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DAY6 Jae| Boyfriend AU

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I love Jae so much, he’s so funny!  Tbh this didn’t take that long for me to write, I kinda just sat down and wrote almost all of it in that one sitting haha.  Enjoy!

Slightly NSFW!


  • Essentially the super duper goofy and lovey dovey couple that everyone lowkey hates cause they’re just too cute together and in love like everyone wants this kind of relationship.
  • You think that you’re stealing his glasses all the time to annoy him, but in reality Jae places his glasses strategically so that you have the opportunity to use them. He just thinks you look all adorable when you wear them, and HE KNOWS that he looks adorable looking all pouty when he pretends to be mad at you. 
  • Loves seeing you in his clothes *flannels cough cough* but doesn’t so much obviously give them to you to wear like he does when he sets it up for you to steal his glasses. 
  • If you walk out of the bedroom the morning after and you’re only wearing his flannel be prepare to go back right where you came from, all of a sudden he’s been reenergized, screw breakfast. 
  • Doesn’t mind a girl that curses, in fact he thinks it’s super cute and funny when you do so. 
  • boyfriend that acts sassy and goofy, but is actually super caring and would cut off his arm for you if you asked him. 
  • Milkshakes and Italian ice kind of boyfriend. 
  • Lucky charms cereal and lilies on anniversaries. 
  • Really into calling you things like babe and sweetheart, but if you hear him call you baby girl you know he’s in the mood and should be expecting some love making soon. 
  • ,,, also expect lots of playful name calling: Chicken Little, and Dumbo. But he loves you it’s all in good fun. 
  • Carelessly walks around the apartment in his underwear, like once you had friends over and he woke up and went to the kitchen for something to eat, and your friends got a better look than you would have preferred. 
  • Surprisingly easy to manipulate so that the situation can be in your favor. 
  • Example: “Babe let’s watch a movie, that new avenger movie is finally on demand.” 
  •  “Hm, I was really hoping that we could watch something else tonight.” *runs fingers up his chest* 
  •  “What are you thinking? Harry Potter? A horror movie?” 
  •  “How about something more gentle? There’s a new rom com that I have saved.” 
  •  “But babe…” 
  •  “Can’t we just watch your movie another time?” By this time you’d be whispering in his ear and Jae would be putty in your hands. 
  •  “I guess we’re watching some sappy romance tonight! If you make the popcorn I’ll scoop us up some ice cream!” 
  • Jae’s very affectionate and he doesn’t like to hide it. 
  • , dammit this boy will full on make out with you in front of all the other boys, maybe even go far enough that there might be a little groping going on. 
  • Butt >>=<< Boobs, he doesn’t prefer either, but boy can he grab your ass hard. 
  • Sex with Jae is actually really interesting and fun! He’s pretty much down for anything as long as you are, and is very generous in bed. 
  • Your safe word is Zeus’ Thunderbolt btw. 
  • While Jae prefers to be in control for the most part, he doesn’t mind switching it up every once and awhile and having you tell him what to do.
  • The only struggle is with his glasses, he needs the to SEE, but sometimes they make it harder to kiss you and just get in the way of things overall. Sometimes he thinks that he should just get contacts specifically to use while he has sex with you lol. 
  • Doesn’t really like serious sex, he thinks that’s how couples get into intimacy slumps. He’ll go out of his way to make you laugh while you’re making out, or even when he’s balls deep inside of you, Jae just loves hearing you laugh and tbh it’s also a little but if a turn on to him knowing that you’re not only feeling the pleasure but also having fun while doing it!
  • I can see Jae prematurely saying “I love you.” Like he kind of blurts it out one day and it takes you by surprise but you know it’s heartfelt, and even though it may be too early in the relationship for you to say it back to him, you still kiss him hard on the lips to show him that you feel the same.
  • Drunk karaoke, singing/screaming Don’t Stop Believing together and the people in the apartment next to yours bang on the wall.  
  • “Knock knock” 
  •  *waits for answer but gets none* “Knock knock” 
  •  *silence again* 
  •  “You’re supposed to ask ‘Who’s there?’ babe.” 
  •  “Jae I swear to god, it’s 4am shut up.” 
  • Jae always has so many date ideas up his sleeve, so your outings together are always adventures. 
  • Couples painting classes! Hiking up a mountain! 
  • Going to the zoo!
  • Horseback riding!!!
  • A wine and cheese tasting in the middle of nowhere in the countryside?!
  • Now Jae is no Sungjin, I’m pretty sure his alcohol preferences aren’t so lavish, I’m pretty sure he’s perfectly content with just a shitty beer in his hand.
  • Really goes out of his way to impress people.
  • Knows nothing about sports but always tries to watch big games on the TV because who knows who he’s going to meet and maybe need to impress with his invested knowledge of American football or Soccer?
  • , and goes all out for it too, like he’ll dress up wearing a sports jersey and have you invite all the boys over and make wings and whatever, and you’re there just like “Hey Chicken Little! Your American douchebag is showing!” (Not that he’s being a douche he just wants to impress people cute baby) 
  • For your first year anniversary, Jae took you to the most romantic restaurant he could find, a small joint with the lipstick lips of all the lovers that come through on the ceiling, you two graciously add to that, and it was so sweet and the food was so good that you continue coming back for each of your anniversaries.
  • (This is actually a real place in New York City if you are interested! I’ve been there before and it was really yummy!!! Too bad I don’t remember the name of it lol!)
  • Together you two actually do a lot of volunteer work together, in particularly at the local animal shelter.
  • It started off just as a hobby for both of you, and as a way to give back to the community while also making all these animals lives better, but then it kind of morphed into a slight obsession for both of you.
  • You’ve gone through all of your stuff gazillions of times looking for things to donate like towels and old blankets. You’ve called up all your friends asking to donate either with a physical donation or by joining you guys to walk a dog or something! And though all your friends are more than willing to donate because it is a good cause, enough is enough you know?
  • Anyway, there are always a lot of really cute animals going in and out of the animal shelter, kittens and puppies galore, but one day there is this small German Shepard mix puppy there, and you two just immediately fall In LOVE with her!!! She’s just so precious!
  • Do you see where I’m going with this?
  • You and Jae adopt this puppy and name her Cali (short for California for obvious reasons), and she is such a joy to have in your lives.
  • Cali loves to jump up on the couch with you two while you’re in the middle of a cuddle session, and just lay on top of both of you. This habit unfortunately continues as she grows up much bigger, and even as an adult dog she’ll try to climb over you guys on the couch and it’s such a mess.
  • Jae walks around your apartment wearing these huge headphones that are almost obnoxiously large and you always have to scream for him to hear anything.
  • And normally this would make you upset and frustrated, but you understand that with Jae music is not only his passion but his work as well, so he always needs to somehow be connected to music.
  • Loves to serenade you with his guitar, sometimes he’ll try to form a little band together, with you on the tambourine, and it’s always a disaster but it’s a happy one. Always ending in laughs.
  • Though Jae may love you with all his heart and body he doesn’t see the need to marry you so quickly. He’s very happy with his current situation and doesn’t see marriage as something that needs to happen immediately. After all you guys are living together and still so young, what’s the rush?!
  • Not that he has any plans or whatever to break up with you in the future or that he can’t see you as someone he can marry, he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, but maybe you guys aren’t ready for a big step like that while you’re still so young. 
  •  That’s not saying that he doesn’t know exactly how he is going to propose to you, where, when, the position of the moon in the sky, he’s got all this down to the socks that will be on his feet. Jae wants everything to be perfect when he finally asks the question.
  • Overall Jae is just a super sweet and goofy boyfriend that thinks the world shines just for you, and you’re his muse, the reason why he can push himself to become a better performer.  He loves you so much.

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Random Headcanons for the Sohoku Club and the “Hime Hime” Song

The song is, and always will be, incredibly important to Tadokoro. It comes to represent the time when he was struggling and someone saved him and he managed to do something impossible. The lyrics are forever ingrained in his heart, and for years to come it will be the song he sings when he’s going through a rough time. When he’s in college and he needs to study for an intense exam, he’ll start singing “Hime Hime” to the deep consternation of everyone around him.

He eventually has a daughter, and he’ll sing the song to her as a lullaby. Eventually, when she turns eight she’ll say, “Dad, I want to watch your favorite show.” And he’ll be like, “What show?” and when she explains he’ll say, “Oh, I never actually watched the show.” To which she says, “WHAT. You’ve been singing this song to me for the past eight years of my LIFE and you haven’t WATCHED it?” So they watch the show together. Tadokoro is surprised to find he actually likes it.

Naruko has always wanted to be in a band. Despite needing the spotlight in every other aspect of his life, he actually genuinely likes singing backup or background beats. He’d be pretty good at Acapella, if the bicycling thing doesn’t work out. When Onoda and Tadokoro started singing he was ecstatic just to keep the rhythm. He knew there was a reason he brought his tambourine. (Look how happy that baby is to chime in!)

Imaizumi, of course, had the song memorized before Onoda permanently ingrained it into everyone’s minds, because he watched the show and loved it. Imaizumi has always been kind of a deeply closeted otaku kid. Like, when he was younger he always saw the other kids play with Pokemon and talk about the show but he was always, “Hmph, I just care about bicycles” while secretly thinking it looked really cool and he wanted to watch it too but he couldn’t bring himself to rent the DVDs.

So when Onoda gives him the Love Hime DVDs he’s secretly ecstatic because he can just tell himself, “I’m only watching because ONODA lent them to me, it would be rude not to!” And he’s not planning on admitting to anyone that he’s watched every episode and he knows the song by heart, but when Tadokoro starts singing along he finally relaxes and now he just enjoys being able to be open with his teammates about the cute things he likes.

Kinjou just likes to sing (did you HEAR him? That boy has an amazing voice), Karaoke is one of his favorite hobbies. He usually sings very serious ballads or jazz or classic rock, but he’s pretty much down for anything. 

Makishima is stuck on permanent “WTF guys.” It is embarrassing and shocking every time they break out into song, he really wishes he could pretend he doesn’t know these guys, but these guys are his bros, the people he loves more than anyone else on this earth, so if they’re going to sing an anime theme song then goddamn it, he’s going to sing this anime theme song with them. He will fight anyone who wants to make something of it.

Onoda’s love for this song remains steady throughout his entire high school career. All the new Sohoku First and Second Years will learn this song. They will all start to sing this song. After Onoda graduates, his kouhai will still sing this song and teach it to the next generation of Sohoku riders. Eventually, it becomes a requirement for riding in InterHigh. You can participate in InterHigh if you can do the 1,000 km in the training camp AND if you know all the lyrics to the Hime Hime song. You don’t get your number unless you can ride and sing at the same time.