always the same man


make me choose 
↳ achillesishot asked: it’s always sunny or arrested development?


“Ed said love is sacrifice. I should have been able to sacrifice my happiness for his”

                        (Oswald’s revelation. a.k.a the scene that broke my heart)

You wanna know what I’d like to do? I’d like to move to the beach. You know why? Because with the ocean, the scenery is always changin’, and I want the scenery to always be changin’, man. I don’t wanna be lookin’ at the same thing all the time… I wanna see a million, billion shells… I wanna watch rain come sweepin’ in… That’s, that’s the life, right there! Change it up, man! Keep it interesting!

I know it’s entirely unrealistic but I just had the thought that, like, Barry died a LOT, right? And unless his lich form decided to burn up his body each time or whatever, that means that there are five, six, ten dead Barry bodies that people had to find and bury over the decade. So then my thought is, what if in cabbage-man-like happenstance it was always the same poor sap in the wrong place at the wrong time finding Barry’s dead body?

“Why does this dead body look exactly like the last dead body I found WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS THE THIRD BODY IT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THE OTHER TWO ITS NOT EVEN ANY OLDER WHAT THE FFFF”

based off this one fic

it sucks that i cant talk about my lack of attraction to men, as a lesbian, without some terf taking what i said out of context and using it to bash trans women. like, just because your piece of shit that degrades women to their crotch doesnt mean we all are