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Hong Jisoo in his class yearbook…

cr. chiagiaa

And I can start every poem and every sentence with your smile alone. You’re sleeping right now and that’s okay. You don’t sleep enough. You’re always full of worry even if you’re trying to downplay the whole situation– it hurts less if we deny it, right? It only makes sense when we’re doing it right, so I’ve been trying to be more than just okay. I’ve been asking the heavens if it has a place for my mind, I’ve been asking hell if it’s ready for me. I bend myself into the sharp edges of every star, I still wish myself to bed. I track the time I spend on you because you’re always there even if I want to be left alone. Sometimes I trust myself, but most nights I just realize that I’m full of shit. Sometimes I love myself, but most nights I realize that I’ve got a long way to go and it’s this thing we call love– I’ve had enough of it, I’ve given so much away– but I never keep any for myself. They say the artistic lifestyle is bombarded by depression, they were right. They say the poet writes himself into a deep romance between the words of always kiss me goodnight and the stars are pretty tonight, they were never going to write us down correctly. They say that writers drink madness and smoke sentences made for lovers who can’t see that these words will never truly be theirs. I still break apart this lifeline to find myself in complete fear of myself– I’m really trying to be okay, I guess time is much needed. Sometimes I forget to love myself, but most nights– the tattoo of you is the closest thing that I have to a reminder of feeling better.
—  tattoos and painkillers

heads up that tomorrow ( well today since it’s 2 am ) is thanksgiving and I have family staying over so I might not post for a day or two!

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- no you have to wear a coat

- he makes you wear a coat

- even when you complain about being hot

- MC it’s snowing outside you can’t wear just a tank top

- ~ try to stop me ~

- he’s always worried about you getting cold but?? you never do and he’s shook


- he gets cold so easily

- one puff of cold air and he’s shivering

- and then it’s snowing and he’s like shit

- so here he is suffocating in thirty million comforters with heating pads

- and then you walk past wearing barely anything and he’s like ??

- get back here and share your secrets

- hes so jealous that you don’t get cold easily

- but you help him warm up with snuggles


- Like Jumin ( but not as bad ) he gets cold easily

- so he’s pretty shocked that you want to go out in a tee-shirt while he has 3 layers of sweaters on

- asks you a thousand times if you want his jacket

- no yoosung i’m fine

- he’ll give you his jacket anyways because he’s a gentlemen

- but then ends up getting a cold from that damnit


- convinced you’re a superhero because he’s freezing his ass off over here

- why aren’t you cold you need to stop that you’re going to get sick

- he doesn’t get cold easily but compared to you he does goodness

- wants you to teach him how you do that

- it’s not something you can teach Seven why are you like this


- hes surprised by it but hey you know your body better than he does so he lets you do your own thing without fussing too much

- does try to offer you his jacket whenever he can because you just,, look like you’re going to be so cold

- you’ll complain that it’s too hot in the house and he tries to turn the heat down for you but then he gets just way too cold he’s so confused on what to do

- but he’ll suffer through the cold so you’ll be nice and warm! how pure

Wanna Bet?

Request: “Hi, I love your writing! I was wondering if you could write a Credence one shot where the reader and him live with Tina and Queenie and Newt low key (high key) ships them and is always trying to get them alone together but Tina’s always worried to leave them alone cause they’re still teenagers. This is really specific I’m sorry but I just thought it’d be something cute/funny to read. Thank you!”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader 

Word Count: 1353

Warnings: None

The Goldsteins had bestowed a great sense of guest-friendship upon you in your circumstances, providing tender hospitality for both you and a young man named Credence. He had been under their roof ever since Newt found him again, slowly becoming accustomed to the way normal witches and wizards lived. You were also granted a room from the loveable sisters due to the nature of your short stay; practicing to be an Auror under the supervision of Tina. She had insisted on it, since you two were to work hard long hours, and you were quite the promising investigator. Newt was also staying in the cosy apartment for the holidays, sharing a room with Credence.

You had grown quite fond of the timid young man. He was awfully nervous around you at first, but once he discovered your kind, forgiving nature that was similar to Tina’s, he slowly became more comfortable. The two of you had become inseparable, you dragging Credence around New York City on your free days. Tina had come to see you both as her kind-of adopted children, although Newt scolded that thought, reminding her that you were both only a few years younger than her. Nevertheless, she kept a watchful eye on you, afraid that you were rushing into things too quickly.

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Request: A Lokixblackreader fic he’s in love with her,he’s always romantic and wanting to protect her he’s always trying to impress her. He finds her good and caring nature adorable but worries about people hurting her because she’s too nice and one day she calls him out on it because she can actually defend herself 😁

You were walking through the aisles of a bookstore looking for the perfect book to take home with you. It couldn’t be just any book of course, so this was going to take a while. This is why you had elected to go alone. Anybody else would get impatient and hurry you alone, also the quiet was nice. This little place was warm a tucked away, not quite in the busiest area in New York. The cashier at the desk was used to seeing your face, he smiled at you every once in awhile when you happened to make eye contact.

    A book that was on your to read least caught your eye, and you decided now was as good as ever to buy it and start reading. You grabbed it off the shelf and continued looking. Once your arms were hurting from exhaustion of carrying ten books you went to the counter. The cashier looked at the stack appreciatively.

    “Find everything okay?” he asked.

    “Yeah,” you gave him a sweet smile, looking over at the assortment of bookmarks as he rang up your books.

    On your way home you looked around at all the surrounding buildings. The city really was beautiful in its own little way. You absently pulled a piece of lint off of your shoulder as you happened to look down.

    “You ought to be more aware of your surroundings,” a voice spoke in your ear. Your first reaction was to punch first and ask questions later. As your fist went out to strike whoever was close enough to your ear to sound that close, the person caught it and pulled you forward. You looked up and immediately sighed out an annoyed and relieved breath.

    “Jeez Loki, don’t sneak up on me like that,” you chastised.

    He leaned down and pressed him lips to yours lightly, giving you a fond look, “I wish you’d informed me of your travels.”

    “What? So you could glare at anyone who so much as looked at me. No thanks. You know, I can  survive without you looking after me.”

    “I know, but what quality of life is that,” he teased, putting an arm over your shoulder to keep you close. Additionally he took your bag books, and began walking down the sidewalk.

    “You look nice today, you know?” Loki complimented as the two of you walked, “I like your hair like this.”

    You felt your body warm and you tried your best to keep from making eye contact. You put your hand into your curls lightly, “Yeah, I uh… I’m trying something new.”

    “Have I ever told you how adorable you are when you are flustered.”

    “I’m not flustered,” you disagreed vehemently. He looked down to see you pouting and it made him laugh a little.

    “Oh, you are to innocent for this world, or any world, dearest Y/N. You belong with the angels in Valhalla.”

    “Well I don’t wanna  see Valhalla anytime soon,” you assured, “I didn’t expect you to be home so soon.”

    “I did not either, my love.”

    “Well I’m glad to have you home with me again. We can go out tonight and celebrate. I know a place I think you’d enjoy,” you grinned up at him.

    “What do you think?” you asked as you stepped out of your room, and into the living room. You were dressed and ready for a night out. You chose a frilly, girly dress that made you feel unbelievably dainty and pretty. Loki smiled as he saw you.

    “You’re beautiful. Wear is it you are taking me?”

    “This um… it’s kinda silly, well it’s a poetry bar… and well I know you like my poetry books, so I thought maybe you would like slam poetry too.”

    “It is not silly dear one. I cherish every evening with you.”

    The two of you headed out, Loki’s hand in yours. It was nice to just be with him, without some kind of time constraint. It just felt simple like breathing. He looked down at you every now and again when you weren’t looking. He cherished your smile and the almost juvenile excitement that was evident in your jaunty little steps. You were always handing out smiles, like they never cost you anything to give. You were like that with your kindness. Loki often worried that you were too nice, that someone would take advantage of that kindness. Someone as beautiful as you could be manipulated in the most horrible ways, he knew because he’d done that to others, never you though. He opened the door for you as you made it to the little lounge. You lead him to your favorite table and excitedly listened to the woman going up on stage. A little bit later you went to go get drinks for the both of you.

    “Hey,” a stranger said to you as you sat at the bar. You nodded with a polite smile. Your eyes wandered back to the poet on stage when you felt a hand touch yours. Immediately you withdrew, looking down at the the unknown hand and up to it’s owner. It was the same stranger.

    “I’m David,” he introduced.

    “Y/N,” you responded kindly.

    “I just have to say, you are unbelievably beautiful. I just had to introduce myself. Otherwise, I’d regret it for the rest of my life.”

    “Welp, I’d hate to be your regret. But I have a boyfriend,” you pointed towards Loki.

    “All the pretty ones do. Can I get you drink?”

    “Oh no, well I’m sure you could, but I’m already getting drinks for my boyfriend and I.” You reiterated, trying to get the man to take the not so subtle hint.

    “He has you getting drinks. He certainly doesn’t know how to treat a lady like yourself,” his hand encircled your wrist and you pulled back again.

    “Look, buddy, I’m telling you I’m not interested,” your tone was sharp, not allowing any more flirtatious attempts.

    “Is it just because-”

    “Y/N is there a problem here?” Loki asked. You looked back at him and sighed a little, you knew this wasn’t going to go calmly or quietly.

    “No, just having a chat,” you lied, giving him a small smile.

    “So you’re the boyfriend I guess. Listen, sweetheart, you’re cute, you’ve got the innocent look going for you, but honestly you didn’t need to go through getting a fake boyfriend. You ain’t that cute.”

    You rolled your eyes and opened your mouth to throttle the little disrespectful mole, only to be cut off by Loki grabbing him by the collar. You smacked your palm against your forehead. Loki was nothing if not quick tempered and irrational. He held the man just above the floor.

    “Loki, come on he’s not worth it.”

    “If you think you can talk to, Y/N, as though she is some common peasant you are sorely mistaken. I will peel the skin from your weak midgardian form. I will show you torture of the likes you could never imagine. You will beg for death long before it comes to you,” he growled.

    “Jesus fucking christ! Loki! Put! Him! Down!” you yelled. You didn’t yell, it always seemed like more energy than it was worth, but this seemed like the only way he was going to listen. Loki dropped the idiot, and he went scurrying away.

    “What the hell, man?” you shook your head. The bar was quiet, everyone was staring at the scene Loki had made. There were just too many eyes on you. You didn’t want to have this conversation in public. You hurried out of the bar, brushing past Loki to do so. He, of course, followed you outside. You didn’t speak again until you were at home.

    “Loki, why do you always do that?” you asked, looking up at him.

    “Protect your honor?” he questioned.

    “Go off like that? He wasn’t worth it, he was just some creep, he didn’t need you to put the fear of mortality into him.”

    “You told him to leave you alone and he didn’t.”

    “But I had it. I can handle myself Loki. I don’t need you to make a scene every time we go out and some asshole tries to be smooth.”

    “I worry for you,” he admitted, gently taking your hand. He brought it up to his lips, and pressed a kiss to it, “I have always been drawn to your kindness, your innocence to the evil of this world. You have never grown bitter from life’s hardships. I fear that humans will take that for granted, and they’ll steal that light from you. I can not bear the thought of you being  hurt  under someone’s words or their hand,” he spoke softly, pulling you a little closer, “I know you are a warrior. That is the only title to give someone who walks in grace as you do. However, it does not quell my fear.”

    “Loki,” you didn’t know what to say, “You’ve gotta trust that I’m gonna be okay. I can handle humans, none of them can handle a taser to the kidney, you can protect me from not humans.”

    “I would enjoy seeing you tase someone,” he grinned.

    “Well hopefully you never have to see it, you sadistic god,” you laughed. He placed a hurried kiss to your forehead and smiled down at you.

    “I will try to respect you as a warrior, my love.”

    “Thank you.”

~Mod Lillian


I always look a little worried when I’m trying to be solemn. This is from the Yoyogi Fashion Club’s fashion show at JapanFest where I duly represented Aristocrat. Thanks to Nelson Lau for the photos. Rundown: Blouse, gilet, skirt: Atelier Boz. Cockades: mossbadger. Ring, velvet brooch: VooDooo Dolly. Crown pin: Sheglit. Hat: offbrand with misc accessories. 

Another! Olympic! AU!

This idea assaulted me at midnight last night and then it was 3k and I don’t know what happened. Whatever.

  • Eric is just old enough to compete in the 2010 olympics for figure skating as a fifteen year old.
  • Seriously. He makes the deadline by like a month. (if I did that math right. I might not have. Anyway! Pretend!)
  • By this point in his life, he’s already gotten his fair share of bullying due to his figure skating
  • He thought about quitting before he skated the competition that qualified him for the olympics. A little bit because of the bullying. But also a little bit because of what it takes away from him. He’s tired all the time because he’s trying to balance school and this. And he’s always worried about messing up his next routine.
  • And prom was last weekend and now his best friend is mad at him for missing it because she had to go alone.
  • But then he qualified for the olympics and knew that he couldn’t give it up now
  • And once you qualify for the olympics, people stop bothering you about that kind of stuff anyway.
  • That being said, none of it counts for shit unless you actually do well in the Olympics, so Eric spends the weeks leading up to the games training like hell to make sure that his routine is good enough to medal
  • Even if that means that he’ll miss out on an hour of sleep just to go over it a few more times
  • Even if it means that he’ll miss a meal to get extra time on the ice
  • Even if it means that it feels like his brain is trying to run itself ragged by going over routines again and again and again.
  • Meanwhile–

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INTP Problem: Just... FEELINGS

Fe Person: *Thinks INTP dislikes them*

INTP: *Doesn’t dislike them; simply prefers to keep a straight face*

INTP: *Tries to convince Fe Person that they don’t dislike them by using logic*

Fe Person: *Isn’t convinced*

INTP: *Tries to use Fe to communicate better*

INTP: *Ends up sounding fake / forced*

Fe Person: *Is beginning to think that INTP dislikes them more than they originally thought because INTP doesn’t even sound emotionally passionate about the situation*

INTP: *Is logically passionate about the situation because Fe Person should know the truth – that INTP does not, in fact, dislike them*

INTP: *Makes the situation worse by trying to make it better*


Originally posted by torri-renee

I never wanted to fall in love with you but I guess there are a few things that just make you fall for a person and you can’t help it, and once you’re in there’s no going back. Like the way we talked and instantly connected, how I knew you’d pick up the phone in the middle of the night, even if all I needed was someone to listen to my worries and fears, learning you’d always try and make time for me, because you told me an hour spent in my company was better than an hour spent missing me. I didn’t want to fall in love but you taught me that being in love doesn’t equal being in pain, that it’s not a lost battle and that the only time it really hurts is when it comes to an end.
—  I hope it won’t end. Not just yet.

Note to Self: Stop being afraid to get on your personal rp blog when you haven’t been on your rp accounts. Who cares if they see you on? You don’t need a muse to reblog things. You do need a muse to write. If you don’t have a muse, it’s okay to distract yourself with reblogging things. You don’t need to be scared of what others will say. You don’t need to explain yourself. Just… relax.

Life Is Strange - Nervous habit they have that you love.

Max - She has constant worry about you and is always trying to protect you.

Chloe - She gets nervous when she meets new people mostly with you as she gets jealous of them  and worries that you like them more than her. 

Nathan - He has a nervous habit of biting his nails. 

Warren - When he gets nervous he’ll start making silly jokes and embarrass himself. 

Kate - When she gets nervous she tends to start fiddle with her hands. 

Victoria - If she gets nervous and its in a bad situation were the person is being mean to you or her she’ll start saying her famous line ‘go fuck your selfie’. 

Mark - If he gets nervous and the situation gets awkward he’ll go on a rant about photography. 

Frank - He gets over protective when hes nervous. 

Zachery - When he gets nervous and he has his football near he’ll just start kicking it around not paying attention to the situation.