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some more doodley doodles from twitter!

Ever since I got the VIP package that comes with the calling cards I end up calling Yoosung so much because his calls are just so entertaining;; All his calls are so doodle-worthy I would draw all his calls if i could! 

I have this headcanon that for like the first four years of school, Rose was always taller than Scorpius and she teased him about it CONSTANTLY and was always using his shoulders as armrests and stuff

BUT THEN fifth year rolls around and Scorpius gets on the train and suddenly he’s at least three inches taller than her and he has a nice new haircut and she’s just like 


Guzma headcanons pt.1

(I’m going to post these in parts, because I have way too many! Feel free to send asks of anything you have in mind, too!)

- He was always taller than the other kids, and back then he was nothing but skin and bones. He’s filled out over the years, but it’s all untoned muscle, with a little bit of fat that gives his belly that soft look.

- His eyes aren’t naturally white, but sorta dark grey. He wears contacts. Not because his vision is messed up or anything. He just thinks white irises look cool, and the unnatural look is great for creeping people out.
Speaking of which, his hair is naturally all black. It was a pain in the ass to get it white, but he managed.

- He can’t get enough of people who can’t figure out his age. Is he 20? Or 50? Who knows*??? Ya boi knows, but he ain’t tellin’ nobody!
**Plumeria knows, but she doesn’t see why it matters, so she probably won’t tell you either.

- He’s heavier than he looks. He is very aware of this and he’ll use it to his advantage sometimes, like when Plumeria was trying to drag him off to the doctor after his Ariados stung him. If he deadweights you will not be able to move him. Plumeria is really strong, but even she couldn’t pick his ass up off the ground.

Large family gothic

•You got an ‘I’m the big sister’ t-shirt for your first baby brother. Seventeen years later, you wish you had another one so people would stop thinking he’s older just because he’s seven inches taller.
•You always ask if anyone wants food, and the answer is always 'no,’ if there is an answer at all. But without fail when the food is done, 6+ people are swarming in like a flock of half-dressed vultures.
•You stay up all night before a trip and wind up exhausted on the drive up. You repeatedly put your head on one sibling’s shoulder and they repeatedly shrug you off. You put your head on another sibling’s shoulder and because they’re nice they decide to not shrug you off so you fall asleep for over an hour. You wind up in the back between the littlest brothers for the remainder of the trip and spend the next several hours waking up with one or both of them slumped over asleep against your shoulder.
•People constantly think you and your brother are boyfriend and girlfriend. You wonder if this is because there’s such a lack of outright abusive hostility between you, but also wonder if they’re confused as to why you’re not clingy like most, erm, couples.
•You go from 'I’m important now that I’m eight!’ to 'eight is a baby! [Insert little sibling here] is eight!’
•Tickle piles are a thing.
•When the parents aren’t there, the salt and sass flows freely.
•The littlest brother never goes to bed without finding you and giving you a hug and a kiss and an 'I love you.’
•You and your siblings complain to each other about the crush phase your friends go through where they forget you exist.
•It’s always fun as the oldest sibling to see the kids grow up and have their own personalities and opinions and viewpoints on life.
•You swear that on your deathbed you’ll be reciting the picky sibling’s McDonalds order.
•Tackle hugs after you get back from a youth retreat or similar event.
•Small brother jumps on you randomly for an impromptu piggyback ride.

(feel free to add onto this. Spread some sibling positivity. ;)

Flashmom: Origin

Barry Allen X Reader

AN: The flashmom origin story

Words: 1115

You face Diana with your shoulders squared, and a determined glint in your eyes. It had been nearly three years since you had seen your sister. You watch the surprise bloom on her face.

Quicker than you can comprehend, her arms are around you, her face buried in your hair. She had always been a bit taller than you, had always teased you about it; how you were the little sister, despite the fact that you were nearly a hundred years older.

Your own arms wrap around her and you whisper, “Hello little sister.”

She pulls away and smiles at you, “How are you here? How do you know Flash?”

Your eyes slide to Barry as he walks out from the back room, dressed in his everyday clothes. You smile, “I’ve known Barry for years.”

Her smile falters, “I don’t understand.”

Taking her hand, you lead her out of the room and into the back garden. You allow her a moment to adjust. You watch as she smiles, and walks around the garden. The plants had taken over the entire yard, having bloomed brilliantly. When she pauses at a flower native to Themyscira you say, “It’s one of the only things I brought from home.”

She doesn’t look at you, as understanding dawns on her. “Your mother grieved for you. She believes you to be dead. All of our sisters believe you to be dead.”

You close your eyes and think of your home land for a moment. You had been only a child when you and your mother had moved to Themyscira, after the war with man had ended and the amazons had been freed. It had been a wonderland to your young eyes. A land filled with people who had cared for you. A land where you were safe, and you knew it.

You had been the youngest of the Amazons, until Diana had been born from Clay. By that time, you were a grown woman. But at a hundred and five years old, you were still seen as a child, and by the time Diana was fifty she was your best friend. The two of you had trained together, and learned together. You had been best friends, and you had honestly thought your life could not be any better, and then you had met Barry.

Thousands of years had passed by that time, and you had found the strange man on the far shores of the Island. A place where your sisters rarely went. A place you went to seek solitude. He had been near death, and to this day you still don’t understand what moved you to save him, but you had.

It had taken several days to nurse him back to consciousness, and another two weeks to nurse him back to full health. In that time you had been returned occasionally to the city, and interacted with your sisters, before making your way back to him, with the necessary supplies.

Some part of you had expected him to attack you, or try and hurt you. Instead he had simply smiled at you, and enquired about your home. You had found yourself fascinated by the man.

He didn’t return to man’s world right away. He stayed for another week before he left. When he left you had found yourself missing him. Longing for him. You did your best to stay positive, and happy in front of your sisters. In private however your heart hurt.

Still, you made appoint to interact with your friends, and your family. You participated in the plays, sparred with Diana, and read in the afternoons. You made a point of living.

You returned to your secluded spot a year after you had met the man. The remnants of his stay were met with a loving fondness and a slight ache in your heart. You were so caught up in your memories, that the moment the hand landed on your shoulder, you were startled into action.

If Barry Allen had not been the fastest man alive, he very well would have been dead. You were more than a little surprised to see him again, or that he had even found his way back to the island. You had ended up meeting him once every thirty days. Eventually you had come to love him, and after a year, you asked him to take you with him, and he had.

Barry had taken you to his home. The two of you lived in a small apartment in Central City, where Barry worked as a CSI, and you spent the days learning all you could about man’s world. You took classes on the computer. Caitlin and Cisco also taught you. Iris took you to different museums.

You spent the nights with Barry. Sometimes the two of you would curl in front of the fire, other times you would sit in Star Labs and come up with different strategies. Then there were the date nights. Barry insisted on them, and to be completely honest you loved them. The two of you would go out and eat, and dance, and live.

More often than not bouts of homesickness would hit you. You would think of your mother, and your sisters, and Diana. More often than not you would try and push those thoughts to the side, and focus on your life now. More often than not you failed.

Now, looking at Diana, you can’t help but wonder if you had made the right decision. “Did you think about us?” She finally asks.

You smile, “Of course. This garden is dedication to that. To our home.”

“You left without a word. We feared you had been captured, or …”

“Taken my own life?”

“Among other things.”

“I’m sorry Diana, but my heart led me off the island. Like your own did.”

Diana simply sighs, “Now we must return.”

You stare at her “We?”

“Themyscira is in danger. Our sisters need our help, and you were always good with a bow.”

“Diana, my life is here.”

Her hands land on your shoulders, “Y/N our sisters, our family is in trouble, Aries is trying to escape.”

Your eyes slide to Barry who is looking at you through the window, and you understand. You had known about Diana from the moment she had joined the League. He had befriended her, and welcomed her. And you had no doubts that at the mention of the possible destruction of your homeland, he had brought Diana here to request your help. And more importantly, for you to convince her to let the League help.

Looking her in the eyes you set accept this new challenge.

C: I am comfortable w/ my body. I guess technically I am 20-25 pounds overweight, but it hasn’t bothered me recently. I’ve always been taller & thicker than most of my friends but I really grew to love my body after years of self-hate. Still I feel like I need to be healthier. I plan to go vegan. I think being vegan & exercise will make me feel better & less depressed and anxious. I hope my family and friends can be more supportive and not look at it as a “phase”, I really want to make a change.

here’s a thing i found in an old folder

maryse finds out alec has invited magnus into the institute and is spending time with him still and such

(“i forbid him from seeing that warlock again after that horrible wedding incident!”)

but when she finds them, they are in one of the quiet, unused rooms of the insitute, music playing, and they’re dancing

they’re laughing quietly, giggling, murmuring to each other, she can barely hear what they’re saying as they slowly waltz in the middle of the room

“alexander- you know i don’t dance,” he giggles, and her son replies with a smile she’s never seen before, small and sweet and confident “don’t, not can’t” he points out, and bane laughs again, tilting closer, and saying “true- who knew you were such a good dancer?” and they dance for a while, swaying with the music, alec leaning forward (and down, was he always this much taller than bane?) and kissing him softly, warmly, arms sliding down to wind around his waist and pull him closer

bane pulls back, smile soft and sweet in a way she’s never seen on him (he’s a sharp, dangerous man, shining with confidence and magic and power, all wicked edges and bold eyeliner, but now he is soft and fragile and oh so human) and the two part, dancing once more, now much closer and intimate

it’s then bane squeaks as he stumbles and alec catches him and it’s sickeningly sweet, romantic, this warlock is looking at her son like he hung the stars in the sky and alec is cradling him in his arms like he’s something infinitely precious and fragile and then they both blush- even magnus bane, such a confident, brash, shameless man- and alec pulls him back to his feet, and suddenly she is struck by the fact that bane loves her son, that maybe, this once, she was wrong

she looks back up, and bane has now twirled alec, her son having to duck to compensate for the height difference, and they’re both laughing, stumbling slightly, both of them stumbling slightly through their dance, then gracefully weaving in and out of each other’s arms…

she clears her throat, and the moment between them is shattered, they both turn to look at her, wide-eyed. alec looks like she’s about to say something, before she can get angry, but she only says quietly, “i had only come to tell you you have the rest of the night off. we don’t have any new leads… and you need the rest. you’ve been working very hard lately.” she turns to leave, looking away from the painfully intimate embrace they’re still frozen in, and alec blurts “but…? you don’t…?” and she knows he expects her to get angry, to make bane leave, or any of those angry reactions…

but instead she sighs and says “i want you to be happy, alec. and if he makes you happy…” her voice trails off, but she is firm in her assurances. because if her son really loves this man, and he loves alec, then maryse can’t bring herself to stop him

“just be careful” she adds quietly but severely. “i won’t have either of you hurt because of this”

and she can tell how shocked they both are, speechless, but she marches away, heels clicking on the tile, music swelling around her and fading as she gets further away


It’s always further than it looks. It’s always taller than it looks. And it’s always harder than it looks.
—  Reinhold Messner (The Three Rules Of Mountaineering)
Is Zootopia Sexist?

Just from watching the trailers alone, you see the main character(?) Judy Hopps. 

A female bunny.

Bunnies aren’t typically known for their huge size or strength.

Why would they purposely depict a woman being something as weak and small as a bunny? 

Then we have Nick Wilde. A sneaky, cynical, laid-back fox.

Who is of course a man.

Is Disney purposely reinforcing these stereotypes that women are weak and small and always cheery/upbeat/enthusiastic creatures, while men are also these much larger, sneaky, chill, laid-back kind of creatures?

Why does Judy have to a small bunny while Nick is a much larger fox. By doing this they are implying women are always smaller than men and men are always taller/stronger than women.

Why couldn’t they have had Judy be a large Rhino who still doesn’t get any respect from her fellow male co-workers? Just because a woman may be taller/stronger than a man doesn’t mean she doesn’t face the same problems smaller sized women have to deal with. 

And why does Nick have to be the stereotypical ‘’no heart/seems cold and uncaring’’ personality. Why can’t Nick be out right kind, caring and compassionate from the very beginning? Who is first in line to help Judy on her mission? 

I’ll tell you why. Because Disney like’s reinforcing stereotypes. Even in CGI anthropomorphic taking animals. 

(Also- in one particular scene Nick outright says ‘’You bunnies.. so emotional.’’ to Judy. Implying that women are always emotional and crying all the time. That’s out right sexist!)