always so much cat hair

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I really headcanon Kuroo as being allergic to stuff like animals and pollen and such. But he still loves cats. Loves. Cats. And so does Kenma which makes Kuroo's life hell because he loves cats and Kenma loves cats and he's super allergic. Love causes pain. I love allergic Kuroo so much I don't even remember where this came from. It's been years.

kuroo suffers for love ~

i imagine kenma as owning cats since he was little, though?? so picture a nine year old kuroo just having moved in next door and he shows up at his new friend kenma’s house only for EVERYTHING to go wrong at once. his eyes starts watering, he can’t stop sneezing, and he’s just a red-faced mess. so that’s when he learns he can’t go to kenma’s house unless he LOADS up on allergy meds, which only do so much? and what’s worse, kenma always has cat hair on him, so every so often kuroo’s allergies just act up and he can’t help it. it becomes a running gag among the volleyball team.

(for about a month, lev is convinced kuroo is allergic to him because he has like five cats at his house and they’re all over him, so kuroo’s allergies just go crazy whenever he’s near lev)