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Be Sweet To Me p. 1/2 (Credence x Reader)

In which: the Reader suffers from migraines. Credence is a healer at St. Mungo’s.

Notes: @obscure-black-clouds said it would be the perfect endgame for him and that got me inspired :) It’s intended to be a two-part fic & this half is mostly building the scene for Things to happen in the second one.

Word count: 1.046

It was always a strange place to find oneself in. Decorated to remind you of home, no doubt, but still strange – and full of strangers. Every so often, on average once a month, you’d end up in here, surrounded by lovely, yet undoubtedly artificial smiles.

St. Mungo’s. At first the name had seemed like a sentence more than anything.

The day you woke up here for the first time and a sweet, concerned healer explained to you what had happened, you’d been terrified. You’d been out for several weeks, only coming to your senses after a series of complicated procedures. She then proceeded to explain it, but you refused to pay attention. The only thing that repeated in your mind, drawn in blazing letters behind your eyelids when you closed your eyes: the damage was permanent. You’d have to come back here every time the symptoms returned.

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Daphne, are you saying that you have feelings for Niles?
I think I do.

A Muggle?

Y/N’s parents had been divorced when she was three. Her mother, feeling the need to do something drastic, moved to England, while her father stayed back in America. They decided to share custody, switching off every six months until she was 11, and got accepted into Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry- completely surprising both of her parents, but the small girl had seen it coming. When she stayed with her mother, there was a shy boy next door, a boy with a love for chocolate, and an odd family. The two became fast friends around the age of five, when their parents began to let them play outside. Y/N found herself intrigued by the boy, who seemed to be able to do extraordinary things, and disappeared for a few days every month, always giving strange reasons as to why.

By the time they were seven, he had told her all about his abilities as a wizard, and that he suspected that she might be a witch as well. He explained to her how his father was also a wizard and his mother was a muggle, just like Y/N’s parents- following with an explanation of what a “muggle” is. As soon as Y/N embraced the thought that maybe he was right, maybe she was like him, it was as if her powers were heightened, ready to be accepted and ready to grow. He taught her small things that his father taught him, and the two became even closer over this secret they shared.

When they were eight, he had a long conversation with her about the condition he had. He shared all of his feelings with her about being a dangerous monster. He told her he understood if she never wanted to see him again, if she thought he was a horrible, horrible monster, but she just hugged the boy and told him that he was her best friend, and that she loved him no matter what. They grew even closer through that. After every full moon, she came over with chocolate snacks and several books, and she would read to him as he recovered.

At age 11, they each received their letters, his from Hogwarts, and hers from Ilvermorny, as she spent just a bit more time with her father in America as she got older. The two began their separate schooling, but never drifted apart. They wrote each other every day. During her fifth year at Ilvermorny, she decided to move in with her mother permanently, due to disagreements with her father about her abilities as a witch. Shortly after the school year ended, she was invited to further her education at Hogwarts, which she gladly accepted, excited to be able to spend more time with her best friend.


Y/N had just finished moving the rest of her belongings into her mothers house, and she decided to go next door and surprise her best friend with the news. After three knocks on the front door, she was greeted by the lanky boy with the goofy smile. “Y/N!” He exclaimed, picking her up and crushing her in a hug. “You’re back!” “Hey, Rem,” she laughed, gladly hugging him back, her feet still dangling off of the floor. “So, I have news,” she started as he carefully placed her back on the floor. “Good news? Bad news? What’s going on?” He asked, wide eyed. “Nothing too drastic, only that I’m living here permanently and starting at Hogwarts in September,” she said as nonchalantly as she could. “YOU’RE WHAT??” Remus yelled. “Y/N THIS IS SO GREAT!” He picked her up once more, spinning her around this time. “Moony, what’s taking so long mate- who is that?!” A handsome boy with long dark hair stepped in from Remus’ living room, followed by a black haired boy with glasses, and a boy with mousy brown hair, who looked a bit timid. Remus set Y/N down and gave her a proper introduction.

“Boys, this is Y/N, my neighbor. She’s been my best friend since we were children. Y/N, this is Sirius, James, and Peter. They go to school with me,” he said. “Wow, Moony. We don’t get to be introduced as best friends, too? I’m hurt,” the one with glasses joked. Remus rolled his eyes and chuckled,“They are my best friends at school.” “It’s nice to meet you guys,” Y/N smiled. “Rem, I didn’t realize you had guests, I’m sorry. I’m gonna head back home, but I just wanted to share the news with you.” “No, no, no! Stay!” Remus insisted. “No, it’s okay. I don’t want to interrupt your guy time. You need it,” she playfully nudged Remus. “Bloody hell, the girl’s American,” the one with the long hair muttered. “Uh, yeah that’s me. The uh, the American,” she laughed nervously. She got occasional dirty looks here and there, as people assumed she was an American tourist. “Oh, no, I didn’t mean it like that,” he grinned at her. “It’s rather attractive,” he winked. “Why thank you,” the girl quipped, surprising the boy with her flirty demeanor, and lack of being flustered.

“Love, I’m sure the boys wouldn’t mind you staying for a bit,” Remus jumped in. “Yeah,” “Not at all,” the boy with glasses and the timid boy agreed, while the one with long hair smirked. “Besides, mum and dad would be extremely offended if you came over and didn’t stay for dinner,” Remus added. “I guess I could stay for a few minutes,” Y/N playfully rolled her eyes and followed the boys back into the Lupins’ living room. She took a seat on the couch, quickly followed by the long haired boy. “Didn’t get to properly introduce myself. I’m Sirius, Sirius Black,” he said, reaching for her hand. Y/N cocked an eyebrow. “Y/N Y/L/N,” she replied, placing her hand in his. “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance,” he smirked, leaning down to place a kiss on her knuckles. “Wow, Black, that was smooth. How many times have you used that one?” She quipped back, leaving him speechless once again.

“So, which one of you is James, and which one is Peter?” She asked, turning her attention to the other boys in the room. “I’m James, and that’s Peter,” the one with the glasses informed. “Padfoot, the girl’s only been here five minutes, could you lay off?” Remus asked as he re-entered the room, followed by his parents. “Y/N!” Mrs. Lupin exclaimed, rushing over to the girl and engulfing her into a hug. “Hello, Mrs. Lupin, Mr. Lupin,” Y/N greeted them, hugging Mr. Lupin next. “How have you been dear? Oh my, you look so grown up!” Mrs. Lupin asks. “I’ve been really well, thank you,” Y/N smiles at the lady she’s spent so many years with. “She might look older, but she’s still just as little!” Remus joked as he plopped down on the other side of her, ruffling her hair. “Hey! Watch it!” She whined at him, quickly reaching up to fix her hair.

“Remus, you be nice to her. You know better than that,” Mrs. Lupin scolded. “Yeah, Remus,” Y/N added, laughing. “My own Bloody mother likes you better than me. Shame really,” he joked. “Don’t take it personally, Rem, everyone likes me better,” she nudged him. “It’s because I’m cute.” “Yeah, something like that,” Remus rolled his eyes. “Now, I haven’t seen you in months, cuddle please?” He asked her. “I don’t know, you did mess up my hair…” Y/N pretended to think. “C'mhere, love. ’S enough of that sass,” Remus huffed, pulling her closer to him. She draped her little legs over his lap and laid her head on his shoulder. “So, what are we doing until dinner?” She asked.


Y/N had spent the last few days catching up with Remus and getting to know the other three boys. James, she noticed liked to boast a bit, liked to stand out. Sirius, was an insufferable flirt, but she had to admit that he was funny, and she did enjoy his company, though she wouldn’t admit it. Peter was quite shy, and didn’t say much, but he was very sweet and Y/N decided she liked him. She had caught onto the nicknames, however they boys left out the explanation of what they meant. Explanation or not, Y/N did her best to use them, as she was quickly becoming part of their group.

“Alright, as much I’m enjoying sitting around doing nothing with you all, can we please go out and do something that isn’t sitting inside a small house?” Y/N spoke up. “Like what, love?” Remus asked. “We could go to that park we used to go to all the time?” Y/N suggested with a shrug. “I think that sounds like a great idea, my dear. We could all use the fresh air,” Sirius agreed, slinging his arm around her shoulders. “Yeah thanks,” she slid out of his grip. “Please, Rem?” She pouted. “I’d love to. Prongs? Wormtail?” He asked. “Yeah mate, let’s do it,” James nodded. “Yay! Let’s go!” Y/N practically skipped out of the door. “She’s bloody adorable,” James murmured to Remus. “Yeah, quite the ball of energy, she is,” he chuckled as the four boys followed her out into the road.

It only took a few minutes for them to reach their childhood park, and Y/N raced into a swing. “Someone push me!” She exclaimed. “Allow me, love,” Sirius smiled, coming up behind her and giving a gentle shove. Remus took a spot in the swing next to her, James on the other side of him, and Peter took it upon himself to start climbing a tree. “This was a good idea,” Remus spoke up after a few minutes of comfortable silence. “We haven’t been here in ages.” “I just figured it would be a nice place to get some fresh air. I really just needed to get out of the house,” Y/N admitted. “I figured. I know how you hate sitting around,” Remus gave her a soft smile. “Black, you better watch those hands,” Y/N suddenly warned, earning a hearty laugh from Sirius. “Take it easy baby, I’m just pushing you, ’s all.” “Don’t call me that,” she shook her head. Sirius opened his mouth to reply, but was cut off by Peter yelling. “A little help please??” He sounded frightened. The rest of the marauders and Y/N turned their attention to find him dangling from a tree. “Oi, Wormtail, how did you even-” James started. “Can we please discuss the how’s and why’s AFTER you help me down?” Peter called back. “What exactly do you expect us to do?” Sirius called up to him. “I don’t know, I- ahhh!” Peter’s hand slipped and he fell a few feet, grasping on to another branch on the way down.

Y/N jumped out of her swing. “Are you guys seriously not going to do anything?!” She asked the boys who’s feet were still on the ground. When there was no response and Peter started falling again, she did the first thing she could think of: She grabbed her wand and quickly yelled “Arresto momentum!” and gently lowered Peter down. “What the actual fuck?!” Sirius yelled once Peter was safely on the ground. “You’re a witch?!” James exclaimed. “You guys didn’t know that?” Y/N laughed, taking her place back in her swing. “No! We’ve been avoiding doing magic for days because we thought you were a muggle!” James yells. “A muggle? I’m insulted,” Y/N joked, placing her hand over her heart. “Y/N! This is serious! Why didn’t you say something before?!” James asked. “No, this is Sirius,” Y/N laughed, reaching behind her for Sirius’ arm, earning a groan from James but a loud laugh from Sirius. “Alright, it’s been decided. We’re keeping her,” he said. “Anyways,” Y/N continued,“I thought you guys knew-Wait, what do you mean ‘it’s been decided’? was there ever a question??” She asked, turning to look at each of the boys. “Well, I was a bit leery about keeping you around. You know, you’ve got a lot of sass in that little body and I wasn’t sure I could handle it,” Remus teased. “Shove off, Remus,” Y/N laughed, rolling her eyes. “Peter, are you okay?” Y/N asked turning her attention to Peter who nodded and gave her a shy smile. “’M just playing, sweetheart,” Remus smiled at Y/N. “Yeah, sorry, love, but I think you’re stuck with us forever now,” James grinned. This school year was going to be an interesting one.


A/N: This is my first imagine, I hope you guys like it! ♡♡♡ Part 2  Part 3