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Another new Book of the Atlantic clip!

me: gatekeepers are assholes. you should never measure a marvel fan based on how much they know about comics or cartoons

some dude™: oh but are u SURE u actually like tony stark the Invincible Iron Man, and not just robert downey jr lol

me, immediately:

what is the name of the hair salon where tony stark got his hair perm in october 1987?


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Also, I liked the way they reenacted the fanart in the first clip in the first episode. But they're continuing to try to please the evak shippers and I feel like they're sometimes planning sanas story to fit what people want to see if Evak. I don't know if that's me being grumpy but ://

hey lovie! hmm, I don’t really see that, to be honest. Isak and Even have been in very few clips, and she needed to end up in Isak’s apartment anyway. I feel like it would be weirder if Even wouldn’t have been there.

thing is, people who have only watched parts of season three in real time are very used to the character almost living in a vacuum and take this as the skam way, so to speak. during Isak’s season, nobody else seemed to have any problems, just him. if characters did struggle, such as Noora with William, it was only very, very briefly mentioned to help Isak’s story move along. and while I get this being nice for many people, there’d already been two season before that in which the exact opposite had happened. the struggles of so many of the other characters were shown during both Noora’s and Eva’s season, which to me seems much more realistic. people talk to each other, they live lives outside of the main character’s one, they are who they are even if it doesn’t help the story of the main character, and that’s what’s happening here now.

Even and Isak are together. they live together, they’re going to discuss who has to do the laundry and who has to buy the bread, because that’s what couples do. it all seems very natural and organic to me and to call the healthy portrayal of a relationship between two boys, one of which is mentally ill, fan service, seems like a disservice to so many of the people who take strength, courage and inspiration from their story.

That’s really sad. That’s really fucking sad. A vigil was supposed to be held for Heather Heyer today at the University of Virginia but was canceled due to a “credible threat from white supremacists”. Not only do they kill without remorse but a vigil can’t even be held safely without them issuing threats for more people getting harmed.

If I see one more post on this site that excuses these white fuckers right to their “free speech” you’re getting doxxed. White people, STOP defending these disgusting fucking monsters. Stop giving these terrorists a fucking platform. 

They haven’t got a single shred of humanity in them, and if you care about the lives of EVERYONE like you guys always claim, then start speaking out against them, start holding yourselves and your racist family members accountable, stop letting people you know who voted for Trump an excuse, all of you are responsible. Every one of you.

Don’t remain silent. This needs to end NOW.

if you’re ever upset please consider:

  • autistic zuko being really impressed w/ jet’s affinity for words and how great of a public speaker he is
  • jet helping firelord zuko write and rehearse his speeches 
  • jet being really intrigued by how expressive zuko is w/ his body language and how comforting his presence can be
  • modern au jet and zuko making a video of zuko’s hand stimming and zuko being shocked and f lustered at how popular it gets
  • zuko st i mmING WITH FIRE B ENDING
  • jet and zuko growing old together and making “ur getting old” jokes at each other every chance they get
  • and each time jet tries to prove zuko wrong by picking him up
  • both of them being sarcastic as hell
  • jet telling their friends that zuko doesn’t like unexpected physical affection and so they start asking each time they want to hug zuko
  • three words: trans boy zuko
  • honestly just remember that jetko is 100% canon  

Beyonce uses her performances as a platform to send a message on important social issues.

Tell me Gabrielle Aplin doesn’t write her songs for Lydia                     Martin’s growing love for Stiles. I dare you.

  Season 3 = Start of Time.

‘ When you walked into the room, 

    it’s like the sun came out

Season 6 = Waking Up Slow.

‘ It’s like I never had a doubt,
  I love you like the sun came out

Planetary Haiku 1/30/17

Burn so hot that you
Imprint your shadow on lives
Of people you meet.

you cant build a wall
Around your heart so tall
there’s no way over.

Your perpetual
Voice in my ear reminds me
To always speak out.

Love is a coiled snake:
Terrible in its beauty,
Shedding old lovers.

Never let your fire
Be stolen by someone who
Won’t use it for light

Dont expand so fast
That you fall in on yourself.
Growth is not a race.

No butterfly has
Broken loose without struggle.
Push until you’re free.

Scripture on holy skin,
You are a key to locked
Places of worship.

A witch was a being
Whose ideas were too ahead
Of her time. Rebel.

You think you’re ashes.
You burned your world once. You can
Rebuild it again.

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What Hogwarts houses would you sort The New Who Doctors and companions?

Oooh, that’s an interesting question. It’s a challenge, really, because to me, Hogwarts houses are often such a reductive thing, but within the actual Harry Potter series, in my opinion, they tend to be a lot richer and more interesting, so I feel like I chafe against certain fandom approaches. But let’s give it a go.

  • Ninth Doctor: Gryffindor. To me, Gryffindor, more than anything, is a need to stand up for something. Not just to be brave or cocky, anyone can do that. But to deeply grow to put onesself on the line to stand up for something, that’s what it comes down to. And that’s what Nine’s arc comes down to. He’s finding the idealist in himself again, with Rose’s help, that he would die to be, even if it meant the Daleks won. That, to me, is really quite brave.
  • Tenth Doctor: Ooh, it’s so easy to say Gryffindor, isn’t it? He’s the Doctor of big speeches and bold statements and such. All that fire and ice and rage feels like the most obvious example. But I’m not sure if I believe it. I think he might be more Hufflepuff than he seems. He connects a lot with people, that’s his power. When stripped of it, like in Midnight, he’s nothing. His loyalty is a big thing. He and Rose became massively codependant, for example. And that farewell tour, God. He visits everyone. Literally, everyone. That girl a guy he created using his form fell in love with. Jo Grant. Jago and Litefoot. Everybody. I tend to view regeneration stories as the purest encapsulation of an incarnation, and his makes quite the statement.
  • Eleventh Doctor: Slytherin, through and through. The sweetest, most well-meaning Slytherin ever, he’s brave and lovely and charming and clever and protective of his friends. But he’s a cunning one, in the way the Seventh Doctor was cunning. He keeps secrets because he thinks he knows best, and plays long games with his own universe-wide persona, and in general tries to be one step ahead of everything, even when there’s no actual mystery to solve, to the detriment of his relationships. He’s absolutely wonderful. And brave, all those years fighting to protect children, for example. But all along, he does it for his secrets and does it with a tiny bit of trickstery flourish.
  • Twelfth Doctor: Gryffindor. I can’t see anything else. Once I might have, his pragmatism seemed very Slytherin cunning. But over his growth, he’s proved so much more than that. I mentioned before how I think Gryffindor is more than anything a willingness to stand up for something, and he proves that. He’s pragmatic enough to know ideals alone can’t save the day, but good enough that he wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Rose Tyler: Gotta say Hufflepuff, I think. Not that she is always loyal: she can be remarkably, and I believe Russell T Davies once said, beautifully, selfish. And she isn’t always there for the people she loves, like Jackie’s big speech about how she’s becoming less human. But it’s often out of her love that she fights for that, particularly for the Doctor. The whole relationship between her and Ten is just, overall, the ultimate codependency. She latches onto that, becomes infinitely loyal to that way of living and being he exemplifies. She isn’t quite a leader, but give her a Doctor and she will become the posterchild for everything he represents, all out of love. I think that’s a pretty powerful loyalty.
  • Martha Jones: Gryffindor. She’s clever, don’t get me wrong. But her whole arc is finding her own bravery. Both to do the great big fights, like against the Master, and to tell the guy she can’t help but fall for that he’s just not worth her pain. That is all so, so brave. She’s a quiet character, but her moments of strength are always when she speaks out and takes a stand.
  • Donna Noble: Oddly, I think she’s the toughest of all for me to place. She can shout the whole world down, but the quiet, working world depression and disillusionment are really the driving core of her character, I think. And that’s a contrast to the normal modern Doctor Who arc. Usually, the characters start in a messy place and find an identity, but Donna’s is a story of disillusionment with a bitterly ironic final note. It’s powerful, but also hard to fit into the more idealistic and self-actualizing Hogwarts sorting system. If pushed, I might say Gryffindor, given how brave she has to be to take a stand when stripped of everything, like in Turn Left. But I’m not sure I entirely feel it.
  • Amy Pond: Gryffindor and I accept no substitutes. She’s a hurt, abused girl fighting to be loved and to be heard. And when she feels like something might go wrong, she takes it on herself rather than work it out with other people. She tries to sacrifice herself even when it isn’t necessary, such as in trying to divorce Rory just so he could live the life she mistakenly thought he needed more. She is so, so humanly brave and humanly fixated on saving people in her own way. I think she’s Gryffindor at its most flawed and vibrant.
  • Rory Williams: Since he gets companion credit, I’ll go for him. He’s a Hufflepuff. He just is. 2000 years, I mean, come on.
  • Clara Oswald: In a comic, Twelve corrected his past self and called her a Slytherin. He’s right. She is. A beautiful, brave, wonderful Slytherin who aspires to be the best hero possible, but also can’t help weaving a complicated web of stories and cunning even when it traps her up.
  • Bill Potts: Ravenclaw. Pretty straightforwardly, she aspires to be an information sponge and then to share that with other people. That’s her whole arc. Learning all she can from the Doctor, and then sharing it with Heather. She’s a student, all in all. The only obstacle she ever had there was merely socioeconomic.
The Signs as Crushes you have in your life.
  • Aries : This really beautiful girl you have in your class who you are scared to talk to because she always speaks out what she thinks and is really loud and sarcastic.
  • Taurus : This cute guy who works in the shop you always go to who always looks at you with his puppy eyes and smiles at the ground once you catch him looking at you.
  • Gemini : The stunning girl you meet at an internship who is actually the funniest and wittiest person you know but you're totally stuck in the friendzone.
  • Cancer : The friend you always had since childhood days who is not only the most caring but also one of prettiest people you know but you lost contact to after you went to another school.
  • Leo : The most popular girl in your school who is the leader of the "cool clique" of your school, she's not only an absolute stunner, she is also totally out of your league.
  • Virgo : The shy, nerdy boy in school you never really noticed but as soon as you started talking to him you notice how clever, adorable and interesting he is and you fall head over heels for him.
  • Libra : The charming, handsome boy in your friendgroup who always seems to be completely chilled out and balanced - you totally fall in love with him but it never works out.
  • Scorpio : The freaky girl you meet in your summer holidays. She is a bit mysterious and always comes up with new ideas - you two start a hot affair but never see each other again.
  • Sagittarius : The reckless, bad boy who always stands at the bus stop when you're there. He is extremely hot and you are probably never ready to even breathe next to him.
  • Capricorn : The first crush you have in kindergarten, this cute, little girl you share you very first kiss with and you never really forget.
  • Aquarius : You two started out as best friends. He is intelligent, loyal and the most beautiful person you know. Later you two kiss drunk at a party and both of you never admit that it meant more to you than "just friendship".
  • Pisces : Your one true love. This girl you meet at one point of your life and never forget because she is everything you ever wanted : she is sweet, beautiful, caring and kind. You two grow old together.
this is thoughts for your thoughts

to be,,,,,completely honest,,,,,these notes,,,,,havent changed,, any,,,of my feelings about nurseydex. fuck, most of the character dev we have on these boys is extra-canonical! we have !! so much!!! fan created content! it could practically never be canonized, or like,,, actively denied and worked around,,but that doesnt really change the fact that we have hundreds of thousands of words worth of amazing fic, and hundreds of amazing art pieces ! like! take heart my babs! 

and like, ive been on this holsom train for longer than most of yall have been in this fandom, through girlfriends and whatnot, all of the Bro ™, it doesnt bother me! with shipping (side chars esp) we can Hope that she canonizes it? but i think we should all like,,, not hinge on her canonizing it. 

TBH when you have an irrational fear of aquatic life/ open large bodies of water and yet you love the prince shark boy.

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Margarita (Peggy) Schuyler is a fuckin icon she was badass and just wanted to live life to the fullest and love and protect her family and the h:amm fandoms depictions of her sometimes make me mad bc they just ? Dont ? Do ? Enough ? For ? Her ? Other times im like yES WRITE THAT SHIT ABT MY BAMF BABY THX


God, I love you Archie. Archie Andrews x Reader Imagine

Summary: Archie has left his guitar at school and breaks into school on a Saturday night with his best friend (reader) to get it back to record a song idea he has had stuck in his head for the whole night. They face a problem as they find out that they are trapped in the music room, which soon turns into a positive for both.

Word count: 1,700

Author: oharchiekinss. I hope you enjoy this, this is my first imagine and feel free to send me requests you want for Archie or KJ imagines. I’ll try to write them as soon as I have time.

You pull on the school’s back door slightly and look at your best friend Archie who was concentrated on the handle with suspense. The door clicks and the slides open.
“Yes!” you yelled out in excitement as the door wasn’t locked.
“Shhh!” Archie said whilst holding his hand over your mouth softly.
“Sorry…” you whispered with a smirk as he took his hand down and started to step into the quiet and dark school hallway.
All of the lights were off and all rooms were empty. You knew there was a security guard at the school on weekdays but it was 3am on a Saturday night and you weren’t sure. You had to keep quiet incase he was roaming the school hallways.
Archie had left his guitar at the school and he had a melody stuck in his head that he had been humming for the whole night. He needed to write down the chords and try it out, he couldn’t wait longer. Archie reached the music classroom and the door was slightly open like all the other rooms.
“Wow this is easy”, he whispered as he opened the unlocked door further to get into the music room. You followed him inside and the door closed behind you. You could hear a small click as the door got into it’s place. Archie stood there looking at his guitar to make sure it is okay. The only light came from the yard outside through the small windows close to the ceiling of the room. The light bounced off of Archie’s sharp features and red messy hair. You found yourself staring at him in the light as he turned around and looked at you with a smirk.
“You’re staring at me again Y/N”.
“Why wouldn’t I”, you joked around and he raised his brow before laughing quietly.
“I’m flattered”, he says turning back to his guitar. You look at him questioning about what he means.
“Don’t tell me you don’t know how good looking you are Y/N”, he said shaking his head with a wide smile, still investigating his guitar.
Your heartbeat raises and you bite your lip as you break your stare from him. He didn’t know how much his comments affected you. Ever since you had started high school you started to develop serious feelings for him, and it wasn’t just a crush. You couldn’t imagine yourself with anyone else.
“You’re tired, you don’t know what you’re saying”, you said going closer to him so he could hear you better without talking too loud.
“Hey, I know what I said. It’s true Y/N you are extremely beautiful, why do you doubt that”, he said as he looked up at you now sitting on a chair with the guitar in his lap.
“Archie…” you said wishing you had the guts to tell him right then and there. He didn’t break his stare and followed your eyes as you looked away in embarrassment.
“Don’t look at me like that!” you said laughing.
“Like what?” he smiled, “Admit that you’re good looking Y/N!”
“Hey! Don’t tell me what to do Andrews!” you said jokingly pushing him. He would usually compliment you but they felt more like pep talks than compliments to you, as he seemed to see you just as a friend to him.
He shakes his head giving up and goes back to his guitar. He starts to play, and the soft sound of his acoustic guitar flowed and filled the room as the red warmth slowly left your cheeks. You sat down next to him listening to him finally play out the melody he had been humming for the night, admiring his skills. You found yourself staring at his lips as he bit down on them concentrated. He tested out the chords until he had the whole melody figured out. He looked up at you smiling and you shifted up to his eyes.
“Finally got to play it and you don’t have to listen to me humming it again, I recorded it on my phone”, he said as he stood up placing the guitar into it’s case and closing it quietly. You still wrapped up in his eyes nodded and stood up to go to the door. You grab the handle of the door and push it down. The door doesn’t open.
“Archie… come here”, you whisper panicked.
“What’s up?” he says now next you at the door. You nod down at your hand and try to open it again, unsuccessfully.
“It’s locked?” he asks as he grabs the handle himself using a little force, but the door is standing still in it’s place. He sighs and looks back at you. “This is how they catch someone stupid if they came into the school at night”, you said laughing at the situation. Archie smirked but then slowly the smirk faded into a worried frown.
“Y/N… It’s Saturday. Who’s going to open the door without us getting caught?” he said and leaned on the door.
You look back at the room behind you and see the small windows at the top of the ceiling. Archie looks up at them too and you know you both thought of the same plan.
“But the windows are really high up, how are we going to climb through them?” he said looking around the nearly empty room, as you pointed at the tall desk in the corner. He nodded and approached the desk now lifting it up into his arms. You looked at his muscles flex as he lifted the desk up and placed it in front of the windows. He motioned you to come to him.
“Do you want me to go first or last?” you said and he thought about it for a little bit.
“You first…” He said smiling as he lifted you by the waist to sit on the desk. You felt shivers down your spine from his strong grip. He was now facing you and your faces were nearly touching as the desk lifted you up to his height. You saw his gaze travel down to your lips as the window behind you reflected blue light onto his face. You sat there for what felt like ages, studying each others eyes and lips with Archie’s hands still strongly gripped around your waist.
“Do you want to stay here for a bit?” he whispered leaning in to your ear and you felt his warm breath on your neck which gave you chills down your back.
“Uh… sure”, you said unsure of what he meant by this. Soon enough his breath on your neck turned into a series of soft kisses as you gasped in surprise. He met your eyes again before slowly leaning into press his lips softly onto yours. You felt your whole body shiver as he moved his hand up and down your back embracing you. You had never thought Archie would be like this, especially with you. You would pull out of the kiss for a breather but Archie couldn’t resist pressing back in as he saw your (Y/E/C) eyes look up at him.
You slowed down after a few minutes until you both pulled back to take a breath. You leaned back into the wall behind you still sitting on the desk and breathed heavily in the same rhythm as him.
“Y/N, I need to tell you something” Archie said as he took your hands and pulled you in closer.
Your heart stopped for a second as he kept his grip on your wrists whilst staring down at your eyes admiring. You were speechless, but nodded him to continue.
“I know we are bestfriends… and a lot of friendships are ruined by people trying to make it into a relationship. But…”
“What, Archie?” you asked holding your breath.
“I’m done acting like I don’t have feelings for you. I love you Y/N, always have”, he said as he breathed out in relief. You were speechless. It’s like he was saying the exact words you were always too scared to speak out. He now stepped back and looked down as the silence filled the room.
“I’m sorry, I thought you felt the same…” He said sitting down onto the chair he had previously sat on whilst playing his guitar, now looking down at the ground rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment.
You gathered your words and jumped up to cup his face into your hands, “I love you Archie Andrews.”
He looked down with the biggest smile on his face before pressing his lips onto yours. You could still feel his smile as he pulled away. He tuck a strand of your hair behind your ear that had fallen onto your face. His touch still gave you chills and you smiled back at him.
The lights in the music room suddenly light up as the lock on the door opens. A tall security guard stands in the doorway as you both jump up.
“What’s going on here?” he asks in a dark tone. You look at Archie and he grabs his guitar. You both start sprinting through the door whilst the guard gets pushed out of the way. As you ran through the hallways, Archie grabbed your hand to make sure you don’t fall behind. You could hear the guard yelling far away to stop, but you both just laughed as you ran through the doors of the school.
You were now far away from the school in a quiet neighborhood and you both stopped to catch your breath. As you both settled your breathing, you let out a loud laugh and he joined you.
You started to walk back home with his arm around you and the guitar case in the other hand. This is what you have dreamt your whole life with him, to have him this close and to know he is yours.
“God I love you, Archie” you blurted out as he looked back at you in the streetlights. As he looked at you with the light bouncing off of your hair and your soft features, he knew that, he loved you even more.