are important, but ruthless. People fear you, but want to do everything they can just to make you proud, and accept them. You are very successful in your career.

Taurus: The outcast. You don’t want to do what you do, and you always have different opinions than everyone else. You wander a lot, and have too many dreams to achieve but don’t know how to get them. In the end, you are one of the most important people in the story.

Gemini: The witty one. You are the optimistic, and funny person. You light up every room you enter, and everyone always loves you. But when you start getting problems, you start to collapse. But you always find your way back to happiness.

Cancer: The kind one. You are one of the nicest people in the story, and you have always been helpful. You are the one to always help out the poor, and you want to make a difference in the world. And you do.

Leo: The rich and powerful. You are among the elites, and the richest in the story. You are very powerful, and can get anyone to do whatever you want them to. You have great manipulation powers, but once you go down, you shatter. 

Virgo: The helpful, but left out. You are very helpful, and you want to make everyone feel good. But unfortunately, no matter how nice you are, people very seldom notice you. You are left out of many things, but in the end you get to make your voice heard.

Libra: The fashionable, but underestimated one. You always look your best, and are always ready to go to some elegant event. But because of how much you love fashion, people somehow assume you are shallow, and useless. But you prove them wrong by fighting in a war, whilst looking fabulous.

Scorpio: The dark, and aloof one. You have always been mistaken as someone who is constantly angry and hollow, but in reality you have so many emotions, that you just don’t want to show it to anyone. You somehow find something or someone that breaks down your walls, and then people see the real you.

Sagittarius: The life of the party.You are always up for an adventure, and whenever someone suggests going on one, you are the first one to accept it. You have always been happy, and in a party mood but something happens to you in the middle of the story that changes you completely.

Capricorn: The warrior. You are the one to always go to battle with no hesitation, and always win. You are professional, but you have a party side to you that no one knows about. 

Aquarius: The strong optimist. You are optimistic, and you never give up. You are a person of light, and sometimes people think that means weakness. But your optimism makes you stronger, and you become among the heroes in the story.

Pisces: The dreamer, and creator.You are always in your head, dreaming. Nobody knows of what, but you always seem to be dazed. People think that you are stupid, but you prove them wrong by generating so many great ideas in your head, that you make the plans and save everyone.