always the hair

//The River finally meets the Sea//

Dear River boy. Do you hear
your Sea-girl calling ?

She is parts of you.
Red jasper and snowflake obsidian
Found twisted among her seaweed algae strands.

Flowing , always her hair
Upon the face of your waters

Finding streams of
Words seasoned with grace

You offered her rose quartz and serpentine ,
she placed it among her treasured sea floor volcanic glass

And She looks there when
wanting to find your blue-green eyes,
When drifting too far.

Like faded messages
Found left in lost
Empty bottles .

But then you return ,
River man.
Always Missing her,
Finding a Sea woman.

Walking to her jagged cliffs,
The edge of abandoned dreams
Now maturing.

You meet there,
Two stormy souls flowing
Where waters naturally yield
And form a
Single peaceful body

Where finally
The once River Boy turned man
kisses at last
His Sea-girl, turned woman .

Like the ripples and tides
of perfect time never aged
either one.

(Wise River Rock Beard meets the Lady-keeper of the Coral Reefs
And kiss for eternity.)

anonymous asked:

advice for a pre-t guy wanting to get a haircut?

Autumn Says:

Find a picture online of what hair you like and give it to a hair cutter. If parents give you a problem tell them that hair always grows back and you want to try something new, or that summer is coming and you want to be cooler in the heat.

My mom used to always burn my hair with a lighter, so I didn’t even know dipping your hair in burning hot water until I got to tumblr 


I was tagged by tsukuno (not really, but you said for anyone to do it so…), to do the 20 beautiful people tag? I don’t really know what this entails, am I doing it right? Who knows, well some people probably know but... I don’t really have any pictures of myself, anywhere, so I’m reusing one of these pictures and the top two were also from the constant failing at taking pictures that same day. Those three are from a month ago, and that one picture is me with my friends in October. We went to the Sailormoon Symphony in New York, at that point my feet really hurt from walking around all day. I was going to take a picture of myself today, but for whatever reason my face is really red so…  Also, I always wear my hair in braids, so the first picture is the most accurate of how my hair always is. I feel like this has turned into rambling, so I’ll stop here.

Thank you tsukuno, and anyone who wants to do this go ahead. I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to do it. If you do it, go ahead and tag me, I’d be happy to see your beautiful faces :D.

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Would you recommend those hair pills to someone who has thin hair, hair always falling out, and really bad split ends?

Yeah that’s exactly what my hair was like! I’d say order them, get a haircut rid of your split ends and start fresh with these and honestly they will do your hair good! Hairburst works in the exact same way and I love it even more cause it’s cheaper!


How to draw Lightyear: Part Two.

First a sketch, then the lines and stuff. I always put the hair, facial expressions, body and wings on different layers for some strange reason.

Then with the eyes, I first make a dot and stretch it out into an oval ((Why does no one use that word?)) then make a few dots with the eraser, and finally do some shading with Grunge. Voilà! You have Lightyear’s eyes.

Now his coat and wings. Scribble a little with the Bonobo Chalk and erase on the lines. A little note: The tips of his wings are much brighter, and his hooves are pretty dim. Now scribble a little with Grunge for his mane and tail, draw the inside of his mouth, then lastly erase a little on the outlines and stuff, and THERE YOU GO!

Lightyear is finished!! Now, if you wanna draw him using a spell…That’s something entirely different.


The age old question of ‘if you could have any super power, what would you want?’ has never left my mind. I always wanted to have something different from the typical 'invisibility’ or 'flying’ because those would be awesome, they lack a little in the helping department. Today, if I could choose a super power, it would be to heal. Tag, you have been the most badass partner in crime I could have ever asked for. You have saved me and taught me more than any human could. You have helped so many people in so many different ways and always had the best hair in town. If I had the power to heal you, I would, but my super powers aren’t as strong as yours. Forever in our memories, Tag Along, rest in paradise 💙