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Herizen Guardiola, Justice Smith, and Shameik Moore photographed by Steven Pan for GQ (December 2016)

Moore: Me and Herizen didn’t start off like the way we are now.
Guardiola: We went through a rough patch! But it was perfect for our characters, and I would say we’re friends now, right? Kind of? I mean we’re cool now. I’m 20 now, but coming into this at 18, I became an adult. I’ve changed in so many ways. You’ve really got to learn this stuff.


Clark Gregg + his tongue (aka: evidence that Clark is part sexy lizard man?)

I like how sometimes his tongue is playful, sometimes it’s thoughtful, and sometimes it’s skeptical. It is capable of portraying great emotional depth, is what I’m saying – respect the tongue. 

Punching in a Dream: Sasusaku

Sasuke and Naruto are a mess.

They’ve always been a mess, really, but as Sakura finds them in their battered states, bleeding and bruised and broken, even she can’t hold back a gasp.

So she heals, and Sasuke apologizes, and she is positively furious. Putting her under a genjutsu because she isn’t a part of this, claiming that she isn’t a part of anything—Sakura is livid.

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the most beautiful pairing is
  •  were everyone tells the softer half of the pairing “you taimed the beast”
    • but they reply saying they always thought the other never needed to be taimed
    • they always saw their potential