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nocturnal-cutie  asked:

little facts/quirks about jiraiya, kakashi and gai?


•A compulsive liar when it comes to his accolades, or generally when he’s trying to impress someone. It makes it difficult to believe when he’s actually telling the truth

•In the wintertime he can’t have any drinks with ice or else he gets sick. People will poke fun at him for being a baby but hey, health comes first

•The type to open the door for someone but keep it open for a long time as a whole flood of people come in. He’s too nice to shut it on one of them

•Overprotective of bees. Such a ‘save the bees’ kinda guy. But will swat them away if they get too close. He doesn’t trust bees.

•Peels his fingernails when he’s nervous, then hates himself later when they feel raw and sensitive


•Kakashi looks at people’s lips a lot, especially when he’s a little attracted to them

•Has this habit of looking over his shoulder all the time. Despite the cognition of a shinobi, he’s always afraid someone’s going to pop up behind him and try to mess with him. Like Naruto or someone trying to pull down his mask

•He whistles random songs. Actually, they’re not even songs. They’re just tunes he has in his head. You could ask him what it is and he’s like “hmmmm I don’t know”

•He hates sneezing. He’s the type who will hold in a sneeze for an entire day. Probably because it gets his mask all dirty

•Hates sloppy eaters. Hates when people lick their fingers. Hates when people burp. Hates when people don’t wipe their mouth. Grosses him out. Very meticulous with the table manners


•When Gai meets new people he’s of course overly friendly, but he’s internally inspecting them, giving them an ocular patdown to test their vibe and intentions

•He loves calligraphy. He could never get into it, and is pretty bad at it, but it just looks so nice. It’s one of the few aesthetics he indulges

•Does hand flexes throughout the day. He can train his arms and core, but it won’t mean a thing if he doesn’t have the hand muscles to back it up. He’s rigorous with all sorts of training, even down to his pinky finger

•Has a habit of telling the same stories over and over again, whether it’s because he forgets he’s already told you or he just wants to tell you again because he’s excited

•Thinks he should try out yoga, but it’s too…tranquil for him. He needs something fast paced