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Aah sorry for not getting round to your asks until now, I got a few asking about tips so I thought I would do a nice big post to answer them 
I’ll include some tools that I use as examples, hopefully that’ll help ^o^


~ U s i n g   W a t e r c o l o u r s ~

Some general tips:

1.  Try not to mix too many colours. You’ll lose their vibrancy if you do and they’ll become muddy. At most, I only mix two colours. 

2.  Always have clean water. If the water is discoloured, this affects the colour of your paint. 

3.  Always have lots of tissue. Trust me you’ll need it! haha (for dabbing up paint when you’ve put down too much, mistakes, spilling water… etc)

4. Use a palette, any will do. Wash it often~

5.  Rubber: one that doesn’t smudge and is soft enough to not rip the paper if you rub out a lot like me. I think I use soft staedtler brand. 


~ E x a m p l e s   w i t h   p r e t t y   p h o t o s ~

T e m p e r a t u r e
Watercolours dry differently depending on how hot it is where you live (I live in the UK, it’s cold so it takes a while to dry. I’ve also painted in Thailand where it’s hot as well as humid, and takes just a minute or so to dry). 

This is importantttt
If the temperature around you is colder, it makes it easier to smoothly blend paints. Example:

And if the temperature around you is hotter i.e you live in a hot country, they can look blotchy-er? Basically some areas dry faster so they make a not so smooth pattern, but it makes nice texture. Example:

T i m i n g
For blending, timing is crucial because at what stage you add it, it brings out different kinds of blending. This is related to the wet-on-wet technique actually.

- if you add paint to water or paint on paper while it’s still wet - it’ll blend smoothly. (look at the first example picture)
- if you add paint to water or paint while it’s damp and about to dry, it makes a sort of snowflake appearance as it tries to spread. Example: 

B r u s h e s
Main brushes I can think of:
- spotter - good for small detail (I mainly use these)
- rigger - long and good for detail and holding more water/paint (and these)
- round - good for spreading lots of water/paint
- flat - standard brush
- fan - spread a light wash of water paint
- mop - spread a lot of water

In the photo are my brushes from right to left: Liner/rigger, spotter, round/mop, rigger, rigger.   

Synthetic brushes are good, but they wear out quickly. Animal hairs are more robust but expensive.

P a p e r
I can’t stress enough how finding the right paper for you is. Let me show you how paper can really affect your paints, and why there are lots of them around.


Same drawing, but different paper. The first is thin paper, the other is something like 200gsm. All paper are different. So it’s best to try them out!

The thicker it is, the more likely it’ll be ale to hold more paint/water. This 200gsm paper can’t take much water, however in small amounts it really shows off the vibrancy of the paint and holds it well and allows it to blend well. This is paper from a Muji sketchbook (photo below) and I also use Arches paper.

P A I N T S !!!!!!

Oh yeah this. Generally, the more expensive it is, the better quality/more pigmented (vibrant) the colour will be. So if you’re starting out, I recommend that you start with some cheap okay ones, then move on to the expensive ones (that way, you can appreciate the quality and also get used to them).

These are the paints I use:

Yeah I only use paint tubes (just preference really. I’m not sure if tubes are more pigmented, but I guess they might be since you’d have to add water to the dried stuff?)

I use from left to right:
- Dr. Ph Martin’s watercolours (really intense super vibrant watercolours)
- Winsor and Newton Designers Gouache (the flesh tint is great for skin)
- Winsor and Newton: Artists’ Water Colour brands (various colours and good quality)
- Winsor and Newton: Professional (same as above)
- Winsor and Newton: Cotman (basic colours and good quality)
- WHSmith watercolours: (student grade (cheap) and not very vibrant in colour, but has some colours that are good)

Apart from the WHSmith ones, I’d say they’re all good brands.


Okay I think I’ve covered most things. Sorry this is so long to read, but I hope it helps anyone (/^▽^)/ ☆☆☆

Sirius Black x Reader Headcanons: NSFW

Requested by: Anonymous

-Tease him in public all you want because he will not be merciful to you in that respect

-He’s always touching you and he knows exactly what spots to touch to get you all riled up

-When he’s feeling frisky his mouth is always all over you, especially your neck

-always sneaking around after a party to try and get back to his dorm before the others come back to fool around as much as possible

-Room of requirement sex on special occasions

-Hooking up in broom closets or little nooks and crannies you find around the castle

-Poor Remus usually walking in on the two of you and not knowing what to do

-Pulling his hair has so many good consequences for you

-I swear to g-d this isn’t a pun but he loves doggy style im not kidding

-Jealous sex!! Jealousy runs deep in him and he lets it be known!

-Him growling “mine ” in your ear as he presses kisses and bites to your jaw and neck

-He’s so so rough but loving as he does it every spank is met with a soothing rub or a kiss

-He has a lot of kinks, to say the least

-He makes a lot of sounds and that smart mouth of his never stops

-Extremely snuggly afterwards and he will always be the big spoon around you

Request anything you’d like to see! My ask box is open!

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It was awful. 300 people won the m&g lottery. 500 people were in line. We got through two lines they sent Dan and Phil back and went to everyone in line to see who won the m&g lottery. They didn't bring out Dan and Phil until they made sure everyone in line won the lottery. Then when I met them I rushed and the manager rushed because they already met so many people. I felt so bad for them. I want everyone to meet Dan and Phil but at the same time it's not right to Dan and Phil.

these conventions are always such a fucking mess

a r i e s, the burns on your hands are not the only evidence of the tear in your heart. her kiss on your cheek scared you. the affection shown to you has taken you by surprise. learn to accept that although you do not have who you wanted, there are many that can fill her place.

t a u r u s, let your old love go and allow yourself to find someone new. not someone who will treat you like trash, nor someone who will hide you like a secret. find someone that will treat you like the goddess you truly are and take you to new heights. you deserve that.

g e m i n i, you are so far away and yet I have never felt closer to you. the distance is scary, but remember that you always have a home- and if it’s not this city, it’s the people waiting for you.

c a n c e r, my darling, look at your heart. look at these wounds. she ripped your heart out a long time ago and the tears you wept have filled the oceans that surround you, but you have not lost it all. do not call yourself heartless, for there is love in your eyes. do allow yourself to feel for another again.

l e o, is it working? the fake smile you put on, the show you wear for others- is it working? the way you hop from girl to girl, the way the high unravels your facade. detach, run away, ignore. I want you to face yourself in the mirror and tell yourself it’s going to be okay. I want you look at your mother and tell her you appreciate all she does. I want you to hold your own hand and become your own strength.

v i r g o, be safe. be loved. be happy. and do unto others as they have done unto you.

l i b r a, there is a time and place for everything but today is not your day. let the others bask in it while you take a backseat. go tell that girl you miss her. go tell that boy you don’t need him. go tell yourself that you’re finally home.

s c o r p i o, you fall so easily. you are far too loyal. and you are pushing yourself aside. please do not lose yourself in this boy unless he loses himself in you. please do not drop your life for the people who will not bother to run for you. please do not ignore your own feelings to validate all else. your mental health comes first. your physical health comes second. the rest of the world can wait.

s a g i t t a r i u s, you are in love and it is beautiful, but are you able to remember what life is like without her unless you’re holding her close? do you remember the friend you scorned in order to take her for yourself? burn your bridges as you may but do not throw the remainder of your life away for love. love her, and keep your life together. live.

c a p r i c o r n, have you finally had enough? have they finally killed you? have they finally taken all your love? good. get rid of them. take your space. breathe. then say you’re sorry.

a q u a r i u s, distractions are cheap, soulmates are not forever, and substances will only numb so much. feel everything. feel that pain. feel that misery. feel that anger… and then let it go. I know you know it isn’t hate. I know you’re happier when you’re with him. but now it’s time to learn to live without him. how did you survive before he made a home in your soul?

p i s c e s, I will forget you today. I will forget you tomorrow. and I will likely forget you for the rest of my life. and that is not your fault. that is entirely mine. but while you enjoy this dangerous boy, I cannot be there for you. he loves you. for now, that is enough.

—  twelve letters for twelve lovers [trois] ; (a.m.)
a Rami Malek post

Rami Malek is an Egyptian American actor, most famous right now for Mr Robot. Some of other fave roles for him are the Egyptian pharoah in Night at the Museum (YAy for casting Egyptians in Egyptian roles) and how adorable he was as Kenny in the War at home even tho the role was so stereotypical. Also, he’s super fashionable (see the Met Gala).

Now. As a Coptic Egyptian myself, it means so, so much to see him in the spotlight. Not only that, but he doesn’t ignore his heritage. He always talks about his parents and how grateful he is that they worked so hard for him and his brother and sister to have opportunities in America. Not many of you realise, Coptic Christians in Egypt have been discriminated against for decades. They are the 10% there against a 90% Muslim population. You can research the shit that happens if you like, e.g. a muslim mob dragged a woman through the streets naked. Most recently, ISIS has been targeting the population there. It has meant so much to me that Rami Malek speaks out for his people which he has done by tweeting the news to his audience via Twitter. He’s also spoken out about diversity in Hollywood (look it up on Youtube).

Secondly, Rami has a lot of people in his corner. Everyone knows this guy is just gorgeous, super lovely. And so so talented. But for some reason, a select few in the Tumblr fandom seem to put him on a pedestal. They’re mad that he apparently isn’t enough of an ‘activist’. I’ve been so disgusted to see posts where they say they’ve ‘given up’ on him, and that he only speaks out about issues about himself. WHICH I MEAN. as Rami fans, I wish you would research these issues he’s talking about and understand why he would. It irritates me that someone would be mad at Coptic Egyptian man talking about issues in his country.

Next, Rami Malek doesn’t owe y’all anything! We’ve seen that he cares about people. Remember in that Actor’s Roundtable where everyone was refering to directors as men and he interjected to say ‘OR SHE’ and later cemented that that WOMAN DIRECTORS ARE IMPORTANT and a bunch of other awesome shit. He addresses diversity. He knows the situation with Trump is terrible. Someone can be an activist without publicly showing it you in your face. I mean i find it so ridiculous that people put him on such a weird pedestal.  

E.G. Beyonce usually only talks about Black issues and does an amazing job with that. No one says, she’s not an activist. For people to do that with Rami…

Anyway, I’m done. I just needed to rant for a second. I’m sure Rami’s fine being his gorgeous talented egyptian self :)

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How do mutants do a good job of representing racism and sexism? I've always thought that metaphor breaks down because of the power dynamics (mutants are a minority and most mutants are probably powerless in the grand scheme of things, but then some mutants are capable of mass destruction and you have no way of telling beforehand, so while e.g. a mutant registry might be a bad idea, you can't combat it on the same grounds that you would combat a registry of IRL minorities)

So, there’s definitely issues, and I would expect an academic examination to handle many of them.

Though I’ll also point out that this is all occurring in a world where the same statement is true of non-mutants! Tony Stark, Reed Richards and Doctor Strange are non-mutants who could destroy the entire world (hell, Reed Richards has used the threat of annihilating the galaxy to hold off Galactus in the past) so I am not sold entirely that it’s fundamentally different.

But there IS a discussion to be had here.

Stuttering / Chubby & Insecure // John Laurens x S/O headcanons

Prompt: can you please do some laurens headcanons where he had a S/O who stutters whenever they talk while being very chubby and insecure? I also love your blog so much!

Notes : Thankyou so much! I’m glad you like my blog and I hope your request is everything you wanted! ♡


request here

- He doesn’t mind your stutter at all.
- He is super patient and he always waits for you to finish your sentences and he helps you with some words so that you don’t stress yourself too much.
- He understands how shy you are but he wants you to know that your stutter isn’t something that you should be ashamed or embarassed, he loves every little bit of you!
- He likes your chub. He likes girls of all weight but he definitely prefers those that have at least a little bit of something he can grab
- He loves your thighs in stockings
- He loves to squish your thighs.
- C h U b b y t h I g h s ♡
- He squishes your cheeks all the time
- He likes to pick you up and cover your face in so many kisses
- He likes!! To spoon!! You!!
- He likes your sides and back a lot, but gently !! He wouldn’t ever hurt you!! And he probably cry if he ever did hurt you tbh.
- He likes to watch movies like coraline! And Disney movies, he really likes disney movies.
- He makes you cupcakes and snacks
- When you have bad day / insecure days / he always cuddles you and makes sure you feel okay
- He likes it when you open up to him!!
- He also likes it when you lay on his lap like pls.



It was the first spring of the 2008 when they got together. Their hands always intertwined and shy smiles etched on their faces. Rosy blushes on their cheeks that signaled their embarrassment of showing their affection to each other. Whispers of sweet promises and cheeky compliments.

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After 6 years of being a VIP, ystd i finally got to see GD live. He came to my country so many times (5 times) and for the 6th time, it’s my first time watching him performing live. Even from fancams, live streaming, I could feel his energy when he performs and I always wonder how amazing it would be to watch it live. It was amazing, from the moment he stood on the stage and when Heartbreaker started playing, I was awe stuck. 

I can’t believe it’s happening. 

I can’t believe I’m given the chance to watch this man telling his story as G-Dragon and Kwon Jiyong. 

Before the end of his first ment, he said “I remember back in the days, there is one little young boy and that young boy brought me here today.” Then A BOY started playing. This song meant a lot to me because of its lyrics. When I first heard it 6 years ago, for the first time I realised that the other side of celebrity life as described in the lyrics. I love so much of this song that I once wrote about the song for a homework assignment. Okay, back to the concert. 

After Heartbreaker album, it’s OOAK. This series of performance showcased the more hiphop side of GD and One Of A Kind is still as amazing as I first heard it in 2012. But nonetheless, That XX is my favourite song, and his voice was so good for that performance. Actually let’s cut all the stories about the previous 3 albums. Because I realised for all those performances, it was a standard G-Dragon performance that would leave you in awe. Act III started with the monologue, where Jiyong talked about his identities as G-Dragon and Kwon Jiyong.

“… the important thing is I’m not even sure who I really am. I am always trying to look good when I dress up as ‘GD’ like this. Well… But the reality is sometimes… It feels too heavy on me. Still I’m kind of afraid to… take it off.”

"I’ve been living as G-Dragon until now, but now I want to live being ‘KWON JI YONG’.”

And this last part really hit me…

Because it is really him being very honest with us about how he thinks about his life as G-Dragon and Kwon Ji Yong. And when he said he wants to live being Kwon Ji Yong, I realised how much pain it must have been trying to live behind the mask of GD despite all the fame and success this mask has given him….

Superstar began playing…

“I’m sad for some reason; the loneliness still exists.

A part of my heart is empty.

I need somebody.

I ain’t got nobody.”

Then Intro and Bullshit performances were lit as hell and these songs were even better than watched LIVE

Before Outro: Divina Commedia, he explained a bit about this song. He mentioned that sometimes in life, we get confused with what’s reality and what’s dream.

“Why do people say life is a comedy?

Because we laugh and we cry.

What kind of face am I making right now?

It doesn’t matter what kind of face; pretending and faking is a mask.

You deal and trade with your life just to eat and live well.”

From these four songs, we are really stepping into the life of Kwon Jiyong, seeing things from his perspectives, understanding the emotions he is feeling.

Then the last song, Untitled 2014. It is amazing to see him singing this song live…

Yes, he is not a perfect vocalist but he managed to convey the emotion perfectly. It was raw feeling…It was easy to understand the pain of this love and how hard it has been on him.

Overall, it is really a genuine concert; a relatively simple stage with no fancy props as compared to One Of A Kind Concert. 

I think the message is simple enough: Moment of Truth (of the loneliness and anguish of Kwon Ji Yong behind the mask of G-Dragon). The End (of G-Dragon era, I will start living as Kwon Ji Yong now.)

Southern Ryan

* “Y'all please”
* “Bless your heart”
* “Breaks my heart”
* He always talks about how much he loves g yamazawa because he talks about growing up in the south.
* His old musical.lys definitely have a lot of unchurch (a southern rapper)
* They also show how much he wore boots and dressed differently
* The amount of country on all his spoitify playlists
* I bet he has/wants a truck but he just won’t tell us
* He’s such a gentlemen
* i have had the unfortunate opportunity to grow up in a part of the south, and I’ve seen vids of Ryan on his snapchat with friends and he has a thicker accent when he’s with them and having fun and not paying attention.
* He has an American flag hanging in his room
* He is in an army program for his school
* Cute cute cute southern country boy I love it pls fuck me in the back seat of your truck and then show me the stars at night while we lay in the tailgate

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infinity on high!

infinity on high

  • favorite track: there’s so many?? how am i supposed to choose?? g.i.n.a.s.f.s., bang the doldrums, hum hallelujah, you’re crashing but you’re no wave, this ain’t a scene it’s an arms race, asfjhasldjfh
  • least favorite track: tbh i’m like a lawyer with the way i’m always trying to get you off i never really liked it that much
  • underrated track: yall are sleeping on golden it’s a masterpiece wtf
  • overrated track: thnks fr th mmrs lmao

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Garnet knew that Steven didn’t get many gifts elsewhere, so she was glad to buy him little things, since she could afford it. She never bought him anything huge, since she herself was often tight on money, but a little money spent to make him smile was always good. Garnet lived too far away to go to a lot of Steven’s events at school, and she still had no car of her own. She wanted to make up for those times.

Inside the small bag was two candy bars and a card game for them to play together. It was small enough for him to take with him when he left, so he could teach it to Amethyst, Pearl, and Greg. Maybe they could even all play together when they spent Christmas at Pearl’s. “You’re welcome, Steven.” She set Steven’s bag near the door to his bedroom, before walking over and sitting across from him at the table to watch him finish opening the bag.

Dancing Raul

In several interviews (e.g. Raul Esparza has said he loves to go dancing in NY and that growing up in Miami his family always danced at home.  There’s a cute little dance bit with Sutton Foster when they sing Come Play Wiz Me  in Anyone Can Whistle.  I’d love to see more dancing. Guess that won’t be something we’ll see Rafael Barba do anytime soon on L&O!

[This is my post from way back in 2014.  So many tumblr comments on his “dad” dancing last Sunday at the Aids Walk, but seems Raul has lots of dance experience and maybe he’s better at Salsa dancing ? Enjoy watching him at ASTEP benefit while singing “O Holy Night.”]

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Hello! i rly love your blog and i wanted to ask you for a scenario when Ezarel has to see the death of Guardienne and hear her confessing that she loves him too in the last seconds. Thank u so much!

A/N: Hello dear anon~ OMG, thank you so much for your kind words. It means so much to me that you think like that >\< . I hope that the scenario is to your liking :)

Why did he even let her go alone in the first place? Why did he even told her to leave him alone? Why? If only he could go back on time and change everything…

Ezarel fell to his knees besides guardienne, who had an arrow through her chest.


“Everything´s gonna be alright! I-I…”

“It´s alright… At least you will be free from me hehe *cough* *cough*” Blood was coming out from her mouth as she coughed, making Ezarel take her in his arms and rub her back to ease up the coughs. “…don´t you dislike people touching you?”

“I´m the one touching you, not the opposite…” He said to the girl as she calmed down.

“…This… makes me remember… when you saved my life from drowning… you said the same thing…” Her face was becoming more pale by each second passed and she knew she wouldn´t make it. How she regrets to not be able to have more time to say goodbye…

“Stop talking! It will make it worse…” The elf said, making guardienne smile at him.

“Worried? That´s a rare sight…”

“Don´t start that now…” Ezarel was scared. He didn´t want her to die, Not her. Why did they have to take her away from him? She was far too important to let her go and yet… there was nothing he could do…

Guardienne, with trembling hands, touched Ezarel´s cheek and looked deeply into his eyes.

“I… love you…”She said to him as she felt the last of her energies start getting away from her.

“I love you too…” With tears in his eyes, the blue haired man said as well and kissed her on the forehead, making the woman smile.

“If only I was braver enough to… confess much earlier… we could have done so many things…”

“It´s not your fault. I´m sorry for letting you come alone. If only-”

“Don´t say that… It´s not your fault either… Ez… I will be always by your side, looking after you so don´t you dare and… go all depressed…” Guardienne said as she gave him a light peck on his lips and closed her eyes, letting out her last breath.

“G-guadienne… GUARDIENNE!! WAKE UP!! P-Please…” He was desperate, crying like a baby but he didn´t care. The only thing he really cared about was taken away from him and it would never come back…

I was tagged by @greatbigstorm (thank you again!!) to do the url playlist thing

Liability - Lorde
Into You - Ariana Grande
All I Know - The Weeknd
Moments - One Direction
Strip That Down - Liam Payne

Galway Girl - Ed Sheeran
Ordinary Life - The Weeknd
Love on the Brain - Rihanna
D.D. - The Weeknd
EASE - Troye Sivan, Broods
New Man - Ed Sheeran

Just a Little Bit of Your Heart - Ariana Grande
Adaptation - The Weeknd
Close to You - Rihanna
Kiwi - Harry Styles
Explosions - Ellie Goulding
TiO - Zayn

(this was so hard to do, too many A’s and E’s and I feel like I suddenly forgot all my favorite artists/songs lol)

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Do you think the whole 'wren isn't relevant' enough to be AD is true ? Everyone said this before 6x10 but after CeCe was revealed everyone begged for him to be A. It's annoying me

Lol this is absolutely spot on. I witnessed SO MANY people saying these words, and then moaning that he wasn’t A because they weren’t happy with CeCe. You just can’t please some people.

Like I always say, I want someone that makes sense and isn’t some random new character. Wren applies to both of these things, so for me he is a great suspect. Other people have different criteria which is absolutely fine. Just don’t be a dick about other people’s ideas (e.g. Making a post titled “here is why Toby should not be AD”… like why do that lol- so annoying and disheartening for the fans of that theory and a big dick move) because you might find yourself eating your words when the reveal is someone you dislike even more!! I’ve seen it happen.

I was tagged by the lovely @sciencespock (thank you dear!)

A - Age: 32

B - Birthplace: Brazil

C - Current Time: 4:56 PM

D - Drink You Last Had: coffe

E - Easiest Person To Talk To: my best friend Fer

F - Favourite Song: so many

G - Grossest Memory: oh let’s not go there

H - Horror Yes or Horror No: sometimes

I - In Love: no

J - Jealous of People: sometimes :(

K - Killed Someone: not yet

L - Love At First Sight Or Should I Walk By Again: probably should walk by again

M - Middle Name: Campos

N - Number of Siblings: two

O - One Wish: that things start to get better

P - Person You Called Last: I can’t even remember

Q - Question You Are Always Asked: “why you think fantasy is literature?” bitch…

R - Reason to Smile: my cat and my friends

S - Song You Sang Last: Fuck You by Lily Allen

T - Time You Woke Up: 3 PM

U - Underwear Colour: white

V - Vacation Destination: my couch :(

W - Worst Habit: my entire life

X - X-rays: last? my back

Y - Your favourite food: PO-TA-TO

Z - Zodiac Sign: leo

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