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so I was going through the loss.jpg tag and people are getting angry because of how miscarriage isn’t a funny thing. And that’s true! Miscarriage is a sad thing and not at all something okay to laugh at!

But the thing that makes loss.jpg funny is because of how it’s bad storytelling. When you want a funny comic, you often have simplistic, similarly arranged panels to deliver the punchline. It’s funny because of either something being said or something changing! (Buckley could work on the funny though.)

See, Garfield is a good example of this:

Almost all of those panels have the same two figures in roughly the same spot. This helps accentuate how the last panel (the punchline panel, if you will) is different!

Ctrl+Alt+Del is a comic series that kept to this pattern:

Here, again, we have panels arranged simply, and the figures in the same  arrangement (height and placement, if you will) so that people pay attention to the text. The text is the funny part here, so there is no reason for the figures to change much.

But loss.jpg is a serious piece. I mean, I’ve never experienced this, but I’m willing to bet that if I or my spouse or my friend experienced a miscarriage or something, I’d be devastated! However, it kept to the silly, simplistic format.

“Well, okay.” you say. “How do you convey serious emotions in comics?”

And that depends on the emotion! The regular squares of the above comics enforce a sense of regularity. Meanwhile, with, like, an action comic, the panels will often be misshapen and crooked to give the idea that woah! something is happening.

Woah!! that guy almost go eaten by a dino thingy. It’s chaotic and confusing- meanwhile if you had put that into our “loss” format, the action would seem to have been much less important. In fact, you could almost say that it looked funny! See what I’m getting at?

“Okay. But whateverhisnameis from CAD isn’t fighting dinosaurs. Would he need those wacky panels?”

Well, sort of! You might want a misaligned panel for the panel when he opens the door, because I’m pretty sure he’s slamming it open, not gently pushing the door aside. But for the other panels, it would seem DragonBall Z levels of overdramatic to have WOAHH ACTION panels. You’d want something that isn’t too repetitive, thought. Something like this!

Here, the panels are pretty regular. But the placement of the figures is different according to each panel, creating that difference that we need to keep the actions from seeming funny. Sure, nobody is throwing punches, but there is something serious going on!! This isn’t perceived as funny because the figures are different per each panel.

Compare to loss.jpg and what do we have?

we have figures all positioned about knee height, with our protagonist always on the left, and always facing right. The last panel is almost always the punchline panel- that’s why people think that loss.jpg is people laughing at miscarriage. It’s not.

So what would make loss.jpg look like the serious story it’s trying to convey?

I scribbled this in 5 minutes in paint, but here’s my idea of what a better “loss” would look like:

He bursts through the doors and rushes to the receptionist, who directs him to the doctor. As he steps into the hospital room, he sees his wife crying and approaches to comfort her.

Is this perfect? Probably not! I’m honestly just learning comic theory right now. But does it convey the serious and honestly sad story of loss.jpg? Yes! You can’t tell a serious story in a silly manner. It’s like trying to tell a WWII survivor’s story with wingdings font. Using the wrong tools and techniques will get the wrong story across.

TL;DR loss.jpg’s punchline is that Tim Buckley needs to learn how to tell a story, not that miscarriage is in any way funny

I hope I’m educating outsiders about the long time existence of fatphobia in the African American community.

So many people believed and still believe black women don’t experience fatphobia because of the myth that most African America men like curvy or thick women. This belief ignored years of fat black women or bigger black women who’ve suffered through body image issues, and eating disorders. Every time there’s a study it’s perpetuating the myth that all of us are happy with our bodies because our culture loves bigger girls. That’s complete rubbish and I know that with a fact. That’s not true and has never been true. 

What they don’t know is that our culture’s definition of “thick” is a skinny girl with an acceptable amount of butt and boobs, and has always been.

I mentioned the video model/urban magazine era and how I’ve been around long enough to remember it, and how many believed that era supposedly highlighted the belief or myth that black men preferred bigger women because they were using video models in their videos. In Westernized America where Victoria Secret models are the standard, in black culture video models are equivalent to my size.

If you Google Ki Toy, Melyssa Ford, Vida Guerra, KD Aubert, Bria Myles (some of their pictures are NSFW, and I can’t think of anymore, those are the most popular one’s I remember right off the top of my head), and see what I mean by slim girls with an acceptable amount of butt and boobs. 

And over time the girls got thinner, and the actual thick girls got called too fat, and turned away from videos. Even in old school Hip-Hop videos (Baby Got Back for example), and R&B videos the women were slim not “thick” and definitely never fat/plus size.

There has never been a time in our culture where bigger black women were actually celebrated. The only time we did feel a litte reassured is when another fat black woman made it possible for us to feel comfortable (comedian/actress Monique). And plus size/fat black women always got/get the short end of the stick. We were always seen as the symbol of failure in the black community. The poster child of poor decisions. We had to go through years of being told how fat we are compared to other races of women with some loser pulling up outdated information about our bodies.

If you look in black culture fat black women are always people’s punchlines, it started way back then, not just because social media exists. Those hurtful images and comments turned into memes to bash fat black women have always been there. Joke upon joke comparing us to animals or inanimate objects in the most brutal or antagonizing way.

In our music and in film or t.v. like Big Momma’s house, Friday, Norbit, Martin (character Cole’s girlfriend Big Shirley where she would never be shown, but they’d play up horrible stereotypes about her size and weight by making loud footsteps sounds with the floor shaking indicating how big she was)and many other representations, it’s extremely prevalent to see fatphobia in black culture.

Our fatphobia also comes with racist perceptions about fat black women and black culture so that adds to the burden. Racism is a driving factor of fatphobia.

Fatphobia and eating disorders target black women too.

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Ok ok we have had fluffy darkstache hc, but what about angst hc???

you got it, dude! 💙

  • wilford doesn’t quite like the fact that their relationship is kept in private. he wants to be able to kiss dark’s cheek in public and hold his hand.
  • he confronted dark about it. it ended in an argument about what people would think and that dark’s gone soft. it hurt wilford to hear that dark cared more about his reputation.
  • wilford tends to cover up his down/depressed feelings with humor. he’ll crack a joke, but the punchline always comes out shaken. that’s when dark knows something’s wrong.
  • dark can’t control himself sometimes when his shell cracks. he warns wilford to stay away should things get worse. there are only a few times when wilford couldn’t escape dark’s wrath in time.
  • dark has a few scars along his chest and stomach. he hates them, but he always watches fondly when wilford traces at them.
  • wilford gets nightmares sometimes and wakes up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, just haunted by the actions of his past. 
  • wilford knows something’s bothering dark when dark drinks a lot.
  • the first time they got together, dark regretted it. he thought it was foolish of them to be taking their partnership to a different level. he never told wilford that. but dark doesn’t regret their relationship now.
  • after the events of the ned affair, where wilford ends up getting shot, dark found out and almost broke everything in the house, fearing the worst. but when wilford came home, a little banged up but still in one piece, dark chastised him before pulling him into a hug like “you fucking idiot, don’t do that again.”
Dance With Me

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I’M ALIVE! I promise. But I know, I’ve been gone for aaages, and there’s no excuse for me other than the worst writer’s block. Again, I’m sorry. I can’t promise that I’ll post every week like I used to, but I can say that I’m still on here, even when I’m not writing :) Hope you enjoy! x

Word Count: 1,775 (A lot shorter than my usual, I’m sorry.)

This is Dunkirk!Harry and inspired by this imagine. (Yes I read Bucky stories, don’t judge me. Sebastian is beautiful.) Feedback is greatly appreciated.

“Dance with me.” You utter, fingertips lacing with his. A breath escapes his lips as you tug him into the empty space of your living room, running small circles into the back of his hand. 

The music plays further as your bodies connect like puzzle pieces. Your chest presses to his and you sigh, resting your head against his collarbones. You gently lay kisses onto the area as he squeezes your hands softly. Inhaling his scent, you lift your head and meet with his eyes. They pierce your own but remain sweet and full of admiration.

The record player is a few meters away from you, belting out the song though you can’t help but sing along.

“And with this feeling I’ll forget, I’m in love now.”

The words drip out with passion and Harry leans in to close the gap. 

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One Year | A Gaston Story (Chapter Five)

One Year | A Gaston Story

Gaston (Luke Evans) X OC

Summary: Gaston made all the wrong choices in life, and when a dramatic fall from the Beast’s castle leaves him wounded and near-death, he thinks it’s the end of his time. When an old beggar woman appears at his side, she heals him back to his normal self but gives him one year, and only one year, to find true love before his time on earth, and the town’s memories of him, come to an end.

Prologue | One | Two | Three | Four | Five

LeFou was always the punchline of Gaston’s jokes, the lifelong childhood friend whose loyalty towards Gaston was incontrovertible, the “funny guy” who was always present for a good laugh and whose kindness could easily be taken advantage of. It had been quite unchallenging in the past for LeFou to endure Gaston’s obsession with women and war because he believed, in the end, Gaston’s feelings may change towards him.

Gaston wasn’t lionhearted and audacious in his childhood, that part of his persona developed after his parents died, but LeFou couldn’t help himself for being so attracted to him as they grew up. Who wasn’t attracted to Gaston the Hunter? The war hero was the epitome of “tall, dark and handsome” and his success in the village and on the battlefield made every man want to be him and every woman want to sleep with him, or so Gaston assumed. And that precisely was LeFou’s major conflict: he struggled internally with the desire to be Gaston and the desire to be with him. However, people often overlooked just how kind LeFou was and his passionate feelings towards Gaston were set on the backburner for the purpose that the young sidekick simply cared too much about their friendship.

And so, LeFou smiled politely this time last year when Gaston would revolve his days around wooing Belle, the beautiful oddball and bookworm, only for her to reject him constantly. It pained LeFou to watch as Gaston continued making advances on Belle. He knew it would never work out. He couldn’t speak up, he attempted (on multiple occasions), but his belief that Belle could not be more wrong for Gaston was something that the war hero would not accept. She was certainly the most beautiful girl in the village, that much was true, but as the days passed and the rejections were ongoing, LeFou understood that the idea of courting Belle was more of a chase in Gaston’s eyes than an authentic, passionate feeling. He wanted to win. Belle was the prize, she would be his only prize, and the night the mob formed, LeFou was horrified to see the fire screaming inside of Gaston’s dark eyes. Truth be told, Gaston leaving Maurice in the woods to be eaten by wolves was the start of LeFou’s faltering loyalty. How could someone leave an elderly man, a father, tied to a tree to be mauled by vicious animals? And then, that dreaded night when they attacked the castle, LeFou knew that in the hero’s mind, the town had evaporated and he was standing in the middle of the battlefield, ready at a moment’s notice to slaughter the Beast and finally claim his reward. It became all too much for LeFou, his friend was gone and he simply didn’t recognize the monster towering over him, screaming “Do you want to be next?!

He didn’t expect Gaston to survive, no one did, it was an absolute miracle that he was spotted rushing into his tavern the morning after the fall. At first glance, he was unharmed, but when he turned his body sharply as he ripped the tavern door open, a few villagers noted blood stains on the white shirt ruffles that feathered down his chest. That morning was the last glance most of the village had of Gaston, and when LeFou discovered his friend had survived, he spent the following days fighting an inner battle of helping Gaston or shunning him indefinitely. When the rest of the town collectively declared Option B, LeFou’s affectionate heart twisted with guilt and apprehension. Gaston did not cope well with hatred or ill-thoughts of his character and, though seemingly deserving, LeFou simply couldn’t abandon his friend.

In the months after the fall, LeFou gathered as many people into the tavern until the daily customer count improved to four. He didn’t expect praise, it was obvious Gaston refused to exit his room, but LeFou didn’t give up on him. Stanley was patient with this slow progress, well aware of LeFou’s past feelings, but he loved LeFou, after all. He supported him. The prolonged game of winning Gaston’s heart ceased with Stanley now in his life, and LeFou’s genuine acts of caring were to help his old friend, well, live again. It seemed absolutely hopeless until the day Anne wandered into the village. Unlike Belle, the chemistry between the new girl and Gaston was stimulating and LeFou couldn’t deny that maybe she possessed this certain “je ne sais quoi” that would ultimately change Gaston for the better. He could at least hope.

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four-panel comics map rather well onto the political compass because of the typical joke structure (which is a boiled down story structure).

the first panel is the exposition, and is often the one that is the biggest stretch.

the second panel features the premise, which often introduces conflict with an outside force of some kind. this maps onto the authoritarian right very well, especially because most people into political compasses and internet comics find the authoritarian right to be a challenging outside force at least sometimes.

the third panel isn’t anything specific - further development of the conflict, for example.

and the fourth panel is obviously always the punchline, as most right-libertarians are seen, even to themselves.

One Foot Out of the Grave Pt. 2

A/N: So this one is a bit longer due to it being multiple scenes after raiding Strucker’s base in AoU in which the reader and Pietro would interact. All italics are actual dialogue from AoU and therefore not mine. I don’t believe it’s anywhere near my greatest (partly due to trying to work in the actual dialogue), but I have some serious plans for the next part (aka the battle). I hope you enjoy.

Read Part 1

Warnings: Language, sexual innuendo like once

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Words: 5, 437

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Psa: Remember to flag any porn bots that follow you as spam so Tumblr can take care of them

If you don’t know how to flag someone, click on their name via followers, skim to make sure it is indeed a porn bot, hit the icon that looks like the upper part of a person and click flag this blog, it will give you options click the “this is spam” button

Spam. Don’t spam people. Don’t make spammy posts, don’t post spammy replies, don’t send people spammy messages. Be a regular human. Don’t put tags on your posts that will mislead or deceive searchers. For example, don’t tag a photo of your cat with “doctor who” unless the name of your cat is actually Doctor Who, and don’t overload your posts with #barely #relevant #tags. Of course, meaningful uses of tags are always fine (for example, ironic “punchline” tags that add meaning or context to a post). Don’t put dubious code in your posts, like using JavaScript to cause redirects or inject unwanted ads in blogs. Don’t use deceptive means to generate revenue or traffic, or create blogs with the primary purpose of affiliate marketing. Spam doesn’t belong on Tumblr.

Ie a bot counts as spam. Then decide whether or not you want to block the blog, then hit the orange button. 

You can also report blogs via tumblr’s support system

I’ve used it before for other things they’re very good about getting back to you. 

Why am I posting this here? Because I know it will be seen and I’m tired of porn bots. If you’re gonna post porn be an actual person dammit. 

The Signs as “The Signs” Posts

Aries: The Signs as Beautiful Things

Taurus: What the Signs Search On Google

Gemini: The Signs Being Rich

Cancer: The Signs and What They Complain the Most About

Leo: The Signs as Mythical Creatures

Virgo: How the Signs Chill

Libra: The Signs and Cooking

Scorpio: The Signs Witnessing a Murder

Sagittarius: The Signs as Stoner Problems

Capricorn: How the Signs Lost Their Virginity

Aquarius: The Signs as Types of Abandoned Places

Pisces: The Signs as Fish

Guys you seriously cannot begin to understand how fucking excited I am that there is a BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL, KICKASS LADY HERO in Overwatch that is representing people like me. So many shows and movies have portrayed autism in terrible ways, to the point where it’s almost always mockery or the punchline of some awful joke. People fear folks like us because of those portrayals, and it’s made living with autism so goddamn difficult like I just want to scream all the time.

But now we have Symmetra, who is intelligent and complex and gorgeous and guys I’m just so excited I’m actually crying right now.  


Made up stories.

We all know that Tumblr is full of made up stories (then the whole bus applauded, oppa homeless style, whatever). What’s interesting is this isn’t a unique Tumblr thing. 4chan has clearly made up stories all the time.

The difference I think, is why the stories are told and fabricated.

On 4chan, the story almost always ends with some punchline. Whether it’s a meme, a “Read the first one of every sentence to find out I actually just wrote ‘lol fuck you’” or just so impossibly silly it is, at best, completely exaggerated. 

But it’s almost always primarily for a laugh. Maybe additional sympathy as well, but there’s always humor as the first intent, even if it has a dual message of sympathy.

On Tumblr, the story almost always ends with the OP ‘winning’ in some way. These stories aren’t for entertainment, they’re for personal credibility and status. It’s reputation building. “Look how smoothly I handled this real life incarnation of Tumblr’s issues with the world, therefore I am an cool on this site” is the message, essentially.

4Chan is open mic night, Tumblr is those four year olds on the playground who go “Oh yeah, well…. My dad’s FORTY feet tall!” to win the contest.

  • Me: Mom, were there any black folks in your [Upper Darby, PA private Catholic school] in the 60s (she graduated in 1968)?
  • Mom: There were a few. But most black people went to [another private Catholic school in another Philly suburb]. They had lots. Why?
  • Me: Cause I am trying to figure out how the hell Mad Men thinks there were NO black folks in NYC in the 50s and 60s. Like the creators think they just sprung into existence in the 80s??
please don’t be the voice that tells us
we’re faking it
because we know we don’t deserve saving
that’s why when we admit we’re dying it’s
always a punchline, always a joke, always
“haha i’d go to your party but i plan on spending my night
crying alone”
—  inkskinned

** Correcting misinformation: Etta’s actress, Lucy Davis, was not put in a fat suit according to pictures of her in recent TV roles. The Mary Sue article played a big part in spreading this misinformation.

Some of the fat actresses of colour suggested for Etta Candy, following the release of set photos** from the Wonder Woman movie. Fat women of colour have had abysmal representation, always portrayed as unlovable or punchlines and they could have taken the opportunity to have Etta as a fat woman of colour.

co-written with rob-anybody

Danielle Brooks
Dascha Polanco
Jolene Purdy
Amber Riley
Raini Rodriguez
Flora Kim
Gabourey Sidibe

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I used to think that being a lesbian was all about sex too and I didn't realize that girls could actually be in love with each other until I was like 14 (I'm from a very conservative country and my only exposure to lesbians as a kid was the band tatu)

i mean i’m from the chicago suburbs and even so i had basically no exposure to like lgbt people existing outside of frenzied google searches and like when i would go in my parents’ room and see my mom was watching the l word or something

i honestly can’t remember when i first learned that like…lgbt people exist in the context of like. normal relationships. it was always a punchline or later a political thing or whatever. and this goes doubly for trans people, i literally didn’t learn about like…what it means to be trans or how to respect trans people until i started getting involved/learning about social activism on this fucking website like 2 or 3 years ago

i’m hoping that, at the very least in more liberal areas, middle school/hs students are learning about, yknow, the existence of lgbt people in sex ed/health classes now but i certainly didn’t so idk

but yeah the combination of the oversexualization and blatant disrespect, the voyeurism and fetishization of lgbt people in media and then the complete lack of education for young kids can… really fuck up young questioning/confused lgbt kids