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Spotlight – Production 2014

“These images are a huge metaphoric exploration about the light and the dark side of the Force, which I had long discussions with Rick about. The wide shot of the light glimmer just hitting the two of them– that’s the Force essentially making its decision.” – Jenkins

The Art of the Force Awakens

While going through this book more carefully, I came to realize my small mistake when I made [this] post. The quote by Jenkins (who created all three pieces of artwork) was actually specifically talking about this double page spread here. I made the mistake because the quote had to be placed on the previous page in order to blow up this image.

This makes the quote all the more meaningful though, because if you’ll notice, there is only one figure standing dead center at the top where the door is open.

Who do you think it is? c;


Jimin-BTS Gryffindor practice4

Taehyung - Hufflepuff here

Yoongi - Slytherin here

Namjoon - Ravenclaw here

Don’t edit,if u want to repost,give credit.

+Yoonmin,bcs i’m trash. 

For them cute anons wanting a Ref for crybaby, soz that Im lazy n busy.

mmkay, so heres her basic design. Long ears, long hair, blah blah nothing special, but heres just a quick idea 4 u.

okay so, she has lots of earrings (14) and u can draw whatever shape or kind you want there. She always has a hair accessory n dont forget the shaved side. she also wears a necklace, usually a moon/pentacle/tree of life, some hippy shit u know. 

if you need to know what to colour her, just go off this. She dont care what colour you dress her in. She also dont care WHAT you dress her in, so put her in a dress, or a cute playsuit or some shit. whatever you like.

Okay, thanks bebes, one day I might upload an actual good one. just a bit rushed rn. ♥ ♥ ♥ ily

sugahoes asked:

I've always found 'No Game No Life's style of animation and colour palette interesting. I'd love to see how you draw yourself in that way. Also I love your blog ~ 10/10 would look at again ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

THIS WAS DIFFICULT LOL. i dont know how to draw really stylistically, so i tried my best haha. thanks for sending a request : D

[for the Draw Yourself in the Style of xxxx]

Random, Short, and Limited Percy and Annabeth Head canons nobody asked for


• She is not ticklish anywhere…but her feet. If someone even lightly touches them, she just spasms a kick to the nearest target. (I don’t know I feel like she has sensitive feet)

• She twirls her hair when she thinks

• She’s definitely a pen/pencil chewer

• She always has hair ties around her wrist, just in case there’s an attack


• He has a few moles on his neck

• Always thinks of the right thing to say twenty minutes after the conversation has ended

• Sometimes has his shirt on inside out

• Subconsciously crosses his arms, which lead people to think he doesn’t want anyone to talk to him.

I don’t know what these are, just random thoughts.

buff-babbye-blue asked:

Help I can't tell any of the 'Matsu's apart

I FEEL YOU BRUH, it took me like 3 or 4 episodes to start telling them appart but then once you memorize all of their specific features, it doesnt become that hard:


  • the “leader”
  • always wears red
  • basic idiot
  • no outstanding features


  • otaku loser
  • always wears green
  • always looks worried
  • more “down to earth” than his siblings (not really)


  • REALLY deep voice
  • always wears blue 
  • Smug face and wears sunglasses all of the time
  • Always gets hurt in the most violent fashion


  • Loves cats and its a fucking furry
  • always wears purple
  • messy hair and frowny face
  • Has a really bad case of “Im nothing but garbage” syndrome


  • the happy baseball player
  • always wears yellow
  • mouth always open with a huge smile, his hair has a single cowlick
  • physics mean nothing to him


  • effeminate, sorta high pitched voice
  • always wears pink
  • his pupils are bigger, also has a “:3″ face most of the time
  • actually a fucking demon

Honestly this chart is as basic as it gets but that’s what basically helps me to tell who is who I HOPE THIS HELPS YOU TOO

LOUIS TOMLINSON: As a boyfriend

a/n: sorry it’s been a while, school sucks, also this isn’t really smut because i have had ZERO ideas recently. 

Basically being Louis’s girlfriend would be very demanding and still great when you got to be together. He would always smile when he saw you working hard or looking concentrated. He always pushed a hair back from your face when he wanted your attention. Louis would mindlessly hold your hand when you all were in big crowds, partially to make it clear you were taken and partially because he would get really protective if paparazzi disregarded you. There would be many quiet nights in, but when you all went out together for drinks or at a club there would be tons of drinks and PDA everywhere because his slightly intoxicated state wanted you in the bedroom more than ever.

·      “Hey lovely” “Yes Louis?” “I love you”

·      “Just hold my hand and stay close”

·      “Let’s go for just one drink,” “Lou, it’s never just one with you”

·      “Can we just cuddle tonight? Maybe watch a movie?” “You’re a little flower I swear”

·      “You look so good in that I want to peel it off,” “Then do it,” “Be quiet, the baby is sleeping”

·      Tickets to footie games

·      “Can you get me a glass of water, Lou?” “What’s my reward?? ;)”

·      Sitting on the couch as he rubs your back and gives you forehead kisses

anonymous asked:

Could you make a Michael edit with like a blonde girl? I always see dark hair edits of the boys with gfs with brown hair & I'm a blonde. Thanks. just an idea for us blondes :) you're great at edits btw!

i mean i did the best i could, but i didn’t realize how hard it would be to find pictures of couples with a blonde female lmao and thank you :) 

keoeoyu asked:

12, 25 & 6

Q:Is it okay for people to ask you about your process?

Sure <3 Take Bokuto-san for example (^-^) Here is my drawing process >> 

STEP 01- Drawing Roodles Randomly

Just be relax and keep mind blink. Sometimes I draw after  hot shower or draw on bed. Choose one or more doodles which I want to finish.

Use the photo as a draft layer.I use my phone to take a picture,then upload to imgur. (Cloud Storage). Download the photo then open it in ClipsStudio.

STEP 02- Drawing Line

Choose music as drawing BGM and enjoy this step.I always draw from face to hair then down to body.Drawing line surely takes a lot of times.

( BGM of this night :Love Yourself (inst.) - Crucial Star )

STEP 03 - Colored and love this step

I like to pick background color first that can help decided color of Bokuto’s skin tone ! 

The tool I use to Paint Color 

The tool I use to Blur Color

STEP 04 - Save file then post online.

Many files are survive at step 02 and 03. In other word, they are not be finished  …just let it go XD 

Save those files in drive and maybe those will be finished someday. (^-^) 

Btw, post drawing help me to find people of the same taste. TT-TT 

Drawing alone is so lonely… post it or show drawings to somebody else 

Q:What’s your least favorite thing to draw?

I think… I merely draw background… yes… backgrounds…

Thank you for this question remind me that I need more backgrounds TT-TT

Q:Do you like to draw in silence, or with music?

Most of time in music and this is one of my fav (J-pop/K-pop) ^-^


and Thank you for asking!  hope you have a lovely day <3

discoveringlittleme asked:

Hi! What is your favorite thing about your Caregiver/little OR if you don't have a Caregiver/little what's something you would like your future Caregiver/little to do?

my favorite thing about daddy is uhhhh
but anyway he’s also super attentive and notices little details and I love it 💕